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Neal hit on Dorsett
Neal was finished for the night.  Definitely think Neal will be suspended.
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Something to keep you busy…
I’m still collecting my thoughts on the Filatov situation, so here’s something to keep you busy while I do that.  It’s a quick and easy survey, a whopping one question! “How important is it that Columbus retain the Blue Jackets hockey franchise?” You know my answer, so what is…
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Syracuse to Host Outdoor Game
According to Lindsay Kramer at The Post-Standard it is “unofficially official.”  The Syracuse Crunch will play the Binghamton Senators on February 20, at the State Fair Grounds.  This will be the first outdoor game in AHL history.  Here’s what Kramer has to say: A press event to announce the game…
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The Legein Trade
Paul posted earlier about the trade between Philly and the Jackets.  Stefan Legein was sent to the Flyers for d-man, Michael Ratchuk.  Stefan has always been one of my favorite prospects, yeah, even with the “retirement” and everything.  Here’s the thing though, while I am sad that I won’t get…
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Ten Points
The Blue Jackets are off to the best start in franchise history.  5-1-0 and are sitting fifth in the Western Conference.  The Blue Jackets have lost ONE game, it’s a nice change from previous seasons.  The game last night, was great for a number of reasons, starting from the beginning…
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Game 1, Two Points
The Columbus Blue Jackets opened their season against the Minnesota Wild. It was an amazing game. The Jackets were tentative at first, but eventually got their act together and got the win. With the new season, I’m changing my post game format. The Hot:   *Umberger getting the short-handed goal.…
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Commodore Out for the Home Opener
The Blue Jackets will open their season against the Minnesota Wild.  They will be doing it without Mike Commodore.  He has been placed on IR with a groin pull according to Puck-Rakers.  Roy has been called up from Syracuse.  It’s a huge loss for the Blue Jackets, but let’s just…
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My DirecTV Story
Due to some pressure from my good friend, Mike Chen, I decided I should blog about my experience with DirecTV.  Believe me, it wasn’t pretty. Saturday, I picked up my phone and dialed DirecTV.  I wanted to complain about not getting Versus, while it may not be my favorite coverage,…
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Four Days and Counting…
Yesterday, the Jackets acquired Anton Stralman from the Calgary Flames for a third-round pick in the 2010 entry draft.  Stralman is exactly what the Jackets needed, in theory.  Here’s General Manager Scott Howson, on the subject: “Anton fits a critical need on our roster,” Howson said. “He’s got puckmoving ability…
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Injuries and Hockey Season
We are two games into the preseason now, and with a game tonight against the dreaded Predators.  It’s time for another update.  The Jackets lost the first two preseason games, the first a 5-4 OT loss to the Penguins, the second, last night a 2-0 loss to the Wild.  The…
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Vermette Signs Extension!
The Blue Jackets have signed Vermette to a contract extension.  It is a 5-year contract, worth $18.75 million. The Blue Jackets have been busy this summer locking up Nash, Brassard, and Dorsett.  This is a great move.  Vermette made an immediate impact on the team when he came to us…
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Rook and UFA Season!
So much has happened with the Blue Jackets, and I promise to get all caught up this week as my life has decided to calm down for a bit.  Free agency starts tomorrow and there are a few items of business to take care of before I hop into that…
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Sin Tax…and the Jackets
The Blue Jackets had five bloggers get together yesterday for a roundtable discussion.  I was lucky enough to be asked to go to the meeting and to have Senior Vice President of the Blue Jackets, Greg Kirstein, explain the entire situation to us in regards to the sin tax (the…
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Off Season is Slow
With the Blue Jackets out of the playoffs it’s hard to blog when…well there’s not a lot to say and it’s quite boring. Talks with Manny Malhotra are underway, Howson has made Manny the priority UFA for the Jackets…personally I was thinking Williams first, but again, I’m not the general…
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Updates from the CBJ World
So much to report on in the world of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Most importantly, Ryan Salmons passed away on Friday, May, 1, he was only 19 years old.  The news hit me like a ton of bricks. After the Jackets signed him I had the opportunity to meet Ryan…
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Mason and More
So, while I was on my short hiatus Steve Mason was nominated for the Vezina Trophy.  Steve Mason, the rookie who lead the way for the Blue Jackets to enter in their first ever playoff.  Wow.  Mason is also nominated for the Calder.  While I am pretty sure that Tim…
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And that is that…
My cousin (the Preds fan) asked me on the way home if I had to choose getting swept in the playoffs or just not making it at all which would I choose. Without thinking I chose getting swept in the playoffs.  The Columbus Blue Jackets earned their spot and while…
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Do or Die
That’s the situation the Blue Jackets are in tonight as the puck drops on game four.  The Blue Jackets have only scored two goals in this series, both courtesy of RJ Umberger. Game three was the best I’ve seen the Jackets play in the playoffs, but again they came up…
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I need to sleep on this…
Jackets are down 0-3 in the series, I am down with the plague it seems like, and quite frankly I can’t put this game into words yet…but here, enjoy Commodore spending some time in the Red Wings bench.
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Is Vermette the answer?
Vermette practiced on the top line with Rick Nash on his right and Huselius on his left.  I suppose we will see tomorrow if it’s going to pay off.  If I am thinking on a level as a coach…we need the offense and this is something to spark the offense. …
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I’m not a homer…
And I can admit when the Blue Jackets play like crap and they did tonight.  And, well I’m not a big fan of this.  I mean really?  That’s like something Sean Avery would do. The only bright spot on the night was Derek Dorsett, and that is sad.  Rick Nash…
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Uhm, well…okay.
Ah, I have been chompin at the bit to get on here and blog about the Blue Jackets first playoff game, and now a day later I finally get to. I suppose the game has two different parts to it.  The first half where the Blue Jackets played the way…
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Game Day!
It’s the day that Blue Jackets fans have waited eight seasons for. It’s a game that I would give my right foot to be at. Instead I’m having a gathering at my house to cheer on the Jackets as they enter their first playoff game.
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Why not us?!
As I sit here watching the Penguins and the Flyers game, I am getting anxious for the game tomorrow. You know the first EVER playoff game that the Columbus Blue Jackets have ever played. We’re the underdog, but stat of the day courtesy of Light the Lamp: “Since Colorado in…
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Good News!
Fredrik Modin might be back for game one against Detroit.  Kristian Huselius is ready to go, and don’t hold your breath but Derick Brassard MIGHT be back as soon as game 3. That’s a lot of fire power.  If Brass is back by game 3, I expect the return of…
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Wings? Well, okay then.
We have an opponent, and well, we know the enemy really well. We played them six times this season, we beat them 8-2 the last time we played them in the Joe. It’s the Detroit Red Wings.
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Commodore To Bust Out the Robe
It’s amazing how a little thing like your team making it to the Stanley Cup playoffs can change your attitude in a split second.  First thing I did when I woke up - grabbed the blackberry, and checked the standings, just to be sure that the little ‘x’ was there.…
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They Got the ‘x’
And the win. I am speechless.  Thank you Mr. Mac for bringing the team to Columbus, it’s playoff time. Wow, more on the game tomorrow.  Congrats to the Blue Jackets, enjoy this fans.  We’re making history!
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One Point Away!
If the Blue Jackets are able to get one point out of this game tonight, for the first time ever, the Columbus Blue Jackets will clinch a playoff spot. The Blackhawks are coming off a big win in Nashville, but don’t expect them to come out and take it easy…
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Three Games Left
Well with Huselius out…for at least Wednesday.  The Jackets have a lot of offense to make up. I think they can win these last three games, but the have to stay focused and play smart. The lines, as usual get a shake up due to the injuries.
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CBJ Weekend
What a weekened!  Friday I packed up and headed down to Nashville to watch the Jackets take on the Preds. While I was down there I got to meet up with What the Puck and Forechecker, and of course some of my favorite Jackets fans! The game was great, the…
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More on Nikita
It was a tough call to bring Filatov up, a really tough call.  I know that the Syracuse Crunch fans are in a tizzy over it.  I was confused when the move was made this morning, but the more I think about it and the more I talk to people…
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Jackets Recall Filatov
This is not an April Fools Day joke folks.  Even though it wouldn’t surprise me the least bit to have it be. Nikita Filatov has been recalled.  I don’t know if you remember him, but he was the first rookie in Blue Jackets history to score a hat trick and…
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Forty Wins
It’s the wrong time of year for a team who has never made the post-season to drop the ball and that’s exactly what the Blue Jackets did this last weekend. Nobody other than the captain played well, and that includes goaltender Steve Mason, but I absolutely refuse to pin the…
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The Salmons Press Release
I found this on the blog that has updates on how Ryan is doing. The Blue Jackets ‘signed’ Ryan Salmons on Wednesday. The photo is courtesy of the site. Now we have a copy of the press release. COLUMBUS, OHIO — The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed defenseman Ryan Salmons,…
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Update on Salmons
Ryan Salmons was able to attend last nights game.  He will also be appearing on ESPN’s First Take along with Jason Chimera according to Puck-Rakers. If you’re a DirecTV customer it’s on ESPN2 channel 209.  The show is on now, but the segment hasn’t aired yet.  It’s on until noon.
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It’s a GAME
This honestly makes me sick to my stomach. Peter Stenzel, 52, has been arrested and charged with inducing panic after placing at least three threatening phone calls to the Blue Jackets – specifically goaltender Steve Mason – during Thursday’s win over Calgary, The Dispatch has learned. According to the Columbus…
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These playoff races are so fun!
If that was a playoff preview…count me in. What a game!  It wasn’t even the score, it was the physical play and the way the Jackets took control of the game. With the way the Blue Jackets came out in Florida, I worried if that would be prepared, but they…
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Jackets ‘Sign’ Salmons
If you wanted a post before the game - well you’re getting one, but it’s not going to talk about the game tonight. The Jackets “signed” Ryan Salmons to a one day $3 contract.  Salmon is a 19-year-old terminally ill cancer patient who loves the Columbus Blue Jackets.
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This is exciting!!
So for the first time in the history of the Blue Jackets they sent out an e-mail with playoff ticket information.  I am quite excited about it!!
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Comfy in Sixth
The Jackets are leaving Florida with three out of four points and have a firm grip on sixth place in the Western Conference. But, let’s talk about the game tonight. The Jackets looked they were ready to get back to Columbus.  They didn’t seem like they cared to be at…
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10 Games Remaining, seriously?
Wait, where did the hockey season go? Tonight the Jackets played their 72nd game of the season last night.  A 3-1 win over the Florida Panthers. Raffi Torres had a great pass from Huselius and buried his chance to tie the game at 1.
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Vermette gets the Winner
Well, now that win was nice.  The Blackhawks were tired from their game last night against the New Jersey Devils and they still managed to get a point out of tonight. The win tonight tied a franchise record for most points in a season.  80 points and they’re sitting nicely…
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Well, I honestly can’t complain about the recent stretch of games the Jackets…aside from the last Red Wings game.  It was the first time we have been shutout since January 6.  The Jackets looked awful to put it plainly, and the Red Wings put on a clinic.  The win allowed…
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Jackets Breaking Franchise Records
The records just keep falling for the Columbus Blue Jackets. They had the biggest crowd in the history of the Columbus Blue Jackets, a whopping 19,167 people witnessed the Blue Jackets beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in a shootout.“Somebody let in these other people today with the funny-colored sweaters,” Hitchcock said,…
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Sixth Place
The best hockey game I’ve ever been to? Last night.  Hands down. The play was absolutely perfect.  It was one of the most intense hockey games I have ever seen.
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Portzline on Twitter!
Blue Jackets fans got a pleasant surprise this morning.  Aaron Portzline has joined Twitter Nation!  Great job as always by the Dispatch, for keeping up with the times! You can follow him @aportzline. Also, you can follow me @bethanym85. For the full list of the hockey people on twitter, check…
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Rick Nash
Nash scored three unassisted goals last night.  The last time that happened was March 14, 1948 when Maurice Richard did it in Madison Square Garden. That’s pretty good company to keep.  The Jackets had the day off today, but have practice tomorrow.  Michael Peca is expected to practice, so hopefully…
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Jackets make Franchise History
Wow, that is the perfect way to end the day!!  The Jackets set TWO franchise records tonight.  Most goals scored in a game and largest margin of victory.  The boys seemed happy, and with good reason.  Things were going exactly the way the Blue Jackets wanted and needed tonight. So…
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Another loss to the Preds
The Blue Jackets lost two HUGE points to the Nashville Predators.  Give credit where credit is due, Pekka Rinne was outstanding tonight.  He made 31 saves, and looked great, it was really my first time watching him play, and I was quite impressed. The Jackets are now in seventh place…
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