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Red Wings-Hurricanes quick take: Wings lose a frustrating game to Carolina

The Red Wings opened up a series of 4 games to be played over the course of 6 nights against the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday evening, and as the Wings sat 5 points behind the Hurricanes in the NHL's Wild Card standings, the Wings needed to pick up their game.

The Red Wings didn't pick up their game--at all--losing 3-1 to the Carolina Hurricanes despite a superb performance from Jimmy Howard. Detroit looked flat at the times that it needed the most energy, it deferred shots when it generated its best scoring chances, and--forget the playoffs--from a pride standpoint, the Wings' effort, intensity, attention to detail and discipline were all completely unacceptably "off" on what should have been a game in which they pounced upon a rusty opponent.

Detroit was victimized by its mistakes by a passive-aggressive opponent instead, and whether you're rooting for a miraculous recovery or an out-and-out tank, playing this sloppily is not good for "the kids." This isn't the game you want to teach them.

The Hurricanes' lineup wasn't set until the pre-game skate:

So the Hurricanes' lineup looked like this, per NHL.com's Dave Hogg:

Elias Lindholm -- Jordan Staal -- Teuvo Teravainen

Brock McGinn -- Victor Rask -- Justin Williams

Jeff Skinner -- Derek Ryan -- Lee Stempniak

Joakim Nordstrom -- Marcus Kruger -- Josh Jooris

Jaccob Slavin -- Justin Faulk

Noah Hanifin -- Trevor van Riemsdyk

Haydn Fleury -- Klas Dahlbeck

Cam Ward

Scott Darling

The Red Wings' lineup was set before game time:

The Hurricanes started Derek Ryan, Jeff Skinner and Lee Stempniak at forward, Jaccob Slavin and Justin Faulk on defense and Cam Ward in goal;

The Red Wings started Tyler Bertuzzi, Dylan Larkin and Andreas Athanasiou at forward, Niklas Kronwall and Mike Green on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

Dave Jackson and Tim Peel refereed the game, with Tim Nowak and Steve Miller working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Ryan and Larkin raced away from the Canes' defense, stickhandling in on Cam Ward only to fire a backhand wide of the net; he retrieved the rebound and cycled to the blueline, where Green and Kronwall worked the puck deep for Bertuzzi and Athanasiou;
  • Detroit held the puck in deep for the first 30 seconds of play and then changed lines, with Mantha, Nyquist and Zetterberg watching Staal, Teravainen and Lindholm cycle. Daley and DeKeyser disrupted the Canes' cycle but afforded Carolina possession, and DeKeyser had to block a shot...
  • But Howard stopped the first Canes shot some 1:20 into the game, and he caught and held another shot at 1:28.
  • Carolina won the deep offensive zone faceoff against Nielsen and company, and Ouellet and Ericsson were worked over a bit, but Frk and Booth helped push the puck into the Canes' zone, fired a shot attempt wide, and watched the Canes ice the puck 2:06 into the game.
  • Turgeon drew in for an offensive zone faceoff with Nyquist and Witkowski as the fourth line took over, and Turgeon won the draw but could not sustain possession, and Gustav Nyquist took a penalty for trying to hook a Hurricanes player at the offensive zone blueline.

Gustav Nyquist tripped Jaccob Slavin at 2:47 of the 1st.

  • Carolina won the offensive zone faceoff, the Canes' D went side to side, and Elias Lindholm tapped in a lateral pass to make it 1-0 at 2:57 of the 1st...

Lindholm made it 1-0 @ 2:57 of the 1st, on the power play...

Justin Faulk's shot--> Jordan Staal redirect --> Elias Lindholm tip-in @ 2:57. 1-0 Carolina. Assists from Staal and Faulk.

Flat-footed for Detroit: DeKeyser, Daley, Larkin and Athanasiou.

And Danny DeKeyser was called for high sticking on the play leading to the goal, yielding another power play for Carolina at 2:57.

  • Turgeon, Nielsen, Daley and Ericsson worked the PK and were able to clear the zone.
  • Carolina then re-entered the zone, cycled against Bertuzzi, Larkin, Ouellet and Kronwall, and Ouellet did a nice job carrying the puck out of trouble...
  • But Carolina came back into the offensive zone, cycled really professionally, and fed a puck just wide of the net.
  • Daley, Ericsson, Athanasiou aoward madin killed the end of the penalty, and Howard made a masterful stop as Skinner chipped a backhand into his glove at 4:59 of the 1st.
  • Detroit returned to even strength, but Carolina continued to diminate in terms of puck pressure, if not possession, and the Wings had to make a blind dump that resulted in an icing at 5:27.
  • The Wings looked like the team coming off a Bye Week.
  • Anthony Mantha did almost set up Gustav Nyquist once and then twice in the slot, with Nyquist dekeing and dangling the puck past Ward but wide of the net on teh backhand;
  • Up came Carolina again, jabbing the puck away from Kronwall, and Teravainen was a terror in terms of swiping pucks from Wings defenders.
  • The shots were 7-0 Carolina when Jimmy Howard gobbled up a shot at 6:52.
  • At 6:52 of the 1st, Detroit was out-shot 7-0 and out-attempted 13-4; hits were 1-1; giveaways 2-0 Detroit, takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 3-1 Detroit; faceoffs 5-2 Detroit (71%).
  • As play resumed, Athanasiou and then Larkin made steals at center ice and worked the puck into the offensive zone, but Carolina rushed back and cycled and forced the Wings to turn the puck over at center ice.
  • Detroit ultimately got a long shot in on Ward at 7:36--its first shot, from Ouellet, at the blueline.
  • Howard had to make two big stops on Stempniak and Skinner on the following shift, and Howard lost his stick along the way, but was able to regain it before Teuvo Teravainen fired a shot just wide of the net.
  • The Wings got their second shot when Frans Nielsen skated into the Canes' slot at 8:02.
  • The Wings worked a fourth line of Frk, Turgeon and Witkowski, and it was arguably as effective at keeping the puck north of center ice as any of the other lines combined.
  • Ouellet looked sharp on defense. I was worried that he'd exhibit some rust, but he did not do so.
  • Howard had to make a big blocker stop on Faulk, however, as the Canes cycled in the Wings' zone, and Justin Williams found Faulk and the Canes shoveled the puck deep as the 10-minute mark passed.
  • Larkin, Bertuzzi and Green worked the puck into the Canes' zone and Larkin got a good backhand in on Ward...
  • But Kronwall fumbled the puck and Skinner and Ryan raced up on a 2-on-1 that Green and eventually Bertuzzi diffused.
  • Carolina set up a picket fence at center ice, and the Wings had a harder and harder time getting through the Canes' trap as the period progressed.
  • Strangely, Tomas Tatar didn't get his first shift until the game was over 10 minutes old, as noted by Matt Gibson on Twitter...
  • And Carolina chugged into the Wings' zone, with Howard stopping Victor Rask with a big booming kick save at one end...
  • And at the other end, Gustav Nyquist deked the puck down low behind the Canes' defense and fed an open Henrik Zetterberg, who was unable to tuck the puck in past Ward.
  • At 13:20, Detroit had been out-shot 11-5 and out-attempted 17-11; hits were 5-4 Detroit, giveaways 3-3, takeaways 2-2, blocked shots 3-3, faceoffs 7-6 Carolina (46% for Detroit).
  • Detroit and Carolina were slowly evening out in terms of puck possession, zone time and while the Wings were on defense more often than not, the Canes were being stifled by Howard...
  • Who watched a Skinner shot whistle wide and kicked out a Stempniak shot shortly after, all off a Booth giveaway in the high slot.
  • Then Josh Jooris tripped Frans Nielsen sans penalty as Jooris flipped Nielsen onto his back in ugly fashion. Somehow, Nielsen escaped injury.
  • At 5:04, Detroit was out-shot 12-5 and out-attempted 19-11; hits were 7-5 Detroit; giveaways 3-3, takeaways 2-2; blocked shots 3-3; faceoffs 8-7 Detroit (53%).
  • Carolina regained domination of possession and control...

But Anthony Mantha flipped the puck around Haydn Fleury, skated in on Ward and slid a slick backhand into the goalie. Fleury went off for holding at 15:31.

  • To the power play!
  • The crappy power play!
  • Detroit lost the opening deep zone faceoff and Carolina cleared the zone...
  • Green, Larkin, Tatar, Nyquist and Bertuzzi took a long time to get into the Canes' zone, and Larkin had to keep the puck in at the point before setting up with Green. Eventually the Wings worked the puck to Tatar for a one-timer...

And Tatar rifled Green's pass into the back of the net from the right wing faceoff dot. Bertuzzi provided a distraction and the puck slithered past Cam Ward's arm over his catching glove.

Tatar scored from Green and Larkin at 15:37, tying the game 1-1.

  • Booth, Nielsen and Athanasiou worked the post-goal shift, and while the Canes threatened, Detroit held the Canes aweay from Howard, and Kronwall set up in the "pocket" behind the Wings' net before Nyquist, Mantha and Zetterberg came out.
  • The Hurricanes relented as Detroit got more physical and more and more engaged on the puck, and as the 1st period wound down, Detroit started looking likek itself again.
  • Mantha looked much more assertive than he has over the past 10 games, carrying the puck up the ice competently and hitting hard, playing north-south...
  • But Howard had to make a BIG stop on Elias Lindholm in the final hafl-minute of play, though Bertuzzi got a nice shot off via an Athanasiou turnover in the Canes' zone to test Ward.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings started very, very slowly against a team coming off its Bye Week, affording Carolina a power play goal all of 2:57 into the 1st, and Jimmy Howard had to be sensational at times to stifle the Canes' rush, but the Wings slowly found their footing, they got a power play goal with 3:33 remaining in the period and they climbed back into the game in workmanlike fashion.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 14-9 in the 1st period and out-attempted 22-15; hits were 9-7 Detroit; giveaways 5-4 Detroit, takeaways 2-2 (possesion changes 7-6 Carolina); blocked shots 4-3 Detroit; faceoffs 13-9 Carolina (41% for Detroit).

Individually, Zetterberg and Nielsen led the Wings with 2 shots apiece; Tatar, Mantha, Bertuzzi, Ouellet and Larkin ahd 1; Booth had 2 blocked attempts; Ouellet led the Wings with 3 hits; Tatar, Green, Nielsen, Kronwall and Larkin had giveaways; Zetterberg and Athanasiou had takeaways; Daley blocked 2 shots, Turgeon and DeKeyser 1; Nielsen's 2-and-1 faceoff record (67%) led the Wings, who were "even"; Green led the Wings with 7:41 played; Nyquist played 7:36, Kronwall 7:11, Larkin 6:37, Daley 6:15, Mantha and Zetterberg 6:14.

FSD had the scoring chances at 7-5 Carolina on their 13-9 shot advantage.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • Larkin lost the opening faceoff to the Hurricanes, who iced the puck right off the hopt at 0:07 of the 2nd period.
  • Athanasiou took the offensive zone faceoff but he lost it, and the Hurricanes charged up to center ice, regrouped, dumped and chased. Howard had to make a stop off the Canes' dump-in as the puck caromed onto the side of the net.
  • Zetterberg's line took the defensive zone draw 25 seconds into the period, but the Wings iced the puck, and they spend the balance of their shift battling the puck out of their own zone and to center ice so that they could change.
  • Nyquist at least put a soft shot in on Ward before they changed some 1:20 into the 2nd, and Nielsen's line took over.
  • Nielsen swiped a turnover, Booth found Tatar on the right wing and Tatar hit the POST...
  • Carolina headed the other way, with Howard stopping Nordstrom and Slavin.
  • Larkin's line returned to the ice 2:21 into the 2nd, and the fourth line would have to wait another rotation to get on the ice.
  • Larkin made a fumble pass to Kronwall, who turned the puck over, and Larkin coughed the puck up to Skinner as well, but he was able to clear the zone with a little help from Green.
  • Booth, Nielsen and Tatar had some trouble clearind the zone and getting the puck to center 4 minutes into the 2nd, so they dumped and changed...
  • None of the momentum that the Wings had from the end of the 1st period transferred to the 2nd period.
  • To their credit, the Canes were hard-working and had really good stick-on-puck play both offensively and defensively.
  • Witkowski got a good hit in on Dahlbeck as he found the Canes defenseman in the train tracks, but Mickey Redmond duly noted that they don't call charging any more.
  • At 6:11 of the 2nd, Detroit led Carolina 2-1 in 2nd period shots, but Carolina led 14-11 overall; attempts were 25-19; hits 11-9 Detroit; giveaways 7-4 Detroit, takeaways 5-2 Detroit; blocked shots 6-4 Detroit; faceoffs 12-16 (43%).
  • Carolina seemed to come on as the 2nd period progressed, and the Wings' level of play rose to meet the Canes.
  • Again, Mantha looked sharp and was playing more north-south hockey with a more physical presence...
  • Howard made a BIG stop on van Riemsdyk as the Zetterberg line relented under Hurricanes pressure, and Detroit dumped and changed...
  • Carolina pressured Howard and the Wings pretty heavily and Howard had to make a big stop...
  • As the 10-minute mark neared, Booth got a solid chance on Ward, working with Tatar and Nielsen, and Booth looked like he belonged.
  • DeKeyser then walked into a tremendous shot opportunity and fired the shot wide, and when Booth deked and dangled his way to the front of the net, he missed his backhand attempt.
  • 11:03 into the 2nd, Detroit out-shot Carolina 3-2 in the 2nd period, but Carolina led 15-12 overall; attempts were 29-23 Carolina; hits 13-10 Detroit; giveaways 9-4 Detroit, takeaways 6-2 Detroit; blocked shots 9-4 Detroit; faceoffs 13-18 (42%).
  • As play resumed, Jimmy Howard played a long dump-in to the blueline, the Wings fumbled the puck at center ice, and Howard moved the puck again, with Athanasiou, Bertuzzi and Larkin making their lives very hard to clear their own zone.
  • That was the concern: the Wings weren't playing smart
  • Josh Jooris nearly got a breakaway chance as Detroit continued to stumble and fumble;
  • Larkin did find Zetterberg in the slot, but his shot was blocked; then Zetterberg found Ouellet in the slot...

Why Ouellet and not a more senior defenseman?

  • Witkowski shifted back to defense as the Wings went back to the 11-forward formation.
  • Carolina began to do dominate possession and control of the puck, and Carolina was fumbling some tremendous opportunities.
  • Athanasiou, Larkin and Bertuzzi were at least playing aggressively offensively as the game hit something of a mud puddle.
  • Larkin double-shifted with Turgeon and Frk, who surrendered a fine scoring attempt to Nordstrom that Howard stopped.
  • At 17:37, Detroit trailed in shots 5-4 in the 2nd and 18-13 overall; attempts were 34-26; hits 16-13 Detroit; giveaways 10-4 Detroit, takeaways 6-2 Detroit; blocked shots 10-4 Detroit; faceoffs 20-13 Carolina (39% for Detroit).
  • After the TV timeout, Booth, Tatar and Nielsen did a good job of working the puck back to Ericsson, he fanned on the shot, and Justin Williams set up Brock McGinn, but Howard made a BIG STOP on the breakaway attempt.
  • Carolina continued to press, and Howard made a big glove stop at 18:19;
  • Larkin got on his high horse as the final minute of the 2nd hit, but Ward stopped a point shot and the Larkin line lost its draw, requiring the team to exit and then re-enter the zone twice.
  • Bertuzzi then deferred to Larkin for a blocked shot, and that was pretty much it for the Wings' offense in the 2nd period.

The 2nd period in summary: The Red Wings did a better job of moving the puck up ice, as Darren Eliot and Trevor Thompson noted, but the Hurricanes reverted into a defensive shell, and the Wings kept making enough mistakes to give Carolina some life. Howard was the sharpest player on the ice for both teams.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 8-6 in the 2nd and 21-15 overall; attempts were 37-29; hits 17-13 Detroit; giveaways 11-4 Detroit, takeaways 7-2 Detroit (possession changes 13-11 Carolina); blocked shots 10-4 Detroit; faceoffs 15-and-23 (39%).

Individually, Zetterberg led the Wings with 3 shots, and Nielsen, Ouellet and Larkin had 2 shots; Booth had 1 shot among 4 attempts; Frk and Ouellet led the Wings with 3 hits apiece; Kronwall and Larkin ahd 2 giveaways apiece; Zetterberg and Nielsen had 2 takeaways apiece; Green, DeKeyser and Daley blocked 2 shots apiece; Nielsen's 4-and-3 (57%) faceoff record led the Wings, who were "even" in terms of plus-minus; Green led the Wings with 16:20 played; Kronwall played 15:08; Nyquist 14:11, Zetterberg 13:44, Ericsson 13:18, Mantha 13:16, Larkin 12:59.

FSD had the scoring chances at 9-6 Carolina on the Canes' 21-15 shot advantage.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • Larkin won his initial faceoff and Bertuzzi, Athanasiou and company cycled in the Sens' zone and AA fired a shot off the Hurricanes defense's stick and into the crowd.
  • Tatar, Nielsen and Booth then took over, won their offensive zone faceoff and surrendered the puck to the Canes, who dumped but did not chase.
  • For such a fast team, the Canes seemed happy to not engage and try to prey upon the Wings' mistakes instead.
  • Not a bad strategy given how many mistakes the Wings make, of course...
  • Anyway, Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist cycled and Zetterberg got a really good scoring chance from the slot on Ward some 1:15 into the 3rd, and the trio re-entered the zone, Nyquist missed a quick opportunity, and then the Canes raced in 2-on-1...
  • And Victor Rask missed the net.
  • Zetterberg got another good chance on Ward before the line's time on the ice was up, and Frk, Tatar and Turgeon worked with Ericsson to cycle into the offensive zone.
  • Nordstrom chugged away from Ericsson but was blocked off by Ouellet...
  • And the Wings completed their 4-line rotation 3 minutes into the 3rd period.
  • In all honesty, Ouellet and Ericsson were really, really good against the Hurricanes. Go figure.
  • Bertuzzi, Athanasiou and Green set up on a 3-on-2 in which Bertuzzi was closed off 4 minutes into the 3rd;
  • Carolina set up in the Wings' zone and McGinn chipped a sneaky shot in on Howard, who made a big stop.
  • Carolina surrendered the puck to the Wings but did not surrender any scoring chances to the Zetterberg line as some blocked shots and a slow-to-shoot Mantha = not much going on 5:15 into the 3rd.
  • A bad Bertuzzi pass back to the blueline = Ouellet and Jeff Skinner collided...

And Ouellet stuck his knee out to stop Skinner, so #61 got called for interference at 6:06 of the 3rd period.

  • At 6:06 of the 3rd, Detroit out-shot Carolina 3-2 in the 3rd but trailed 23-18 overall; attempts 42-36 Carolina; hits 19-17 Detroit; giveaways 11-4 Detroit; takeaways 7-3 Detroit; blocked shots 10-6 Detroit; faceoffs 28-17 Carolina (38%).
  • Larkin won the initial faceoff deep in the Wings' zone, and Detroit was able to clear the puck quite easily;
  • Carolina returned to the Red Wings' zone for a moment, but Turgeon and Nielsen ground the puck out down low to take a couple of seconds off the PK time clock.
  • Howard made a MASSIVE stop on Justin Faulk, but Howard could not stop the rebound...

And Elias Lindholm banked the puck off Howard's butt before Ericsson could tie up Lindholm's stick.

Lindholm's PP goal gave Carolina a 2-1 lead 6:54 into the 3rd period, from Teravainen and Faulk.

  • Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist took a brief shift before Larkin's line returned to the ice, and the Larkin line was able to parry a Canes 3-on-2 but they could not clear the zone with any ease. Eventually they went offside at Carolina's line, and they changed with 12:11 remaining in the game.
  • Carolina continued to generate scoring chances, with McGinn slithering a slot shot wide of Howard, and the boo birds hit as Howard had to make another gobble-up-the-puck save against Lindholm.
  • Green made a really bad pass to Bertuzzi on a 3-on-3 rush, but Larkin came back on defense and at least bought Green some time...before allowing the Canes to cycle and send a couple of shot attempts at or near Howard.
  • The boo birds were out.
  • Deservedly so.
  • 10:01 remained in the 3rd as the Canes iced the puck opposite Frk, Turgeon and Tatar, who gave way to Zetterberg and Nyquist (with Tatar remaining on the ice).
  • The Wings' attack perked up a bit...
  • But Ouellet could not keep the puck in, so the Wings changed lines.
  • Mantha came out with Turgeon and Frk, and Mantha tried to "blow the zone" before returning to his linemates to assist a rush.
  • With 8 minutes remaining, Tatar got "triple shifted" with Booth and Nielsen, but the Wings found themselves on the defensive...
  • And Larkin, Bertuzzi and Athanasiou returned to the ice to fire a shot off van Rimesdyk, surrender a shot attempt to the Canes, and muck the puck out to center ice, where van Riemsdyk stood up Athanasiou.
  • Mantha returned to Zetterberg's wing as 5:45 remained in the 3rd, and time was rapidly escaping the Wings' clutches.
  • Ward made an easy stop on Green, booting thep uck away, and SKinner centered the puck for Lindholm, but Zetterberg was there to stifle the back-door play.
  • Frk hit the GOALPOST off a fine feed from Mantha with under 4 minutes remaining...
  • Ericsson fanned on a shot and forced Ouellet to send the puck up to Larkin at the Wings' blueline, and Larkin's blind pass was recovered, Kronwall should have shot and instead he passed the puck to Mike Green, who was not able to receive the pass.
  • The Wings went to Green again, and instead, Skinner raced in on Howard, and Kronwall had to come back to make a big backchecking poke-away.
  • With 2:30 remaining, Booth flipped the puck deep, Nielsen could not hold it in, DeKeyser and Ouellet worked the puck deep, and Booth and Ouellet got caught deep...

So Justin Williams skated deep and was stopped by Howard, the Canes swept teh puck around and as Ouellet and DeKeyser tried very hard to get into position, Williams fired the puck off DeKeyser's stick and Howard's leg and in.

Williams sewed it up at 18:02, making it 3-1 from McGinn.

  • Mike Green got held up on the post-goal shift...

So Teuvo Teravainen went to the box at 18:15.

  • Detroit readied for a 6-on-4 power play--Howard was pulled from the net--and Nyquist took a quick shot that was blocked wide.
  • Zetterberg, Green, Nyquist, Tatar, Larkin and Bertuzzi worked together to cycle the puck and Bertuzzi was stopped by Ward off SLAVIN's LEG.
  • The Wings continued to attack on the following faceoff, and Tatar and Green worked the puck up and down the wing, Larkin flubbed a pass, TvR was blocked off, and Green sent a shot right into Ward's glove.
  • 1 minuate remained in the 3rd period, 1:15 on the power play.
  • Detroit called timeout.
  • The Wings needed a point desperately.
  • Zetterberg, Larkin, Nyquist, Tatar, Green and Bertuzzi worked the perimeter off a won faceoff, and ultimately they sent a puck to Green at the point, and his shot was gobbled up by Ward as Green looked for a tip.
  • The Wings won the next faceoff as well, and Green found Larkin, who was blocked, and Green's point shot was blocked out of play.
  • With 21.9 remaining, Zetterberg lost the draw, Green could not hold the puck, and Detroit tipped a puck in on Ward, but that was it. Slavin cleared the puck and Carolina just ate the puck as time expired.

The 3rd period in summary: For reasons that are unknown to me, the Red Wings were all too happy to play the Canes' play-it-tied-until-it's-not game, affording Carolina the ability to wait for Wings breakdowns to pounce on the puck and ultimately victimize the Wings' mistake-prone defense.

Howard wasn't without fault in this one, but he was also the reason that the Wings were in the game.


Here's the Game Summary...

And the Event Summary

Final shot attempts were 57-52 Carolina.

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Lost most puck battles, cross ice passes picked off, too much passing in the offensive zone, passing to players that are covered, just plain poor puck possession.

Posted by stateofmifan on 01/20/18 at 10:54 PM ET


2 man forechecking, easy way to beat the Wings.

Posted by VPalmer on 01/20/18 at 10:59 PM ET


Hey Kenny, is Green for sale yet?

Umm, the games between now and the All-Star break will be key. I’ll know more then. It’s such a fine-line league. Carolina scored on their powerboats and we just had one. Fine-line. Almost in da mix.

Posted by fatsavage on 01/20/18 at 11:06 PM ET

ilovehomers's avatar

Looks like the team had a hard time clearing out Howie’s rebounds on the goals against.

Posted by ilovehomers on 01/20/18 at 11:10 PM ET


Posted by VPalmer on 01/20/18 at 09:59 PM ET.  Every time, everyone vacates zone and dmen try those long passes that get intercepted or they contest wing players for the puck.

Posted by stateofmifan on 01/20/18 at 11:10 PM ET

PierreC's avatar

This has got to be one of the worst first 18 minutes i have seen from the Wings this season. I say 18 cause the last 2 minutes of the first we actually look…decent ! The Canes toyed with us, total embarrassement knowing that this one the team right ahead of us in the so called “playoffs race”

Like Babcock woudl say “we weren’t ready nor prepare to play and not good enough..it’s all on me”  I Wonder if Blashill can say the same thing.

His new strategy obviously didnt work.

I tell ya you need to be a fan to Watch this game from start to end… I Wonder how long i can do that..

Posted by PierreC from Montreal, Canada on 01/20/18 at 11:20 PM ET

bigfrog's avatar

too much passing in the offensive zone,

I was at this disaster of a game. Some good news Pittsburgh lost, and Chicago is losing 7-3. Love it. LOL

Posted by bigfrog on 01/21/18 at 12:01 AM ET

WingedRider's avatar

I am starting to see Blash being too stubborn to change his game plan to counter what the opposing team is having success with. Not line blending , that happens when Wings are not producing or something unknown to me.

Opposing coaches (good ones) are adjusting to Blashill’s game plan.  They succeed as Blashill can not counter.to put the other coach onus on the opposition coach.  Except the line Blender, which does not work..

Peters shut down the Wings after the Canes got the lead, Blashill doesn’t know what a Trap is. The Trap can be beaten if there is a competent coach or one that can put his stupid pride on hold. Once the other team gets a lead the Wings are usually in trouble.

Ward 1 GAA
Howard 3 GAA

Rebounds go in the corners or in some low scoring area. Ward wins, tonight

What is with Tatar sitting out the 1st 10 mins of a big game?

Posted by WingedRider from Saskatoon, SK on 01/21/18 at 12:08 AM ET


Team looked terrible for the most part. Can’t agree with George that Howard was superb. He made some nice saves, but also let out some bad rebounds (directly led to the firsl goal) and was scrambling badly on the second and third goals. People criticize Mrazek for that…

Posted by Ilovekermit on 01/21/18 at 12:24 AM ET

PierreC's avatar

Team looked terrible for the most part. Can’t agree with George that Howard was superb. He made some nice saves, but also let out some bad rebounds (directly led to the firsl goal) and was scrambling badly on the second and third goals. People criticize Mrazek for that…
    Posted by
      on 01/20/18 at 11:24 PM ET

Bad rebound on the first goal that’s for sure but the scrambling came due in most part with the inability of the defense to provide some help….and there was some bad luck on the goal that touched his back and slowly bounce in…can’t buy a break !

Posted by PierreC from Montreal, Canada on 01/21/18 at 12:41 AM ET

Alan's avatar

I am starting to see Blash being too stubborn to change his game plan to counter what the opposing team is having success with.

That was the Blash problem last year, too.

Another thing is, the players need to go even harder at the net when they lose a lead, and be relentless. Far too often, last and this year, have we gone down by one and tried to protect the deficit.

That’s poor coaching.

Posted by Alan from Atlanta on 01/21/18 at 01:08 AM ET

BIGFOOT88's avatar

Ultimately, Jimmy Howard just has a very hard time ever “stealing a game”....you would think maybe against Carolina it was possible…BUT NOOOO!!

The third goal tonight was vintage Jimmy - he got stuck in concrete (as usual) on left side of his crease…(exposing his very limited lateral quickness and dexterity).  Then Justin Williams was laughing at him while he simply banked it in off his back. So sad !

Posted by BIGFOOT88 on 01/21/18 at 01:17 AM ET


Another poorly prepared coaching effort.

Blashill simply cannot react to in-game tactics and doesn’t know how to counter-attack. This coach has cost the team points time and time again. Points enough to be in the mix for a playoff spot.

Now, here we are, not even at the All-Stsr break, and the playoffs are nothing but a fantasy! two years of mediocrity under Blashill, followed by even worse outcomes despite some decent play in a lot of games, should have led to a firing early on.

Maybe the season could have been saved and a winning culture developed. Right now, these players don’t expect to win so they play not to lose.

Posted by NewfieWing on 01/21/18 at 01:52 AM ET

Chet's avatar

did t see a second of this one but sounds like the best argument yet to blow it up.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 01/21/18 at 02:33 AM ET


The goal is to play meaningful games in March. And maybe get 90-95 points. - Ken Holland

Rebuilds take 8, 10, 15 years - Ken Holland

Less can be more exciting -  Ken Holland

Posted by fatsavage on 01/21/18 at 02:52 AM ET

ilovehomers's avatar

It’s obvious why they lost - AA didnt play over 18 minutes.

Posted by ilovehomers on 01/21/18 at 10:09 AM ET


It’s obvious why they lost - AA didnt play over 18 minutes.

Posted by ilovehomers on 01/21/18 at 09:09 AM ET

Yeah we should go back to playing AA for 10 minutes. We were so much better then…


Posted by fatsavage on 01/21/18 at 11:38 AM ET

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