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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD PEDDIE got an exclusive interview with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment President and CEO Richard Peddie. Surprisingly, Peddie says he’d rather be stuck in a room with Leafs fans than with school teachers, “because they’re all passionate and they’d come with their faces painted.” CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!
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Introducing Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall may be less than two weeks removed from his 17th birthday, but he is already turning hockey heads as the projected first overall pick in his NHL Draft year. The amazing thing about this is that, because of his late birthday, Hall won’t be eligible to be drafted…
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Instigating a Plan for Head Shots
With the recent suspensions to Montreal Canadien Tom Kostopolous and Ottawa Senator Jarkko Ruutu for head shots, the NHL’s disciplinarian, Colin Campbell recently sent out a memo to all 30 teams reminding them that the league is not going to take head shots lightly. An excerpt of the memo stated,…
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