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What a Difference a Week Makes
From seemingly the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, the Flyers have seen it all since the regular season concluded. And if we have learned anything from this entertaining postseason ballad full of fresh sounding narratives it would be this: what a difference a week makes. Now facing…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 05/08/12 | Comments 0

Minus a Devilish foe, the Flyers look to maintain status quo
The big news surfacing out of Philadelphia this morning reverberated through the hockey-sphere quicker than a piece of glass can hit the floor of a New York Knicks visiting locker room: Ilya Kovalchuk will miss Game 2 due to a lower body injury sustained in the first round. This vicarious…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 05/01/12 | Comments 3

Another Atlantic Altercation Awaits - ECSF Preview
You might almost be inclined to call the Flyers lucky. The only way to overcome their defensive shortcomings versus the Penguins last round was to put on a supreme display of offensive and special teams work. The Flyers rose to the challenge in record breaking fashion, dominating Pittsburgh with a…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/27/12 | Comments 4

Game 6 Is a Must Win
Through the first three games of the series, the Flyers played like a team possessed. Up and down the lineup, the players all seemed to maintain the perfect underdog demeanor. They played like a team confident in their ability to come out on top when they executed, and even more…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/21/12 | Comments 0

PHI @ PIT: Game 5 - Believe
This one took a while. As the madness that was Game 4 unfolded, I found myself in complete awe of what was happening - and not in a furious manner. I was so genuinely blown away by what I was witnessing that I had completely scrapped my desire in the…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/20/12 | Comments 0

PIT @ PHI: ECQF Game 4 - Sweep dreams?
Regardless of how many wins and losses you may (or may not) have in a series and how much help you receive from the hockey gods along the way, it’s the decisive fourth win that is always the toughest to come by. Even when factoring in the Penguins rag-tag roster…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/18/12 | Comments 5

Flyers Mania is Running Wild!
Just when you thought the Pittsburgh Penguins couldn’t look any more defeated, the final blow was sent in true American fashion. “Watcha gonna do when Flyers Mania runs wild on you!?!?” bellowed Hulk Hogan to a raucous crowd of over 20,000, as a helpless Sidney Crosby could only muster a…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/16/12 | Comments 18

PIT @ PHI – ECQF G3 - (Orange) Crush Them
Before the series began, you likely would have been hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t have been satisfied with splitting the first two games in Pittsburgh. But after taking a 2-0 lead in this round 1 matchup in a rather dominating fashion, the Flyers are taking advantage of a…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/15/12 | Comments 1

ECQF Game 1: PHI @ PIT (It begins)
To some, the regular season might seem like an eternity. Others - such as myself - see it flash before their eyes in a haze of enjoyably meaninglessness, waiting for the real season to finally begin. Well I’m here to tell you (as if you didn’t already know. Please tell…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/11/12 | Comments 8

Sega NHL94 Tournament Update!
The first annual Flyers Faithful / Orange and Black Breakdown Sega NHL94 tournament is right around the corner, and this might be your last chance to sign up! As of today there were only a handful of open slots available for the tournament, which is set to take place on…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 04/02/12 | Comments 0

Game Day - FLA vs PHI
Flying high after a come-from-behind victory over the surging rival Penguins that ended their league-high winning streak, the Flyers will be facing a relatively hot Panthers team this evening with hopes of playing the role of streak-busters again. Florida has won four-straight, it’s longest such streak in almost four years…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 03/20/12 | Comments 0

Back in Bryzness + NHL94 Tourney!
A little over a month ago, if I would have told you that the Flyers would be heading into this past weekend’s brutal gauntlet of games riding a massive wave of emotional momentum caused by a record setting shutout streak by Ilya Bryzgalov, you probably would have laughed me into…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 03/19/12 | Comments 0

Streaking has Exposed the Flyers
In their most recent successful contest versus the Devils the other night, the evening concluded with a complete team effort in all facets of the game. It was the type of game that a player doesn’t mind watching again in the film room, because he knows he left it all…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 03/15/12 | Comments 0

Game 69: NJD @ PHI: Voracek Yo’self
Fresh off a well deserved 4-1 loss on the Rock, the Flyers get a chance to quickly make amends when they host the New Jersey Devils for the final time this regular season tonight at the Wells Fargo Center. I find it funny that I’m still having a hard time…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 03/13/12 | Comments 0

Consistently Inconsistent - NYI @ PHI
For the Flyers, this season has been highlighted by various inconsistencies and streaks. Once one aspect of their game seems to pull together, another facet seems to come unglued. The streaks haven’t usually been pretty either. Lately, goal-less droughts and come from behind efforts have been the primary focus of…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 03/01/12 | Comments 0

Flyers in a Fog
The Flyers Wives Carnival must have been pretty awkward for some of the players today. Sure, most of the fans are going to bubbly on the surface, happy to be face to face with some of their idols. Even those that would claim to be openly upset were probably more…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 02/20/12 | Comments 1

A meaningful game vs TOR
The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Philadelphia Flyers have had a relatively timid history in recent memory, but tonight should prove to be a nice change of pace. The Leafs actually have something to play for as the season winds down, and they find themselves well within striking distance of…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 02/09/12 | Comments 2

Fight of the Fours - NSH @ PHI
Clear your schedules - the red hot Nashville Predators are in town. This Music City Miracle - winners of five in a row while sporting an impressive 11-2 record in the month of January - stands as a true test of playoff potential for the Flyers. Arguably one of the…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 02/02/12 | Comments 0

Flying South
Fresh off one of the most exciting games the Flyers have played this season, this rookie-loaded squad with a hint of vets will take to the ice to face a Florida Panthers team that somehow still stands amongst the top of the Southeast Division, regardless of their 3-4-3 record in…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 01/24/12 | Comments 0

Tonight, the Flyers head to Long Island to take on a team they’ve been dominating since Nassau Coliseum was a relevant piece of architecture in the sporting world, or so it would seem. Philly - 3-1 in their last four games – looks to continue its Long Island lockdown as…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 01/12/12 | Comments 0

Looking Back on a Classic
Even though the weekend’s festivities may have ended with a rather somber come-from-behind victory for the New York Rangers, both the city of Philadelphia and the Flyers organization should look back on this weekend with a sense of immense pride. Since the weekend has come and gone and we’ve all…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 01/04/12 | Comments 1

Winter Classic - Pre-game Quick Notes
It’s the first Monday of 2012, and all the talk around Philadelphia is the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic. Not the mummers. Not (really) the eagles. Not the Phillies, unless if course they were talking about how Roy Halladay saved a man from an anaconda attack the other day. We’re set…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 01/02/12 | Comments 3

‘Twas the eve of the Classic…
‘Twas the eve of the classic, and all through Eastern PA Not a hockey fan slept, anxious instead for the day. Because believe it or not, there’s a Flyers game outside; And it was for all too see - not just the nation, but worldwide. So instead of sleeping, and…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 01/02/12 | Comments 0

Flyers victorious in Alumni Game
The sellout crowd of 45,808 rose to its feet; and just like that, the most anticipated beer league hockey game to ever grace the streets of Philadelphia had come to an end. Quite the setting for a hockey game..
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 12/31/11 | Comments 0

Hockey Thoughts from a Baseball Field
Today was the first day I was able to take in the scene first hand at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, and it did not disappoint. If it hasn’t hit you yet, it is official: The Winter Classic is back. The view from Section 317, Row 1. Beautiful. Pictures, Panoramic…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 12/30/11 | Comments 2

Game 32: PHI @ COL
Ben Holmstom centering Rinaldo and Harry Z. Let that sink in, because that’s one of your Flyers lines tonight. Needless to say, the Flyers - remarkably 8-2-0 in their last 10 and first place in the Eastern conference - are taking the ice with yet another newcomer to the fold;…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 12/19/11 | Comments 0

24/7 Flyers-Rangers: Episode 1 Preview
Ever since it’s poetic conclusion last season, hockey fans everywhere have been clamoring for another inside look at an NHL team through the 24/7 lens of HBO. Puckheads and casual viewers alike found themselves wanting more, a notion cemented with a Sports Emmy for outstanding edited sports series – the…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 12/14/11 | Comments 0

Game 27: PIT @ PHI (Series tied 0-0)
PITTSBURGH SUCKS. …Now that we’ve got your attention, it’s time to prepare yourself as one of the fiercest rivalries in the NHL begins a new chapter with the Atlantic division lead on the line. To help fuel the flames for this playoff-esque matchup, Vince and I are here to give…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 12/08/11 | Comments 0

#FF Flyer Friday - “What Can Be..”
Thus far this week, we’ve talked about what was and we’ve covered what is; but when all is said and done, it all comes down to what can be. The Flyers have gone far too long without rewarding the diligence of their franchise and city with a Stanley Cup, but…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 12/02/11 | Comments 0

Looking back on ‘What Was’
With that loss to the Rangers this past weekend, the Flyers have had a few days off to recharge before a long grind that will culminate with the Winter Classic on January 2nd. It comes at around the quarter mark of the season, giving us the perfect chance to recap…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 11/30/11 | Comments 0

Flyers Winter Classic Jerseys Revealed!
Tonight the Flyers will take on the Carolina Hurricanes; but that isn’t the big news out of Philly today. The Winter Classic Jerseys we confirmed last week have been made official! Official Flyers Winter Classic Jerseys What do you think? Why I love it after the jump
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 11/21/11 | Comments 5

#FF Flyer Friday – Flyerside Chats (Make-a-Wish Edition)
So I was gonna start writing this post for our Flyerside chats today, but I decided to sit 200 feet away from my computer while still trying to complete my objective. Because of this it took me a lot longer to get started than I had initially anticipated. I could…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 11/11/11 | Comments 0

Game 15: PHI @ TB
As the Flyers head into Tampa Bay tonight, all of the focus seems to be squarely on the back end, and for good reason. Not only does it look like Chris Pronger will make his return tonight, but reports out of Philadelphia indicate that Braydon Coburn is now a much…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 11/09/11 | Comments 0

Welcome Back Prong Daddy?
Fresh off a dominating win over the Columbus Blue Jackets that practically sent their coach packing, the Flyers are seemingly in line to get a huge boost on the blue line.  Eric Wellwood has been sent back to the Phantoms, leaving a roster spot wide open for a certain game…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 11/07/11 | Comments 3

Game 11: CAR @ PHI
Carolina has rolled into town with familiar faces throughout the lineup. Can the Flyers continue their reign of dominance over the Hurricanes and break out of the slump tonight? Take shelter from the snowy weather with this game preview after the jump.
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/29/11 | Comments 0

#FF: Flyer Friday (New and Improved Formula!)
Initially, the plan with this column was to take a more relaxed approach to the topics swirling around the Flyers, but it didn’t really work out that way. With the addition of Vindisi to The OBB, that plan is back in action. So if you’re looking for a way to…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/28/11 | Comments 1

Game 7: STL @ PHI
The last time the Flyers took the ice for a game, the Washington Capitals brought them back down to earth. Still sitting rather pretty with a 4-1-1 record, it’s time for this bunch to sing the sweet song of redemption at the expense of a rather gullible opponent.
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/22/11 | Comments 0

Schenn-sational Depth
Just when we thought we had it all figured out, the Flyers made another roster move. At the expense of Harry Z and Rinaldo, Brayden Schenn has been added to the youthful mix of forwards. What does this mean for Schenn and the crowded group of forwards? Let’s discuss.
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/19/11 | Comments 0

Harry Z and Cooter drop their G-cards
(Sorry I’m not sorry if this page gets some extra hits thanks to the porn-esque title) One helluva game if you are a Flyers fan.  Only line to not have 2 of its forwards score was the 2nd line.  Danny missed on one gift-wrapped chance thanks to a heads up…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/19/11 | Comments 2

Game 5: 10-18-11 PHI @ OTT
Please help me in welcoming my good friend Vince AKA Vindisi to the OBB team. He’ll be joining me to provide even more coverage of the Flyers going forward, starting right now with his first gameday post. A man who won’t be mincing words, you can find him with a…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/18/11 | Comments 0

#FF Flyer Friday - The Curious Case of Sean Couturier
For years leading up to this season, it seemed the only major chink in the Philadelphia Flyers armor has been goaltending. But hiding just beyond eyesight of many and deep within the armor itself was a bruised farm system, greatly affecting performance with its inability to provide the right type…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/14/11 | Comments 3

Game 2: PHI @ NJ – It’s Officially Hockey Season
Yes, the puck officially dropped the other day; but with the stunning defeat of the Phillies, it’s now officially hockey season in Philadelphia. I’m talking a little baseball, a lot of hockey and Game 2 vs the New Jersey Devils (7 ET – MSG, CSN Philly) after the jump
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/08/11 | Comments 0

TGIF – Thank God It’s Fly-day
After months of preparation, even more speculation, pints and pints of perspiration and endless hours of aggravation, hockey is back. Let that sink in. Hockey. Is. Back. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, after the jump we discuss the opening night tilt vs the Defending Stanley Cup…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/06/11 | Comments 0

Making Sense of the Roster
The Flyers are in the process of finalizing their lineup by way of waivers, but there are still many questions that have been left unanswered. Let’s see if we can make some sense of it all before the opening day roster is set in stone.
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 10/04/11 | Comments 1

Finally: PHI @ TOR (Preseason Game 1)
At long last, the Flyers hit the ice for a somewhat meaningful contest tonight. What can we expect?
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 09/20/11 | Comments 0

James van Re-signed – A breakdown
It’s been about 24 hours since James van Riemsdyk signed his monster six-year, $25.5 million deal for the Philadelphia Flyers. After just 11 pressure packed playoff games in which he led the offense, he’s been given an extension that will make him the forward with the longest contract, forgoing four…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 08/31/11 | Comments 3

James van Re-signed – A breakdown
It’s been about 24 hours since James van Riemsdyk signed his monster six-year, $25.5 million deal for the Philadelphia Flyers. After just 11 pressure packed playoff games in which he led the offense, he’s been given an extension that will make him the forward with the longest contract, forgoing four…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 08/31/11 | Comments 0

#FF: Flyer Friday - The Hurricane Edition
Welcome to the Hurricane Irene edition of Flyer Friday, or #FF for you twitter freaks (shameless twitter pimp). This week I’ll cover a whirlwind of Flyers news with the eye of the storm focusing on some topics within crease (last of the hurricane jokes, I swear). It’s Friday so the…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 08/26/11 | Comments 0

Camp Is Approaching
The Flyers have made a few announcements regarding training camp, which is right around the corner. First, they confirmed that the Flyers and Capitals will one again be playing a prospects game, this time located at the Wells Fargo Center. Then, they announced that they have invited center Michael Nylander…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 08/17/11 | Comments 5

Welcome to the Flyers: Ilya Bryzgalov
The Flyers, notorious for their goaltending woes, have finally made a drastic move to stabilize their net presence. But before you can even begin an honest discussion about the new Flyers goalie, you have to get some talking points out of the way that seem to be looming over the…
Posted by Marc Siciliano on 08/12/11 | Comments 8

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