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Terry Gregson Needs to Review the officiating of Steven Walkom

I have seen several games this that Stephen Walkom has refereed.  I have been less than impressed with the on ice calls of the former Director of Officials..

First, I’ll admit that I believe being an NHL referee is the most difficult refereeing/umpiring job in sports.

Second, I proudly admit that I am a biased Red Wings fan.

While I am not wining about the Red Wings loss to the Preds on Saturday night 3-1.  However, the standard of officiating in that game was amongst the worst I’ve seen.  I am not only complaining about the wrong call taking away a Wings goal because the goaltender interference.  However, ironically just after the GM meetings about player safety and addressing concussions, the pair refereeing the game obviously did not get the memo.  Elbows directly targeting the head were ignored, , repeated punches to the head from behind allowed and charging/ boarding were let go.

I’m not sure every game is reviewed for the quality of officiating, but Terry Gregson, you need to ok at this one.  Maybe Walkom is better suited to reviewing calls from the press box.

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The All-Black Hockey Team

In honor of Black History Month, and in support of the NHL’s Hockey is for Everyone initiative, we present the All-Black Hockey Team over at Gunaxin Sports. The full roster is constructed entirely of active players, and is more balanced and talented then you might expect.

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Is it Time To Do More To Protect Defensemen?

I think everyone would agree on eliminating head shots from the game is a good idea.  We need to protect our players from hits to the head that can result in concussions or even more serious injury that can affect player’s careers or even the ability to lead a normal life.  These headshots are now in the process of being eliminated at all levels of our game.
While this is good news, I watch the game and still worry that we are not doing enough to protect defensemen.

Two areas are concerning: touch icing and goalies being unable to play the puck outside of the trapezoid that put defensemen at risk. 

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Follow-Up to Post on Pat Burns and the Hockey Hall of Fame

Following up on my KK Members Blog of November 20 on Coach Burns passing and the shameful actions of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

To the eighteen voting members of the HHOF, please ignore your tendency to now postpone Pat Burns being voted in the Hall for a few years for his accomplishments.  After being called out by virtually the entire hockey world, I know that some of the people who vote for the the Hall inclusion are probably now thinking that we can’t possibly put Pat Burns in the Hall of Fame for the next two years, because if we do that, it will admit we made a mistake.

My advice to the HHOF and special call out to Scotty Bowman who sits on the committee is:  man up, admit you made a mistake and correct it with the next vote.  Better yet, organize a teleconference, take a special vote and announce his election to the Hall of Fame before next Monday when he is laid to rest.  And while you are at it, vote Fred Shero in at the same time.

People will have more respect for the Hall if you correct your mistake.

You have a second chance to get it right.  Don’t blow it again.

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The Passing of Pat Burns and the Shame of the HHOF

Everyone in the hockey world was saddened to learn of the death of Pat Burns.  Pat was known for being a policeman in Gatinuea, Quebec.  He was a fair, but touch coach that held his players accountable.

Coach Burns record in the NHL speaks for itself.  A head coach in the NHL for 14 years with the Canadians, Maple Leafs, Bruins, and Devils.  Pat coached over 1000 games and won more than 500 of them between 1988 - 2004.  He won the Jack Adams award with three different teams, and was Coach of the Stanley Cups champions with the New Jersey Devils in 2003.  He retired in 2006 and courageously fought three different types of cancer (colon, liver and lung) before finally succombing to the disagree at age 58 on Friday.  

As you look at Coach Burns record, it obvious that he is a Hockey Hall of Famer, right?  Well, obvious to everyone except the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Coach Burns deserves to be in the Hall based on his credentials by itself. Yet, knowing that his cancer was in final stages, the HHOF failed to vote him in this year, in the same year that Dino and two females greats were inducted.

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Time to Rename Some Coveted Award

I recently ran across a list of the top ten hockey movies of all time.  Of course, any hockey fan will immediately say ‘Slapshot’.  Why not?  We’ve all seen the movie a hundred times and I’ll bet you can repeat many lines in the movie.  Who can forget some of the lines: “You go to the box.  Two minutes by yourself and ... you feel shame.  You know ..... and then you get free” and “Anybody throws me against the boards, I’m gunna PXXS all over myself”. How about those Hanson Brothers, “None of that stinkin’ root beer!.”

On the list of the top ten, was a movie I had not seen called “Net Worth” , produced in the 1990’s by CBC.  It basically tells the story of how the NHLPA was formed.  I knew previously that Ted Lindsey was a key figure in forming the association (not union), because of poor treatment from ownership and management.  What I did not realize was the rest of the story behind the scenes and the reputation of some of the original owners and the NHL Commissioner at the time, Clarence Campbell. The owners were making money hand over fist, cooking the books and paying the players a relative small sum even for that time.  The head coaches manipulated and treated the players like dirt . (Yes, I know, players still get manipulated by coaches but nothing like this).

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A Hat Trick of Ideas to Consider

With the changing format of the All-Star Game, maybe it’s time to consider some other new interesting ideas around the NHL.

First, on the issue of flagrant diving (ala Phil Kessel).  To address diving, which has no place in an honorable, men’s game, provide the league with the ability to suspend a player without pay for an indisputable, flagrant dive.  This will send a strong signal to all the divers out there
that won’t take the risk of fine and suspension.

Second, the issue of awarding three points for an overtime/shootout game. Rather than the current format of awarding one point each in regulation time to both teams and an extra point for an overtime/shootout win for a total of three points, here’s a better potential solution.  Award each team a half point after a regulation tie.  Award a full extra point for the overtime/shootout winner.  Winning team gets 1.5 points The losing team gets a half point (0.5 point).  This would encourage teams to win in regulation and end the frustration of fans/teams with the awarding of three point games.  Three point games are especially frustrating down the playoff stretch as team trying to catch a team in a playoff positions are disadvantaged by the awarding of three points.


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Sam’s rule for outrageous salary demands, flying elbows, etc.

I’m less than one week from finally learning all 87 rules in the NHL Rulebook. With the Olympics imminent and all the trade talk in the air, I’m moving on to the IIHF Rulebook and the business of hockey. On the latter, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the Kovalchuk trade. And don’t even start me on the elbow that Patrice Cormier put on Mikael Tam.

When you see things like the death of Brian Burke’s son or the loss of Ryan O’Byrne’s mother, it makes things like brain-damaging elbows and outrageous salary/trade demands even uglier.  Therefore, I propose my own addition to the current NHL Rulebook. Again, I don’t consider myself an expert just yet, so here is my admittedly amateur take on this whole circus:

1. I don’t know what’s more horrifying, Kovalchuk saying no to $101 million or the reason he did it. What have we come to in this world that anyone in any profession anywhere says no to a nine-figure salary offer AND still stays employed? Even more horrifying:

2. I read somewhere that acquiring Patrice Cormier in the deal was apparently a “must” for Waddell. Let me first say that I love a good clean hit. I love the sound of guys crashing into the glass and I firmly believe that fighting is one of the rules that was meant to be broken. But that hit on Tam was cowardly and unacceptable. If you’re good enough to get drafted into the NHL and be named captain of your World Junior team, you’re good enough to find a more honorable way to win.

3. That being said, I propose my own addition to the NHL Rulebook: Humility. Here it is: 88.1, Humility. Players are responsible at all times for understanding that the world does not revolve around them and that they are fortunate to be in the NHL at all. Players who do not endeavor to appreciate their good fortune and/or who try to pout their way to a higher salary or trade shall be subject to removal from the NHL and permanent reassignment to an ordinary day job in a windowless office with a salary cap of $60,000 a year before taxes.

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Random Offseason Musings on a Calm Summer Night, August 3rd.

Man what a time to have a crippling, monster cold.  It’s the middle of summer, the weather’s beautiful, the beer is cold, and there are all sorts of reasons to be outside having the time of your life and not thinking about hockey.  For those of us without that luxury, the offseason makes for a very…. very, slow day at the house.

So here’s my attempt at injecting a little life into the blogosphere for those of us who are just bored enough to have the time to be checking these sorts of things:

- I’m appalled at the hooplah over the whole Spezza wedding thing.  Ok, the Elisha Cuthbert thing was funny.  This is not.  For the last time, when it comes to the private lives of athletes, nobody gives a damn!  And if they do, they’re rank amateurs as hockey fans go.  These guys spend 3/4 of the year in the spotlight, give them a few days off for chrissakes.

- My big fat guess as to where Heatley will end up next: New Jersey; the only real contender with money to spend.  My big fat guess as to when:  If he doesn’t show up at the Senators training camp: October.  If he does: March 2010.  Disclaimer: If he ends up in Anaheim at a discount, god help us all.

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Random Offseason Musings on the Eve of July 1st…

What can I say, I go away for four days to spend my time floating down a river on an innertube drinking as many Modelos as the clock has hours on it and I come back and all hell has broken loose.

Oh right, it’s the draft…

Pronger To Philly
I have to say, happy to see Pronger leave Anaheim; they almost went all the way last postseason and anything that weakens them makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  Also happy to see the Penguins have one more thorn in their side.  Enoy him, you bastards, we’ve dealt with him long enough.

And then I check the calendar this morning, sipping my PBR at 2am PST because I’ve gotten sucked into watching a TiVo’ed goddamn 3 hour draft, and realize that July 1st is a Day Away.

Jesus, and I thought I was going to get a break from all this.

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