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Elliote Friedman re: what can we do to make goalie masks safer

It looks like it wasn’t just George Malik (and thank you George, for the drill-down on my post!) and myself who were thinking that someone or someones need to take a better look at how to deal with the current state of goalie masks. Elliote Friedman explores this in his CBC/HNIC column:

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Who left the wake-up call for November 1st?

Seems like the goaltending issues are hitting early and hard this season. We have goalies who made late entrances, some whose teams wished they had made late entrances, and some who are coming and going so quickly that the pre-game notes are getting eraser marks.

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DIPietro’s injury: How can we avoid these in the future?

Who had "concussion" and "before first regular season start" in the DiPietro pool? Di Pietro is down for the count just over a week into the regular season. Two items that caught my eye—that DiPietro is 30 (has it been that long?) and that he’s the last one standing, with Osgood’s retirement, wearing the older style "cage and helmet" mask. 


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The Dance Continues—Greiss Starts in Goal for Sharks


The San Jose Sharks goaltending continues to be, um, a bit fluid, and it’s making for some interesting press conferences. What’s coming out is more than a bit hazy, sometimes a bit snarky, and points to problems in the past.

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Toronto—Is Reimer the Real Deal?

We’ve headed to the portion of the preseason where the teams have sent down the kids to the OHL, and the "professional tryouts" are starting to look worried. Time to look in on some training camps and see how the goaltending situation is working out.

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Coast to Coast—it’s Goalie Link Love 9/20!

The first full week of training camp means that teams get to take a good hard look at their goaltending situation, and for some of them, hoping that the Goalie Fairy has left something nice in the crease.


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Decisions, Decisions

Hey, Marty! Marty Turco!

Yes, I know it’s you. C’mon turn around and let’s have a chat. I know you’re busy making the rounds of all the franchises, checking to see if you can make a deal to be invited to training camp, and hey, just maybe be offered a backup job. That’s what I’m here to talk to you about.

No, not a job. Seriously, do I look like an assistant GM? Nope, we’re going to spend ten minutes on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and maybe why it’s not in your best interests. So, let’s call this a little electronic intervention towards your best interests. Ten minutes, that’s all I’m asking.

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About 23 Intently Staring Goalies

23 Intently Staring Goalies comes from the 23 close-up photos of goalies that used to line the walls of my office.

On the good side, it kept down interruptions, but it also made sure I had to leave my trash outside my door if I wanted it picked up.

I've been watching and analyzing goaltenders for going on 40 years. Some of that was spent drawing goalies on my grade 8 math homework. Then it was taking my card decks and printouts to Indianapolis Racer games. Luckily, the Internet took off, and by 1991 I was half of the duo that would ultimately become the Plaidworks hockey mailing lists. I wrote "Handicapping the Goalies' for the San Jose Sharks mailing list, and took a lot of photos of goalies in action. I have around 5000 slides of mostly goaltenders in action from 1989 through 2001 from the WHL, IHL and NHL. Since I've gone digital, I've added about 10,000 more images to the library. During summers and when the league went dark, I was reading through multiple SF By area news papers, tracking ice hockey from the 1917 recreational leagues up through the California Seals.

We'll be talking about goalies and goaltending. We'll talk about whats going on now, who's in the system, and when the doldrums hit, I'll haul something out of the big bag of history, or something from the photo archives. We'll talk about who's hot and why, and who's not and what they can do to get back on track. We'll take a look at the trends in scouting goalies, and why a style may work for one team but not another. I'll battle with my dictation software to get it to understand Bryzgalov and Bobrovsky.

It should be interesting--hope you want to come along for the ride!


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