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Sweet, Sweet Silence
I'm sure the Emperor was going to get to this soon, but I relish the opportunity to beat him to this particular punch.  I stayed up last night just in case I had the chance to witness, and listen to, this... From Mark Kiszla, Denver Post.  There’s no sound sadder…
Posted by IwoCPO on 06/09/21 | Comments 11

I'm not sure the exact day, or even year, Steve Yzerman took over as Tampa's GM.  I do know, however, that it coincided with the first day I predicted, and began to publicly beg, that he take over the same position in Detroit. I have a sneaking suspicion that, grammatically,…
Posted by IwoCPO on 05/20/21 | Comments 15

Best GM In Hockey Doing Best GM In Hockey Things
Oh dear.  SY may be a great GM (or not), his free pass for me is expired. From here on - results baby, own your wins, own your suck! That's one of us, just moments ago.  Laying down the law, letting Steve Yzerman know he is...on...the...clock.  Leeway...gone.  Benefit of the…
Posted by IwoCPO on 05/19/21 | Comments 30

Pouring Gas On A Rebuild
I can only imagine a quiet seething.  Earlier in the year, before his recent improvement, when we watched Anthony Mantha float, lend a hapless defensive effort now and again, a passive presence around the net for a guy wh's 6'5, 230 or whatever he weighs.  When I saw that enigma-like…
Posted by IwoCPO on 04/12/21 | Comments 14

Prove How Smart You Are By Never Doubting Steve Yzerman
I'm pretty sure that by the end of Tick Tock Kenny Holland's reign, or run, as GM of the greatest franchise in American sports history, I could have been a better GM.  Don't get all sad and angsty about that. It's just my opinion and never once, not ever, have…
Posted by IwoCPO on 03/17/21 | Comments 26

Strickland Chimes In…Of Course
Yeah. I've been watching.  And it's been tough.  I'm not talking about the losing. We expected that and I have like 5000 percent confidence in the Rightful GM and what he will do for us and our famililes.  No. I'm not talking about the losing. I'm talking about our Uncle…
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/03/19 | Comments 8

Sunday Z Day
Here we go. Two days after speculation ran rampant regarding Jiri Hudler's status as the legitimate son of one Robert Kraft, Flip Zadina makes his debut in the adopted and long-time hometown of Detroit Red Wing general manager (unofficial) Steve Yzerman.  Most likely Gus Nyquist's last game as a Wing…
Posted by IwoCPO on 02/24/19 | Comments 65

I'm only a fan. Just a fan. I'm going to tell you what I want from a deckplate perspective, a fan's point of view.  I'm going to tell you and it's going to offend a few of you and that's ok. So...Here is what the Red Wings need to do,…
Posted by IwoCPO on 02/20/19 | Comments 95

First, Last And Dats
In the event you haven't noticed, the Wings sit dead last in the NHL.   Jersey, Ottawa and Chicago all share point totals (43) but have all played more games.  Somewhere, in a house in suburban Detroit, the Red Wing GM (the secret one) must be sitting and silently hoping, or…
Posted by IwoCPO on 01/22/19 | Comments 110

Where We Stand
Charles Ingalls, after a trip to Mankado or maybe a day in the fields, or even an afternoon downtown spreading optimism amongst the Walnut Grove regulars who had to deal with that Olsen bitch on the daily, would often discuss the NHL standings around the dinner table. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 01/11/19 | Comments 86

Pricey Live Blog
Carey Price is being punished for opting out of the shrew's skill competition. He'll miss the game before or after the circle jerk but... "It's not a suspension," Bergevin said. "I had a discussion with the League again this morning." That's from NHL.COM and I'm curious, Marc, what you'd call…
Posted by IwoCPO on 01/08/19 | Comments 67

It’s Sunday Afternoon. Slow Down.
A matinee affair against the best team in the league not formerly managed by Steve Yzerman, current (but secret) general manager of the Detroit Red Wings. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 01/06/19 | Comments 64

Failure At The News
Don't think for a second that this is the first sign of abject, absolute decay at the Detroit News, but it's the one that will affect us the most.  Smart guys saw it happening years ago and got out. I know that for a fact.  The Detroit News is dead…
Posted by IwoCPO on 01/05/19 | Comments 4

Jimmah, Mantha, Green and Ovie
As I redolently perused the emperor's samplings from this afternoon, a few items caught my eye and I'll grace you with my views on each of them right now, if you care to continue past the page break. See 19 of you in a matter of seconds. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 01/04/19 | Comments 103

It's New Year's Eve. There is hockey in Detroit, as it should be.  I seem to recall a traditional game against the Blackhawks, but I could be wrong on that.  Do I have resolutions? Yes.  My resolution begins with a Y, ends with an N and includes a letter that…
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/31/18 | Comments 220

Minnesotans Are Garbage Singers
You're thinking to yourselves, "does he actually think the Wings are playing the Walnut Grove sisters tonite?" I don't. You're just going to have to stick with me on this. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/27/18 | Comments 83

Trap Game
By all accounts, one day after losing to Florida at home, missing 1/3 of our team, generally managed by George Burns until Steven Yzerman officially takes over? By all accounts this is the Wings' game to lose. Therefore it's a Trap Game. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/23/18 | Comments 59

Gary’s Christmas Present
Two weekends ago, I think, Gary gave to me a back-to-back that included overnight travel and a game in Washington against the Cup champs. Now with three days before Christmas?
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/22/18 | Comments 45

The Grass Is Greener
As Mike Green goes, so go the Wings. Primis pointed it out in the comment section this morning and it's right on. I don't recall ever seeing the Wings so obviously affected by the presence or absence of one player in or from their lineup. Can you? Serious question.
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/20/18 | Comments 73

Good God…Not a First-Ever Start
You do realize the Red Wings are 1-78 against goalies making their first career start? The sole victory coming against a non-descript, middling tender from the St. Louis organization in 1988 named Dick. Nobody remembers his last name. I made that up. All of it. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/18/18 | Comments 78

Big 5-0 Means a Very Brief LB
It's been a bit of a 48 hour celebration of my 50th and I promised I'd never post when drinking (commenting? That's fine). So...
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/15/18 | Comments 115

This Is A Blutarski Game
Zero Point Zero Zero. That's the chance we have of winning tonight in DC. Fat, drunk and stupid is how many of us meander through life, but it's no way to win a hockey game. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/11/18 | Comments 69

PBR Heals All Wounds
I was told today that with a (half) marathon staring me in the face on my 50th birthday this Saturday, I should be drinking a lot of water. That's because I have a bit of a cold that is lingering a bit too long.
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/10/18 | Comments 57

Altering Expectations
Keep KK running. Help out if you can.  Comfortable in his office somewhere in Little Caeser's Arena, Ken Holland is scouting out homes in suburban Seattle, itchy to buy and get his next life started.  A few miles away in suburban Detroit, Red Wing GM Steve Yzerman is strumming his…
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/08/18 | Comments 89

Beating People Up Is Fun
That's the message the guy who used to be the "nice Mike Babcock" is sending.  It's one we endorse, for the most part, because we're hockey fans and fans of a team that used to do a lot of that.  There was a time when the Wings were a middle…
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/04/18 | Comments 127

Oh…They’re Relevant Now?
The Avalanche are 15-6-5.  Young fast, beloved by the die hard Dive fans who aren't really die hard because that team was forgotten when they started to suck then ignored as they rebuilt.  But now that they've done what Chicago and Pittsburgh did years ago? They're back to being adored…
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/02/18 | Comments 46

Bad Men In Boston
Kind of quietly, this has become the team the Wings can't beat when they play in the place the Wings can't win.
Posted by IwoCPO on 12/01/18 | Comments 131

On The Captain and Jimmuh And Righting The Ship
Running a little late tonight. Because I was cooking. I cook now, for my family.  They wanted stir fry, so I cooked them stir fry. I absolutely hate stir fry  I also hate the Blues.  Actually, I hate Blues fans. Is "hate" too strong a term? Did I offend you?…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/28/18 | Comments 121

Monday Is The New Saturday
Tonight would be a nice time to defeat a team from Columbus and that's all I'm gonna say about that. The Diggers are saying our power play isn't what it was at the beginning of the year when it was so prolific during a 7-game winless streak. Not enough pure…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/26/18 | Comments 84

This Is A Live Blog
I'm writing this at 0922 and scheduling it to post at 1800. I'm being an adult. Taking care of my responsibilities in the event catastrophe strikes. If you're reading this, Michigan lost.   I hope you never read this, or anything as disgusting as this. If you are reading it, I…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/24/18 | Comments 72

Hail To The Upstarts and Hail To The Victors.
The Wings have lost five one-goal games. Three of those were in regulation.  If they'd won those, we'd be looking at and talking about a team that is 13-6-2.  I wonder. If we were talking about a 13-6-2 team would we be reading stuff like this... "It’s not just the…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/23/18 | Comments 58

Road, Meet Rubber
Helene and Ansar and Teddy and Greg(g) keep telling us that this little run has been nice, but tough times await.  The gales of November, they've warned, are sure to arrive on schedule. Tattle tale sounds and Whitefish bay, fat cooks and somber Detroy-et cathedrals all beckon.  Because the tough…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/21/18 | Comments 83

I NOW Consider Myself An Elite Streak Killer
I knew when I sent the text that bad things were on the horizon. Thursday afternoon I wrote Paul that I was working late and would not be able to host the always riveting Live Blog here on A2Y (est 2005, visited by 19 people daily). Paul swore at me,…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/17/18 | Comments 107

You Can’t Have It All
Really? You haven't looked? Not once? Oh there are a few of you...sage, high brow. Experts.  A few of you who like to lecture us in the comments about the things we just can't see, the organizational vision, the subtleties.  But they've looked too.  At the standings. Liar.  You have.…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/13/18 | Comments 122

Steve? They’re Coming Around
Red Wing Captain Dylan Larkin, as yet unnamed as it's clearly in Steve Yzerman's as yet unsigned but very present contract to make the coronation himself upon assuming responsibilites as Detroit Red Wing General Manager, a position unfilled for nearly a decade...Dylan Larkin won another game last night.  And not…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/10/18 | Comments 95

We Have No Appetite For Tweeners, Kenny
There was an optional skate in Detroit this morning. Captains participate, which is why Dylan Larkin was there; because he's the captain of the Detroit Red Wings.  You don't have to declare that, Jeff, it's ok.  Save that for whichever coach Steve Yzerman has already hired to lead this team…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/09/18 | Comments 104

Employment Issues
You really have to just sit back and think about it.  Joel Quenneville is out of work.  And Jeff Blashill is happy and warm, safe and secure. Employed. It's just kind of weird. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/06/18 | Comments 149

Don’t Even Talk About It
To quote Norman Dale, the idea of the Detroit Red Wings winning four in a row in the year of our Yzerman, minus Yzerman, is so beyond our wildest dreams that we'll just leave it out there, undiscussed.  Red Wing captain, Dylan Larkin, will be going head to head against…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/03/18 | Comments 78

I NOW Consider The Red Wings On Fire
Steve Yzerman should call whoever he's already hired to coach the Wings next year and let him know Dylan Larkin is going to be the next captain of the Detroit Red Wings.  Larkin is playing like Yzerman expects a Red Wing to play, especially a leader.  He's captain material, probably…
Posted by IwoCPO on 11/01/18 | Comments 98

Streaking Through America’s Most Disgusting City
Columbus is a shithole.   It's close enough to late November for me to just say that, outright.  It's a terrible place inhabited by the world's worst sports fans. Worse than Denver, back when they used to care about hockey. Worse than St. Louis, where their most popular hockey blog poked…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/30/18 | Comments 144

“Nobody is Happy.”
You saw that? Me too. And Thomas Vanek continued he said no one is having fun.  Well, you're kind of getting paid,'re having at least a little fun. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/26/18 | Comments 181

Healthier, Happier
We will see. The Big E appears to be in the lineup tonight. Actually, he may have been in against Florida. I just don't know. I was recovering from the Michigan game, or celebrating. I don't remember.  Either way, the all juvenile blue line is now a nice mixture of…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/22/18 | Comments 166

All Is Well
We have a coach some of you feel needs to stay right where he is.  We have media afraid to point out the fact that those who think the coach should stay are dumb. And we have a GM who, thankfully, isn't looking over his shoulder... THN: Does the Steve…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/18/18 | Comments 170

Deep Diggers To The Rescue
Quite the odd coincidence yesterday. If you think Ted Kulfan, Ansar Khan(!) and Helene St. James don't read KK, you're crazy.  They do. Do they specifically read A2Y? I'd bet they do not. But on the rare occasions something pops up on the main page (I say rare because I…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/17/18 | Comments 51

It's looking like it might be a good idea to fire Jeff Blashill.  Rebuilding is one thing, ask Ron Gardenhire. By all accounts, the Tigers had a losing season but played the right way.  By the same accounts, the Red Wings are going to have a losing season of epic…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/16/18 | Comments 27

Youth Best Served Cold
Well, the two young stud forwards we expected to lead the parade down Woodward in 30 Tuesdays or so?  Well, let's just hold off on that for a quick minute.  Flip Zabina is improving in Grand Rapids, and seeing him start the year down (across) there isn't a tremendous surprise. …
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/15/18 | Comments 205

Taking On Water
Let's not get crazy.  The main hatchway has not given in. Yet. But the gales of November may, indeed, be coming early. The crew is good, but our well seasoned captain is gone.  What used to be the pride of the American side could very well be again when another,…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/13/18 | Comments 159

Exactly What We’d Expect
Last night was more of an idea of what the rest of the season will bring us.  Plenty of energy, plenty of shots, missed opportunities. Goaltending that is good enough to keep us in it, but not quite good enough to win a game on its own.  Jimmy Howard doesn't…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/08/18 | Comments 94

It’s Early October, Of Course You’ll Stay Up
If the Lions had blown a 24 point lead to Green Bay today, I might have been in a deep stupor by now.  I'm pretty sure I would not have handled that well.  But...they didn't. And here we are. 
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/07/18 | Comments 147

Early October Was Made For Optimism And BJs At Home
Will Andersen looked at the group of young punkass cowboy wannabes and he told them that the first day after school let out they were to report to him at 5am with a bed roll, a couple good ropes and a horse, if they had one.  And then he told…
Posted by IwoCPO on 10/04/18 | Comments 231

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