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ASG - Never Too Crisp For A Little Controversy

The All-Star Game, pinnacle of (player) perfection, and for a long time, one of the steadiest of occasions.

Not any more; thanks go to the Detroit Red Wings.

The voting fiasco took the early thunder, but this now takes the cake.

Subtle, maybe. Irrelevant, perhaps. But if the fan voting was an assault from a bag of valencia oranges, this should take us up to a battering from a cold, hard fish to the face.

Updated - 5:30PM EST (with my thoughts on some of the comments and discussion)

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Gerber To AHL As Elliott Gets Closer Look

From TSN,

The Ottawa Senators announced Thursday that goaltender Martin Gerber has been send down to the AHL’s Binghamton Senators on a two-week conditioning assignment.

Gerber, 34, has a 4-9-1 record with a 2.86 goals-against average and .899 save-percentage in 14 games this season. He was a healthy scratch in Ottawa’s 5-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday and Wednesday’s 3-2 win over the Thrashers in Atlanta.

Elliott will thus be getting a longer look, though the All-Star break will cut into his tryout time. In three games, he’s gone 2-1-0 and managed a .939 Sv% and 1.69 GAA while facing 82 shots in a 2-0 loss to the Rangers, followed by back-to-back wins, 5-1 against Carolina and 3-2 in Atlanta.

Only time — and the true competition the Canadiens and Capitals will bring before the All-Star break — will show whether it was the competition or Elliott that has him leading Mason at the moment in Sv%, GAA, and Point percentage. Here’s hoping the Sens can finally develop and hang on to a quality netminder.

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What’s Really In Any Vinny Trade

From Jim Kelley at SI,

My offer for the Lightning’s captain, best player, all-time leading scorer and franchise player who averaged 46 goals and 100 points the last two seasons?

Lecavalier may be the franchise in Tampa Bay, but ownership not only appears unable to afford him, it appears it may have even gone over the limit on the debit card for the operation it creatively financed last offseason. And as we’ve all learned since the owners’ lockout wrought its havoc on the game, if you want to move a big salary that you can’t afford now as well as for the life of an 11-year contract, your reward is pretty much limited to getting rid of the contract.

So, if I’m Bob Gainey or Pete Chiarelli or Ray Shero or Neil Smith’s replacement, here’s my offer: I’ll take that ridiculous 11-year $85 million dollar contract off your hands before you have to actually fund it. That’s it.

You get financial relief. You get cap relief. You get to face your family and friends and not have them continually laughing at your foolhardiness. And you get to start all over again at a price point you can afford….And you will be thanking me, because I will be doing you a favor.

Fresh, different, and more acurate than many would like to think.

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Hearing Expected For Ruutu’s Bite

From TSN,

Sources tell TSN the National Hockey League is expected to schedule a hearing today to determine discipline for Ottawa Senators forward Jarkko Ruutu following a biting incident Tuesday night in Buffalo.

Paul posted a better clip of the incident earlier, and there indeed may have been a bite, even as Peters waltzed between hand-flailing and looking merely bothered that the refs didn’t see anything worth acting on when he flashed them his thumb and his mouth. My question is, if a guy’s got your arms blocked, backing you into the boards, and perhaps ramming a big, hard thumb in your mouth, what is the League-advised protocol?

Definitely better bites on hand to be had in the various Scotiabank Place restaurants.

Update - 3:40PM EST

As posted by Alanah, Ruutu has been suspended for 2 games.

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My NHL Christmas Wish List - Part 5

Tis the season to be jolly, be merry, and of course to have wish lists for those shiny boxes under the tree come Christmas morn.

Like some children asking for a pony, or like me every time I asked for a car, some wish lists go unfilled, but just like the gifts themselves, the wishing and hoping is important. If not for now, then in some cases at least for later.

With that, I continue writing my NHL wish list, five things I’d like to see from the League that I believe will benefit not only fans, but the players and the League as well. Today, it’s about spreading the good word.

My NHL Christmas Wish List thus far:

Better out-of-arena viewing options for fans
Better and more accessible statistics
Better direction with the next CBA to heal and even grow the League
Better approach to League discipline, suspensions, and acceptable conduct
Today’s item: Better advertising for our game

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Discipline, Suspensions: What’s Your Call?

With all that’s happened in the past few weeks, the topic of suspensions and discipline has been brought to the forefront of discussions about the League, and as the Board of Governors meeting continues today, being filled yesterday with discussions on the economy (my thoughts on that), likely advancing today at last to salary cap discussions (my thoughts on that).

At some point, discussions will advance to suspensions, revolving around Avery, and the stricter sentencing around hits to the head with respect to Ruutu’s and Pock’s suspensions.

The question is, how should the League act with regards to suspensions and discipline, and how should they react to different offenses (Avery’s remarks vs. head shots as an example)? What are your thoughts?

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Shadow Looms Over BOG Meeting

This week, the NHL’s teams will converge in Florida for the board of governors meeting, with plenty to discuss.

There will likely be talk about Avery, head shots, and even Sundin, as an initiative will be brought forth to put a UFA signing deadline in place, even as it will need clauses for injured players, but not for those needing a year to ponder retirement, or drum up some profit in online poker ads.

The biggest issue, of course and without doubt, will be the economy, and how to get the League back on track, something that the League can tackle, if it is willing to make the new, harder choices.

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NHL Helps Fans (Avoid) Scalp

From NHL.com, on a new NHL - Ticketmaster initiative launched today,

The National Hockey League (NHL) and Ticketmaster, a division of Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc, (NASDAQ: TKTM), today announced the launch of the NHL’s first-ever resale ticket service on NHL.com and Ticketmaster.com. This new service enables fans to buy or resell tickets to NHL games through a convenient, fan-friendly, league-endorsed website.

The new program on NHL.com, developed by Ticketmaster, the “Official Resale Ticket Provider of the NHL,” will allow for the exchange of tickets for all regular season games, the NHL Winter Classic 2009, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final. The program provides fans unable to attend a game with a proven channel to sell their tickets to other fans looking to buy or upgrade their seats.

Ticket holders seeking to sell tickets through NHL.com can do so in the dependable and convenient domain of the official ticket exchange. The ticket resale service provides fans the opportunity to find and buy tickets in a fan-friendly and secure environment. It also enables ticket buyers to electronically validate the resold tickets at the time of purchase.

Fans seeking tickets may go to the site to view and purchase tickets offered for games that might be sold out, or to obtain a ticket located in a specific seating section that might not otherwise be available.

It won’t get rid of scalpers, but it might hurt them a bit, and give plenty of fans a very helpful way to find and sell tickets. You can browse here, and it’s a very convenient glimpse into what’s available (such as 918 tickets(s) for the Predators’ trip to Anaheim tonight).

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A Fiasco? In The NHL? Never…

Widely reported around the internet, and summed up nicely on KK by Red and Black Hockey, Habs fans have devised an ingenious way to take over the All-Star game, using technology.

Is this what you meant when you said the NHL has the most tech savvy fans, Bettman?

Posted earlier as well, the NHL is investigating into this, though NHL spokesperson Gary Meaghar is “not at a point where I can say definitively that something has taken place.”

I hate to and apologize for saying it, but this looks like a classic case of egg on face. Most tech savvy fans, maybe, but can the League really claim such innocence from reality? Question is, what’s their move now?

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CBC Adds More Sens and Habs

From CBC Sports,

CBC Sports announced Tuesday that it has bulked up its Hockey Night in Canada schedule for the upcoming NHL season by adding 18 games.

The additions to the schedule include 10 Montreal Canadiens match-ups and eight Ottawa Senators contests, bringing the grand total to 87 games for the 2008-09 regular season broadcast package.

“The addition of these games to an already strong broadcast schedule allows us to cater to a wider spectrum of hockey fans,” said Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports.

“Montreal and Ottawa are vibrant hockey markets and this reinforces our commitment to bringing viewers the most comprehensive coverage of Canadian NHL teams available.”

With the additions, the Habs will be featured 25 times on Hockey Night in Canada. Ottawa will play 21 times.


I suppose the Habs going from no playoffs to Eastern Conference Champions and the Sens climbing ever so slowly up various Conference standings predictions might have something to do with this good news.

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