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Big Market NHL Teams to “Max Out” This Summer?

For the seventh consecutive year, the NHL salary cap limits are expected to increase.

Thanks to a projected $3.2 billion in revenue for the 2011-12 regular season and playoffs (the most for a single season in NHL history), the salary cap “ceiling” for 2012-13 could rise to $69 million, as well as raising the salary cap “floor” to over $53 million.

It could go even higher, for if the NHLPA employs its five percent salary escalator clause, the ceiling could go as high as $72 million, and the floor to $56 million.

In other words, the projected cap minimum for next season could be as high as the salary cap ceiling of 2009-10.

While the salary cap’s constant escalation leaves NHL fans wondering what the 2004-05 lockout was about, it’s good news for the nine teams (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Toronto, San Jose, Vancouver and Los Angeles) with payrolls currently in excess of $54 million for next season, giving them considerably more available cap space to worth with.

It’s also good news for traditionally free-spending clubs like the Detroit Red Wings, and New York Rangers, as well as the Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames and Washington Capitals, who’ve been big spenders for some time under the salary cap.

That projected increase, however, could be short-lived.

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NHL GMs Face Salary Cap Headaches This Summer.

Over the past couple of weeks, reports have appeared suggesting the NHL salary cap, under the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA), could increase as high as $69 million for 2012-13, and if the NHLPA uses its right to escalate that figure by five percent, to potentially $72 million.

Given the established $16 million gap between the cap maximum (“ceiling”) and the cap minimum (“floor”), if the ceiling is $69 million, the floor would be $53 million. If it were $72 million, the “floor” would be $56 million.

That number, however, could be temporary, for it’s expected the league will seek to reduce the players share of revenue, from the current 57 percent down to around 50 percent, in the next CBA, which would mean a salary rollback to facilitate a reduction of the cap ceiling and floor.

Enlisting the aid (via Twitter) of James Mirtle of The Globe & Mail, and David Johnson of HockeyAnalysis.com, I examined this possibility in a recent post on my website.

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What Will NHL Trade Deadline Look Like Under New CBA?

The passing of the final NHL trade deadline under the current collective bargaining agreement raises questions about the potential impact the next CBA could have upon future trade deadlines.

Currently no one knows what the next collective bargaining agreement could contain. What follows is speculation as to potential issues which could affect the trade deadline under a new agreement.

Date for the trade deadline. Under the current CBA, the trade deadline was moved from the 26th day to the 40th day immediately preceding the final day of the regular season.

It’s been suggested the current date falls too early in the season, resulting in too many “buyers” and not enough “sellers’, compared to mid-or-late-March, when most of the playoff contenders have been determined, thus putting more “sellers” into the trade market.

This is unlikely to be a significant issue in the next CBA, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the date remains unchanged.

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