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My NHL Christmas Wish List - Part 4

Tis the season to be jolly, be merry, and of course to have wish lists for those shiny boxes under the tree come Christmas morn.

Like some children asking for a pony, or like me every time I asked for a car, some wish lists go unfilled, but just like the gifts themselves, the wishing and hoping is important. If not for now, then in some cases at least for later.

With that, I continue writing my NHL wish list, five things I’d like to see from the League that I believe will benefit not only fans, but the players and the League as well. Today, I want to stress the importance of ‘coal’.

My NHL Christmas Wish List thus far:

Better out-of-arena viewing options for fans
Better and more accessible statistics
Better direction with the next CBA to heal and even grow the League
Today’s item: Better approach to League discipline, suspensions, and acceptable conduct

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Discipline, Suspensions: What’s Your Call?

With all that’s happened in the past few weeks, the topic of suspensions and discipline has been brought to the forefront of discussions about the League, and as the Board of Governors meeting continues today, being filled yesterday with discussions on the economy (my thoughts on that), likely advancing today at last to salary cap discussions (my thoughts on that).

At some point, discussions will advance to suspensions, revolving around Avery, and the stricter sentencing around hits to the head with respect to Ruutu’s and Pock’s suspensions.

The question is, how should the League act with regards to suspensions and discipline, and how should they react to different offenses (Avery’s remarks vs. head shots as an example)? What are your thoughts?

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It’s Proportional, But Is It Really Fair?

Yesterday, Paul posted an NHL.com article about the changes that have happened to goalie equipment, and the changes still to come, such as the ability to customize goalie pads. The biggest target on the list: proportional sizing.

Is it a good idea? Maybe. But the discussion seems fairly one-sided, as if goalies are nothing but abusers, and the rest of the players, the League even, is being robbed. Sounds like a very nice side of the pool for swimming, I believe I’ll dive right in.

On the other side of the pool, though.

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Sens, NHL Reffing & Rules Reputation Lose Last Night

The worst game-costing blown call of the season, the team’s new rallying point, Bass brings turkey, energy, and fists, the Richardson coaching career to come, and the Senators’ gravely misplaced defensive focus, but first…

From the Ottawa Sun, Alfie on the team’s play,

“We had our chances to win,” said Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson. “The effort is there. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves. We’d love to find ways to win and get two points.

“We need to score goals.We’ve got to find guys to put the puck in a consistent basis. Our record is terrible. It’s a lot of points that we can get down the road.”

The Sens’ 6-game losing streak started against the Canes, where the Toronto War Room could not give Spezza a goal. Last night, the War Room wasn’t even allowed to make the call during the latest and most glaring ice rink robbery, and maybe that is what it will take to end the misery.

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Habs Top Sens, And The Goal/Game That Was Stolen Away

After the Senators lost 3-2 to Montreal in the shootout, I find myself in a debacle. On one hand, I could follow journalistic instincts and not speak of bad calls ruining the game.

Or, I could preserve common sense and point out the complete nonsense that ruined the game. I’ll sit on the fence by bringing it up later, but rest assured that this won’t be the last time you hear about it.

Tonight, the Sens played their best game during their now 6-game losing streak, and yet a loss once again reared its ugly head. With a straight face, it should be near impossible to say that the Habs outplayed or outworked the Sens. The irony is that those kind of wins used to be Ottawa’s specialty.

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How One Could Defend Ruutu

Tonight, Ruutu will start a two-game suspension for elbowing Montreal’s Lapierre in Tuesday’s game.

Covered everywhere, the hit has almost universally been panned and attacked. Not one person on TSN’s panel thought the suspension was inappropriate, and it’s almost unequivocally suggested that it’s exactly the kind of move you’d expect from Ruutu, a player who’s never been before the League before in any hearings, let alone been suspended; after all, he’s paid to be a pest and to draw penalties, not to take stupid and unnecessary ones.

Not that you’d expect any less from me, or that you can’t already tell, but I’m going to step away from the mainstream opinions and attempt to defend Ruutu in this instance, because absent any history of suspensions for Ruutu or conflicts with Lapierre, all you can do in this case is try to interpret what you see.

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