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Luongo Prognostications for a Snowy Weekend

The "where will Luongo end up?" guessing will continue to the trade deadline, and if Luongo hasn't moved by then,  expect it to pick up again after the end of the season. One of the questions not being asked is whether Luongo will solve the problem that the prospective team has:

Do they really need a goalie? Or is the reason the current goalie's GAA is above 2.5 because the  defense in front of them are closer to retirement than what's comfortable? Or conversely, does the defense have to find someone old enough to buy the beer on those roadtrips through middle America? In a compressed season, a team with an out of tune defense will be noticed and will be capitalized on.

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3,000 Miles to go for a Shutout: Chad Johnson

The Phoenix Coyotes win the "first goalie ouch of the season", with Mike Smith on the IR with a "lower body injury". Mike Smith may be coming back later this week, but in the meantime, the Coyotes had to go to plan B, which in this case was first Jason "still here!" LaBarbera, and then to Chad Johnson, who's been playing for the Coyotes AHL affiliate in Portland, Maine. That's a long way for a goalie to travel, geographically or otherwise.

Having a goalie go down in a regular season is a problem, but if you have a backup who can come in and play for a week while you're sorting things out, you're in the clear; you bring up a backup from the AHL and let him keep notes and collect NHL meal money. In a compressed season, you're both weighing the chance that your backup will get hurt playing too many games over a short period of time, and whether your hot spare in the AHL can do the job of the backup, and play that third game in four nights.

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Goalies: some getting back, some getting over

Here's a quick exercise: Take one of those non-woven paper cleaning cloths. You know, the ones that you'll throw away the first time you have to wipe up something noxious. Get it nice and damp. Now, hold it next to your ear and rip it in half.

Okay, that's what tearning a muscle tear sounds like from the inside. Sprains sound like someone is playing slack key guitar with your ligaments. Breaks sort of pop or crunch depending on how you get them. Dislocations, for some reason, are quieter, but you're usually paying attention to the sudden searing pain where one of your joints has parted ways.

You want to avoid all of these.

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Goalies arriving to a fresh start or more of the same?

The goalies are arriving, whether it's a full camp or a lockout. For some of them, it's the chance to prove that last season wasn't a fluke. For some, it's to prove it was. It doesn't matter if it was injury, a change in style, or looking like they were one year past their shelf date, there's always a question as to whether the past season was the goalie hitting an air pocket, or if it's the beginning of a trend.

With the older goalies, training camp brings the question of whether it's time to go with the new kid. With the younger goalie, it's a question of whether someone made the wrong decision, whether it's the GM's pick, the team/goalie matchup, or the goalie coaching.

It may be time to start with a fresh slate, but history is always in the back of everyone's mind.

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Czeching in on Junior Hockey

There's been a serious paucity of goalie stories this past month. August is usually the month of signings and first look at new masks (and yes, Chris Mason has once again come through with a way cool Iron Maiden themed mask!)

Luckily, Junior Hockey has started up. They're currently in the pre-season, and teams are deciding who's in goal, which means there's a lot of new kid getting used to the bump up to Junior hockey, and for a lot of them, getting used to playing in a new locale.

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Huet on the Move?

How slow is it? It’s so slow that the curent number one goalie story is about whether Cristobal Huet will go with the Kings or the Canucks

When the travails and travels of a soon to be 37 year old French goalie is covered in minutiae by the hockey press, you know there isn’t much going on.

But go on we shall.

So, what’s the deal here? You can look at it from two ways—that the Canucks and the Kings are getting ready to jettison a goaltender, and they’d like to have a seasoned goaltender in place, either to be the backup, or be the insurance in case their first choice of backup doesn’t work out.

Or you could look at it from the other direction—that Huet’s agent has decided that these are the two teams most likely to jettison, and would be the most likely customers for Huet’s wares.


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Goalie Derivatives—do we pay too much for a future product?

If it wasn’t for the ongoing CBA discussions, I’d say we were smack in the middle of silly season, where the front office starts to take vacations, and the columnists start looking for anything to write about.

One of this Summer’s subplots is the on-going Robert Luongo watch, which has been about as exciting as watching the daily Oats pit at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. However, one aspect of where Luongo is going to land has started up a bit of conversation, and that’s about contracts.

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Anthony Brodeur—the Next Generation?

Who knows? Maybe in five years we’ll have a new sports question—“Name the father/son NHL goaltending duo with the most wins”

Or we’ll get to hear Doc Emrick announce “Brodeur vs Roy in the nets tonight”.

It’s only been a few weeks since the NHL draft, but there’s always time to take a look at next year’s prospects, and one of them may be Anthony Brodeur.

From Luke Fox at Sportsnet:

Anthony Brodeur is a little older, and by all accounts covers more of the net, than he appears in the photo above, snapped 12 NHL off-seasons ago, following the second of father Martin Brodeur‘s three Stanley Cup victories.

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Drafting a Goaltender—when is “no” the right answer?

It’s Draft Day, and there’s some chatter about drafting goalies as either a quick fix to a current goaltending issue, or as insurance against an aging goaltending duo.

Insurance? Always a gamble, but teams need to refresh and develop their goaltending talent. Note “develop”—most goalies aren’t ready fresh out of the box, especially at age 18, so a team will have to wait two to four years before they can get an idea of the finished product. It’s sort of like tasting out of the barrel; you get an idea what the wine’s going to be like, but that Cabernet Sauvignon is also going to be much too raw to be drinkable. And you still may end up with jet fuel down the road.


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Goalies—looking past, up, and forward

The Stanley Cup is about to head out on its Summer tour, so it’s time to take a look at what else is going on. Not that there isn’t hockey to be had, it’s just the emphasis has shifted to the back office, where the deals are already starting to take place.

But first—Martin Brodeur. If anyone had asked back in November if Brodeur was going to be playing past April, the consensus would have been a resounding no. There was even talk that Brodeur just ought to hang them up before he embarrassed himself any further. Shows why he’s playing hokey for a living, and a lot of others aren’t making a living writing about it. Marty, you’re the last man standing on my “Goal Patrol” poster, and you acquitted yourself admirably in the playoffs. Brodeur showed you don’t have to have the proportions of Godzilla while playing 59 minutes on your knees to be an effective goaltender. I hope scouts and coaches are paying attention.

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About 23 Intently Staring Goalies

23 Intently Staring Goalies comes from the 23 close-up photos of goalies that used to line the walls of my office.

On the good side, it kept down interruptions, but it also made sure I had to leave my trash outside my door if I wanted it picked up.

I've been watching and analyzing goaltenders for going on 40 years. Some of that was spent drawing goalies on my grade 8 math homework. Then it was taking my card decks and printouts to Indianapolis Racer games. Luckily, the Internet took off, and by 1991 I was half of the duo that would ultimately become the Plaidworks hockey mailing lists. I wrote "Handicapping the Goalies' for the San Jose Sharks mailing list, and took a lot of photos of goalies in action. I have around 5000 slides of mostly goaltenders in action from 1989 through 2001 from the WHL, IHL and NHL. Since I've gone digital, I've added about 10,000 more images to the library. During summers and when the league went dark, I was reading through multiple SF By area news papers, tracking ice hockey from the 1917 recreational leagues up through the California Seals.

We'll be talking about goalies and goaltending. We'll talk about whats going on now, who's in the system, and when the doldrums hit, I'll haul something out of the big bag of history, or something from the photo archives. We'll talk about who's hot and why, and who's not and what they can do to get back on track. We'll take a look at the trends in scouting goalies, and why a style may work for one team but not another. I'll battle with my dictation software to get it to understand Bryzgalov and Bobrovsky.

It should be interesting--hope you want to come along for the ride!


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