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More Dark Clouds Over The League

From Wayne Scanlan of the Ottawa Citizen,

There is little chance the league can match last season’s revenue, which has implications for some teetering U.S. franchises, salary-cap trends and the roster of your favourite team.

Speaking to reporters last week, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs suggested future corporate sponsorship for sports teams would be “under attack” as a result of the economic crisis.

Perhaps not coincidently, the Bruins began the process of trying to rid themselves of former Ottawa Senators winger Peter Schaefer and his $2.3-million U.S. salary on Tuesday, when he was placed on waivers.


Some would call it fear mongering, but as even Stephen Harper has started to suggest that Canada’s economic forecast isn’t as rosy as he used to paint it, you do have to start wondering — and perhaps preparing for — what the future might hold for the NHL.

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Senators Getting Set For Saturday

  • Gerber tabbed early as Ottawa’s starter against Detroit.
  • Bass and Elliot returned to Binghamton.
  • Sens start preparations for Saturday.
  • More season previews for the Senators.

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Oh Canada…

From Cam Cole via the Ottawa Citizen,

Why don’t teams from Canadian cities win more often, when we care so very much?

Because we care so very much.

Why don’t more big-name free agents want to play in Canadian cities? Because we strangle them with our passion, cover their every twitch and mis-step, examine their private lives, call in to talk shows to discuss ad nauseum every minute happening in their season.

To this day, the best supporting argument to the theory that we love our teams to death, which has appeared in this space before, came from the man who, ironically, now coaches the Maple Leafs: Ron Wilson.

more, including Burke’s thoughts on the RFN plan…

I wrote earlier on the subject, and certain players’ approach to it. I think it’s obvious that the passion for the game is why so many great players come out of our country. If only we could tone down some of the harsher attitudes towards players having a rough time, and instead work harder to show our support for our teams and all their players, maybe more good things would start coming our way.

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No Goaltending Controversy In Ottawa

Despite all the chatter to the contrary, there is no uncertainty over roles in the Ottawa crease:

“It’s not a controversy, really,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “We brought Alex in here to be a real good goaltender and in that game he was. He’s here to support and be that guy behind Martin and he’ll give us quality games.”

And who will be in goal against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday?

“Gerber’s starting,” Hartsburg said with a slight smile. “Our plan to start in Sweden was that both were going to play and obviously Alex played well. Unfortunately for Gerbs, he had a tough night but he’s going to rebound for us. Martin will bounce back He’s a veteran guy and we’ve just got to move forward.”

more from TSN

Had Gerber let in four goals while at the wrong side of the net, this might have been another story. The reality remains that he looked sharp on his saves, and the unfortunate goals he did let in require only minor adjustments — close the arm-to-chest gap just a little more — and it’s far more likely that Saturday’s game was a fluke, and that we might see the Gerber who was 4th in Sv% among all playoff goaltenders — despite the 40 shots he faced each night playing behind a then-crumbling team — as the season gets going.

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New Look Sens Two Games In, Will It Last?

  • Heatley quickly earning praise to go with his ‘A’.
  • The Premiere Series shows Sens as a different team.
  • Fisher eager to get back in the game, Emery a little farther behind.

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The CBA’s Shine Is Slowly Wearing Off

From Ken Campbell of The Hockey News,

Guys like George Gillett gave up a season of profits so that guys like Ted Leonsis could have a better chance to make some of their own. But, three years after the lockout, the collective bargaining agreement does not seem to be working so great for either of them.

The lockout was supposed to be about keeping player costs in line, but Gillett looks at the money he is paying out and notices that with what his team pays into player salaries and revenue sharing, he is putting out more money than he did prior to the lockout. He owns the Montreal Canadiens.

The lockout was supposed to level the financial playing field and give everyone a chance to make a profit. Leonsis looks at his bottom line and sees he is still losing money and will do so again this season. In order for him to start making any money, the stars will have to align as they never have before. He owns the Washington Capitals.

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Last week I wrote my thoughts on the CBA, and this only further explores the hardships of the current system. A time will come when a new deal is reached, but whether it will benefit the owners of rich successful teams, of smaller market teams, or the players themselves, that remains to be seen.

Like a politician only now admitting that there is a financial crisis going on, let us hope that along with extolling the virtues of the new CBA, Bettman and Kelly start openly admitting some of the issues with it, so they can be discussed and addressed before any monumental crises emerge.

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Sens Cream Pens

  • Sens dominate Pens in 3-1 win.
  • European adventure a hit with players and fans alike.

So how’s that for a weekend of hockey? Not a bad way to put an end to all this summertime withdrawal. Not only was it sweet to watch both games (even if the one ended on a sour note), it gives you a lot to think about in anticipation of Saturday’s home opener against Detroit. I’ll have to imagine that I’ll be joining many fans in feasting on Wings that night.

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Sens Lose Opener, But Ready For A Fight Tonight

  • Sens lose to Pens in opener, but put up more than a little fight.
  • Spezza accepts criticism over his game costing giveaway.
  • Auld to start tonight’s game.
  • Fisher won’t play today, as questions about increased pressure mount.
  • Contract talks begin for Alfredsson.

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Sens’ Season Starts Now

  • Time ticks down to the start of today’s game against the Pens in Stockholm.
  • Fisher will not play in either Swedish game due to a groin injury.
  • Heatley ready to step up all facets of his game as he replaces Redden as an alternate captain.
  • Ruutu looking forward to pesting up his old team, and other Sens notes.

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Heatley Gets An ‘A’

From the Ottawa Citizen,

Dany Heatley has talked a lot about doing more for the Ottawa Senators than just score goals.

He’s about to get that chance.

In a surprise decision, given the number of veteran players there are on the team, coach Craig Hartsburg has picked Heatley to be one of his assistant captains.

Chris Phillips, who wore an A last year, will wear it again this year, while Daniel Alfredsson, of course, remains the captain.

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