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How Hockey Gave Me A Better Shot At Life

A week ago, Paul proposed to make today, December 1st, Happy Hockey Talk day, to encourage MSM and bloggers alike to focus on the positive stories, aspects, and memories of our game, ones that give you that lovely feel-good rush.

To that end, I thought I would share a little about myself, not having done too much of that, and how hockey has not only improved my life, but in helping me to overcome adversity brought on by disease, has actually helped to save it.

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It’s Proportional, But Is It Really Fair?

Yesterday, Paul posted an NHL.com article about the changes that have happened to goalie equipment, and the changes still to come, such as the ability to customize goalie pads. The biggest target on the list: proportional sizing.

Is it a good idea? Maybe. But the discussion seems fairly one-sided, as if goalies are nothing but abusers, and the rest of the players, the League even, is being robbed. Sounds like a very nice side of the pool for swimming, I believe I’ll dive right in.

On the other side of the pool, though.

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The Trials Of Dany Heatley

From the Globe and Mail, a detailed look over Dany Heatley’s successes and challenges,

They may never call him “Captain Canada” — but they will certainly call on him.

Come the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, Dany Heatley is as good a bet as any to be the hero who helps Canada regain the treasured gold medal in men’s hockey — an incredible journey for a young man who, only five years ago, was at the centre of a tragic accident that cost a close friend his life and might have cost Heatley his career.

That sad shadow — some based on fact, some on innuendo and some on falsehood — has largely lifted, and though the Ottawa Senators’ forward remains media shy and reluctant to talk about any of it, his postaccident accomplishments have come to speak for themselves.

It is still a shock to me how poorly some treat him.

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NHL Helps Fans (Avoid) Scalp

From NHL.com, on a new NHL - Ticketmaster initiative launched today,

The National Hockey League (NHL) and Ticketmaster, a division of Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc, (NASDAQ: TKTM), today announced the launch of the NHL’s first-ever resale ticket service on NHL.com and Ticketmaster.com. This new service enables fans to buy or resell tickets to NHL games through a convenient, fan-friendly, league-endorsed website.

The new program on NHL.com, developed by Ticketmaster, the “Official Resale Ticket Provider of the NHL,” will allow for the exchange of tickets for all regular season games, the NHL Winter Classic 2009, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final. The program provides fans unable to attend a game with a proven channel to sell their tickets to other fans looking to buy or upgrade their seats.

Ticket holders seeking to sell tickets through NHL.com can do so in the dependable and convenient domain of the official ticket exchange. The ticket resale service provides fans the opportunity to find and buy tickets in a fan-friendly and secure environment. It also enables ticket buyers to electronically validate the resold tickets at the time of purchase.

Fans seeking tickets may go to the site to view and purchase tickets offered for games that might be sold out, or to obtain a ticket located in a specific seating section that might not otherwise be available.

It won’t get rid of scalpers, but it might hurt them a bit, and give plenty of fans a very helpful way to find and sell tickets. You can browse here, and it’s a very convenient glimpse into what’s available (such as 918 tickets(s) for the Predators’ trip to Anaheim tonight).

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In Defense Of The Shootout And Evolution

From Jeff Marek’s CBCSports blog,

Like many of you, I love the shootout.

In fact one of the things the NHL hit a home run with coming out of the lockout was the decision to settle tied games with this new, exciting tradition that has the NHL all over YouTube.

It’s been a not only a thrilling element in the game but also a great piece of viral, online marketing.

read on for a thorough defense of the shootout, and a pair of proposals, one logical, and one that might give some hockey fans a heart attack.

His thoughts are about more than the shootout though, they are largely about the evolution of the game, and one very simple aspect of it: you can’t stop it, and often enough you shouldn’t.

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No TV Coverage Leaves So Many In The Dark

Being unable to watch all 82 Sens games has long been a frustration of mine. Filling the arena for 41 home games has to be priority No. 1, but beyond the 20,000 who can pack in, bringing the team and the game to the hundreds of thousands of others who want to enjoy it has to rank a close second. The Sens were playing in one of three games today with no TV coverage whatsoever.

At the end of the game, I’m beginning to wonder why I feel so alone as a fan in wanting more coverage. The Sens vs. Lightning game tonight showed many reasons, both obvious and subtle, that should have more than just the fans clamoring for more cameras in the building.

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The Passion Of Dean Brown

Paul passed along this link to me today, a few minutes talking with Dean Brown, one of the voices of the Ottawa Senators, about the job he loves and that we fans love and heartily thank him for.

How about you, how are you affected by the men and women who bring you this game? Who really makes you want to rise up and get into the action, and what deliveries really grab you every time?

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Where Do We Bloggers Fit In?

You enjoy blogs, don’t you? Silly question I suppose; you’re here at KK, and just as whatever meat and sauce you choose at East Side’s is still covering a heaping pile of pasta, whatever you choose to indulge in here is still a blog in one form or another.

Why, though, does it feel like bloggers are pulling teeth when we try to gain acceptance from the League and its teams? I have been thinking and preparing to write about the subject for a while, but a post this morning pushed the issue to the front of my mind, and it all came tumbling out, quite literally in fact.

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Move Over Palin, Harper Wants Some Of That NHL Shine

Not to be left out of the fun to be had (or potential political advantage to be gained) by spending some time with the NHL, just as Sarah Palin dropped the puck at a Rangers vs. Flyers game, Stephen Harper took some time out to relax from the campaign with the Flames. (TSN footage)

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More Dark Clouds Over The League

From Wayne Scanlan of the Ottawa Citizen,

There is little chance the league can match last season’s revenue, which has implications for some teetering U.S. franchises, salary-cap trends and the roster of your favourite team.

Speaking to reporters last week, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs suggested future corporate sponsorship for sports teams would be “under attack” as a result of the economic crisis.

Perhaps not coincidently, the Bruins began the process of trying to rid themselves of former Ottawa Senators winger Peter Schaefer and his $2.3-million U.S. salary on Tuesday, when he was placed on waivers.


Some would call it fear mongering, but as even Stephen Harper has started to suggest that Canada’s economic forecast isn’t as rosy as he used to paint it, you do have to start wondering — and perhaps preparing for — what the future might hold for the NHL.

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