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My NHL Christmas Wish List - Part 1

Tis the season to be jolly, be merry, and of course to have wish lists for those shiny boxes under the tree come Christmas morn.

Like some children asking for a pony, or like me every time I asked for a car, some wish lists go unfilled, but just like the gifts themselves, the wishing and hoping is important. If not for now, then in some cases at least for later.

With that, the next few days I’ll be writing my NHL wish list, five things I’d like to see from the League that I believe will benefit not only fans, but the players and the League as well.

Today’s wish list item: Better out-of-arena viewing options for fans.

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Shadow Looms Over BOG Meeting

This week, the NHL’s teams will converge in Florida for the board of governors meeting, with plenty to discuss.

There will likely be talk about Avery, head shots, and even Sundin, as an initiative will be brought forth to put a UFA signing deadline in place, even as it will need clauses for injured players, but not for those needing a year to ponder retirement, or drum up some profit in online poker ads.

The biggest issue, of course and without doubt, will be the economy, and how to get the League back on track, something that the League can tackle, if it is willing to make the new, harder choices.

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A Fiasco? In The NHL? Never…

Widely reported around the internet, and summed up nicely on KK by Red and Black Hockey, Habs fans have devised an ingenious way to take over the All-Star game, using technology.

Is this what you meant when you said the NHL has the most tech savvy fans, Bettman?

Posted earlier as well, the NHL is investigating into this, though NHL spokesperson Gary Meaghar is “not at a point where I can say definitively that something has taken place.”

I hate to and apologize for saying it, but this looks like a classic case of egg on face. Most tech savvy fans, maybe, but can the League really claim such innocence from reality? Question is, what’s their move now?

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Might Not Just Be Bloggers Feeling Dismissed

From Yang Liu of Imprint,

The late great American sports journalist Howard Cosell coined the famous phrase regarding sports reporting, calling it “the toy department of news media.”  He would later go on to say “sports media is the toy department of life.” Cosell was merely being ironically self-deprecating, but many in the “more prestigious fields” of journalism such as politics or business have taken the phrase to heart.

Despite being a prominent staple of newspapers and media outlets for over a century now, the sports section is still largely considered by many to be a light-hearted section and often relegated to the back of news telecasts or papers. There is a misconception that many people hold — a binary distinction between seriousness and quality on one side, and superficial and “tabloid” on the other. There is no provision that excludes sports journalism from the analysis, investigation, and critique that forms the basis of legitimate news reporting.

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An interesting read, related a bit to my post yesterday about the tension between bloggers and MSM and the League. Maybe it’s this treatment of not just sports journalists, but of sport on the whole, this dismissal, that could in some way induce much of sport’s dismissal of bloggers and non-professional writers, not that there aren’t a host of explanations available, logical or otherwise.

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Growing Frustrations With The League And MSM

This is bigger than a city, a rivalry; this issue cuts right to the bone of far too many.

I was forwarded an email by Paul from Pension Plan Puppets this morning. Yes, I, a dedicated Sens blogger, am now going to touch on the issue brought forth by, *deep breath*, Leafs fans, *deep exhale*, with as little rivalrous venom as possible.

After reading a blog post which touted Leafers as the “Most Valuable Losers Once Again”, PPP had enough.

Dear Most Valuable Losers,

Yesterday, continuing a long-standing trend, another Toronto reporter took his shot at Leaf fans. This time it was Howard Berger calling us “losers” (screenshot: one two) but we’ve seem the same cookie-cutter article before from virtually everyone who covers the team.

Quite frankly, we’ve had enough.

It’s time to leave the media superstars behind. There’s compelling, timely, wide-ranging content waiting just for you online in the Barilkosphere.

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SENShobo Solicits Your Comments, Questions, Suggestions, And Concerns

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