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The big three: should old acquaintance be forgot?

We thought The Big Three was thing of the past, to be contemplated only to the tune of Auld Lang Syne: Patrick Marleau, Joe Thornton and Dany Heatley playing on the same line.  Apparently, the number three never dies.  It is as big today as ever it was:

“We have to have the understanding that three is a very important number for us. Three is the be-all and end-all,” McLellan said. “It’s either hurting us when we give up three or helping us when we score three.” -Working the Corners

Like a holy trinity, three goals are the secret to everything:  “the first to three,” “a 3-2 league,” “the most dangerous lead.”  Well, that last one is pretty old.  I like it because it illustrates my reason for being highly suspicious of any psychological or predictive theory that turns a number into a grail:  you get ahead by three and you get sloppy.  It’s hogwash, of course.  A team can fall apart or get it together at any time, but people take it into their heads and their hearts and give it power.

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The Church

Wednesday, I went with a friend to watch the Sharks beat the Blackhawks.  I imagine a loss must be in the cards for me one day this season, but so far so good.  My friend (who had not been to a game for a very long time) commented that I did not have enough fan gear on.  I did not understand how he could miss the loud teal eyeshadow, teal shirt and Sharks scarf, but I guess he expected a fan to wear a jersey.  He had good reason: a whole lot of people wear jerseys to games.  Our colors are how we know each other, they create an inflated sense of kinship that, for the evening, goes well beyond a common rooting interest.  To me, it feels like religion.  This isn’t a novel concept, I know, but it’s a new feeling for me, since I’m not religious.

Before leaving Vancouver, I wanted to go to a Canucks game.  But when Sunday night came, I almost had to blindfold and sedate myself to get out of the hotel.  I was reluctant to leave my laptop, my only sure connection to the imminent Sharks game.  Kicking and screaming on the inside and reminding myself I could watch the Sharks game when I got home, I dragged myself down the street until I fell in with a bunch of Canucks fans.

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