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Ovechkin situation a bit murky

By now, we’ve all seen the “push” from behind that Alexander Ovechkin delivered upon Brian “Soupy” Campbell on Sunday.  Ovechkin received five for boarding, a game misconduct and an automatic ejection.  Campbell received a broken clavicle and broken ribs and will miss the remainder of the season.  It’s also believed that he has suffered a grade 2 concussion.  This is Ovechkin’s third game misconduct of the season and his second for boarding, but contrary to public opinion, it does NOT carry a mandatory suspension.  We will, though, get to see what Colin Campbell is made of after playing his “consistency” card last week.

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Ovechkin v Gleason III

Tonight will be the third of six meetings between the Washington Capitals and the Carolina Hurrianes.  In each of the previous two meetings, Alexander Ovechkin has found a way to injure Hurricanes defenseman Tim Gleason.  Tonight, the crafty Russian will have another chance.

On November 30, in Raleigh, Ovechkin showed a bit of his reckless side when he instigated a knee-on-knee hit on Gleason that resulted in a bigger injury for the hitter than the hittee.  Gleason missed one shift, while Ovechkin was ejected and handed a two-game suspension. 

On December 11, in DC, Gleason suffered a nasty cut on the mouth after an Ovechkin slapshot caromed off Gleason’s stick and right into his face.  Obviously, AO didn’t do this on purpose, but it was kind of strange.  The injury kept Gleason out of the game for one period and he returned to score a dramatic shorthanded goal that forced overtime.  He would later miss a few games with concussion-like symptoms.

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Ovechkin’s suspension

On Tuesday, Colin Campbell grew a pair and the league announced that superstar Alex Ovechkin will be hit with a two game suspension for his actions Monday night in Raleigh.  This is Ovechkin’s first suspension, but hardly the first time he’s been involved in some questionable play.  His star status has protected him a couple of times in the past, but finally, the league has decided to make the superstar sit (even though he would probably sit out with a sore knee anyway).

While some are complaining that the suspension is unfair and others are complaining that it’s not enough, I’m okay with it.  Sure, somebody like Laraque gets five for the same thing, but until now, Ovie wasn’t in the NHL’s “naughty” book.  The next time (and there WILL be a next time), he might get a longer suspension.  The next time, he might end up injuring himself even more than he did this time.  But the point of the suspension is to try to make sure there isn’t a next time.  Ovechkin has to understand that his reckless brand of play puts the careers of other players and even his own career in jeopardy. 

The key thing that some people are forgetting when they say “the suspension is moot because he’s going to sit out with injury anyway” is that Ovechkin will have to forfeit salary for those two games.  And don’t forget about the mandatory but nominal $200 fine imposed by the league for the game misconduct.

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Ovechkin ejected against Canes

Alex Ovechkin has been given a five minute major and a game misconduct for a knee-on-knee hit on the Canes’  Tim Gleason.  This is the second major penalty for Ovechkin in less than a week.  On Wednesday, he was given a five minute major and game misconduct for boarding Patrick Kaleta of the Sabres.  Here’s the knee-on-knee hit with Gleason:

Ovechkin wasn’t suspended after the Kaleta incident, presumably because Kaleta wasn’t seriously injured.  In a bizarre twist, Kaleta himself was suspended for two games after he was guilty of boarding the Flyers’ Jared Ross on Friday.

Double standard?  Sure.  When you’re a superstar, you get special treatment.   

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