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Red Wings-Blues quick take: Shootout win for Mrazek and the Wings

The Detroit Red Wings headed into Thursday night's game against the St. Louis Blues hoping to extend their winning streak to 6 games, battling a Blues team that had lost 3 of their 4 previous games.

In Steve Ott's 800th game and Justin Abdelkader's return to the lineup, Petr Mrazek was the hero, stopping 31 of 32 Blues shots (and a boatload of attempts against--60 to be precise to 46 Wings shot attempts)...

And Henrik Zetterberg struck for the shootout-winning goal in a game that the Red Wings climbed into and climbed out of after a difficult 1st period start, scratching and clawing their way to two points in what was sometimes ugly and eventually beautiful fashion.

The 1st period began with a bit of a favor done for Steve Ott, who was playing in his 800th game--so the Miller-Glendening-Ott line faced off against Dmitrij Jaskin, Kyle Brodziak and Ryan Reaves, with Ericsson and Marchenko squaring off vs. Joel Edmundson and Colton Parayko. Mrazek and Allen opposed each other in the nets.

The puck was dropped with Ryan Reaves and Steve Ott jostling against each other, and the Blues chipped the puck into Detroit's zone, Mrazek rimmed it around the boards and the Blues took his pass and slid it into the Wings' slot, but Detroit cleared the zone and Ott, Miller and Green cycled down low and were unable to generate a clean shot;

Nielsen, Nyquist and Larkin joined the fray as a revamped second line, and Ericsson set up play from the Wings' red line and the Wings worked it up ice, with Zetterberg hopping onto the ice and breaking his stick taking a shot;

The Blues sprung Fabbri but he was expertly kept out of the slot by Mike Green;

Tatar, Zetterberg and Sheahan formed the Wings' "second line," and Zetterberg did a nice job of cycling with Sheahan before the Blues mucked the puck out past Ryan Sproul;

3 minutes into the game, Sproul and Smith got some help from Abdelkader, Athanasiou and Helm as the Blues entered the Wings' zone and got their first shot off via David Perron, who sent a long snapper in on Mrazek. Mrazek grabbed the puck and held onto the bouncing rebound.

As the game progressed, the Wings got a little sloppy on the Scottrade Center's slushy ice, and the Blues started to snag the Wings' attempted passes out of their own zone, generating something of a forecheck as a result.

Mrazek had to make a smart save through traffic as the Blues attempted to mount an assault;

David Perron clanged a puck off Mrazek's mask and the Blues accumulated a 3-1 shot advantage;

Athanasiou was stood up by Edmundson sans penalty, which was surprising;

The Blues did pay tribute to Ott during the first TV timeout:

The Wings earned their first power play as Paul Stastny headed off for holding at 6:34:

Zetterberg, Nyquist, Abdelkader, Green and Tatar began the PP, lost the opening faceoff and regrouped, with Zetterberg firing Green in for a wraparound nad point drop to Tatar, which yielded a Zetterberg give-and-go with Tatar and Green pinching deep into the half boards on the left-hand side...

Where Green roared in and chipped a fine pass from Zetterberg off a Blues defenseman's stick.

Sproul, Sheahan, Nielsen, Larkin and Helm worked the second unit, and it took them 30 seconds to get the puck back to Sproul, who fired a blast on the net that the Wings tipped down with a high stick, yielding an immediate stop to play and a faceoff in Detroit's zone.

Zetterberg's unit played the final PP shift and did very little other than working the puck up to the Blues' blueline, where it was worked back down ice.

On the bump-up shift, Detroit stifled a 3-on-2 thanks to some strong support from Zetterberg, and then Ott and company struggled against the Blues, who popped two hard shots at Mrazek. Petr was up to the chance against Schwartz and Lehtera.

10 minutes into the game, Larkin, Nyquist and Helm struggled in the offensive zone and Helm gave up a terrible 3-on-0 in which Mrazek stopped Yakupov;

Trailing 6-3 in shots, the Wings tried very hard to clean up their outlet passes and work through the neutral zone a bit cleaner, but they kept allowing Blues players to loom wide on the wing going the other way, and the Blues' "stretch" formation was generating offensive pressure and some turnovers on the forecheck.

Mike Green regrettably took a high-sticking penalty on Jaden Schwartz at 12:47, yielding a Blues power play:

Ott, Glendening, DeKeyser and Marchenko surrendered an immediate shot that Mrazek gobbled up, and on the ensuing faceoff, they dumped and changed;

Helm, Nielsen, DeKeyser and Marchenko worked the second shift;

Miller and Athanasiou served as the third forward unit, watching Mrazek make a high stop and then clearing the puck;

1 minute into the PP, Smith, Ericsson, Glendening and Ott ground the puck out down low in Detroit's end, and the Blues won the dig-out, so Pietrangelo blasted a hard shot wide, the Blues worked the perimeter and blubbed the puck back down the ice on a blown pass to the point;

St. Louis sprung Perron up the wing and he got a long shot off as the penalty expired, and St. Louis continued to press offensively, but Mrazek made a big stop and the Wings chased the puck out of trouble.

15:34 into the game, Detroit was being out-shot 9-4, and Glendening, Ott and Miller were honestly the Wings' "steadiest" line against a relentless and unrelenting Blues forecheck. Ott tipped a centering pass from the slot to the corner;

Glendening blocked a Tarasenko one-timer;

Larkin, Nielsen and Nyquist had a little more trouble working the puck up ice, but Ericsson and Marchenko were sharp and helped the trio push the puck into St. Louis' zone;

Helm and Athanasiou generated a scoring chance off a little cycle in the Blues' zone that was a welcome respite from St. Louis' pounding of the Wings' defensemen;

The Blues kept banging away, and a set of bad passes made it harder to clear the puck and change;

Riley Sheahan got tagged with a high stick at 18:51, and the Wings embarked upon a huge PK.

Marchenko cleared the puck off the first draw of the PK;

Ott, Glendening, Marchenko and Ericsson watched Mrazek stop two shots;

Helm, Nielsen, Smith and DeKeyser = big block from Smith and good positional defense as the Blues tried to work a down-low play, and a last-second stop by Mrazek.

Detroit was out-shot 14-4, out-attempted 22-6 and out-drawn 9-8 in the faceoff circle. Mrazek gonna Mraz.

FSD had the scoring chances at 7-3 St. Louis on that 14-4 Blues shot advantage.

The 2nd period began with the Wings on the PK for 51 seconds.

Helm, Nielsen, Ericsson and Marchenko began the PK and lost the opening faceoff to St. Louis, which skated up and set up in the Wings' zone. Shattenkirk's centering pass was blasted down the ice by DeKeyser, however, so the Wings bought some time to change personnel.

DeKeyser, Marchenko, Ott and Glendening killed the balance of the PP, and Mrazek got a little lucky as Paul Stastny chipped a rebound off the back boards wide of the net.

Detroit was still hemmed in with Sheahan back on ice, and the Wings' poor clearing attempts were biting them in the ass...Until Steve Ott skated in 2-on-1 with Glendening, who fired his shot off the side of the net on the backhand.

Sheahan, Zetterberg and Glendening attempted to score as well, but Glendening missed the centering pass.

Off a faceoff in their own zone, the Blues won the draw, Shattenkirk sild the puck and Frans Nielsen's skate tipped the puck wide of Mrazek's right skate, giving St. Louis a 1-0 lead @ 2:31 of the 2nd.

Shattenkirk made it 1-0 @ 2:31 of the 2nd.

On the bump-up shift, the Wings still allowed the Blues to push the puck into Detroit's end without much resistance, and the Wings struggled against St. Louis' forecheck, so St. Louis set up in Detroit's end and cycled--or, as Blashill would put it, they "rolled around" in Detroit's end.

Mrazek made a good stop on Bouwmeester, and Athanasiou and Abdelkader set each other up for a slick little shot on Allen;

Detroit at least began to block shots and passes as the 5:30 mark passed, but St. Louis was still entering the zone sans any Wings pushes or shoves or sticks in lanes, and as Detroit got backed in and turned pucks over, the Wings kept setting themselves up for failure.

Darren Helm of all people was surprisingly suspect in terms of his giveaways, and on one set of boo boos, the Blues clanged a puck off the post and another off Mrazek as the crowd buzzed;

When the Miller-Glendening-Ott line is your best line by a sizable margin, that's not necessarily a good sign. No disrespect to Miller, Glendening or Ott meant.

So Tatar, Zetterberg and Athanasiou did a great job of blocking a Blues clear (via AA) and cycling in the Blues' end for the first time in the period, with Athanasiou generating a blocked shot attempt and Green helping the Wings sustain possession and control until Lehtera chipped the puck of of trouble.

The Wings were at least doing a good job of limiting the Blues' actual shots--8:50 into the 2nd, Detroit was being out-shot 3-2...

When Jonathan Ericsson and Alexey Marchenko chipped long shots in on Allen, that number climbed to...Well, the Blues' shot clock wasn't in the mood to give Detroit charity, but the tide was slowly at least ameliorating.

Paul Stastny took a penalty for tripping Dylan Larkin at 9:15, and the Wings got their first power play of the period:

Abdelkader got an amazing chance off the faceoff and Zetterberg got another;

Green, Nyquist and Tatar joined them on the ice and worked the puck to and fro on the cycle, with Zetterberg trying to bank one in and Nyquist helping negate a 3-on-2 going the other way (the Blues going offside helped as well).

Mrazek blubbed the puck on an exchange with Larkin, and Detroit had to spend twenty minutes getting into the Blues' zone, and they absolutely pancaked their possession time in the offensive zone, so Abdelkader, Zetterberg, Tatar, Larkin and Green ground the puck out down low and Green's pass to Abdelkader was held in, but sent to a Blue, and that was the power play.

Detroit was...so-so...as the 12-minute mark of the 2nd period hit, still struggling with the Blues' forecheck and transition games, and St. Louis earned a power play when Jonathan Ericsson headed to the box at 12:20.

Glendening, Ott, Smith and DeKeyser began the PK and cleared the puck out of trouble off the initial faceoff;

DeKeyser, Smith and Mrazek stopped Perron via stick checks;

With better stick-in-lane coverage and more aggressive backchecking, the Wings really made a lot of progress in terms of hampering the Blues' puck control during the first minute of PK time;

Green, Marchenko, Helm and Nielsen did a fine job of woroking up the ice, Helm found Nielsen...and Nielsen tucked the puck under Jake Allen's skates and into the net for a 1-1 shorthanded marker at 13:54.

Nielsen made it 1-1 @ 13:54 from Helm and Marchenko.

The Wings killed the rest of the penalty, and the Blues continued to press, but Mrazek was sharp, and Miller, Glendening and Sheahan had a strong bump-up shift.

The Blues weren't exactly genies stuffed back in the bottle--they still generated shots and scoring opportunities...

But Detroit got on its toes after the Nielsen goal, with Athanasiou, Zetterberg and Tatar cycling and grinding in St. Louis' end via a little help from Mike Green;

Larkin, Nyquist and Nielsen got the cycle going and Larkin dangled and dazzled via a pair of shots;

Helm, Sheahan and Abdelkader generated some pressure before surrendering a long shot to Tarasenko, and they stood up to the Blues at the Detroit blueline;

Mrazek made a great poke check stop on Tarasenko;

Marchenko got mashed by Bortuzzo:

Even Sheahan was able to grind in the offensive zone for a moment while playing alongside Tatar and Zetterberg.

The Wings coughed up the puck twice in their own zone some 18 minutes into the 2nd, but they sopped up their own mistakes and blocked shots and Blues passes to prevent St. Louis from creating scoring chances.

The Blues were even committing offside plays struggling to keep the puck in at the offensive blueline due to Wings stick-checks.

Detroit's exits were better, Detroit's mid-ice rushes were better, Detroit's attack was sharper and Andreas Athanasiou was trying very hard to generate chances by making Blues defensemen look bad...

And Darren Helm was sprung on a breakaway by Steve Ott of all people; Helm was stopped via a slash, and Detroit headed to the PP with 6.5 left in the period, and Tomas Tatar rifled a one-timer off Allen's pads before the period expired.

Even the Blues' shot clock operators had the Wings out-shooting St. Louis 11-9 in the 2nd, though the Blues led 23-15 overall; Detroit was out-attempted 42-22; Detroit went 17-and-19 (47%) in the faceoff circle.

The 3rd period began with the Red Wings on the power play for 1:54.

The Wings began the period with Zetterberg, Abdelkader, Tatar, Nyquist and Green as the 1st PP unit, and they won the faceoff, broke out to center, dropped to Zetterberg and coughed the puck up to the Blues' defense.

Detroit regrouped and executed a smart neutral zone play to slide the puck back to Green and Zetterberg, to the net ,off Abdelkader, to Green for a wrister, and then Abdelkader and Nyquist tried to set up Tatar back-door. Detroit continued to work the perimeter and slot, but the Blues cleared the zone;

Sproul carried the puck to center, flubbed an exchange to DeKeyser, and Nielsen, Larkin and Helm played out the final ten seconds of the power play with the Blues stifling Detroit's attack.

The Wings did a decent job of keeping pucks north of center ice for the first two-and-a-half minutes of the 3rd, and St. Louis tried to author a rally via a center-ice drive that was increasingly picked off by Wings sticks and checkers.

When the Blues did get into Detroit's zone, they found sledding tougher as the Wings were getting "above" the blues' players, and puck support wsa far, far better on a collective basis.

Another Darren Helm giveaway yielded a couple of big stops from Mrazek 4-and-a-half minutes in;

Helm got smeared in the face by Shattenkirk, who headed off for high-sticking at 4:31--after Helm's giveaways nearly yielded a Blues goal--and the Wings got to work.

Nyquist, Tatar, Green, Zetterberg and Abdelkader cycled the puck and tried to set up Abdelkader several ways;

The Wings worked the perimeter, and Tatar blasted a wrister wide;

Nyquist banked one off Allen but right to a Blues defenseman, and the Wings changed as the Blues cleared;

AA, Sheahan, Nielsen, Larkin and Sproul worked the 2nd unit, and Larkin blasted a hard shot off Allen;

Larkin fired a slapper wide;

Nielsen got the puck to Sproul, who was stopped, and that was the power play.

Detroit continued to push some 7 minutes into the 3rd period, but the Blues found their footing as well, and Detroit had to stifle several Blues scoring chances as a result.

Athanasiou saw more shifts with Zetterberg and Tatar as the game progressed, and he generated some offense and he generated some offside calls against.

I still like writing "offsides," but I've been told that it's a Midwestern mistake, so I'm trying to un-learn it.

The Blues tried to stretch out the Wings' defense with long passes to wide wingers, but the Wings would have none of it, and the Wings very literally out-skated the Blues up, down and then up the ice again during an exchange just short of 10 minutes into the 3rd.

Tomas Tatar took a hooking penalty at 10:20, and the Blues headed to the PP:

Glendening, Ott, Marchenko and Ericsson began the PK, and they gave the Blues way too much room to set up and fire, but Mrazek was ready and made some big stops.

Glendening, Ott, Marchenko and DeKeyser got caught out for a very long period of tie, and Mrazek made some huge stops as the gents in front of him tired under relentless pressure;

Nielsen and Helm nearly converted shorthanded, and Detroit killed the penalty.

When the Wings returned to even strength, their stretch passes were working and the Blues' passes weren't, but the Wings continued to fire at Allen from the perimeter, and when you've got an un-screened goalie seeing single shots, you're not gonna generate a whole lot of offense.

Still, Detroit's sticks and skates and bodies were in shooting and passing lanes when the Blues threatened--for the most part--and St. Louis just didn't have the same kind of time and space that Detroit did to push the puck deep and keep it there.

With 5-and-a-half minutes left in the game, the possibility of overtime was looming because the teams had done a good job of playing each other "even," and given Detroit's start, to be on even footing was an impressive endeavor.

The clock kept ticking down as Detroit and St. Louis traded checks with the Abdelkader-Zetterberg-Tatar trio on ice, players crashing to the ice grinding stride-for-stride;

Mrazek made some really impressive stops as well, so the Blues cranked things up a bit and had the shots up to 30-22 with 3 minutes left in regulation;

The refs stuffed their whistles in their shorts, too, and that hampered any clean "looks" from developing for either team.

Miller, Glendening and Ott tried to un-tie things with 1-and-a-half minutes left in the game, and Jake Allen had to dive to stop and hold onto a puck off a Glendening shot.

In the game's final minute of regulation time, Zetterberg, Tatar and Abdelkader tried to un-tie things, but were checked hard;

Pietrangelo walked in but was steered off by the Wings;

Ericsson tried to spring Larkin on a breakaway and iced it with 21.4 left in the 3rd;

The Wings blocked the Blues' shot on that deep zone draw and Marchenko fired a hard shot off Allen with 6.9 left in the 3rd.

That was the 3rd.

Overtime began with Nielsen, Green and Nyquist on ice, and Detroit worked the puck up, Nielsen chugged up the gut, skated in and fired a hard shot that went wide;

Zetterberg joined Nyquist and Green, got the puck to Green, and he fired the puck wide;

Zetterberg faced a 2-on-1 that Jaden Schwartz fired wide, Schwartz stole the Wings' clear, and both teams changed;

Green found Tatar and he deked, dangled and put one off Allen;

Zetterberg stayed on the ice very long, and he worked the puck to Tatar, who found DeKeyser, he found Zetterberg, and Tatar blasted toward the net but was blocked;

Lehtera skated in on a breakaway and Mrazek stopped it;

Larkin blazed in and was stopped;

Larkin, Helm and Sproul worked as a unit, and the Blues ended up on a 3-on-1 that Sproul dove to block (Fabbri);

Athanasiou hopped over the boards and challenged Shattenkirk, who fired the puck up to Schwartz and dropped the puck to Shattenkirk, who was stopped;

Mrazek made an AMAZING stop on Schwartz via his toe;

Abdelkader walked in, spun back to center, got the puck to AA and AA put it up and out of play.

With 1:24 left, Nielsen, Nyquist and Green returned to the ice, won a deep zone faceoff, and Nielsen fired a hard shot off Pietrangelo;

Nielsen and Nyquist screwed up an exchange, Tarasenko found Lehtera, and he was blocked;

Nyquist skated in with Nielsen, flubbed the exchange, walked in and fired it over Allen;

Zetterberg, Tatar and DeKeyser worked the final shift,Z found Tatar, he walked in, was hooked, spun and was stopped by Allen on a breakaway...

And Robbie Fabbri got called for hooking with 19.3 left.

Zetterberg, Tatar, Nyquist and Green won the faceoff, cycled to Green, to Tatar, to Green, he pump faked, Zetterberg got it to Green and he fired it wide.

OT ended with a 1.4-seconds-left faceoff that Zetterberg won to Tatar via Green, but it was blocked.

The shootout went like this:

Blues shoot first. Steen. Skates up wide right, skates in, skates in, fires over the glove. 1-0 Blues.

Nielsen skates in, serpentine, backhand over the glove, stopped.

Tarasenko skates in wide glove side again, bangs it wide.

Nyquist skates in up the gut, stops, starts, TOP SHELF. GOAL.

Shattenkirk: Hard up the gut, serpentine, stopped.

Larkin skates up, backhand forehand deke stopped stopped. Through the feets.

Allen readjusts his junk as Perron walks in. Perron sticks, fires, blocker stop.

AA skates in, looks, looks, looks, slides it wide. Flubbed the puck.

Yakupov for the Blues. Skates in, looks, wide, slot, stopped.

Tatar skates up, skates in, slot, stop, stick, stick, glove side, blocked, stopped.

Fabbri skates in, up the gut, deke, deke, stop.

Sheahan skates, sticks, backhand, forehand, flubs it. Sheahan shanked it the same spot that AA did.

Berglund up, Berglund wide, hard, stopped.

Helm chugs up, right side, sticks, stopped.

Dmitrij Jaskin for the Blues. Jaskin in, Jaskin sticks, Jaskin dekes, toe stop.

Zetterberg. Skates up, skates in, up the gut, deke, dangle, GOAL. HELLO GOODNIGHT.


Here's the Game Summary...

And here's the Event Summary:

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F*#% me runnin! That was a crazy game! This team has been more exciting than I can remember in some time. It’s a completely diff style

George that was like 4 mins before you posted a complete wrap up…. lets work on that, ok?

Posted by SlimChance on 10/27/16 at 11:03 PM ET


Two games in a row that players have talked after the game about how much Ott adds to the team.

Also, holy crap, what a goaltending show.

Posted by RyanVM on 10/27/16 at 11:07 PM ET


6 in a row!

Posted by VPalmer on 10/27/16 at 11:08 PM ET


WOW!  Great game.  Other than too many penalties and a static power play, I thought we had a heck of a road win.  Mrazek was superb as usual.  DDK had his best game of the year.  Ericsson look very, very solid again.  Nice to see Nielsen get his first.  As far as low scoring games go, this is as good as it gets.


Posted by Wise1 on 10/27/16 at 11:11 PM ET

topshelf14's avatar

6 in a row is impressive. Getting 6 from a very good Blues team in there barn is awesome! Mrazek was the difference in this one. That’s 2 straight road games where our goaltending has been lights out. And good to see Z get the SO winner, something he has struggled with for a long time now.

Posted by topshelf14 from Detroit, MI on 10/27/16 at 11:14 PM ET


Posted by Wise1 on 10/27/16 at 11:11 PM ET
It was his second.

Posted by weswolverine on 10/27/16 at 11:17 PM ET

WingedRider's avatar

Great to get 2 points!! On the Road!!

Won’t win many playing giveaway in their own end most of the night.

Agree Petr was unconcious (the score could have been easily a lot for Blues, one at best for Wings), Ericsson stood out again (in a good way), top line needs some changes, great gut check to win after being mostly dominated.

Ott seems to add intangibles that Miller doesn’t have.

Now I have to like Ericsson AND Ott.

Get you shit together and at least limit shots against to under 30 (for once), for next game.

Odd game

Posted by WingedRider from Saskatoon, SK on 10/27/16 at 11:39 PM ET

calquake's avatar

I am enjoying watching this Red Wings team so far.  It’s early and things can (and will) change.  The newcomers have been actively involved in the success.  Most importantly they are playing as a team, making mistakes but working hard.  I couldn’t be happier.

Posted by calquake from a.k.a. Uniquake, workin' on my manifesto on 10/27/16 at 11:48 PM ET

OlderThanChelios's avatar

Wait a minute. Something is definitely wrong here.

Double-A got more ice time than Glendenning or Sheahan. Did Blashill leave the bench for a period? Or did Torchetti finally take control of the forwards and use Andreas the way he’s supposed to be used? Whichever it was, it was a welcome sight because the kid put a lot of pressure on the Blues.

And good for Frans. He deserved to be rewarded for his hard work. As did Z.

After the game, I got a call from a “casual” Wings fan in Detroit and he was completely amped up. “Wow,” he said. “Those guys are really fun to watch.”

My only disappointment in this game is that Vanek didn’t play. If he had, I doubt that it ever would have made it to overtime. The PP is a completely different entity without him.

Posted by OlderThanChelios from Grand Rapids, MI on 10/28/16 at 12:00 AM ET


It was his second.

Posted by weswolverine on 10/27/16 at 11:17 PM ET

Good catch.  My bad.  I can’t believe I forgot that.  I’ve really thought he’s played pretty well on a nightly basis despite the low offensive output.

Posted by Wise1 on 10/28/16 at 12:48 AM ET


I think our biggest acquisition in the off season might’ve been the new goalie coach!

Posted by Ventr on 10/28/16 at 01:05 AM ET

bleep bloop's avatar

A lot of standing and staring in the first period

Darren Helm of all people was surprisingly suspect in terms of his giveaways

The puck was taken away from him too easily. Twice on a shift. In OT.

When they finally started trying to play, it looked like the start of a typical Red Wings vs. Blues game. I.e., a checkfest where the Red Wings look like a second tier high school team playing against the big boys for the first time, until they finally stop trying to be too cute and actually put in some work. And it only took about 28 minutes for them to have a good offensive zone shift.

At times in the third period, their thinking was too slow and decision making suspect. Skating in quicksand kind of deal.

This team has been more exciting than I can remember in some time. It’s a completely diff style

It was very exciting hockey. Not sure there was much style there, though.

static power play

Return of the “Only Kronwall Green Can Shoot (and miss)” show.

Nice to see Nielsen get his first.

Good catch.  My bad.

Even so, they are very similar.

Petr was unconcious


The PP is a completely different entity without him.

Not so different that they score, though.

Posted by bleep bloop on 10/28/16 at 01:39 AM ET

Figaro's avatar

2 points!  I think the teams knew I wasn’t going to be able to start watching this until 10:15pm and chose to go to 8 rounds of a shootout just to screw with me.  Time for bed!

Posted by Figaro from Los Alamos, NM on 10/28/16 at 01:59 AM ET


-Vanek +Abby = 1 goal output.

Hope Vanek gets better soon and this injury doesn’t become an issue for him.

Posted by Matt_in_MI on 10/28/16 at 07:13 AM ET

Red Winger's avatar

Agreed, this is a fun team to watch so far.

Posted by Red Winger from Sault Ste Marie, MI on 10/28/16 at 08:17 AM ET

Primis's avatar

I think last night was the first night where it really sunk in to me—this really *is* the team’s new style.  It’s not an accident.

No more puck possession, no more east-west hockey, no more dinking around in the neutral zone trying to set up a zone entry.  It’s get the puck, get it back up ice as fast as possible, and get it to the net.  It’s what some of us have been clamoring for from the team for a year or more now.  I had a discussion with my wife about it during the start of the 3rd.  It can be a bit jarring, the Wings have played puck possession for so long now that at first blush it looks like they’re playing haphazard and crazily.

Not all is perfect.  They still are giving up to many chances (but boy howdy did the shot blockers come out last night), and Petr has bailed them out a lot, but man…. did they ever gas the Blues.  They just couldn’t keep up with the constant pressing.

Heck, even Ott made a crazy long outlet pass up center ice to Helm for a breakaway.  THAT is when you know it’s not an accident, and that’s what they’re being preached to do.  “Get the puck, and then hurry and get it to a burner at center ice before the defense can set up”.

If the Wings can stay bought into this style and system, they’re going to be a real pain to play against for most teams.  AN EDM or TB will be able to keep up, but still have to be careful.  A team like STL or SJ is going to find playing them to be absolute misery.

Heck, even the lines made sense (mostly).

This is the first time I’ve really had any hope that the coaches know what they’re doing.  Let’s hope it keeps up…

Posted by Primis on 10/28/16 at 08:19 AM ET


Everyone needs to settle down and stop with this excitement before hockey gods wake up and realize what’s happening.

-Vanek +Abby = 1 goal output.

Hope Vanek gets better soon and this injury doesn’t become an issue for him.

Posted by Matt_in_MI on 10/28/16 at 07:13 AM ET

Dude, that’s a good defensive team in St. Louis and both goalies played out of their mind.

Glenny might have THE worst hands in the league.

Great win.

Funny how Z who hates shootouts and asked not to do them wins the game for the team.

Posted by George0211 on 10/28/16 at 08:22 AM ET

topshelf14's avatar

-Vanek +Abby = 1 goal output.

Hope Vanek gets better soon and this injury doesn’t become an issue for him.

Posted by Matt_in_MI on 10/28/16 at 07:13 AM ET

I thought the same thing. Without him last night they looked the same old Wings that were all Swedish, no Finnish. Guys like Vanek, Franzen, Hossa are valuable to this team because they can actually put the puck in the net.  Hope his injury doesn’t keep him out too long.

Posted by topshelf14 from Detroit, MI on 10/28/16 at 08:25 AM ET

DrD's avatar

Helm had an off-game, but he is actually a pretty important part of their team. The way that he and AA back-off the other team’s D is a big part of this team’s identity now. Larkin too.

Sheahan is a mystery to me - he is the one guy on the roster that definitely should be sitting once Vanek gets back…he is a big man with decent hands and should be a go-to guy as a net-front presence over Helm - it would be nice if they could work him into that role or just trade/waive him and give his spot to Mantha or Bertuzzi.

I was a big support of Riley for the longest time, but at the very least, they need to bench him for a few games.

Posted by DrD on 10/28/16 at 08:56 AM ET

Hootinani's avatar

They started out ugly but reeled it back in.  Good 30 minute effort, way to dig for those road points.

Here’s to hoping Razer and Jimmy remain unconscious, and to a quick recovery for Vanek so we can have a scoring line again.

And as always, Ott can suck it.

Posted by Hootinani from the parade following Babs out of town on 10/28/16 at 08:58 AM ET


We are becoming a TEAM, it’s great to see. I think Ott has a lot do with it by the way. This game we were outplayed by a very strong team, we bent, but did not break thanks to Mrazek.
I did not like the turnovers. Tatar, Z and Helm have to be more responsible with the puck. For a veteran player Z makes too many low % passes, especially on a PP when he almost always tries to pass through 5 sticks.
But these are minor details when we won 6 in a row!

Posted by VPalmer on 10/28/16 at 09:12 AM ET

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I think our biggest acquisition in the off season might’ve been the new goalie coach!

Posted by Ventr on 10/28/16 at 01:05 AM ET

I think all the new assistants are. Our defense isn’t perfect, but you can see improvement with each game now that Houda is in charge. It’s making this no-trade for a DMan thing much easier to stomach. I honestly have no clue why Boston let him go. Their GM is a boob, methinks.

While the Powerplay has slipped of late, Torchetti seems to really know what he’s doing. He’s just gotta get the boys moving again. We just have to get the boys moving again on the powerplay. Too much standing around last night.

Goaltending is self-explanatory. Just wow.


Posted by Colin from Ken Holland's new yacht, "Incompetence" on 10/28/16 at 09:23 AM ET


I wonder how much Zetterberg cringed when he was forced to go out on the shootout. It’s no mystery that he hates those about as much as I do but I was going to be little mad if Glendening or Ott went out there before him.

Posted by evileye on 10/28/16 at 02:54 PM ET

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