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It is Good to be King

King Henrik was rockin on Jimmy Fallon Friday night


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The AHL gets it right honoring Sandy Hook

As the NHL ego parade continues, the AHL took the time to honor Sandy Hook victims in a unique way

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NHL Fans Should be Having This Much Fun

In this season of a no-season, a 5 minute escape from reality.  Jokerit fans travel to Turku for an SM-Liiga game.

This is why I love the Finns!

And 81 is a popular jersey number for Jokerit fans.

Watch below.

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Hockey Fans Call to Action!

I'm a fairly new hockey fan.   So as a fairly new fan, it was a surprise to me (and my husband!) how upset I've become about the current hockey lockout and the failure to negotiate a new contract.  I didn't realize how much I look forward to hockey each year and how much I miss it and that's what's driving me to write this.

There have been many stories online about how divisive an issue this is. Some fans are only angry at the league, some fans are only angry at the players union and some fans are just angry period!

So what could hockey fans around the world do to motivate the NHL and the Player's Asso. to resolve their dispute?  Why not ask hockey fans all over the world, regardless of their personal position on the issues, to write letters to the NHL or the Players' Association or both, to express their thoughts and frustration about the lockout and the failed contract negotiations?

If you like this idea, here are their addresses:

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For the Goaltenders who call KK home.

I too am CBA talk weary.  At times like this, I embrace my what really turned me on to the sport in the first place, goaltending.

In that spirit, here is a link to InGoal Magazine, the best online publication for goalies.

There are plenty of articles on technique.

All kinds of equipment discussion (even on the worst of days, you will brighten a goalie's life when you talk about equipment).

And numerous articles on goalies at the pro level.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with In Goal Magazine, other than I think it is well done.

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J. J. Watt and Hockey

I've had my fill of 1) lockout news, and 2) turkey.  

While filling with turkey, I had a side dish of football (sorry, tough break Lions fans).

Reference was made to Houston Texan,  J.J. Watt's hockey background.  A short search (by my son) found this.

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Three Flames Fans On: THE LOCKOUT

Episode 2 in the THREE FLAMES FANS web series.

For those foggy on the details of the lockout, we have two babes with accents walk you through it.  And, of course, the Three Flames Fans share their thoughts on the aftermath.

Watch it below and hope you enjoy.

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Veterans Remembrance

To our US Vets, thanks for being our troops.    here is a piece from USA Hockey Magazine.to honor the day

To our Canadian Vets who would frequent KK, thanks for being unwavering allis to our troops, , I'll have to go back a year to say it right (scroll to the 6 minutes into clip)


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The NHL and NHLPA are not getting anywhere!

The NHL and NHLPA are not getting anywhere, so you both have to stop and read this.  l will be a mediator for now or maybe the new Union replacement soon.

Who said the NHL can’t replace players' and still be successful.  They did it after the 2004/2005 lockout when they replaced 241 players' that did not return.  They either left through retirement or just stayed away after the last lockout.  All I need is 51% of the players to join me, that is what is needed to be able to play this season.  First we have to get some work done to show that we mean business.  I know that there are players' that just want to play but don't want to be seen as a union buster because they would be looked down at.  Well guys I am a union guy that see's the NHLPA not going anywhere and I'm here to help.

First I will start off by giving the NHLPA the truth that they don't want the players' to really know.  Donald is still talking about the 24% the players' lost in the 2004/2005 lockout and the truth is he does not mention what they have gained since the lockout.  I was reading the paper the other day and it is talking about how Joffrey Lupul has seen his salary rise 373% that is an average of 53% a season since the 2006 season.  Donald does sell himself to the players' on what he has done for baseball and yes that is the number one or two sport in the United States.  In some states hockey falls to maybe 7th or 8th behind Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, NASCAR, Soccer, Bowling and even Darts.  I have got to hand it to you Mr. Fehr, I don't know how you have the players' convinced in believing in you at the expense of the season being lost and the 241 players that may not be playing next season.  My message is to all players'.  My union does care about every player on every team and we will get a contract done together as one.

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Open Fan Letter to the League on the Current State of Affairs

To The NHL:

Where do I begin? During the course of the last seven years since the last lockout, you have seen record growth; growth that many American businesses would kill to have. You have watched your sport increase its fan base year in and year out, even in markets where it usually would not make sense (Phoenix, Carolina, etc.). Now here we are: a month into another lockout, with no end in sight. You guys have had seven years to figure this issue out. You wait until a month before the season starts to even begin negotiating. And furthermore, you have done so, all the while pointing fingers at the NHLPA. You expect most fans to be ignorant to the nature of the business, and while some are, that does not make all of us. Why is it, that in every one of the CBA’s under Gary Bettman’s watch, has there not been one to be solved without a work stoppage? During his tenure as your head in command, he has caused twice as many missed games as any other commissioner in sports. Now when you translate this to any other business in history, you will not find one CEO of any business who is responsible for as much loss in production that is still gainfully employed by said business. It astounds me that you guys not only continue to employ this man, but you do it while encouraging his behavior of “well we will not meet without preconditions; we will not meet unless you are willing to operate under our framework,” mentality. You are a group of multi billionaires, yet you squabble over making even more. Meanwhile, you do not think about nor care about the person making burgers in your arena; or the person tearing tickets and directing traffic for your arena. You have not only harmed the well being of the sport, you have also damaged many people’s financial wellbeing who need that extra $8.50 an hour job. You make more while ordering your latte than they make in a month, yet you continue to demand more.

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