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Laraque on the CHLPA

Georges Laraque has always been known as a talker. Even while playing for the Edmonton Oilers, Laraque was all over the Edmonton radio waves, and not just in sports interviews. No, Laraque was often featured on the various popular music stations sharing his opinions on a variety of topics. That was a trend that continued as Laraque ventured into veganism and helping those affected by natural disaster in Haiti. 

Now, Laraque has a new topic and a new title; Executive Director of the CHLPA. As the director, Laraque has been speaking for the CHLPA and what they are looking to acheive including this interview given with Jason Gregor of the Team 1260:

Those players have a right to an education. They want to create a union to make sure that this (education) will be a main focus. We are talking about 1300 kids in which about 98% of them won’t play in the NHL; I think it’s reasonable for them to at least fight for their education.

Just for an example to throw, look for the Quebec Major League website they talk about how the 18 teams in the Quebec League have spent $400,000 (on education) which is less than the $25,000/team. If you look in the Western League all of the numbers are shown there, the Western Hockey League has spent over $600,000 between 22 teams which is less than $30,000/team.

In the Quebec League there are over 45 million tickets sold and in the Western League there are over 50 million tickets sold. Then if you look at the stick budget, which is more than $50,000/yr how does that make sense? We spend more money on sticks than education.

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Georges Laraque Is Serious About a Comeback

If you weren’t in the Edmonton area Wednesday night, you likely didn’t get to hear Georges Laraque speaking with Jason Gregor on the Team 1260. In this nearly 20 minute long interview Laraque discusses his health issues, his desire to get another chance to end his career on his own terms, and how he feels he could help the Oilers more than any other team in the league next season:

Because you have such a young team, you need somebody to protect the core and you need a role player like me. I won’t take somebody’s roster spot because you are an extra, and everything you do is extra. It’s almost like a bonus. I’d be there to complement those guys, to get them to play bigger, play more freely and not be afraid of being run around.

Look at the years that the Oilers had all of their success with Dave Semenko. I know that he could play and that he was a good player but the role hasn’t changed. LA does it for one, they have Westgarth, and even though he didn’t play in the Stanley Cup Finals the reason why all of those guys were able to play in the playoffs and they were healthy was because he was protecting them all year.

The tough guy has an important role to play in the regular season games. He has to ensure that when playoff time comes all of those guys (skilled players) are healthy and they are not hampered by injury due to other teams taking advantage of them. They can play the game without having to worry about anything and that is what my role will be; to make sure that the young Oilers team, if they make the playoffs, that the guys are healthy because they didn’t get banged around all season long.

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