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Red Wings-Blackhawks pre-season quick take: that was…an exhibition game…

That was delightful as peeling paint...The Red Wings' "B Team" never got much of a chance to get its legs under it as Teemu Pulkkinen--who's the last guy in the world to go after someone--got 5-and-a-game for boarding Mike Kostka all of 2:16 in, Mitchell Callahan also got kicked out 2:20 into the 2nd (for a similar infraction)...

and nursing 10 forwards and a patchwork lineup heavy on younger players, Detroit walked into the Stanley Cup Champs' building, against a goalie who now has a 10-and-something record against them in Corey Crawford, and as you might imagine, lost 2-0.

With Daniel Alfredsson, Stephen Weiss and Niklas Kronwall wearing "A's," the Wings can at least say that they killed 5 PK's and 2 majors, and Jonas Gustavsson sounded good given that all we had was audio from WGN Radio, stopping 13 shots in the 3rd and 10 in the 2nd for a total of 23...

But he gave up 2 goals, one to Sharp 16:37 into the 2nd--sounded like a clean top-shelfer on a 2-on-1--and a little over a minute later, Ben Smith tipped a point shot past Gustavsson to make it 2-0.

The Wings never rallied, but Jared Coreau pitched a shutout in his first period of pro hockey, stopping 11 shots, and the "good news" goes like this:

Alfredsson played 22:40, Stephen Weiss played 21:05 while going 15-and-7 at the faceoff circle and Todd Bertuzzi played 18:40 with his sleeves rolled up, so that line got a lot of time together...

Niklas Kronwall played 25:34 and Jonathan Ericsson played a massive 27:09;

Ryan Sproul and Xavier Ouellet played almost 20 minutes, and Sproul took 3 shots;

And Drew Miller led the Wings with 5 hits and Eaves had 4.

More stats in a bit--and as the Wings' press did not travel to Chicago, we're going to have to rely on their press for a Hawks-heavy recap.

The Wings head back to Detroit on Red Bird III, where the "B Team" will meet the "A Team" and the Griffins, who departed Traverse City just as I was getting out of the parking lot at 1 PM on Tuesday, and the team will have a full day off.

On Thursday morning, they're going to practice very early--at 9:30 or something--and then head to Boston to play the Bruins at 7 PM. That game will air on Fox Sports Detroit.


Update: Supplemental discipline? *#$%@& if I know.

And yes, the Hawks' media corps and fans really believe this:

Update #2: MLive's Brendan Savage is very good at the "recap from afar." I am not.

The Chicago Blackhawks scored two second-period goals in a span of 69 seconds Tuesday to hand the Detroit Red Wings their first loss of the preseason.

Patrick Sharp and Ben Smith connected in the final four minutes of the middle period to give the Blackhawks a 2-0 victory at the United Center, where the teams were meeting for the first time since Chicago eliminated the Red Wings from the playoffs in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Sharp opened the scoring on a snap shot with 3:23 left in the second period before Smith deflected a shot by Jimmy Hayes to make it 2-0 with 2:14 showing.

Both goals came against veteran goaltender Jonas Gustavsson, who stopped 21 of 23 shots in the first 40 minutes before giving way to rookie Jared Coreau at the start of the third period.


The Red Wings, who beat Pittsburgh 4-1 in Monday's preseason opener, were outshot 34-19.

Detroit sat many of its top players. That group included Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk and goalie Jimmy Howard. Johan Franzen sat out with a sore hip flexor and Brendan Smith also didn't dress because of a sore groin.

The Red Wings will visit Boston Thursday before playing their first home preseason game Saturday against the Bruins at Joe Louis Arena.

Statistically speaking....

The Red Wings were out-shot 13-5 in the first period, 10-8 in the 2nd and 11-6 in the 3rd, or 34-19 overall.

The Wings went 0-for-1 in 2:44 of PP time; Chicago went 0-for-5 in 9:50 of PP time, including 44 seconds of 5-on-3 time and 26 seconds of 4-on-3 time.

Jonas Gustavsson stopped 21 of 23 over 40 minutes of play; Jared Coreau stopped 11 of 11 in the 3rd; Corey Crawford stopped 19 of 19.

The 3 stars were picked by the "Chicago Media," and they were Brent Seabrook, Patrick Sharp and Corey Crawford.

Faceoffs 30-19 Detroit (Detroit won 61%);

Blocked shots 19-9 Chicago;

Missed shots 10-6 Detroit (total attempts 49-38 Chicago, with Detroit firing 19 on net and 19 wide or into Blackhawks players);

Hits 26-25 Detroit;

Giveaways 2-2;

Takeaways 14-7 Chicago.

Individual stats, TMR style:

Faceoffs: Weiss went 15-and-6 (71%); Sheahan went 6-and-7 (46%); Emmerton went 5-and-5 (50%); both Eaves and Athanasiou won 2 faceoffs; Alfredsson lost his only faceoff.

Shots: Emmerton, Bertuzzi and Sproul co-led the team with 3 shots; Ericsson had 2; Alfredsson, Nyquist, Sheahan, Eaves, Miller, Jurco, Callahan and Ouellet had 1.

Blocked attempts: Kronwall fired 2 attempts into Blackhawks players; Nyquist, Paetsch, Emmerton, Bertuzzi, Sproul, OUellet and Athanasiou had 1 attempt blocked.

Missed shots: Nyquist, Eaves, Bertuzzi and Ouellet missed the net 2 times; Sproul and Weiss missed the net 1 time.

Hits: Miller led the team with 5 hits; Eaves had 4; sheahan, Emmerton, Jurco, Ericsson, Ouellet and Athanasiou had 2; Alfredsson, nyquist, Paetsch, Sproul and Kronwall had 1.

Giveaways: Gustavsson and Ouellet had giveaways.

Takeaways: Ericsson had 2 takeaways; Alfredsson, Sheahan, Miller, Paetsch and Emmerton had 1.

Blocked opponent shots: Miller, Lashoff, Kronwall and Ouellet blocked 2 shots; Sheahan blocked 1.

Penalty minutes: Pulkkinen and Callahan got 5-and-10; Ericsson, Athanasiou and Weiss took minor penalties.

Plus-minus: The Wings finished at a collective -10. Alfredsson finished at -2; Nyquist, Eaves, Miller, Paetsch, Emmerton, Sproul, Kronwall and Ouellet finished at -1.

Points: The Wings were shut out.

Ice time: Ericsson led the team with 27:09; Kronwall played 25:34; Alfredsson played 22:40;

Weiss played 21:05; Ouellet played 19:40; Bertuzzi played 18:40;

Sproul played 18:30; Miller played 17:36; Nyquist played 16:44;

Emmerton played 16:30; Sheahan played 16:12; Lashoff played 14:59;

Eaves played 13:25; Paetsch played 13:23; Jurco played 10:33;

Athanasiou played 10:01; Callahan played 2:18; Pulkkinen played for six seconds.

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Is it me or is the entire Blackhawks’ fan base just ignorant morons. I mean, I live in Chicago and I swear this city just realized what hockey is about 5 years ago. No joke. And now they’re fan base has increased exponentially since 08. It’s actually quite funny how ignorant they are, and most probably couldn’t even name one player from the 90s. 

I live in Chitown and my roommate is born and bred. Guy just started watching hockey in 2010. Still doesn’t understand the game but he cheers for them anyway.

LOL @ their fan base and organization. 5 Cups lmao.

Miami Heat 2.0.

Posted by ZandPasha11 on 09/17/13 at 11:03 PM ET



But on to more important things,

I really thought Jurco would play more than that. Why would there such a big disparity between Gus, Riley and Tomas? Babcock must’ve not liked something he did, or maybe it was just because of the ejections.

Also, our second line needs to figure out their game, and they need to do it fast. Even though Franzen sat out tonight, he needs to get his ass going and not float through this season. Dude makes me crazy sometimes. If he has another year like that, and just floats, will Holland entertain the idea of a buyout? I mean, look at our system. It is absolutely stacked, and Mantha, Jurco, or even Nyquist or Tatar could take his spot in a few years.

Go Wings!

Posted by ZandPasha11 on 09/17/13 at 11:08 PM ET

OlderThanChelios's avatar

...Teemu Pulkkinen—who’s the last guy in the world to go after someone—got 5-and-a-game for boarding Mike Kostka all of 2:16 in…

Adding in all of the things Gorge has reported about Teemu in his training camp reports, I now officially have a man-crush on the guy. It seems like he’s very quickly made the transition from Euro hockey to North American hockey.

Now, at 5’11” and 180+ lbs, he just needs to add more strength and a little more bulk to withstand the rigors of AHL and NHL hockey. But, so far, I’m a big fan.

Posted by OlderThanChelios from Grand Rapids, MI on 09/17/13 at 11:31 PM ET

George Malik's avatar

Little *#$%@&’s a sparkplug. He doesn’t go looking for that stuff, and I sincerely doubt that he meant to hurt the guy, but he loves traffic.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 09/17/13 at 11:40 PM ET

perfection's avatar

my first person observations:

-I felt really bad for Pulkkinen. He was trying to make an impression. He was trying to dig hard and make a hit one his first shift, just to show the coach he came to play. I had a great view of the play and could actually see him notice at the last instance what was happening and try to hold up, but it was just too late. It reminded me of a car accident when the breaks get locked up at the last second, but the car plows into the other all the same. He just got too excited too early and made a mistake. He took a beating for it AND got thrown out. I sure hope there’s no other discipline as I’d like to see him get some ice time this preseason. It really wasn’t as malicious as the announcers probably made it out to be. But it was definitely a bad play. There wasn’t a peep from Babs on that one. Whereas the Callahan one was a marginal misconduct at best. Babs DID argue that one. He did not seem happy. I also could see Kenny Holland in the press box not too far from us and he immediately got up and stormed out after the Callahan call. I think two ejections really messed up the game plan.

-While I was excited to see Alfie and Weiss I can say they did very little. Weiss showed some glimpses that definitely left me excited by his potential, but as a line, they just weren’t that dangerous. I’m sure going up against an actual top line didn’t help much, but I think it’ll just take some time for them to get a groove. Bert didn’t look all that bad out there. He was actually probably more noticeable than Alfie. The B team PP looked horrible, but our PK looked pretty damn good. Granted, we had Big Rig, Miller, and Eaves who are a few of our best for sure, but the PK was one of our strongest phases of the game. Though a lot of crappy calls made sure it had to be.

-And while this is surely fogs things a bit in terms of the roster, I thought Gus was far and away our most dangerous player. His whole line, definitely Sheahan and to a lesser degree Jurko, were pretty solid all game, but Gus seemed to make chances for himself every shift. He is really good. It will not sit well with anyone if he gets sent down…. and I think that definitely includes Mike Babcock. He’s just too good in too competitive of a league to not have him on your roster, even if that means waving a veteran. But I totally see the logic in taking advantage of his waiver status in order to try and keep an extra body knowing there absolutely WILL be injuries. Even if Gus starts down, he will almost certainly be back by November and then probably for the rest of the season. But if he continues to play like he did tonight, which he probably will, I think he’s going to make that decision horribly difficult. He’s just an effective player and you get the sense that experience is only going to make him better. Who knows the ceiling for Nyquist? He sure plays confidently now and he’s just getting started.

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 09/18/13 at 12:00 AM ET

perfection's avatar

Posted by ZandPasha11 on 09/18/13 at 12:03 AM ET

man, I’ve lived in Chicago now for 12 years and absolutely agree with you. The majority of the bandwagon fan base here are absurdly stupid. And what’s more, many are pretty aggressive or even violent, especially at the game. 

but it’s also a big city. there’s some real hockey fans here too. The first half of the 200’s the Hawks sucked so bad that you just get a ticket at the gate for a Wings game for like $10 and then at least half the crowd were Wings’ fans. It was great. Part of what made it great though besides the prices and the awesome combatting chants were that all the Hawks fans there were real hockey fans. They had to be! Hell, they still weren’t even televising home games and the people in those crowds were actually fun to sit next to. You could talk the nuances of the game throughout, still cheer for our respected teams and I never saw any of the endless ignorant drunk aggression that I’ve seen the past handful of years… that is at least the way it is in the 300 level

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 09/18/13 at 12:11 AM ET


Shots on goal have been a cause of some of their struggles over the last few seasons. Hopefully the final roster doesn’t put up 19 every night…

Posted by CrimsonPhoenix on 09/18/13 at 01:00 AM ET

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