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Comcast Responds (Kind Of)

Alanah passed along a Twitter update from a Comcast representative named Frank Eliason regarding the whole Center Ice fiasco from yesterday:

“Bandwidth is due to the limits on space in the wire not purchasing anything”

Well, yeah, I’m aware of that. But the point seems to be that if you’re (Comcast, not you Frank) buying up older cable systems that DON’T have the appropriate bandwidth due to outdated wiring schemes, don’t you owe it to your customers to upgrade the lines? It’s similar to how when I moved to a new area several years ago and we were just out of the range of being DSL-capable. Within a few months, since the area was undergoing heavy redevelopment, SBC/AT&T added in the necessary wiring to make homes in that neighborhood DSL-ready.

If Frank or any other Comcast representative wants to enlighten all of us on this matter, I’m sure Center Ice subscribers would appreciate it. I know systems can be upgraded from analog to digital, then the digital offerings can be expanded based on the additional wiring an area receives—I saw it firsthand in the Sacramento area when I was going to college at UC Davis. I’m no expert in the way cable systems are set up so this is just some logical thinking from personal experience (and the engineering thought process hammered into my head from my degree that I hardly use).

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Comcast Fails To Deliver Center Ice Promises

Some months ago, the Center Ice package opened up the Holy Grail of out-of-market hockey games. Previously, if your home team’s broadcast network wasn’t showing a game, the away team’s feed would still be blacked out. Why? Because even though there wasn’t a game to be shown on the local network, they still technically owned the rights to the game, and giving those away to the other network would be, in theory, bad for business.

Well, those hurdles were cleared and now fans could watch their home teams even if the game wasn’t scheduled to be televised on their local broadcaster. For example, the Sharks/Coyotes game over the weekend wasn’t broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area but it was on FSN Arizona. In years past, Sharks fans couldn’t have seen the game at all, but thanks to the lift on blackouts, they could watch the game on Center Ice. Sharks broadcasts and advertising even mention this now when talking about game availability.

Sounds great, right? Well, sure, if you’re on DirecTV or Dish Network. But it turns out that some folks in California simply aren’t getting what they’re paying for with their Comcast cable subscription. Are you only getting half of the Center Ice channels you paid for? Then you’re not the only one.

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