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Red Wings evening news, dragon’s breath version

A ridiculous amount of lockout crap, the cancellation of the Red Wings’ prospect tournament, family and friends dealing with chronic illnesses, a friend entering the military, this week’s been peachy keen for yours truly, so I’m going to try to get through this evening’s crop of Red Wings news without biting anyone’s head off.

• First, in The multimedia department, part 1:

• In the multimedia department, part 2, more Nicklas Lidstrom smash from Balstrom98 on YouTube? Sure, why not:

• In the media department, part 3, and in the alumni department, part 2:

At least this is amusing, from the Wings…

• And finally, is there some irony in the fact that the Wings are selling 10 and 20-game season-ticket packages?


RedWingsFeed, 97.1 the Ticket is also offering a 10 or 20 game package on Monday’s Stoney and Bill show…

Which makes me wonder whether this Tweet from the Wings will involve participation in a commercial that will never air:


• Regarding Red Wings defensemen, past tense version:


• Regarding Red Wings defensemen, present-tense version, NHL.com’s John Kreiser offers a no-brainer regarding which Red Wings player is facing the most pressure this year as he surveys Western Conference players “on the hot seat”:

Niklas Kronwall, Detroit Red Wings—With Nicklas Lidstrom retired and Brad Stuart now with the San Jose Sharks, Kronwall becomes the Red Wings’ No. 1 defenseman—meaning he’s likely to see more minutes and be forced to handle more responsibility. Like a Broadway understudy who suddenly finds himself forced to step in for the star, Kronwall will have to elevate his game on a team that finds itself having to retool its defense while trying to stay among the NHL’s elite.

• And regarding Red Wings defensemen, possible future tense version, the Port Huron Times-Herald’s Paul Costanzo spoke to Western Michigan University graduate and incoming Grand Rapids Griffins defenseman Chad Billins, who the Wings signed to an AHL-only deal, about any positives that might come out of a lockout given that Billins hopes to earn an NHL deal with Detroit:

“(A lockout) will make every league below the NHL stronger,” he said.

It would also change the day he has to report to camp. Since the Griffins are an affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, he would attend the Wings’ rookie camp Sept. 15 in Traverse City. If there is a lockout, however, he won’t have to report to Grand Rapids until Sept. 28. None of the lockout talk has tempered Billins’ excitement for the season.

“(Signing with the Griffins) was a very exciting time for myself and my family,” he said. “It was a feeling, I guess, of relief, and it was just so exciting to be wanted by a team. I got a taste of it last year (practicing with the Griffins at the end of the season), so I got to kind of see how things were at that level and it gave me a few days of experience. But the one thing is, once you do sign a contract, the hard work doesn’t stop. That’s when the hard work starts. You still have to get ready for the season. All the hard work pays off, but you can’t let off the gas pedal.”

Billins, who finished an All-American career at Ferris State this year, said he had other offers and lots of interest from ECHL teams.

“(The AHL) is where everyone wants to play,” he said. “Because of the potential lockout, I didn’t know if my chances were going to be as good. It’s a great league, and Grand Rapids is a great organization. I couldn’t be happier.”

• And in the inevitable “Dragon’s Breath” category, I find it ironic that someone who claims that fans shouldn’t give a rat’s ass about the lockout is starting to get huffy about possibly ghostwritten Tweets offering propaganda from NHLPA members going toward a lockout…

• And I happen to think that Sportsnet’s Michael Grange is nothing less than insightful, well-spoken and a brilliant, brilliant writer, but his preface to a “how to fix the CBA” article absolutely infuriated me:

The fans are always the victims in any sports labour dispute, although suckers might be a better description. Recent history has shown that when owners and players fight over how to share your hard-earned money, the consequences of their take-ball-and-go-home negotiating tactics are minimal. Robbed of our testosterone-flavoured methadone, when the games come back, so do we, marching right over the cliff with our credit cards in hand. It sucks to be a sucker, but short of a mass migration to knitting or board games, it appears it will ever be thus.

Don’t you dare call me or my fellow fans a *#$%@& methadone addict, nor a “sucker.” The fact that we love our game, our teams and our players so much that we’re going to stick with them despite Gary Bettman’s machinations and what is likely to be a second lockout in eight seasons and a third lockout in eighteen, that makes me someone who is a mother *#$%@& dedicated and passionate supporter of the God-damned game that pays the players, owners and media’s salaries.

These kinds of characterizations of and “looking down one’s nose-toward” attitudes regarding fans are nothing less than completely unacceptable, and members of the MSM and online media should sure as shit take *#$%@& note of the fact that they’re mocking the God-damned people who are the reasons they have *#$%@& jobs. Don’t *#$%@& pander to me or any of us who have partisan passion and are getting jerked around like a Blue Angels pilot’s lunch in his stomach during an aerobatic routine because Chairman Mao can’t stomach anything less than scorched-earth policies and victory at the cost of prospect tournament, preseason and regular season games played.

*#$%@& him and *#$%@& anyone who suggests that fans are nothing more than junkies, suckers and patsies because they’re viewed as walking dollar signs by an NHL that knows it can abuse our loyalty.

Grange’s article is still brilliant, as is he, but Jesus *#$%@& Christ, if he does that again…Swearing is the least of the appropriate responses to take should he repeat said rhetorical tack.

I’ve spent the last two weeks being completely powerless to affect change for family members and close friends who have been in pain, I’ve spent the last two months covering a CBA war that is *#$%@& with my emotions and holding my time, energy, emotions and discretionary income hostage because the sides battling over my money can’t agree how to divvy it up, and as someone who is sometimes so damn *#$%@& disabled by anxiety and depression that blogging is the only thing I can do during the day, is my only coping mechanism at times and is sometimes the only way I can battle back against my illnesses, I am absolutely furious and incredibly frustrated with and by the fact that the people I believe I have a responsibility to serve, the community of Red Wings fans who I believe I can at least be useful to despite my status as a *#$%@&-up individual, are going to get jerked around with, treated like shit and, worst of all, told what idiots, maggots, addicts and parasites they must be to so deeply care about the players and teams that help them feel part of something bigger than themselves and provide them with a community of like-minded and different-minded individuals who can become their lifelong friends and de-facto family members.

That is nothing to be ashamed of. That identity and being part of the community we are a part of is something to be proud of, to be God-damned proud of, and while it’s my job to deal with people telling me I’m an idiot, an *#$%@&, a moron and a *#$%@&-up because I really do blog from my mother’s basement (and I’m not ashamed of my living situation for a millisecond), and do a fine *#$%@& job of behaving like a professional 95% of the time…

If someone *#$%@& with my readers, *#$%@& with the community I am beholden to, the community that’s given me the opportunity to get by, I will *#$%@& protect them and I will go on a relentless attack on their behalf.

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13datsyukfan13's avatar

George -

I think I must have read that Michael Grange opening differently.  I can see what he is saying through all the metaphors.  The NHL and NHLPA see us that way, I don’t think he is saying the media see us that way.  I get the “testosterone-flavored methadone” metaphor quite clearly because I, for one, AM addicted to the Red Wings and the NHL.  As for junkies, suckers and patsies…don’t leave out the lemmings. 

I truly hope you didn’t pop a blood vessel on this George, it wouldn’t have been worth it.


PS - I am already resigned to spending my time and money on other things this year.

Posted by 13datsyukfan13 from Mid Michigan on 08/16/12 at 09:00 PM ET

RWBill's avatar

Disappointing news all around, George.  Step back from your record setting profanity piece and take a breather.  There is nothing we can do about it except not waste our energies in useless emotion, no matter how much we might see a logical way out for both sides.

Posted by RWBill on 08/16/12 at 09:22 PM ET


I think his characterization of fans is a generalization and therefore wrong. In one way, some people dont come back. They find other things to do with their time and money. Attendance will suffer, especialy with today’s economic climate.

Posted by jhtheinrich from metro detroit on 08/16/12 at 10:58 PM ET

Hippy Dave's avatar

so I’m going to try to get through this evening’s crop of Red Wings news without biting anyone’s head off

Gee, George, I’d hate to see what it looks like when you DO bite someone’s head off smile

This 100 degree heat ain’t helpin’...

Posted by Hippy Dave from Portland by way of Detroit on 08/17/12 at 01:41 AM ET

George Malik's avatar

This was a static test. I watched a video last night of a company that “demilitarized” Russian SU-27 fighters, Americanized the instrumentation and ended up selling them to a “mysterious buyer” who currently has U.S. Air Force personnel flying the Flankers around the Nellis Ranges.

They tested the starboard and port engines on the aircraft one at a time, spooling up one and cranking it all the way up to full afterburner, shutting the engine back down and then testing the other one, all while sitting static on the runway. Basically rattling the cobwebs out of the system in a safe, controlled environment.


That’s all this was. A little territory marking and defining the ground I stand upon.

If there’s no hockey in October, you might find out what I’m like when I’m truly, fully enraged. Or at least Gary will.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 08/17/12 at 01:57 AM ET


George, thanks for all the great Red Wings info.
FYI - if you are going to bleep out profanity, the more offensive terms are the G.D. and the J.C. It is one of the big 10 (commandments), you know. I’d rather read mother f-er than blasphemy. Other than that, keep up the great work!

Posted by Bryan from CA on 08/17/12 at 02:04 AM ET

George Malik's avatar

Sorry about that. I was raised by a nurse and a probation officer who worked in Detroit in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, so swearing and curses using the names of various deities were like salt and pepper at the dinner table.

They may be powerful, offensive and, depending one one’s religious beliefs, blasphemous words, but I’m so accustomed to their use that even after all this time, they don’t provoke much more than a shrug from me.

I still forget that they have more impact, especially when I’m caught up in the moment. In my world, all they indicated was that someone meant business or was genuinely annoyed with or excited about something.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 08/17/12 at 02:22 AM ET


I appreciate the reply George. I didn’t mean to imply that your words were anything more than careless, not intentionally blasphemous.

Posted by Bryan from US on 08/17/12 at 02:35 AM ET

Chet's avatar

sick of this CBA crap. GM, have you gone on record re: your plans for supporting the NHL as a business if there’s another lockout?

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 08/17/12 at 03:16 AM ET

George Malik's avatar

I’ve been blunt about being a hypocrite. I happen to still care like nobody’s business for the players I root for and happen to care for the people who work for the team that gives them employment, so…The NHL and NHLPA are fighting over money I’d still happily give to the Red Wings’ players, coaches, support staff and yes, ownership.

I’m not leaving the sport. I’m not leaving my team. What I will do with my money during a lockout, I’m not sure yet.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 08/17/12 at 03:33 AM ET

Chet's avatar

the ‘04 lockout is the only reason i ever watched or cared about poker, believe it or not. since then i’ve won thousands. talk about a conundrum for me; they actually did me a favor!

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 08/17/12 at 03:36 AM ET


the ‘04 lockout is the only reason i ever watched or cared about poker, believe it or not. since then i’ve won thousands. talk about a conundrum for me; they actually did me a favor!

Online poker is no longer an option for the US. They want you to go to live casinos.

Where are you based? Canada? Europe? The rest of the world?

Posted by Alex on 08/17/12 at 11:09 AM ET


Chad Billins is a Ferris State graduate not a WMU graduate.

Posted by Ken Stauffer from Grand Rapids on 08/17/12 at 11:26 AM ET

mrfluffy's avatar

I echo some comments above to uh…don’t kill yourself over stressing out about this George, but at the same time I’d say it’s refreshing to hear your opinion on the matter, and that your opinion follows closely to some of our own.

Posted by mrfluffy from A wide spot on I-90 in Montana on 08/17/12 at 01:01 PM ET


Dude, chill before you have another mental breakdown.  BTW: Aren’t you being paid by the game?  Last lockout you said you weren’t coming back.  At least you’re honest this time.

I’ve been blunt about being a hypocrite.  Yup.

Posted by jkm2011 on 08/17/12 at 02:49 PM ET


the ‘04 lockout is the only reason i ever watched or cared about poker, believe it or not. since then i’ve won thousands. talk about a conundrum for me; they actually did me a favor!

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 08/17/12 at 01:36 AM ET

No, seriously, what online poker site would you recommend for US players, if any? Preferably with random card dealing and with an easy withdrawal option without company reprisals.

Posted by Alex on 08/17/12 at 03:28 PM ET

Chet's avatar

i live in CA so no need to play online. lots of illicit live home games and casinos here. i used to play on full tilt but far prefer live.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 08/17/12 at 06:52 PM ET


*#$%@& that, don’t bother watching your god damn, jesus christing language.  Let that shit fly.

Posted by Garth on 08/17/12 at 07:18 PM ET

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