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Dustin Penner: He’s Not THAT Good
Yahoo`s Puck Daddy decided to dedicate more time than deserved to the lazy-sack-of-crap Dustin Penner, wondering why/when Penner is going to start producing for the Kings. Ever since the Oilers delivered trucks of money to Penner to join their club, the guy has been, somewhat unfairly, expected to be a…
Posted by JesGolbez on 11/02/11 | Comments 11

James Neal: The New Brian Savage?
After a tweet by`s Brian Metzer about James Neal`s stats in October(s), I joked that perhaps Mr. Neal is the new Mr. Savage. Thus far, Neal has 5 points in 5 games to start the season. Is there something to this comparison? Let`s look at Neal`s career month-by-month splits…
Posted by JesGolbez on 10/14/11 | Comments 6

Enver Lisin - NHL’s Worst Defensive Forward?
Enver Lisin, a 2nd round pick of the Coyotes back in 2004, is supposed to be a part of the team’s future. He’s got a lot of speed, that’s for sure. The problem? he’s been hurting his team in the present, a LOT. Over the course of his short career,…
Posted by JesGolbez on 03/17/09 | Comments 0