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Kukla’s Korner Blogger alumnus enters HNIC “Next Great Hockey Song” contest

Phil Davies, a former International Hockey blogger for Kuklas Korner (until teaching took over his life;), has entered CBC's Hockey Night in Canada's "Next Great Hockey Song" contest.

CBC has asked Canadians' to write a stadium-sized rocker to accompany HNIC's opening montage for Hockey Day in Canada. 

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Hockey on Google+ ?

By now I’m sure most of you are at least aware of Google’s social network in Google+.  It has not taken over Facebook by storm, but has actually done quite well with certain niches.  Tech-types love it (my Tech circle son their are insane with activity), and so do photographers and artists, and so on.

The one niche I have never been able to find on G+ though is sports, specifically hockey.

Are there any hockey reporters, bloggers, writers, etc, on Google+ to follow?  I have yet to find any.  And quite frankly, I would prefer G+ to Twitter even because Twitter’s mobile clients have gotten just awful and clunky (while G+‘s Android client has gotten fast and slick in the last few updates).  And as for Facebook… the less said about it (and its awful mobile clients), the better.

If you know of any writers, bloggers, hockey media types, etc, to follow on G+, could you please post them?  I’d like to get a Hockey Circle going, and I’m sure some others would like to get a Hockey Circle going as well.  G+ seems like the perfect place for this sort of thing…


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Having “A Hockey Discussion” with The Puck Stops Here

If you\‘re familiar with the Kuklas Korner stable of blogs and haven\‘t blocked any of them yet, then you\‘re very likely familiar with the Blog The Puck Stops Here. Actually, if you\‘ve blocked any of the blogs on Kuklas Korner from your main page feed (a very cool feature rolled out recently to members), then it\‘s even more likely that you\‘re familiar with this blog.

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What will Comcast aquiring NBC mean for the NHL?

A very interesting tidbit of news came across the news wire today: Comcast aquires a 51% share of NBC, with GE able to force the sale of another 24.5% in 3.5 years, and the rest in 7.

As a former employee of an NBC affiliate in northern Michigan and a rabid hockey fan, I’m very interested in the repercussions to both the NHL and NBC in this deal.  Comcast owns Versus, which has been hitched to the NHL’s bandwagon for some time now.  Comcast has long shown an interest in hockey in general - during the ‘04-‘05 lockout, Comcast aired a few other hockey-related broadcasts on their own cable channels, including the Larionov retirement game (imagine the Red Wings vs. Russia—Yzerman scored a couple of goals for Russia that game as I recall, and yes, Igor got a goal too).  It feels natural that the NHL and Comcast should take care of each others interests, and I am excited to see what might happen in the future now that Comcast owns a controlling share in NBC.

Could we see more regular season and playoff NHL games on the major network?  I sure hope so.  I don’t really see NBC as a potential competitor to Versus, but rather as a nice complement.  Let’s hope that this might function as a workaround for those of us DirecTV customers who presently miss out on some programming due to the Versus/DirecTV impasse.  Let’s hope that this will bring the NHL to a broader audience and fuel a ratings and revenue resurgence for the game.  ESPN Who? 

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Shameless Plug

Hi all. While not trying to take people’s attention away from KuklasKorner (which is probably my favourite site on the internet), I just wanted to let you know that I am a contributor at SportsAgentBlog.com. I write hockey related articles, although I have strayed into other areas from time to time. My latest article was posted today and deals with the insurance issues at Olympic orientation camps.

The link to the website is http://www.sportsagentblog.com and my archive of stories is located here http://www.sportsagentblog.com/author/dfurey/


I work in the legal world in Newfoundland and it is my dream to some day, some how, work for an NHL team. I’m just trying to make connections any way I can. Enjoy the articles and I appreciate any feedback. Thanks very much!

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