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#FF Flyer Friday – Flyerside Chats (Make-a-Wish Edition)

So I was gonna start writing this post for our Flyerside chats today, but I decided to sit 200 feet away from my computer while still trying to complete my objective. Because of this it took me a lot longer to get started than I had initially anticipated. I could change up my methods, but why should I if someone will eventually bring my computer to me? I’ll still be fine, regardless of how much slower the day goes. Maybe I’ll make a wish on this, the day of 11/11. Yep…

We’re talking the trap, Coburn’s extension, Winter Classic and much more after the jump. Hopefully by the time your page loads after the jump someone will have brought me my computer…

Marc: What’s your take on the game in Tampa?

Vindisi: I find this method that Tampa Bay uses a detriment to the league.  One of my reasons behind it…what happens if two teams went against each other playing this passive style.  Someone has to be the push man in that approach.  With no aggressive forecheck though, the game becomes a chess match and an overall stalemate.  It surely won’t win you over with the casual fans let alone the diehards.  We want/need action in this sport. 

The beauty of the major sports leagues in general is the tactical moves that are done at incredible speeds.  The NBA instituted a lane violation for standing in the lane for more than 3 seconds in order to open up the lane for more scoring.  Same with football, they eliminated the clutching and grabbing that goes on with the defenders to the first 5 yards before you have to play them straight up.  The Same goes for hockey as they eliminated the clutching and grabbing, but it is now time for the league to institute a rule to have the defense not sit back and wait for a counter-attack.  Sports are played for entertainment purposes, and once that gets lost in the shuffle simply for the sake of winning a game, than the overall sport starts to suffer.

Do you feel the same way as I do in this issue, or am I simply overreacting to an issue that really hasn’t helped Tampa win anything?

Marc: I agree that games like this won’t win you any casual fans, but I actually thought that as a diehard fan these tactics added an incredible layer of drama. Who was going to be the one to make the move? Were the lightning going to give in to the pressure from the Flyers bench, or would it be up to Philly? I definitely wouldn’t want to see it every night, but personally I found it to be an intriguing change of pace. I’m just not sure what the league can do to stop it…

Vindisi: The league can do something about it.  It’s a matter of getting the majority of the GMs to agree in principle in order to put a stop to this. 

On a lighter note, Mr. Coburn got paid.  Now I know last week you harped on him for the fact that he looks lost at times; but personally, I’m a huge fan of his.  I don’t know what it is that makes me tend to look the other way when he makes a mistake:

a) Maybe it’s his great size and speed on the backend and the fact he is still only 26
b) Maybe it’s his ability to shutdown the big centers on the Penguins when facing them
c) Maybe it’s his occasional mean streak that makes me see a young Pronger in him

Whatever it is, I value him as our 3rd best defenseman.  His bump in salary dictates it and I feel he earned it along the way.  Some say this may squeeze Carle out of the equation, but I don’t see this at all with the abundant amount of young cheap forwards the Flyers have displayed in the early going of this season. 

I’m a huge fan of the little guy in sports, but big and fast D-men who can move the puck from the backend are extremely valuable.  What’s your take on the whole Coburn signing? Do you see the Flyers signing Carle by the end of the season? If not, do they stay within the organization or sign a veteran free agent?

Marc: It’s not that I dislike Coburn; I actually think he does possess a rare mix of tools that make him valuable on any blue line. My issue was that in this era of ‘what have you done for me lately’ mindsets, Coburn seemed to be playing his way into a more team-friendly deal with poor play is all.

He can very easily make this a good deal for the Flyers and I think he will eventually get there, but I just think it puts a lot of pressure on him to perform RIGHT NOW to prove that he deserved it. I would have rather he bore the brunt of that pressure when his game was coming more naturally to him.

It’s interesting you bring up Carle, because I think he might be on his way out after this contract. I wish I remember where I saw it so I could properly attribute, but I recall seeing someone mention that they thought Gustafsson played a very similar game than him and it really got me thinking. Whoever it was is on to something, and I think they might be right - Gus is very much a poor man’s Carle, and if he can handle the NHL game he might make Carle expendable.

If they want to though, they can figure out a way to make it work. Kimmo’s $6.3 million cap hit comes off the books after the following season and that open’s up some serious cap room. What do you think - is Carle a gonner?

Vindisi: Carle is gone.  I see Gustafsson as a young Kimmo with their similar builds and I’m not the only one.  When Carle was asked after the Columbus game who Gustafsson reminded him of, he stated “a young Kimmo”.  If only he knew that that comparison might be the ultimate reason he is out the door after this season.  He can’t complain though as he has been blessed to already play 2 outdoor games in his young career.  Speaking of the Winter Classic, another jersey was leaked out yesterday on Puck Daddy.  When I showed it to my inside source who has seen the jersey, they immediately responded with “Looks like they figured us out.  If that’s not the exact one, it’s the closest one that’s been leaked so far.”  So with a deep breath I can say…


I love the look. I love the neutral color combination for the outdoor match.  I love the tie at the top.  I can’t wait to see the rumored Keystone patches.  I can’t wait until the game.  I know I am acting like a little kid, and you know what, I really don’t care.  Definitely at the top of my wish list from Santa.  What do you think of the recent jersey leak?  Whose jersey are you hoping to receive from Santa?

Makes my heart melt like a popsicle on the

4th of July

2nd of January…


Marc: I’m a big fan of the jersey, and will love them even more if the rumored black numbers are true. I was tempted to get a Talbot tony the tiger jersey in the offseason just because it was so cheap, but once I realized how many people actually bought them in seriousness I held off. I’m glad I did, because a Couturier WC jersey might be my new fancy. I love the poise that kid has, allowing me to overcome the intense pain I feel in buying the jersey of a player that was born after me. I’ve never felt so unaccomplished…

Unfortunately, these thoughts (and others of similar uselessness) have been on my mind a lot lately with so few games on the docket. What gives?

Vindisi: I hate it with a passion.  2 games in 7 days is a drastic change from the 3 games in 4 nights.  The long wait kills me as a fan, but really screws me in my house.  I have the luxury of saving money by living at home before I move back into Philly.  Problem is, my mother owns the TV in our house.  I only get to watch TV in the family room when the Flyers are on.  Otherwise, the TV is locked down with her obscene amount of DVRs.  I’m not getting swept in the fabricated worlds of X Factor, Survivor, and whatever Lifetime movies she watches.  Please, help me in my fight and don’t have anymore of these long stretches.  Otherwise, you might return to a fan that has lost a few hairs and has a few more screws loose.  Do what’s right NHL, especially since the game I saw this week consisted of a chess match between Boucher and Lavvy.  I may be already losing it.  Yikes.  What are your thoughts and suggestions to get through these long stretches?

Marc: It does suck, but unfortunately I’m not really sure what the NHL can do about it. I’ve seen the NFL scheduling system once before and it was insanely hectic for just 16 games. I can’t imagine the headaches the NHL must go through in the process working out open dates with the venues. Just like how the Flyers have their annual December road trip because of Disney on Ice, sometimes there isn’t much the league can do but work around it. Unfortunately for some teams, it leads to really funky playing schedules.

At least the NHL is making major, major moves to fill the dead air. I can’t begin to express my enjoyment with the announcement of Ross Greenburg’s addition to the NHL broadcast staff. The man is a sports production legend and clearly sees a lot in the game. Look at this glowing praise:

“Though I’ve long been a fan of the game, my passion for hockey—particularly the way it is played at its highest level in the NHL—was intensified by working on the Broad Street Bullies and 24/7 projects. Hockey players compete in a sport that requires an unmatched combination of world-class skill and relentless toughness, all the while remaining the most approachable and genuine of professional athletes. I am thrilled to be able to tell their stories in exciting and innovative ways and delighted that I’ll be working so closely with the NHL for years to come.”

Ross Greenburg on the NHL

If a man of his creative stature is choosing to align exclusively with the NHL, you can bet he sees some potential here. Even if he falls short of creating an NHL Production company that can stand on the same level as the legendary NFL Films, there is no doubt we will be left with an extraordinary, game-changing product to consume and build upon.

That wraps it up for this weeks Flyerside chats. Hit us up on twitter (@marcs797 and @thevintern) to get your voice heard in next week’s mess of topics!


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Lets Go Flyers!


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