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Kerry Fraser weighs in on Sharks’ ‘snow showers’ on Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard

Updated at 5:59 PM: Todd McLellan and Joe Pavelski say nothing will change: The sidebar story of note regarding the Red Wings 2-1 loss to San Jose on Sunday involved the Sharks’ continued use of “snow showers” to annoy Jimmy Howard, and TSn analyst and former referee Kerry Fraser says that at least he’d call a penalty on the Sharks (which is a no-no, as we already know) for their antics:

Grab the shovel because you are bang on relative to the ‘snow job’ that Jimmy Howard is getting. As a referee, I wanted players to STOP before running into the goalie. The method and purpose here, however, is blatantly obvious. Action must be taken by the referees. Here’s how I would have handled the situation.

The second time it happened I would have approached the San Jose bench and had a direct conversation with coach Todd McLellan. Todd is a very intelligent coach and an excellent guy to deal with. I would have said, “Todd, we have a pattern here that you and I need to address. The next Shark player that stops hard for the purpose of deliberately throwing snow in Jimmy Howard’s face will receive an unsportsmanlike minor penalty! Can I count on you to take care of this please before I have to?”

Knowing Todd as I do I believe that would be all it would take? If, however it did happen again my greatest hope is that the act would be committed by the worst offender - Joe Pavelski! One call would take the snow plow off the road until next winter and justice would be served.

Continued, and he regrettably is equally demonstrative about the fact that “incidental contact” is a non-reviewable play…

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Red Wings-Sharks Game 2 wrap-up: ‘Better, but not good enough’ doesn’t cut it for snowed Wings

The Detroit Red Wings left San Jose and landed at Metro Airport just after midnight Eastern time this morning knowing that they face a very steep uphill climb in their second-round series against the San Jose Sharks, who defeated the Wings 2-1 on Sunday, staking out a 2-0 series lead.

The Wings won’t practice on Monday, and the Sharks won’t arrive until Monday evening, because the teams won’t face off again until Wednesday, and while the Sharks can quite literally rest on their laurels if they wish, the Wings have quite a bit of thinking to do and adjustments to make, hoping that they won’t become the first team defeated in consecutive seasons since the 1999-2000 Wings dropped two straight playoff series to Colorado after dropping two games to a Sharks team that has simply out-hustled, out-worked, out-competed and out-played the Red Wings, on an almost man-for-man basis with the exceptions of Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Nicklas Lidstrom and Jimmy Howard, in just about every aspect of the game.

The Wings have to win four of their next five games or they’re golfing, and the standard in Detroit and the standard for these Wings is higher than consecutive second-round losses.

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Red Wings-Sharks Game 2 quick take: Inefficient

The Detroit Red Wings’ late rally against the San Jose Sharks came up short, and the Wings are heading back to Detroit down 2-0 via a 2-1 loss that was a case of too little, too late—and inefficient play by the Wings.

It’s not that the Wings can’t hang with the Sharks. It’s that the Wings are facing must-win games from here on out because they’ve played scatterbrained hockey, and sometimes they’ve plain old looked intimidated by a Sharks team that’s clearly transferred its playoff hex to Detroit.

It’s…Scary. Scary to watch the Wings’ forecheck be neutralized, scary to watch the Wings lose so many 50-50 battles for the puck, scary to watch the Wings try so hard and accomplish so very little, while the Sharks seem to be able to generate the kind of forecheck, sustained pressure shots, screens, tips, rebound retrievals and secondary scoring chances that the Wings are so very desperate to accomplish themselves, but are too tentative and skittish to achieve.

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Red Wings-Sharks Game 2 set-up: Throw the calf or he’ll throw you

Briefly updated at 2:17 PM: The Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks will face off today for a matinee game (3 PM EDT, NBC/TSN) which, if you believe Sharks coach Todd McLellan, pits an underdog team that nobody believes in against a dangerous opponent that it just happens to lead in the race to four wins and continues to earn power plays against, whether by hook or by crooked sell jobs that certain NHL officials bite upon.

If you believe the Red Wings’ players and coach, however, if the Wings’ forwards move their feet and inflict the kind of forechecking and cycling game upon the Sharks that San Jose utilized so successfully in Game 1, the series will head back to Detroit for a true re-set in the form of two days off tied at 1-1.

Therein lies the crux of this series—the Red Wings and Sharks aren’t as similar as anyone would like you to think, but they employ a similar style of play, and to be successful, the team that hopes to win needs to sustain possession and control of the puck in the offensive zone to generate scoring chances and wear down its opponent before the opponent grinds them down.

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Goalies are crazy. And superstitious, too

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon or tree scientist to know that anyone who volunteers to stand in front of projectiles, much less someone who volunteers to try to stop them with parts of their body, is crazy. I should know; I stupidly agreed to stop playing the instigator’s role while hacking and whacking my friends in high school and stepped into the crease, and was never allowed to leave it. Perhaps even more worrisome for me, I enjoy playing goal.

But when your entire position is based on a losing proposition—the puck is always going to get past you at some point, and you’re going to be the scapegoat sooner or later—you tend to manage the futility of your chosen job by utilizing superstitions, and the Globe and Mail’s Eric Duhatschek wrote a wonderful article about the fact that, in a very superstitious sport, goalies might be the best at coping with insanity by doing whatever works:

Managing performance is tied to superstition for some players, according to former New York Rangers goalie Dan Blackburn, who at 18 became the third-youngest player to win a game at the NHL level.

“The connotation of the word ‘superstition’ is that it’s negative,” says Blackburn, who coaches goaltending in the Dallas area. “I think that the way most goalies look at it is as habits – to be habitual about things and have positive habits, because when you do something repetitively and you do it all the time, that builds structure in your game.”

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Red Wings sound reassuring notes ahead of Game 2

Throughout Saturday’s slate of practice updates, a theme’s slowly emerged from denizens of the Red Wings’ locker room, and it’s one of calm, quiet and self-assured determination as to Detroit’s ability to bounce back from a 2-1 overtime loss to the San Jose Sharks when the puck drops at noon local time (3 PM EDT) on Sunday. I’d normally save the following pair of “late-breaking” Saturday night stories for Sunday’s game preview, but I think you and I need to read them now.

Why? Well, for one, the free Press’s Evil Drew Sharp of all people provides a jittery Wings fan base, myself included, with some very reassuring words from Wings coach Mike Babcock about his players’ understanding of the gravity of their situation:

“They’re big boys,” Babcock said. “We’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve had a lot of conversations with the players (Saturday). I asked do I need to say something and they told me that they already talked about it. That’s why we’ve won a lot. We know when we’re good and we know when we’re not very good. That doesn’t mean you’re not disappointed. We’re disappointed. But it’s over with now. It was sunny when I got up. It’s beautiful out here, isn’t it?”

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Red Wings-Sharks off-day updates: Datsyuk takes a maintenance day, Wings focus on self-improvement

Updated 9x at 9:09 PM with Justin Abdelkader selling a line: Not-so-super news from MLive’s Ansar Khan: Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk apparently didn’t practice with the team, but he’s going to play on Sunday:

Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk exercised his option not to skate Saturday, but coach Mike Babcock said he’ll play in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals Sunday against San Jose (3 p.m., NBC). Datsyuk was the only player who did not practice. He has taken a couple of practices off after games lately, after returning late in the season from a lower-body injury. Mike Modano filled in for Datsyuk on the line with Henrik Zetterberg and Tomas Holmstrom. Other than that the lines remain the same.

“I gave everybody the option of who was going on, who was going off and Pavel wasn’t going on,’’ Babcock said. “So you got to be ready to play tomorrow and not today.’‘

Asked if he is planning any lineup changes, Babcock said,“I’m not 100 percent certain. I haven’t decided yet.’‘

On the Sharks’ side of things, local hero Ben Ferriero spoke to the Mercury News’s David Pollak about the aftermath of scoring the biggest goal of his career:

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Red Wings-Sharks Game 1 notebooks: On ‘hate,’ Valtteri Filppula and other tidbits

After watching the Red Wings’ 2-1 overtime loss to the San Jose Sharks, there’s definitely a part of me that would have liked to see the Wings attempt to shake themselves out of a second period’s worth of doldrums by getting into some shoving matches with the Sharks’ players that didn’t involve Jimmy Howard saying “hello” to Joe Pavelski, but that’s simply not going to happen. Before Friday’s game, Sharks coach Todd McLellan and Wings coach Mike Babcock insisted that their teams would engage in as businesslike a series as is possible, as noted by MLive’s Ansar Khan...

“Our skill set in scrums isn’t the same as some other teams, so there’s no sense being in them,” Babcock said Friday, before Game 1. “That’s a waste of energy right now. You need the energy to play between the whistles and compete hard.”

Sharks coach Todd McLellan, a former Detroit assistant, said there’s “ultimate respect” between the teams.

“Is there a hatred there? It’s a different type,” McLellan said. “Detroit isn’t about dropping the gloves and fighting and getting involved that way, so some of that emotion, that hatred doesn’t exist that way. But they can still play extremely hard on pucks, so can we. There’s a lot of action that happens in and around the blue paint. So those are real competitive situations.”

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Red Wings-Sharks Game 1 wrap-up: Howard’s effort wasted by questionable calls, passive play

Perhaps there are four perspectives to consider while relating the disparate accounts of the San Jose Sharks’ 2-1 overtime victory over the Detroit Red Wings to the “average fan.” If you believe the media, the Sharks earned every bounce, power play and lucky goal because there’s nothing better than a great story, and when a part-time grinder can score the overtime-winner on his24th birthday, well, that’s the best story that can be written at a time when most sportswriters are headed to bed. If you believe the Sharks’ players, their victory was simply a matter of out-waiting the Red Wings, slowly waiting them down and capitalizing on their opportunities, with the results never in doubt.

If you believe the Red Wings’ players, they simply weren’t good enough, and while Jimmy Howard stopped an astonishing 44 shots, including 18 in the second period, his teammates didn’t do a good enough job of shifting play out of their own zone and into San Jose’s end, regardless of the fact that in both rounds’ opening games, it seems as if whatever the heck the “standard of officiating” is, it’s the Red Wings who are used as the example to explain to the rest of the league what that standard will be.

And if you’re a fan, like me, you don’t find these comments by Joe Pavelski, made to NHL.com’s Dave Lozo, ironic at all, because Pavelski may have exchanged a face-wash with Jimmy Howard and scored the game-tying goal on a weird bounce, but he also sold the call that led to it, big time:

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The lecture linesmen

Regardless of whether you’re a Wings fan, a Sharks fan, or any other sort of fan, you’ve probably been driven nuts by the fact that, over the course of the regular season and the playoffs thus far, linesmen have seemed so willing to herk-and-jerk the puck in an attempt to get one team’s player to flinch and then be thrown out of the faceoff circle, but not before offering a 30-second lecture to both the tossed out player and the one that replaces him. It’s as if the “hurry-up” faceoff has become the, “Hurry up and wait, and then listen to a lecture” draw—which is especially ironic given that the Jarrett Stoll stick-bouncers and players whose legs are spread so far wide that they may as well be attempting to do the splits are allowed to get away with that version of “cheating” on faceoffs—and it should come as no surprise that former referee Kerry Fraser defended his “lecture linesmen” while answering a reader question on TSN.ca:

The reason players are being ejected more frequently [in the playoffs]is due to a tightening of the standard imposed upon linesmen to reflect a zero tolerance for face-off “cheaters!” The linesmen take this element of their job very seriously, knowing full well the importance of conducting a fair face-off; especially in crucial areas of the ice. The last thing they want to do is impact the outcome of a game should a goal result from a bad face-off. In recent years additional markings on and around the end zone face-off dots have been added to ensure players line up square to one another and place their sticks on a white marking on the outer edge of their respective side of the dot.

Those lines are all but ignored, and every player tries to “cheat” in some way, but let’s allow the man to continue rationalizing:

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