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Hockey Mad-Libs

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of hockey news over the past few weeks is just deja vu all over again? Now you can create your own puck headlines with Hockey Mad-Libs!

The (TEAM) announced today that (IMPORTANT POLITICAL FIGURE) would (VERB) at the first (EVENT) of the season. Not to be outdone, (WISHY WASHY SUPERSTAR) came out of hiding from his native (LOCATION) where he spent his days doing (ACTIVITY) with his (TYPE OF PERSON) to announce that he’d finally be joining the (GROUP) and he was (ADVERB) (EMOTION) about his decision. Meanwhile, (SEMI-IMPORTANT PLAYER) felt (EMOTION) about facing the (GROUP) for the (NUMBER) time. “I’ve always had (ADJECTIVE) (NOUN) when I (VERB) about them,” he said.

All of this was overshadowed by an incident out of (COUNTRY) where anatomically correct (NOUNS) were (VERB) all over the (PLAYING SURFACE). Said one official, “Who knew that (GROUP OF PEOPLE) liked (NOUNS) so much?”

Feel free to create your own wacky versions in the comments. Who knows, some may come true!

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Mats Sundin vs. Axl Rose

Oh, that wacky Mats Sundin—will he ever make up his mind? According to his agent (courtesy of Spector), Mats might…wait for it…wait for it...return to the NHL sometime this year.

Wow, Mats, way to be uncommittal. But you know what’s scary? If Mats doesn’t sign somewhere by the end of November, another oft-delayed superstar will beat him to the punch when it comes to anticipated returns. Sundin fans who like to rock, you can no longer say, “At least Mats will sign before the new Guns N’ Roses album appears.”

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