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What’s old is not new

Last week I wondered who would start better, older players or younger ones in the NHL?  That's what I was wondering as I watched the Sharks win their first game of the season.  The win was terribly exciting and a lot of fun to watch.  The joy and excitement even got through the haze of non-hockey distraction that overwhelmed me this past weekend.  But that was yesterday.  Back to the present question, and I don't mean Scott Gomez.  That has yet to be answered and cannot be measured with fuzzy math.  The answer to my question depends, of course, on how you define "better," and also what you call "older."

"Better:" Scoring goals is important, but helping someone score a goal is important too.  Things is,  it's much easier to scan a day's results and find the goal scorers.  So we'll go with goals.  That leaves out goalies but this isn't a scientific investigation and everyone knows goalies are different.

"Older:" This is a lot more difficult than I anticipated when I first asked this question.   Work as you might, your body will start slipping when you hit 30.  But many of the NHL's top players are at or near that mark, so it isn't fair to say 30 is "older."  On average, there are more players playing under 30 than over, but the guys who are still playing over 30 are probably exceptional, there's a reason they are still playing.  The best 28 year old players can still demand ridiculous big contracts, 28 can't be "old."  If you scan the bios of active NHL skaters, and go to page 9 of the 18+ pages, you're in the 28-29 year range.  So there, that's where I'll draw my line: 29 is "older."  Someone get me a walker.

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