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The Big OO, AHL Reebok Rookie of the Month
Bears’ Osala named Reebok Edge/AHL Rookie of the Month Looks like Oskar Osala is finally getting the recognition he deserves.  This kid has the entire package, size and a knack for scoring goals. When is this kid going to get a shot in the big club? Next year?
Posted by Navarath on 12/02/08 | Comments 0

Burke crowned ‘Dancing With the Stars’ queen
I just saw come across the yahoo wire: Burke crowned ‘Dancing With the Stars’ queen Did the Toronto GM job fall through?
Posted by Navarath on 11/26/08 | Comments 0

Quick - call the webmaster - Greiss called up?
With the news that Nabokov was potentially injured, I quickly grabbed Greiss up in my hockey pool, just in case.  I then went to check out his stats on the Worcester Sharks webpage and noticed that he had a large red X next to his name.  Usually, this means a…
Posted by Navarath on 11/07/08 | Comments 0

Nathan Gerbe - Future Talent on the Way
Has there ever been such a dynamic and enthusiastic prospect as Nathan Gerbe before?  Last night he potted 3 goals to lead Portland over Worcester.  It isn’t just his scoring or his disproportionate size to most other players that makes him shine, but rather his Favre like enthusiasm approach to…
Posted by Navarath on 11/06/08 | Comments 0