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Red Wings-Coyotes quick take: a classic ‘late night steal’ in Arizona

The Red Wings continued their short West Coast swing with a visit to the Arizona Coyotes on Thursday, with the Wings hoping to rally from a 4-2 loss to the Dallas Stars on Tuesday.

The Wings ended up pulling out a gutsy win, rallying from 1-0 and 2-1 deficits en route to a 4-2 decision over the Arizona Coyotes, a win in which Mike Green had 2 assists, Dylan Larkin had 2 assists, Martin Frk scored a clutch goal, Henrik Zetterberg and Luke Glendening scored some others, and in addition to receiving a fine performance from Jimmy Howard (33 saves), Jonathan Ericsson of all people had an assist and drew two penalties for the visiting team.

Now the Wings head to Las Vegas to play the Golden Knights (10:30 PM EDT on FSD/97.1 FM) hoping to salvage a what is currently a 1-and-1 road trip.

The 1st period began with Justin Abdelkader, Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha starting up front for Detroit, with Trevor Daley and Jonathan Ericsson starting on defense, and Jimmy Howard starting in net.

Danny DeKeyser was out with a lower-body injury.

Arizona started Christian Dvorak, Lawson Crouse and Christian Fischer up front, with Niklas Hjalmarsson and Jason Demers on defense, and Antti Raanta in the net.

The Coyotes sat Emerson Etem and a pair of scrappers in Connauton and Rinaldo.

1st period observations:

  • Abdelkader, Larkin and Mantha worked together to push thep uck into the Coyotes' zone, and Ericsson managed to immediately pinch rather dangerously into the offensive zone, but he managed to get back to help Daley clear the puck to the blueline (not out), and the pair eventually allowed the Wings to chip and change;
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg and Tatar surrendered the first shot against, 1:09 into the 1st (I'm rusty here, bear with me, please), working with Jensen and Ouellet. After winning a rare defensive zone faceoff, they went offside and changed;
  • Helm, Nielsen and Frk lost an offensive blueline faceoff, and Green and Kronwall watched the Coyotes ice the puck once, then twice;
  • Booth, Sheahan and Glendening then took to the ice, and within 3:30 of the 1st period, all four lines had rotated onto the ice, and the Wings had marginally more puck possession than the Coyotes, though it was sloppy play;
  • Ericsson turned the puck over and Larkin turned it over as well as the Coyotes set up and cycled, but Detroit managed to get away with the boo boo. Detroit kept its shifts short and Mike Green nearly launched Zetterberg on a breakaway before the 4-minute mark;
  • Detroit looked to struggle somewhat with the Coyotes' aggressive forecheck, and...

At 4:37, Darren Helm headed to the penalty box for delay of game.

  • Larkin, Glendening, Ericsson and Daley set up on the PK, surrendered a prime slot chance to OEL (Oliver Ekman-Larsson), surrendered a second chance to Larsson, and changed;
  • Abdelkader, Sheahan, Ouellet and Jensen worked as the second defensive pair, and they actually got an offensive rush near the vicinity of Antti Raanta before retreating and banging the puck out to center again, this time with Ericsson making an actually good play.
  • Detroit returned to even-strength but continued to struggle, and Jimmy Howard made a gigantic stop and got an assist from Niklas Kronwall on another as Detroit got caught playing the puck back, back, and back some more on its own zone. The Coyotes' aggressive 2-man forecheck wasn't helping the Wings' d stem their mistakes;
  • As DetroitRedWings.com's Dana Wakiji noted, Gustav Nyquist got the Wings' first shot at 7:34 of the 1st;
  • The Wings just looked...they looked out of sorts to me, maybe still struggling to find their mojo after a rough second and third period in Dallas, and they gave up some amazing chances to Keller and Domi as a result. Howard loomed large in the Wings' status as scoreless becaue the Wings couldn't or wouldn't clear the puck out of their own zone.
  • Green got the Wings' first really good chance of the game on a long shot from the point (which should tell you something if it was "really good"), but Raanta deflected the shot wide;
  • Daley got a better scoring chance off a to-the-slot "area pass" from Larkin, just after the 10-minute mark, so even the offensive thrust of play was back-back-back instead of forward and toward Raanta;
  • Detroit's 4-and-8 faceoff performance did not help--their issues with the faceoff police didn't help...

And Martin Frk sat down at 11:11, serving delay of game for Jimmy Howard.

  • Larkin, Glendening, Daley and Ericsson struggled to clear the puck, Martinook raced in, and Larkin hooked Martinook to prevent a breakaway goal...

YIelding a Larkin penalty for hooking and a 1:31 5-on-3 at 11:41.

  • Glendening, Ericsson and Ouellet worked the first PK unit, and the trio did a nice job of forcing the Coyotes to take ahigh-sticking faceoff-moving-back penalty;
  • Daley, Jensen and Nielsen then worked on the 2nd unit, and Howard and Daley combined to stop Duclair from shoveling the puck into the net;
  • Frk emerged and the Wings continued to surrender Coyote rushes, but Frans Nielsen made a nice play to sweep the puck down ice via an Ericsson assist;
  • Duclair got behind Jensen and Ouellet to skate in on a breakaway, but Howard concluded the penalty-kill with a big stop.
  • Detroit trailed in shots 11-4 at 14:56 of the 1st, but Howard had stood tall, and his defense was making the occasional goal-saving stick play.
  • ARGH stupid computer! Ate three minutes of game call! Sorry, you missed three minutes of George's Intelligent Stuff (also known as blather) due to a script-blocking issue;
  • The Red Wings were simply in a "get to the intermission and regroup" period. They were doing OK keeping the Coyotes from stuffing pucks in the net thanks to their effective sticks in their own zone, but they were chasing play;

Late in the period, at 19:19, Henrik Zetterberg got tagged for slashing Niklas Hjalmarsson...

  • Luke Glendening nearly converted on a passing play to Dylan Larkin, and as the play came back toward the Wings' bench...

Ekman-Larsson got tagged for slashing at 19:55, yielding a 4-on-4.

  • The Wings weren't able to push the puck toward the Coyotes' net, and that was the first period.
  • Stats of note: to Detroit's credit, they fired 5 shots on Raanta in the period's final 5 minutes, squeezing the shot dispairity to 11-9, and Detroit also went 13-and-13 on faceoffs, narrowing the dispairity to zero there.
  • Also to their credit: killing off 4 penalties, including 1:30 of a 5-on-3 against, is still killing off 4 penalties.

The 1st period in summary: Still, the first period was one to forget more often than not, a period in which the Red Wings couldn't deal with the Coyotes' forecheck or speed and wouldn't deal with the standard of officiating. It was a frustrating period, but Howard was an island of calm (thankfully).

Here's the Yotes' take after the 1st:

The 2nd period began with the Wings and Coyotes on 4-on-4 play...

And Louis Domingue started in net for Arizona. Raanta suffered a "lower-body injury."

2nd period observations:

  • The Red Wings got a quick shot off on Domingue almost immediately, and the Wings and Coyotes played sloppy 4-on-4 hockey, with Detroit sweeping some passes wide in the Yotes' zone, Arizona sending some wide ones through the Wings' zone, and Tatar fanning on a Nielsen pass;
  • Detroit headed onto an abbreviated power play with Abdelkader, Tatar, Nyquist, Zetterberg, Green and Kronwall doing very little;
  • Arizona then set up in Detroit's zone, but Sheahan, Glendening and Booth did a good job of un-hemming-themselves out of their own zone and forcing Arizona to ice the puck;
  • Detroit seemed to understand that the Coyotes were trying to re-set with Domingue, and at least they fired a couple of early shots in on the Yotes' goalie, and Detroit was skating better through the neutral zone as well.
  • Zetterberg found Tatar for a pair of shots on Domingue, and Daley blasted a heavy shot wide of the net, but the Coyotes' netminder was up to the challenge;
  • And Howard made a big stop on Duclair going the other way.
  • Larkin and Mantha looked to have lost their mojo without Frk, and I've never been a fan of playing Abdelkader without Zetterberg, but Mantha still roared up the wing and boomed a hard shot on Domingue;
  • Which Howard responded to with a pair of beautiful stops...

And Riley Sheahan chipped the puck out of the zone at 5:20, yielding the Wings' 3rd delay of game penalty and 5th PK of the night.

  • Howard made a big stop off the draw and Larkin, Glendening, Daley and Ericsson helped Howard cover up a Stepan shot that he juggled until he was able to drop his stick and cover up with his blocker;

The second time Howard let a blocker-side shot go, however, the Coyotes shot the puck past Frans Nielsen and the hand of Nick Jensen, with Clayton Keller scoring his second goal of the season.

Keller scored at 1-0 @ 4:12 from Domi and Stepan, on the power play.

  • The Wings sure tried to keep the puck from going in the net, but it rolled off fingertips, or so it seemed. Howard had the puck in his gut, too, but it rolled off his blocker and
  • Detroit tried to immediately score a tying goal, but instead, Martinook chased Jensen out of the "pocket" behind the net, and the Wings had to muck and grind their way up the ice so that they would be able to change lines and defensive pairings as the Zetterberg line struggled;
  • Mantha, Larkin and Abdelkader tried to get some offense going on Domingue, but they managed to earn a commercial break with the shots 6-6 and 8-and-a-half minutes gone in the 2nd.
  • As the halfway mark approached, Zetterberg, Tatar and Nyquist got their shit together and roared up ice to generate a couple of scoring chances, with Tatar and Zeterberg finding each other and then bumping a puck to Green for a superb point attempt;
  • Larkin also laid out a Coyote at the bench, and when Arizona responded with some bumps and pushes, no call was made;
  • At 10:48, Jonathan Ericsson drew a power play by getting Stepan to hook him as Ericsson himself engaged in a pull-and-tug play to stifle a Coyotes 2-on-1.

Derek Stepan sat at 10:48 for hooking. This was a, "Whatever you call it, we'll take it" penalty for the Wings, who needed a power play to generate some offensive momentum as much as offense itself.

  • Daley, Tatar, Zetterberg, Nyquist and Abdelkader worked together on the first PP unit, and the first unit got a little bit done because their play was staggered by faceoff fumbles;
  • Mantha, Nielsen, Larkin, Frk and Green took to the ice...

And Green worked back-and-forth with Frk on the left wing, and Frk ripped a heavy one-timer through Domingue from the bottom of the right faceoff circle.



Frk scored to make it 1-1 on the power play, @ 11:37, from Green.

  • Detroit placed the top line and Kronwall and Green on the ice for the post-goal shift, and Tatar coughed the puck up to Domi before picking it back up and forming enough of a wedge into the offensive zone that the Wings were able to change lines and regroup at center;
  • Mantha made a smart stick play to tip a Coyotes lateral pass out to center and nobody noticed it, so I wanted to write about it. IT was smart. You're welcome. Bonus Blather.
  • Arizona pushed back and Jimmy Howard nearly screwed up by trying to play catcher, missing the puck as he bumped a Coyote out of his crease.
  • 13:39 into the 2nd, Detroit had out-shot Arizona 10-6 in the 2nd and 19-18 on the night;
  • Arizona really got a great game out of Derek Stepan, who was shooting and passing like a man with renewed strength, but the Wings and Howard were up to the challenge, at least early on;
  • The Wings were sneaking Frk onto the ice early with Green, but the Wings' passes were just a wee bit off, and Tatar, Nyquist, Helm, Zetterberg and Jensen were not quite able to push pucks through to Domingue on a fine set of shifts by a pair of lines.
  • Arizona did not give up a millimeter to the Wings, still attacking and still pushing hard to stifle the Wings' offense with a dangerous 2-or-3-man forecheck of their own, but the WIngs began to dominate possession and control of the puck as the 2nd period progressed, and Detroit's patience with the puck was impressive...

Until Darren Helm coughed up the puck during a Wings line change at the offensive zone blueline, Henrik Zetterberg scrambled his ass back to try and get to Clayton Keller, but Domi found Keller before Zetterberg could, and Keller chipped the puck through Howard on a one-timer at 18:16 of the 2nd period.

Keller made it 2-1 Arizona at 18:16 from Domi and OEL.

  • Zetterberg, Tatar and Nyquist remained on the ice with Green and Kronwall, and they had a tougher time of things...

But Zetterberg charged up the ice, dropped the puck to Dylan Larkin, and when Larkin slid the puck back out front, Zetterberg hacked the tying goal home.

Zetterberg made it 2-2 @ 19:20 of the 3rd, from Larkin and Green again.

  • The Wings' final shift involved Mantha racing in for a fantastic scoring chance that Domingue gobbled up.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Arizona 14-10 in the 2nd and 23-21 overall; Detroit was at 24-and-29 (45%) in the faceoff circle; surprisingly, Arizona had 10 giveaways to Detroit's 6; shot attempts were 40-32 Arizona.

The 2nd period in summary: It wasn't a work of art, but the Red Wings had managed to nurse the game to a 2-2 tie despite some setbacks in the 1-0 and 2-1 goals, and the Red Wings looked like they might, just might, be able to score the next goal before Arizona could. For a mediocre road game, that was pretty impressive.

Bonus blather:

(Those stats were correct before the NHL screwed things up)

The 3rd period began with the Red Wings and Coyotes at even strength.

3rd period observations:

  • Larkin, Mantha and Abdelkader drew in with Ericsson and Daley, and Arizona iced the puck;
  • Zetterberg's line won the icing faceoff but lost the war, and Arizona iced the puck a second time as Detroit was pressing forecheck-wise, giving Arizona's defense more difficult a time of clearing the puck and starting their offense;
  • Frk nearly got his second goal on a set-up from Daley, and Arizona charged back up ice on a 3-on-2 after a weirdly-bouncing Frk shot attempt, but Howard was sharp and the puck bounced the Wings' way;
  • As the game progressed, Booth, Sheahan and Glendening got less ice time, so seeing the trio on the ice 2:10 into the 3rd was something of a shock.
  • Arizona's response to the Red Wings' attack was to fire whatever they could near the Wings' net, and Detroit was sharp enough to gobble up the rebounds and push the puck into Arizona territory, where Larkin, Abdelkader and Mantha generated some strong pressure;

Lawson Crouse fought Nick Jensen at 3:28 of the 3rd, and thankfully for the much-smaller Jensen (and Jensen is 6'3"), the fight wasn't much of a fight. The pair went to the box for fighting majors after Jensen stood up for Xavier Ouellet.

  • Ericsson of all people made another fine play that could or could not have been called a penalty, but went the Wings' way. Good thing it did; you don't want to be down to 4 defensemen on a PK;
  • The Coyotes, not surprisingly, tried to lay the physical hammer on the Wings, and Detroit did not relent, but they got hacked and whacked pretty heavily.
  • Howard made a big stop on Stepan as the Wings started to get backed in a good six-and-a-half minutes into the 3rd, but the Wings held tough.
  • I sure would have liked to see what Witkowski would have done to Crouse, but I will also admit that I prefer Booth's speed to Witkowski's...fists.
  • Frk made a really good play that forced the Coyotes to skate around his big back end on a 3-on-3 where the Coyotes over-powered Green and Kronwall, and it didn't result in anything happening, but it was a smart defensive play;

SOMEHOW, Jonathan Ericsson got yanked for the second time in the third period, and Detroit headed to the PP as Martinook got tagged for interference at 7:51.

  • Zetterberg, Tatar, Nyquist, Abdelkader and Daley worked the puck around the perimeter, and Tatar got a right-side shot, Daley blasted a shot that was blocked, he worked down low to Zetterberg, and a minute into the power play, the Wings needed a righty. They had none, so they made due with too any passes, and you know where too many passes get you, even in upside-down-Ericsson-generating-creating-power-plays land. Nowhere.
  • Mantha, Frk and Larkin were reunited for a post-PP shift, and Mantha protested a penalty that was not called quite mightily;
  • As we hit 8 minutes remaining in the 3rd, Tatar almost tucked in a slick little pass from Zetterberg, but you know what almost gets you. The same thing as trying to pass the puck into the net on the power play;
  • Arizona just looked dangerous on their chances, even though they weren't giving the Wings their hands' full of difficulties. The biggest dust-up of the latter half of the 3rd period was Dylan Larkin jawing at Jason Demers, and it wasn't much.
  • Zetterberg, Tatar and Nyquist at least got the puck-moving and puck-possessing machine started some 13-and-a-half minutes into the 3rd;
  • Arizona replied with a fine foray from Anthony Duclair, who deked and dangled his way past Ouellet, but Howard made a big stop and a bigger gobble-up-the-rebound play.
  • With 5:50 remaining in the 3rd, Ken Daniels said the Coyotes owned an 8-4 faceoff advantage, but Frk charged in and was tripped as he skated in on a breakaway...

No call to Arizona. Call on Detroit as Derek Stepan was caught slashing at 14:50 of the 3rd.

  • Slash on the hands. I have to agree with the call against.
  • Arizona went "full court press" on the Wings, Glendening's penalty-killing unit was ineffectual, Helm and Abdelkader actually did some stuff, so Glendening returned to the ice with Larkin and Howard made a superb, superb, superb diving stop on Keller...

And Dylan Larkin raced up ice with Glendening, for some bizarre reason, Larkin found Glendening with a pass, and Glendening went glove hand-is-blocker-hand-side on Domingue, and he scored!

Luke Glendening made it 3-2 @ 16:36 from Larkin.

  • The Wings killed the penalty, but the Coyotes kept shoveling pucks toward Howard, and Howard had to make some superb stops to keep the Wings up one.
  • Domingue headed out with 1:58 remaining and Arizona set up 6-on-5...
  • Detroit did a fine job of blocking shots...

And Detroit managed to score an empty-net goal thanks to Frans Nielsen chipping the puck over Oliver Ekman-Larsson's foot as he was being slashed (on the hands), giving Detroit a 4-2 lead.

Nielsen made it 4-2 @ 18:26 from Helm and Ericsson.

  • Detroit kept their sticks sweeping passing lanes and their minds engaged  and that was the game.

The 3rd period in summary: Jimmy Howard's work in stopping 11 of 11 shots cannot be underestimated, nor can Martin Frk's continued performance, but the old warhorses on defense, Niklas Kronwall and Jonathan Ericsson (1 assist, 2 drawn penalties) were also pretty damn good; Dylan Larkin got two assists, as did Mike Green...

And mostly, the Wings were able to rally from 1-0 and 2-1 deficits against an incredibly desperate Arizona Coyotes team that had been called out by their coach the day before. The Wings pulled out a classic "Late Night Steal" win.

Now the Wings head to Las Vegas for a very difficult-to-win game on what will be Vegas's slightly delayed "opening night." With Petr Mrazek in the net, most likely.


Here's the Game Summary...

And the Event Summary

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The Hurricane's avatar

I like Nick Jensen. I like him more and more each game. Daley too. Goose and Potatoes need to get their Mojo risin’. Jimmy got lucky tonight….again. 1st stop is good, somewhere in Kansas when and if the puck comes back to him. That last save with the toe was _____________.

Posted by The Hurricane on 10/13/17 at 12:59 AM ET

calquake's avatar

As I mentioned in the LB, I think it’s about time the man with no vowel sends AA a “thank you” bouquet.

Posted by calquake from a.k.a. Uniquake, workin' on my manifesto on 10/13/17 at 01:21 AM ET

PierreC's avatar

nice effort again. At least we can’t say we are not intense. Howard was great, too bad he had to give up a not so good rebound on the first goal. I’d play him again tomorrow.

One downer..the play of Mantha. He is playing with Blashill’s patience…Got to work buddy…

Stupid fight with Jensen. The yotes didnt have the guts to take off his visor. It gets my blood boiling when i see that, the guy was twice Jensen size, but did all he could to use his visor to protect himself. Not fair…

3-1 folks !

Posted by PierreC from Montreal, Canada on 10/13/17 at 01:58 AM ET


So far the wings have looked pretty good this year, especially Howard, he ‘s probably stole one game. Tonight seemed good but they beat a clear bottom feeder, think Minnesota was our only test.

Posted by stateofmifan on 10/13/17 at 02:55 AM ET

Alan's avatar

So far this season (and yeah, I know we’re only four games in) it looks like we have more life overall on the ice than we did at any similar span of time last season. I like the kids, and I love that Z has that can-do attitude this year.

Hoping for a win against a hot Vegas team tonight! LGRW!

Posted by Alan from Atlanta on 10/13/17 at 04:42 AM ET

hockeyfreak13's avatar

Overall team speed seems better than last year. With Jensen and Daley, this D group can really move. Kronwall and (to a lesser extent) Ouellet bring the average down though. I actually thought Kronwall was OK for the most part, but his decision making on the 2nd Keller goal was pretty bad. He’s got to trust that Daley can cover the back door and pressure the passer immediately there. E quietly had another strong game. And I’ve not been the biggest Howard fan recently, but he really has continued his outstanding play from last season. Now let’s see how Mrazek responds.

Posted by hockeyfreak13 from Grand Rapids on 10/13/17 at 07:01 AM ET


Great shorthanded rush by Larkin!

Posted by VPalmer on 10/13/17 at 08:38 AM ET

alwaysaurie's avatar

nice win & Larkin may be struggling but he’s still managing to progress .... I’m starting to think that he might have turned a corner

Take a look at the TOI changes with Abdelkader and Frk switching —(a)Frk is getting more minutes because he isn’t getting taken off of Neilsen’s line 2-3 times & (b)Larkin & Mantha are getting more minutes because they were being quite so heavily sheltered.

We’ll see how things go… but just a little reminder that “2nd-line” and “3rd-line” don’t imply as much as we sometimes might assume.

Posted by alwaysaurie on 10/13/17 at 08:47 AM ET

topshelf14's avatar

I think Frk has been really good, not just the goals, but he’s backchecking hard and playing good defense.  He needs more ice time.  I don’t understand why Blashill would move him off the Larkin, and Mantha line they were performing well!

Posted by topshelf14 from Detroit, MI on 10/13/17 at 08:55 AM ET


I’ve watched that Glendening goal about ten times, and I can’t stop gushing over that breakout by Larkin. That was a thing of beauty.

Posted by Manthanasiou87 on 10/13/17 at 10:06 AM ET


Frk doesn’t skate well enough to not be sheltered. Saw it a few times. His semi breakaway is a perfect example. That shot tho… He reminds me of Pulkkinen except he can actually hit the the net

Posted by neffernin on 10/13/17 at 10:18 AM ET


Frk doesn’t skate well enough to not be sheltered

Frk’s skating is OK. Compete level along the boards even better.

Posted by VPalmer on 10/13/17 at 11:48 AM ET

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