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Red Wings-Blackhawks quick take: they got a point, not two, but made progress

The Red Wings aimed to steal a rare win from the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night. The Wings hoped that Justin Abdelkader and Mike Green's respective returns from injuries would bolster their lineup, especially on the league's worst power play.

The Red Wings' power play got a whole 10 seconds of time against 7 Chicago power plays--with Detroit and Chicago both getting away with some egregious penalties--but it was of course a Red Wings penalty, a Justin Abdelkader "hit into the numbers," that yielded Chicago's game-ending power play and game-ending power play goal.

Chicago won 4-3 in OT, despite the Red Wings rallying from 2-0 and 3-2 deficits, and in the long run, this game will sting...

But in the short run, I would actually argue that the Wings' poise against Chicago in the 2nd and 3rd periods was a huge step forward in terms of team composure, and the Wings' second period in particular gave the Wings a huge boost of confidence that I believe will stick with them going forward.

Save self-inflicted mistakes by Sproul and Marchenko, the Wings were actually very good defensively--on a night that they surrendered 71 shot attempts--and Detroit gave Chicago's defenders fits at times. This was a game that really could have been Detroit's, and at this point in the season, that's progress, even if it's a little ass backwards.

The 1st period began with Anthony Mantha, Henrik Zetterberg and Gustav Nyquist facing off against Artemi Panarin, Artem Anisimov and Patrick Kane up front;

Jonathan Ericsson and Xavier Ouellet faced Trevor Van Riemsdyk and Brian Campbell on defense;

And Petr Mrazek started opposite Corey Crawford in goal.

Zetterberg drew in vs. Anisimov and the Hawks won the faceoff, "TvR" passed the puck to Campbell, and the Hawks worked a pinch play with Campbell charging into the zone; Anisimov sent the rebound of Campbell's shot wide, Panarin slid the puck to Kane, the puck went back to Panarin and Mantha stole it, setting up Marchenko.

Marchenko backed up behind the Wings' net and slid out of the pocket to send the puck up to Nielsen, and he was repelled at the Hawks' line; Chicago charged into Detroit's zone, but it did so offside.

Detroit won the defensive blueline faceoff and pushed the puck into the offensive zone, where Athanasiou worked the puck toward the net but steered it wide as he was checked; at center, Detroit threw bodies over the boards to change quickly, with Dylan Larkin's line replacing Vanek, Nielsen and Athanasiou.

The Wings went offside, and Larkin, Tatar and Abdelkader drew in for a faceoff, and Tomas Tatar drew a nasty hook on a Hawks player, taking a penalty at 1:44 of the 1st period.

Detroit won the defensive zone faceoff, and Glendening swiped the puck from Seabrook and charged up toward Corey Crawford, sliding a smart shot into Crawford to generate a faceoff far from Detroit's net.

Glendening lost the faceoff, but he, Miller, DeKeyser and Marchenko were aggressive in their puck pursuit, and when the Hawks chipped the puck into the Wings' zone, Detroit cleared it easily and changed.

Nielsen, Sheahan, Ouellet and Ericsson continued on the PK, and Chicago set up, with Campbell pinching deep and passing back to Hossa, who was blocked off by Nielsen, and the Wings cleared the puck;

Campbell carried the puck up ice and Hossa took the "Datsyuk Drop," Chicago worked the perimeter, and Campbell's shot was blocked by Ouellet and cleared down the ice.

With 20 seconds remaining in the penalty, Chicago entered the wings' zone one final time, and the Hawks worked the puck back to the point in "umbrella formation" as the power play expired. Kane's shot was blocked and Tatar charged up in a 3-on-2 that was blocked off, and Chicago raced back in on their own 3-on-2.

Thankfully Panarin shot the puck wide, and Anisimov and Kane continued to cycle, but over-passed the puck, trying to get too cute, affording Tatar the ability to pass the puck to Larkin for a long shot on Crawford.

Detroit and Chicago changed, with Mrazek stopping a sharp shot by Dennis Rasmussen.

Nyquist, Mantha and Zetterberg took to the ice and battled the puck around the Hawks' zone, regrouped at center, and jammed the puck into Chicago's end again, but found itself chasing the Hawks. Nyquist was given a slick little pass from the blueline, and he chipped a bouncer into Crawford.

Vanek, Nielsen and Athanasiou hopped over the boards for a deep zone faceoff which they won, but they could not sustain possession, and the Hawks worked the puck into Detroit's zone, Marchenko got hit heavily by Panik, and the first TV timeout hit at 6:06.

Detroit was actually out-shooting Chicago 3-1 early.

Detroit resumed play by winning a defensive zone faceoff and pushing the puck to the blueline, where the Wings turned the puck over but blocked the Hawks' shot;

Chicago re-set and Mrazek made a big stop on Hinostroza, and the Hawks ground the puck back to the point, where Seabrook slid a wide shot in on Mrazek, who snagged the puck for a faceoff.

Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist hopped over the boards, won their deep defensive zone faceoff, and pushed the puck up to the Hawks' zone, where the Wings won another faceoff, lost possession, and re-set, with Zetterberg jamming the puck into the slot and cycling, though the Hawks dismantled Detroit's cycle fairly easily.

Mantha made a nice play to block off Toews;

Glendening, Sheahan and Miller took their first even-strength shift almost 8 minutes into the 1st, grinding the puck out down low after taking a defensive zone faceoff and then surrendering a pass to Anisimov, who was stopped beautifully by Mrazek.

Regrettably, Jonathan Ericsson hooked Anisimov on the play, and Detroit headed to the PK at 8:11.

Athanasiou, Nielsen, Marchenko and DeKeyser started the PK, lost the defensive zone faceoff and surrendered a wide shot attempt before clearing the zone;

Detroit changed quickly, and Green, Ouellet, Miller and Athanasiou worked as the Hawks found perimeter space, with Mrazek making a big stop on a Panarin one-timer.

Detroit allowed the Hawks to enter their zone and Glendening, DeKeyser, Marchenko and Sheahan cleared the puck out of trouble;

Campbell carried the puck up to center and Hossa slid the puck to Toews, he wrapped the puck around the back boards and Green fired the puck down ice;

Campbell carried the puck out of Chicago territory again, the Hawks set up in Detroit's zone, and Campbell got the puck back from Hossa. The puck was tipped TWICE off the Red Wings' PK'ing forward and Marchenko, and that handcuffed Mrazek.

Chicago scored to make it 1-0 @ 10:04 of the 1st.

On the bump-up shift, Sproul got a nice chance in the offensive zone, but Mike Hartman charged up the other way as Sproul got caught pinching with Larkin and Abdelkader waving at the Hawks' outlet pass...

And Ericsson could stop Hartman--as did Mrazek--but Hartman afforded Richard Panik the ability to chip in the 2-0 goal as Sproul couldn't get back to stop Panik.

Chicago scored @ 10:30 to make it 2-0.

2 goals in 26 seconds = the Wings fell asleep for successive shifts...again...and the Wings had dug quite the hole for themselves.

Vanek, Nielsen and Athanasiou played the bump-up shift, and they nursed their way to a TV timeout.

Nyquist found Mantha off the offensive zone blueline draw, and he blasted a heavy shot into Crawford's gut;

Zetterberg lost a second offensive blueline faceoff, and the Hawks worked the puck up into Detroit's zone, Keith chased it and chipped a shot in on Mrazek, and the Wings forced the Hawks to set up in their own zone.

Ouellet, Marchenko, Abdelkader, Tatar and Larkin hit the ice, and Tatar's stick broke, affording Chicago an odd-man advantage situation, but the Wings were able to clear the puck, Abdelkader tried to set up Larkin, but Seabrook saw that, and the Hawks cleared the zone.

13 minutes into the 1st, Detroit was being out-shot 9-6, and Panarin was looking for a teammate to pass to in Detroit's zone. The Wings stole thep uck and Athanasiou and Nielsen charged up ice, but they couldn't find a solution, and Panarin went the other way and one-timed a Kane pass wide.

Chicago was able to get the puck moving from Panarin to Anisimov and Kane, and back to Panarin, then to Keith, Hjalmarsson and Keith worked it back to Panarin, Hjalmarsson found the Hawks' sixth skater on the delayed penalty, and Detroit touched the puck to yield a PK with 14:14 gone.

Mike Green sat for hooking Tanner Kero.

Chicago won the first PK faceoff and worked the perimeter as well, funneling the puck back to Trevor Van Riemsdyk and Brian Campbell, and Mrazek made a big stop on "TVR" before stopping Toews;

Hossa flubbed the puck over Brian Campbell's stick, and as the Hawks regrouped, Mrazek made another big stop on Hossa.

Nielsen and Athanasiou streaked up the other way, and Athanasiou was tripped up by Hossa sans penalty;

Glendening, Miller, Ouellet and DeKeyser continued on the PK, and Chicago set up in the Wings' zone, with Seabrook blasting a heavy shot wide and Panarin hitting Wings players' legs as the PK continued.

Chicago re-set in its own zone and lazily carried the puck into Detroit's zone offside, effectively killing the penalty.

With 16:17 gone in the 1st period, Detroit iced the puck on the bump-up shift, but the Wings won the defensive zone faceoff, and Larkin, Abdelkader and Tatar worked with Green and Ericsson to clear the zone.

Chicago charged back into Detroit's zone and Tatar was unable to clear the puck, allowing Kero, Hartman and Panik to cycle. Mrazek stopped Kempny and the Wings charged up the other way, with Larkin firing a lone shot in on Crawford before both teams allowed Chicago to "dump and change."

Nyquist stole the puck from Hjalmarsson and Rasmussen and he jammed the puck back to the Wings' defense, but Chicago stole the puck and swept it into the Wings' zone, where Nyquist and Mantha re-took the puck and chipped it down ice. Nyquist was picked off sans a penalty, and play continued;

Detroit changed, with Ouellet trying to find Athanasiou, and Detroit iced the puck at 18:17.

Detroit lost the defensive zone faceoff, Chicago worked the puck to the blueline, and then Toews and Hinistroza found Hossa, who fired a heavy shot into Mantha.

Chicago regrouped at center and skated back in, firing a shot wide, and Nielsen was picked off by Hossa, again, sans penalty.

Chicago re-set at its blueline and skated into Detroit's zone, with Kane, Anisimov and Panarin working together, but Ericsson cleared the puck, Larkin chipped it deeper into the Hawks' zone, and as Detroit cleared its zone again, Abdelkader went offside.

Chicago worked the puck around the perimeter as the 1st period expired, and Detroit ended the 1st out-shot 16-7.

  • The 1st period in summary: It took two bad shifts for the Red Wings to screw themselves over. In the first instance, the Wings got backed into a defensive shell on the PK, and Glendening and Marchenko ended up tipping Campbell's shot behind Mrazek; in the second instance, Sproul made a bad pinch, Larkin and Abdelkader let Panik breeze by them, and Sproul left Ericsson and Mrazek to stop a 2-on-1. They couldn't stop the late man, and that was that.
  • Detroit managed to play competitively for the balance of the period, but Chicago had its confidence on full display as it picked and interfered with Wings players with impunity, probably giving Eddie Olczyk great joy as Chicago displayed not-so-subtle interference against what is supposedly the best team in the league in hooking and holding.

Detroit was out-shot 16-7; Detroit was out-attempted 27-10; Detroit went 9-and-13 (41%) on faceoffs.

FSD scoring chances: 12-5 on the Hawks' 16-7 shot advantage (that's a lot of scoring chances per-shot for both teams, actually).

The 2nd period began with Zetterberg's line on ice, and the Wings won the opening faceoff, Nyquist chipped the puck into the zone and DeKeyser held the puck in, Chicago cycled but Mantha and Zetterberg combined for a shot attempt, DeKeyser pinched wisely, and Zetterberg worked the puck to Nyquist, he lost the puck, and Chicago set up.

Kane found Panarin, who blasted a heavy shot into Mrazek's glove. Mrazek moved the puck to Ericsson and then Green, and Ericsson allowed the Wings the opportunity to change.

Athanasiou, Nielsen and Vanek set up and skated up into the Hawks' zone offside, but they won the offensive zone blueline faceoff and pushed the puck into Hawks territory.

Chicago regrouped and pushed the puck back out to center, where Marchenko and Ericsson helped the Nielsen line slide the puck around the side boards:

Nielsen got the puck around to Vanek, Vanek backhanded it to Athanasiou, and AA blasted a hard shot over Crawford's shoulder.

Detroit made it 2-1 @ 1:37 of the 2nd period. Athanasiou from Vanek.

Mrazek made a big stop on Kero that slid just wide of the net on the bump-up shift, and Larkin was dumped and tripped into the end boards sans call as Chicago tried to restore its two-goal lead.

Tatar, Larkin and Abdelkader were able to generate one shot attempt before changing, and they also forced the Hawks to ice the puck.

Nielsen won the faceoff in the offensive zone and Vanek and Sproul worked the puck to Ericsson, who nearly scored from the point. Detroit had to work back into the Hawks' zone and Sproul made another dangerous pinch...

But this time, Ericsson was able to help Mrazek stop Desjardins.

Glendening, Sheahan and Miller took to the ice and lost their defensive zone faceoff, ground the puck out to center, and Sheahan carried the puck into the offensive zone and got it to Miller. Miller slid the puck to Glendening in front, and he and Sheahan got a scoring chance. The trio held the puck in with some help from Ouellet, and Ouellet blasted a heavy shot wide.

Sheahan found Miller and Miller blasted a heavy shot wide;

Desjardins skated in vs. Marchenko and Marchenko blocked him off;

4:25 into the 2nd, Detroit was being out-shot 20-11, but the Wings looked more energetic and engaged.

Nyquist, Zetterberg and Mantha set up in the Hawks' zone and started to cycle, but Keith disrupted it, and the Wings regrouped at center, Zetterberg shot the puck off a Hawks stick and wide of the net ,and Mantha and Zetterberg ground the puck to Nyquist, who found Green for a big boomer from the point that Crawford stopped.

Chicago went the other way, but didn't threaten particularly heavily, and Nielsen negated an Athanasiou-and-Vanek rush by going offside.

Athanasiou, Vanek and Nielsen won the offensive blueline faceoff, they cycled the puck, and Chicago regained possession but went offside itself, yielding the first TV timeout of the 2nd period.

Abdelkader, Larkin and Tatar took to the ice for the defensive blueline faceoff, they won it, and Marchenko and Ouellet helped the Wings move the puck out of trouble, but Chicago brought it back into Detroit's end and Hartman slid a tipped shot in on Mrazek, who made a big stop.

Ouellet went the other way and found his shot blocked;

Tomas Tatar got his stick held by a Hawk at 6:48 and Tatar let go, yielding a hooking penalty...on Tatar.

Tatar headed to the box at 6:48...

And Patrick Kane high-sticked Jonathan Ericsson, yielding a high-sticking penalty at 6:57 and 1:51 of a 4-on-4.

Zetterberg and Mantha generated a shot right off the bat, they won the second offensive zone faceoff, and Dekeyser worked the puck to Green, who generated a shot;

Zetterberg and Mantha chased the Hawks through center ice, and Panarin broke in, reversed, and coughed the puck up to Mantha, who kicked and jammed the puck into the offensive zone, as did Zetterberg;

Anisimov and Panarin went the other way and were stifled by the Wings' defense of Green and Ericsson;

Toews was stopped at one end, and Vanek and Ericsson generated a scoring chance in Chicago's end;

Sproul charged up himself and skated into the Hawks' zone, centered the puck back into center ice, and the PP expired, Larkin found Tatar, the puck bounced down, Abdelkader gloved it around the net, Hjalmarsson coughed the puck up to Larkin, and he found Tatar for a one-timer that Tatar blasted into the top shelf.

Tomas Tatar made it 2-2 @ 9:09 from Larkin.

Sheahan, Miller and Glendening played the bump-up shift, and Marchenko pinched to generate a shot on said shift.

Detroit was out-shooting Chicago 11-6 some 9:45 into the 2nd, and Zetterberg's line rejoined the fray:

they watched Chicago charge into Detroit's zone and fumble the puck, affording Zetterberg a deke-and-dangle move into the Hawks' zone and a keep-in by DeKeyser and Sproul, who slid a heavy shot at Crawford.

Athanasiou, Nielsen and Vanek took to the ice next, they worked the perimeter fairly well, but surrendered the puck to Chicago, and DeKeyser and Green bailed the Wings out of some difficulty before Vanek, Nielsen and Athanasiou worked quite hard to help DeKeyser generate a slick scoring chance.

Larkin, Tatar and Abdelkader lost an offensive blueline faceoff, re-set at center, and charged into Chicago's end, where Marchenko and a Hawk jabbed the puck out of play;

Zetterberg's line took to the ice, and Sproul helped the Wings push the puck deep, but Chicago was tenacious and shoveled the puck out of trouble repeatedly.

Sheahan grabbed the puck as Anthony Mantha and Gustav Nyquist were skating out of the offensive zone, so Sheahan's keep-in wasn't kept, and Glendening and Miller hopped over the boards for an offside faceoff.

Detroit won the faceoff but made a gaffe that yielded an icing call, and Chicago got a slick Hossa shot off from the point thanks to a faceoff win in Detroit's end.

Sheahan cleared the puck up to Miller, the Wings cleared the puck, and Hinostroza and Kempny jabbed pucks into Detroit's zone, but did not finish;

Larkin got the puck in Chicago's zone, deked and dangled, and he lost his stick due to a stick slash that was uncalled. Larkin roared to the bench, got another puck and battled with Tatar and Abdelkader to cycle in Chicago's zone for a good 25 seconds.

When Anisimov and Panarin stole the puck and skated out of trouble, DeKeyser and Green got the puck back, worked it into the offensive zone, and coughed it up on an icing call.

Vanek, Athanasiou and Nielsen won the draw, worked into Chicago's territory, and Nielsen got an "almost" before Kane stole the puck, got it to Keith, and all of a sudden, Mrazek had to make an amazing stop.

At 14:26, the 2nd TV timeout hit with Detroit out-shooting Chicago 14-8 on the period.

When play resumed, Nyquist dropped the puck to Zetterberg, he sent the puck wide, and Ericsson came back late and hacked Mike Hartman...

Hartman dove, so Ericsson and Hartman sat at 14:55.

Chicago set up on the 4-on-4, but the Wings roared up on a 3-on-1 that Riley Sheahan could not convert upon, despite the best efforts of Glendening and Green.

Detroit continued on the 4-on-4 with Tatar and Nielsen, but they were unable to generate a scoring opportunity, and instead, battled Anisimov and Panarin with the help of Ouellet and Sproul.

The Hawks got a shot off on Mrazek, lost their offensive zone faceoff, and re-set, but Detroit swiped the puck, and Zetterberg and Mantha charged in, pushed the puck to the point, and DeKeyser dumped deep for Mantha and Zetterberg, who were unable to sustain possession.

The Wings' defense helped the team re-set at the defensive zone blueline, but the Hawks forced Detroit to ice the puck, and at 16:30, Chicago lost the offensive zone faceoff to Athanasiou and Vanek, they skated back into Detroit's zone and Mrazek made a good stop on Toews.

AA and Vanek skated up with Ouellet 3 on 2, but the Wings could only keep the puck on the perimeter, and the Hawks very happily mucked and ground and hooked and held to generate possession and control for Kane, who deked, dangled and passed--but Gustav Nyquist blocked Kane's pass and stopped a goal in the process.

Larkin, Abdelkader and Nyquist cycled the puck and were unable to generate much, so Panik, Kero and Hinostroza cycled, and the puck was chipped toward the net...

Where Kero was untouched by Sproul and Ericsson, and Kero was able to easily scored at 18:18.

Chicago made it 3-2 @18:18. Kero from Hartman and Panik.

Zetterberg, Sheahan and Mantha worked on the bump-up shift, Sheahan cycled and jammed the puck toward the net, and the Hawks stole the puck, skating into Detroit's zone.

DeKeyser and Ouellet regained control of the puck, and Glendening and Nielsen joined the fray, Miller jammed the puck and jammed and jammed, and Glendening backhanded the puck into the goal for the 3-3 marker.

Glendening made it 3-3 @ 19:41, from Miller and Nielsen.

  • The 2nd period in summary: The Red Wings came to play! Showing none of the intimidation that plagued their play in the first period, Detroit came out shooting and attacking the net with aplomb, yielding a slow but steady climb back from a 2-0 deficit and eventually a rally from a 3-2 deficit as well. The Wings continued to make mistakes that ended up in the back of the net, but the team was beginning to assuage for them by scoring goals, and if the Wings can keep it up...

Detroit out-shot Chicago 20-11 in the 2nd and were tied 27-27 on the night; Chicago out-attempted Detroit 47-42; Detroit went 21-and-28 (43%) on faceoffs.

The 3rd period began with Zetterberg's line opposing Anisimov, and the Hawks won the opening faceoff, but Mantha and Nyquist set up Zetterberg on a 3-on-2 that the Hawks blocked.

Chicago went the other way, dumped and chased, and Ericsson coughed the puck up to Kane, who challenged Mrazek.

Mantha and Nyquist deked and dangled and Mantha got a gorgeous scoring chance on Crawford, and the Hawks then iced the puck.

Nielsen's line won the offensive zone faceoff and worked the puck to the blueline, where Ouellet chucked a wrister in on Crawford;

Nielsen tied up the next faceoff and Athanasiou threw the puck into traffic. The Hawks clared the puck to center, but Detroit chipped and chased, and Chicago swiped the puck and charged into Detroit territory, with Hossa and Hinostroza working the perimeter until the Wings cleared the puck down for an icing call.

Detroit dumped the puck down for a second icing call, and Toews won the offensive zone draw against Nielsen, the Hawks worked the perimeter, and Nielsen helped clear the puck to center, where Vanek set up and the team changed possession.

Marchenko set up in the pocket behind the Wings' net and slid the puck up to Larkin, he gave and went with Tatar and fired a shot on net, Tatar coughed it up to Hartman, and Marchenko reversed course via a dump-in. Larkin and Tatar were unable to stop Dick Panik from chugging into Detroit's zone, and the Hawks ground and ground in the Wings' end as Abdelkader cross-checked Hartman and Mrazek had to make a big stop on Kempny.

The Hawks re-set at center and came back in against the Glendening line, but Glendening stole the puck and set up Sheahan, who coughed up the puck, and Mrazek made a big stop on Seabrook.

Chicago kept coming, and Mrazek made a big stop on Keith;

Kane joined the fray as the Glendening line was caught out long, and Miller and Glendening helped Ericsson and Sproul clear and change.

Chicago really came on some 4:30 into the 3rd, but Mantha, Nyquist and Zetterberg were working over the Hawks' defense in their end as well, presenting a stiff challenge for Kane, Anisimov and Panarin, who were able to work the puck into Detriot's end but not generate a scoring chance on their shot.

Zetterberg worked into Chicago's zone and he and Mantha and Nyquist worked the perimeter, but the Hawks cleared the zone.

Chicago's Crawford coughed up the puck to Nielsen, and Crawford made a huge stop;

Vanek skated back into the zone and blasted a heavy shot on Crawford, who chugged to the benchto grab a new stick after breaking his.

Chicago generated a scoring chance against the Larkin line--stunningly so, catching Larkin, Abdelkader and Tatar standing still in the slot--and generated a power play opportunity as Green got caught hooking at 6:26.

Panarin drew it, big time.

Chicago set up on the PP and Marchenko, DeKeyser, Glendening and Miller set up on the PK.

Keith, Seabrook, Kane, Panarin and Hossa worked the perimeter and chipped a puck out of play;

Chicago won the offensive zone faceoff and Anisimov cycled the puck around to Kane, with the Hawks trying to set up Panarin on the one-timer, but Ouellet, Ericsson, Glendening and Miller were sharp, as was Mrazek, and when Seabrook fanned on a shot, Detroit was able to at least set up to help Mrazek made a pair of smart stops on Keith and Panarin.

Chicago won the last deep zone faceoff and Detroit emerged from the PK down in shots 38-32.

Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist took to the ice to battle Toews and Hossa and Hinostroza, and Mantha did a nice job of battling Hjalmarsson in the offensive zone.

Mrazek stopped a Hartman shot and its rebound as the 10-minute mark neared, and Zetterberg avoided getting clipped by Hartman;

Nyquist, Mantha and Green generated a shot attempt that was quite smart;

DeKeyser and Green swiped the puck from Panik, but the Larkin line was lazy defensively again, and Abdelkader and then Athanasiou coughed up pucks;

Chicago worked the puck around the perimeter, and Mrazek had to stop a screened Tootoo shot;

Detroit went the other way, and Athanasiou, Larkin and Abdelkader jammed the puck toward a screened Crawford, who clanged the puck out of play with his stick.

Detroit won the post-TV timeout faceoff in the offensive zone but afforded the Hawks an icing call that enraged Jonathan Toews;

Detroit won the offensive zone faceoff and Nyquist's shot was very nearly tipped by Mantha, but it rolled wide of Mantha's stick;

Chicago cleared its zone and Green and DeKeyser set up Nyquist and Zetterberg, who rolled a puck wide of Mantah. Detroit tried to cycle to the point but Chicago sniffed it out, and a bad turnover by Marchenko nearly yielded a Hawks scoring chance, but Detroit got lucky and Zetterberg slid the puck into the Hawks' zone.

Detroit was being out-shot 40-34 with 13:20 gone, and Kane roared in and fired a slick little shot wide as DeKeyser lost his check;

Miller, Glendening nad Sheahan joined the fray and jammed the puck in Chicago's zone, and the Hawks iced it;

Abdelkader, Zetterberg and Larkin worked together on an impromptu line as the captain was being double-shifted, and Zetterberg was "driving possession."

The trio didn't do much, and Abdelkader was unhappy with Panik pushing him offside, so he pushed Panik back.

Nielsen's line rejoined the fray 13-and-a-half minutes into the 3rd, and the trio watched Ericsson and Green cough up the puck and Kero got another great chance, but Mrazek made a huge stop sans mask, and Petr readjusted himself.

Zetterberg hopped back over the boards with his regular linemates, and Nyquist and Mantha tried to chase down the puck with DeKeyser's help, hemming in the Toews line as Zetterberg stole the puck at center, Nyquist found Mantha, and he was JUST unable to deke at the right time to skate into the slot.

Hossa went offside and the final TV timeout hit at 14:41.

Detroit was being out-shot 14-6 in the 3rd and 41-33 on the night.

Sheahan, Glendening and Miller took to the ice, won a faceoff, and chipped the puck into the Hawks' bench. They re-set with a center-ice faceoff and battled their way into Chicago's zone, but Chicago re-took the puck and pushed it up to Kane, but the Hawks coughed the puck up as well, and Detroit swiped it.

Athanasiou was hooked majorly by Kane as he took the puck, ans there was no call so Chicago cleared the puck.

Keith coughed it up and Nielsen jammed the puck deep into the Hawks' zone, but Panik went the other way;

Marchenko and OUellet then coughed up the puck, and Mrazek had to stop a bouncer as a result;

Detroit changed and Zetterberg rejoined the ray, with the Hawks skating into Detroit's zone and Mantha battling Hinostroza and then Hjalmarsson as he pushed the puck to Nyquist. Nyquist generated a gorgeous scoring chance...

And the Wings nearly set up Hossa for an amazing scoring chance that Detrout had to expertly clear.

Glendening and Sheahan nearly connected in Chicago territory, but they backed up into their onw zone, and Zetterberg joined them.

Miller, Nielsen and Zetterberg worked together, and Ouellet got a great chance on Crawford that was stopped;

Chicago set up with 1:50 remaining in the 3rd, and Chicago changed and pushed the puck into Detroit's zone, where Kero went offside.

Glendening, Vanek and Athanasiou worked together on the next shift, stealing the puck from Chicago and Athanasiou chipping thep uck through the crease on a pass;

As Detroit changed Panik charged in vs. Ouelet, he and Ericsson found Mantha, he charged into Chicago's zone and was double-covered;

Green and DeKeyser set up and slid the puck up to Zetterberg, he was hooked at the Hawks' line, and Chicago went up ice themselves, stopped at Detroit's blueline.

Zetterberg battled the puck into Chicago's zone, Toews tried to find Hossa, and Detroit cleared the zone...

As Abdelkader was called for boarding with 15.2 seconds remaining in regulation.

Glendening, Ericsson, Marchenko and Miller cleared the puck into Chicago's bench from the defensive zone, Glendening cleared the puck again, and Chicago lost the faceoff at the offensive zone blueline, yielding the end of the 3rd.

  • The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings slowed down a bit, but while the Hawks bent the Wings, they did not break, holding on for a hard-earned point and occasionally giving Crawford fits. The standard of officiating was pretty poor on both sides, but the Abdelkader penalty late still hurt.

Detroit was out-shot 15-9 in the 3rd and 42-36 on the night; Detroit was out-attempted 70-55; Detroit went 33-and-37 (47%) on faceoffs.

In overtime:

The Hawks won the faceoff and set up, with Keith charging up ice vs. Glendening, Miller and DeKeyser. Anisimov and Kane worked the perimeter, trying to set up Panarin, who found Keith, and then Kane.

The Hawks worked the puck to Keith via Panarin, and Mrazek had no chance to stop the puck as Anisimov stood in front of him.

Keith made it 4-3 @ 38 seconds of OT.

Oh, and MyRegularFace is a Bruins fan:

  • OT in summary: Detroit stood in place waiting for the Hawks to find Panarin, so Panarin reversed it to Keith. End of story.

The Wings still learned a lot and earned a point out of a game they trailed 2-0 and 3-2, and at this point in the season, that point and the confidence earned and learned by a very young Wings team is something I'll take.

Detroit was out-shot 1-0 in OT and 43-36 on the night; Detroit was out-attempted 71-55; Detroit went 34-and-37 (48%) on faceoffs.


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Second period was great. Seriously. The refereeing was one sided. Welcome back Abby! Taking an offensive zone penalty with 8 seconds left….I mean the guy did not have a hit the whole game and with 8 seconds to go he decides to hit from behind.

Posted by VPalmer on 01/11/17 at 12:32 AM ET


Had you told be beforehand that Chicago was going to have 43 shots on goal and the officiating was going to be ludicrously one-sided yet the Wings were still going to get a point, I would have asked you to share whatever amazing drugs you were obviously on.

A couple boneheaded plays here and there (looking at you, Abby), but a lot of strong offensive play and real fight for the puck in the o-zone.  Of course given the way things have worked out this year, I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if the Wings laid and egg Thursday in Dallas.

Posted by Valek from Chicago on 01/11/17 at 12:42 AM ET

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Ericsson and Aby, otherwise better than a lot of games.

Posted by WingedRider from Saskatoon, SK on 01/11/17 at 12:48 AM ET

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The officiating was abysmal. The refs missed at least seven calls against the Blackhawks. Trips, hooks, roughs, and cross-checks.

I, by no means blame the officials for the loss. Whether a call is or isn’t made, it’s not their fault Abby couldn’t control himself in his first game back and boarded the crap out of someone.

I do think we took a couple big steps forward this game, though. We stormed back with a purpose in the second, and managed to force OT. One point is better than zero.

Posted by Alan from Atlanta on 01/11/17 at 12:57 AM ET

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Sproul doesn’t play, we would’ve won that game, just sayin…

Posted by MurrayChadwick from Holland Hate Hyperbole Town (HHHT) on 01/11/17 at 01:20 AM ET


Ericsson and Aby, otherwise better than a lot of games.

Posted by WingedRider from Saskatoon, SK on 01/10/17 at 11:48 PM ET

Ericsson? The poor guy was left alone on 2 goals because of bad pinches by his partners. Sproul on one and Marchenko on the other.

Posted by George0211 on 01/11/17 at 09:05 AM ET


Murray, I came here to say the same thing essentially…for a guy fighting for a spot in the lineup, he looked brutal last night.  I was always so high on his potential…. he seems to have the tools but not the IQ to play at the level, or focus, or something!

Posted by DieByTheWing on 01/11/17 at 09:07 AM ET


The positive was I liked where they scored their goals from… getting some shots from the homeplate area… Tatar looked engaged which was also good.

Posted by DieByTheWing on 01/11/17 at 09:07 AM ET

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Tatar looked engaged which was also good.

That’s all well and good, but he took 2 penalties and played a total of 9 minutes.

Posted by ilovehomers on 01/11/17 at 09:11 AM ET


That’s all well and good, but he took 2 penalties and played a total of 9 minutes.

Posted by ilovehomers on 01/11/17 at 08:11 AM ET

1 of those penalties was crap, IMO. I rarely bitch about officiating, but last night was pretty bad.

And at this point, it’s just exhausting to even talk about ice-time. The way the ice-time is spread on this team makes no sense.
A player with no goals plays almost as much as one of the goal leaders on the team.

Posted by George0211 on 01/11/17 at 09:19 AM ET


Both penalties by Tatar were because he was not moving his feet. Obviously the officiating was one sided, but those type of penalties by Tatar are not news.

Posted by VPalmer on 01/11/17 at 09:45 AM ET

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I came into this game expecting a loss, since Chicago is a top notch team and especially after that first period, so I was thrilled we got a point out of it.

Posted by Figaro from Los Alamos, NM on 01/11/17 at 10:22 AM ET


i don’t get the benching of Jensen, who has played very well, and who, by the way, seems to be the one Wing D who knows how/when to pinch. Jeezuz CrimininItaly, where the hell are M-Chenko and Sproul going?

And no Wing F-3 forward can see them pinch???? Larkin skates right over blue line even when he clearly sees Sproul caught. Is anybody coaching these guys?

And then we sit one cement head (Ott) to play another one? (abby?) It is miraculous this team an compete at all.

I don’t understand Marchenko. He has looked horrible all season. And he looked marvelous at the W-Cup playing with the Russians. He looks completely lost. He is making none of the plays he made last year.

Posted by conventioalwisdom on 01/11/17 at 01:52 PM ET

George Malik's avatar

Jensen sitting may be asset management in part: he’s played in 8 games, and if he plays in 10, the Wings would have to waive him to send him down to Grand Rapids again. I don’t think he’d clear.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 01/11/17 at 01:54 PM ET

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Holy “bump-up shift.”


Posted by TeamDub from The gratch. on 01/11/17 at 03:19 PM ET

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