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European Trophy starts today
European Trophy, Europe's premium club competition. Hungry for a Boxscore?     The Eurpoean Trophy kicks off today, continues Friday, and really picks up the pace early next week. Participating teams represent seven different countries.  Many of them have won relatively recent championships in their respective leagues. And some are…
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A Day with the Cup
I have heard all the wild stories about the Cup's summer travels, but this one is hard to top, the Cup visits Children's Hospital of Chicago. Photo album of the visit. The accompanying video.
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James Mirtle - Prrofreader
Hehe!   Who can spot the issue in today's @globeandmail... ? — James Mirtle (@mirtle) July 6, 2013
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Goaltending Development - Swedish Style
It has only been a few weeks since the CHL announced the ban on European goalie. At the time I was in Finland instructing and learning how to instruct in their system.  Since then a few articles have surfaced discussing the Swedish system of developing goaltenders.  The Finns view the…
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Why Hockey Organizations Trump All Others
In a world filled with Footballers being arrested, LeBron addressing his haters, and other HOT news stories, this ad in today's Boston Globe deserves as much attention.
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John Gibson at the 2013 IIHF WC’s
A continent away, Europe's season ending championship is taking place, with teams sourced by the 17th through 30th best teams from the NHL.  One player who is not from an NHL team is gathering some attention, this entry from the NYT Slap Shot Blog  discusses John Gibson at the 2013 IIHF World Championships.…
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Goaltending Montage to Set the Playoff Mood
A goaltending friend shared this Youtube video with me on a social media site. I DO NOT know much about the Youtube author titled, ShootAllGoalies (I think he means with a camera). I DO know the video has a playoff feel to it, and I hope the KK community enjoys.
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Tim Taylor - Amateur Coaching Icon Passes Away
As the eyes of the hockey world rivet themselves to the SC playoffs, a void in the world of amateur coaching has occurred.  Two weeks after Yale captured the NCAA D-1 title, former long time Yale coach Tim Taylor lost his battle with cancer.  While not an NHL coach, the…
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Houston, We Have a Problem
Although not a major league hockey city, Houston has supported a professional team since the 60's.  It appears that this year's Calder Cup Playoff will end that run. The story further describes the situation, and within that story is a link recounting hockey memories in the  U.S.'s fourth most populated city.
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Repeat Champions in the KHL
A continent away, International championships are well on their way to being determined. Most notable is the conclusion of the KHL, who yesterday crowned Dynamo Moscow champions for the second year in a row.  Story (in English) and 14 minutes of video highlights (in Russian) found here.
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Swedish Federation Blocks Soderberg to Boston
During the trade deadline, I think the Bruins counted Soderberg as part of their playoff run.  Then this occurrred. It is also curious to me that this occurs at the same time as Olympic participation talks are taking place. Here's the story from the local CBS station in Boston.
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Remembering Wayne Fleming
I think many of us anticipated this day would eventually come, but that anticipation does not mitigate the impact of the loss to the hockey world. In light of his international presence, I've chose this account from the IIHF.
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Gargarin Cup set to Start 02/20/2013
While the NHL regualr season is about 1/3rd compete (so to speak), the KHL wrapped up its regular season Sunday. The Gargarin Cup is set to start tomorrow.     The link below is in English language tracker,  starting with quarter round games.
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This Is SportsCenter - Henrik Lundqvist
Hank has been getting a lot of air time lately.  But this commercial combines two of my favorite things, Hockey and the Muppets.  In a twist of irony, some of Sports Center's best commercials are hockey based.  And for the record Linda Cohn is a goalie too.  
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It is Good to be King
King Henrik was rockin on Jimmy Fallon Friday night  
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The AHL gets it right honoring Sandy Hook
As the NHL ego parade continues, the AHL took the time to honor Sandy Hook victims in a unique way
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NHL Fans Should be Having This Much Fun
In this season of a no-season, a 5 minute escape from reality.  Jokerit fans travel to Turku for an SM-Liiga game. This is why I love the Finns! And 81 is a popular jersey number for Jokerit fans. Watch below.
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For the Goaltenders who call KK home.
I too am CBA talk weary.  At times like this, I embrace my what really turned me on to the sport in the first place, goaltending. In that spirit, here is a link to InGoal Magazine, the best online publication for goalies. There are plenty of articles on technique. All…
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J. J. Watt and Hockey
I've had my fill of 1) lockout news, and 2) turkey.   While filling with turkey, I had a side dish of football (sorry, tough break Lions fans). Reference was made to Houston Texan,  J.J. Watt's hockey background.  A short search (by my son) found this.
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Veterans Remembrance
To our US Vets, thanks for being our troops.    here is a piece from USA Hockey honor the day To our Canadian Vets who would frequent KK, thanks for being unwavering allis to our troops, , I'll have to go back a year to say it right (scroll to…
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