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I’m gonna make this real simple for once and only once:

• No Draper, Osgood or Rafalski yielding a huge challenge in terms of filling leadership and moxie voids, to the point that you can almost feel the Wings’ players clutching up and clenching their sticks too tightly;

• Offense gone dry under a system of play that leans too heavily upon the puck possession standard that either Jeff Blashill and Bill Peters have yet to tweak or the players have yet to implement the suggestions thereof;

• Bad breaks and of course, as we all wear tinfoil around here, bad calls in addition to bad pinches, a dud of a power play and the kinds of fundamental mistakes that are as simple to correct as they are predictable for the Wings to make;

• And now the Wings are technically 5-4-and-1 and realistically 5-and-5 after losing five straight, and while nobody on the ice or standing behind the players on the benches has done a bad job, and Jimmy Howard’s picked up his play as Nicklas Lidstrom’s led like the fantastic captain and superstar he remains (hopefully for a while to come), the Red Wings look a little lost out there.

This losing streak’s more persistent than my God-damned boogers, and I’m f***ing pissed off about both. I need to get back to doing my damn job and the Wings clearly have to do theirs much, much better as the games between now and Thanksgiving essentially become must-wins.

Discuss, and don’t blame one player, because this is clearly more than player X or coach Y (even the head coach) doing something wrong, and it’s clearly, having seen the Big Red Machine in Transition dominate over the first five games, fixable.

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Yup, agree about team missing Drapes and Osgood especially. White looked good early on but has sucked since.

Guess we should of expected team to struggle at times with two new coaches and three big name vets gone.

The Mule was horrible tonight! How can a player with his strength and talent go without even one shot on net and then make a boneheaded mistake in OT going to the sin bin, argh. Him and Bert played with their heads up their arses.

Bert is a veteran and is UFA and it’s looking like he’s already thinking about retirement. hope Holland makes it sooner rather than end of season if he’s going to play like he as lately most of this season.

Holland obviously is going to have to use all that cap space he has to bring in an energy player/sniper or at least a veteran player that can spark these sleepwalkers on skates.

Bert and The Mule ruined the rookies debut game by spending to much time in the box. Nyquist didn’t get much of a chance to shine tonight.

We need Commie back to get in an immediate! fight to wake these drowsy Wings up.

5 goals in last 5 games


Posted by Slumpy from Under My Wheels on 11/02/11 at 01:53 AM ET


I’d settle for “real simple” to be honest, because your “real simple” is better than a a typical MSM’s regular story. I can see the need to avoid pointing at individuals as you are suggesting (although I found myself doing—we tend to want a quick solution in life and want the quickest scapegoat), but regardless, the team needs one really good 60 minute victory to build on, and all I hope is that they don’t blow this homestand while getting back on track. At this point, I’m not sure if the whip or the encouragement tack would work better (or both).

Posted by Bugsy on 11/02/11 at 02:22 AM ET

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I like Franzen at center. I know that he’s having a hard time figuring out where he’s supposed to be at an unfamiliar position, but while he’s a little unsure and a little less physically engaged than usual, he’s very much so mentally into the game on a shift-by-shift basis, and given how much he’s sleepwalked through 10-or-20-game stretches in the past, I think this will be a good move long-term.

As for Bertuzzi, his intensity is lacking, he’s taken some dumb penalties and he needs to lug the puck up the ice more authoritatively, but he’s also fallen victim to the usual early-season one-man crackdown on Todd Bertuzzi for being Todd Bertuzzi. He has to work harder to give the refs less ammunition for retribution for all the hooking and holding he got away with prior to the lockout.

I mean, hell, I was all over Jiri Hudler last year and I don’t think he’s been terrible, just inconsistent, and I’m worried that his best contribution to the team’s cause thus far has been, “Don’t forget the stairs, buddy!”

I want him to do well. I want the whole team to do well. I want Ian White to un-fade. I want Stuart and Kronwall to crank up their confidence levels, Ericsson to continue to play simpler hockey, Kindl to be as good as he’s been (even if he has to sit that fantastic lateral movement along the offensive blueline for the sake of adding some Commodore moxie), I want Fil to get skating and blossom offensively on the wing, Pavel to ditch those too-tight Reebok Kinetic Fit gloves and engage in “more shoot,” Z to keep going to the net, Homer to piss more people off while continuing to retrieve pucks and screen goalies (we miss Draper’s edge there in scrums), Miller and Eaves to step it up in terms of speed and physicality on the forecheck, more snarl from Abdelkader, more speed from Helm, Cleary to plain old get un-lost, Nyquist to keep on keepin’ on and Emmerton to display the kind of veteran savvy he did as a solid, strong-skating fourth-line center with potential for much, much more than he displayed in games 1-5.

The Wings’ PP is better under Blashill—I like the four forwards on the first unit but the second needs to step up, and both units need to stop being one-and-done, working as hard as Homer does to retrieve pucks and generate secondary and tertiary scoring opportunities—the PK is at least a little less likely to get caught running around and giving up back-door passes to free forwards sneaking behind cheating coverage to one side or defensemen sneaking in from the point—and the Wings are at least *starting* to address the fact that they’ve over-pinched and under-skated like nobody’s business of late, and very simply need to simplify their game…

But the word I keep coming back to as I watch Jimmy Howard finally establish himself as a goalie who can get that extra foot out of the crease and present bigger targets in terms of square pads and shoulders, and Nicklas Lidstrom play so well and work so damn hard to lead that he looks like he could continue to try to carry the team on his shoulders alone for another half-a-decade…

Is “demonstrative,” as defined by Merriam-Webster:


1 a : demonstrating as real or true b : characterized or established by demonstration

2 : pointing out the one referred to and distinguishing it from others of the same class

example: <demonstrative pronouns>

3 a : marked by display of feeling b : inclined to display feelings openly

— de·mon·stra·tive·ly adverb
— de·mon·stra·tive·ness noun

The Wings have absolutely no swagger whatsoever right now, none. They’re not confident in themselves and as such they’re doing too much by themselves instead of relying on each other, and other than Nick, Howie and maybe Homer, nobody’s stepping up to set an example for their teammates, nor are they showing much emotion while doing so.

Without Draper, Osgood and Rafalski, somebody’s gotta step up and say, “Let’s get our s*** together, boys, starting with me” and go from there, and somebody’s gotta say that they’ve gotta trust each other again, if not fake a little trademark Red Wings arrogance until they can manufacture some substance with which to carry that rooster’s strut.

Now’s certainly the time for criticism and debate and calling people out, but I also believe that each and every player that the Wings currently have on their roster can step up and make a difference, and I fully believe that every player who’s given us reason to doubt ‘em and throw ‘em under the bus can do nothing less than shine.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 11/02/11 at 02:44 AM ET

scottytooshotty's avatar

Does Kenny just wait it out? Does he make a blockbuster trade? As much as i love Mule, his inconsistency is maddening. He threw a big hit tonight which was awesome, but I cant recall one before it. If his contract wasn’t so monstrous he would be on my trade block
It’s pretty obvious we just dont have the depth scoring you need to win the cup, i think we look good on defense, but we really miss Rafi on the PP. No way Kenny just sits with a shed load of room on what could be Lids last year.
Oh, and could you imagine the havoc Jagr and Dats could have caused?

Posted by scottytooshotty on 11/02/11 at 02:45 AM ET


Amend my comment above. I’d settle for good, explanatory comments like your comment above George, in the meantime, to supplement the “short” articles (and I think a lot of us would be happy with that). In danger of sounding authoritative (and talking from a detail freak), sometimes these shorter efforts (as incomplete as they feel to you, probably) are plenty good enough. There is value and effort to post links, including stuff we may have trouble finding elsewhere. It’s your insightful opinions that make at least half the value of your blog though, if not more. We can agree or disagree, but nowadays (not just sports), we value well thought out, passioned, fair opinions (at least I do). The limited time I have to be here (and less in the future), I want to get here what I can’t get elsewhere.

Posted by Bugsy on 11/02/11 at 02:57 AM ET

George Malik's avatar

Kenny waits. It’s just too early and there are too many GM’s willing to “help” by taking half your team and your best prospects for a band-aid when you’ve lost 5 straight.

And I’ll try to get more opinion in this time around, Bugsy. My writing usually evolves per reader comments and it seems like people want more in the analysis/observation department, so it’s time to deliver there.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 11/02/11 at 03:21 AM ET

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I will say one more thing…The media’s going to blather on about how the Wings can’t blame the refs. I’ll grant you that the Wings had every chance to win the game, and that Bertuzzi gave the refs more than enough opportunity to indulge in reputation calls…

But especially given what happened on the game-winning goal and given all the crap that the Wild have done over the past two games to pick, pull, tug and otherwise impede the Wings, the Wings have EVERY RIGHT to be FURIOUS with the officials—as well as themselves.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 11/02/11 at 04:12 AM ET

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Well, I just watched the game, and the main things sticking out in my mind are:

1. Bertuzzi needs a benching to wake him the hell up. He takes stupid penalties at the worst times (i know there isn’t a “good” time).

2. The officiating in the game tonight blew.

3. The officiating in the game tonight blew.

4. The officiating in the game tonight blew.

5. Oh, did I mention, the officiating in the game tonight blew.

The goaltender interference call on Mule was absolute horseshit. He tried to stop beside Harding, but the Wild d-man kept striding back and forced Mule into Harding. It’s either a no-call or a penalty on the Wild d-man if anything. And the sequence on the OT winner… it’s blatant interference by Koivu, we JUST saw Bertuzzi get called for that exact play a few games ago. But the thing that I’m just flabbergasted about? The referee down there WASN’T EVEN LOOKING AT THE PUCK!  He was looking in front of the net! Hey you fuching jackass, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW THE PUCK! The official at centre ice is the one who looks for infractions behind the play you fauxing idiot! He was DIRECTLY responsible for the Red Wings losing the game. He didn’t do his job even adequately, he completely messed up and directly affected the outcome of the game.

Posted by Alzy from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on 11/02/11 at 04:30 AM ET

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Kenny waits. It’s just too early and there are too many GM’s willing to “help” by taking half your team and your best prospects for a band-aid when you’ve lost 5 straight.

I mentioned on a recent A2Y thread that as tempted as everyone seems by the idea of an early season trade, there are still way too many teams convinced they’re legitimate contenders and, as a result, the trade market would very likely be pretty unfavorable and downright prohibitive in terms of what it would probably cost to snag a true impact player.  Best to wait until closer to the trade deadline for that kind of thing.

At the same time, I applaud the fact that KH is willing to buck the organization’s normal philosophy in terms of bringing a first year pro, Nyquist, up from GR to the big show to see if he may be capable of giving the team a much needed offensive infusion.  I know it’s out of character, but everything we’ve seen of Nyquist suggests that in terms of maturity and his innate grasp of the game, he’s pretty far ahead of the game, and maybe, just maybe not at all your average first year pro.  Even if it doesn’t work out this time around, I don’t think a stint in the NHL will destroy this kid the way it might some.  But if, on the other hand, it works out, and he proves to be that rare guy who actually can step in right away and make an impact, then i really think it will have a stablizing effect up and down the lineup.

For example, as much as I like Dan Cleary, I think he’s better suited to be a kind of grinding, energy guy whose role is a sort of “utility infielder” that you can plug in and yeah, he’ll provide some depth scoring, but mostly he’ll add to the team’s success by skating, forechecking, winning battles, making the sound play to clear the zone and so on.  I think putting him on the top line just really gets him away from his natural game.  I say this of course amid a lot of speculation that he’s not right physically, which may indeed impact his game at the moment.  But at the same time, I really do believe he’s a better, more complete player when his role is more that of a complementary player.

I do think we have to acknowledge the possibility that right now the Wings may no longer the team to beat, and there may now be a gap between them and others that needs to be closed.  But while I think that gap is not insignficant, I also don’t think it’s huge.  Somehow right now, the Wings really do look to be less than the sum of their parts. 

We knew this summer when KH and co. chose to merely plug holes and replace the players they lost through retirement as economically as possible in the midst of a crazy, irrational free agent market, that it was a calculated gamble that this team would be at the very least still good enough to be solidly in the hunt come trade deadline time.  The plan looked solid after the first five games, but a helluva lot more tenuous now.  The fact that a low risk, but still proactive move has already been made should give us all some reassurance that management is not going to fall into complacency.  I personally far prefer this approach to one of panic and desparation.

I really do think that as horrible as it has looked at times over the past ten days or so, there are actually some positives to build on, and I don’t think this team is anywhere near as bad as recent results suggest.  While it’s been some ugly shit to witness, it feels like a win or two would go a long way to getting things turned around, getting everyone to get some of their confidence and swagger back, stop gripping so damn tight and, as a result, we should see some rhythm return to their game as well. 

In any case George, it’s good to see you back and getting your own game dialed in.  I think there are some real challenges for this team and the franchise, and I don’t think there are any real guarantees as to how this season will turn out, but that is, after all the nature of the beast.

Posted by WestWing from Portland, Oregon on 11/02/11 at 05:12 AM ET


Can we bring draper in as a face off coach. The team seems to being falling flat on their face in that area. 

I often wonder where the team would be now if Mursak wasn’t broken.

Any rate I feel Burt needs to sit the next one out and get his stuff together as he has only been a threat to the Wings

Overall the Wings need more grit and energy and it needs to start from the likes of Helm, Miller, Eaves, and Abby.  While the grind line is gone, the idea remains.  This energy from a checking line, or the energy drain on the opposing team, can do nothing but help the rest of the team do better.

Posted by MTURedwings from Houghton / The Great White North on 11/02/11 at 07:01 AM ET


Only one person’s suggestion. Don’t give up getting us links that we’d have trouble finding, nor give up the commentary to put the links in perspective, nor the links to videos. I just think your time is better spent linking the more difficult to find/main videos rather than all of them, and more time piecing things together from a game in prose. Sometimes, just linking us to the article without extensive quoting most of the time may be worth the trade-off as well. I just think you have more potential to write than gather, but gathering is necessary, just maybe not to the detail you’ve done over the years. It also may help health-wise, not giving us so much information that we’d wonder even if a healthy person can survive the pace long term.  You’ll find the best balance. Others may prefer you to go back to exactly how you were doing things before (which included a lot of analysis anyway), and I wouldn’t be disappointed. I just think that you went to school to be a writer, and even if we disagree with your opinions, you typically show depth and perspective when you do put forth your opinion. So, maybe try out more writing analytically and a bit less gathering. It’s really early/late, so I’m rambling. I’ll trust you’ll do well with this as you get better physically, whatever direction you take.

Posted by Bugsy on 11/02/11 at 07:53 AM ET

Nathan's avatar

I honestly just feel like it is a rough stretch. It happens. I don’t think there’s any need to read too deep into it.

The good news, like George points out, is the Lidstrom and Howard both still look excellent. That’s most excited with regard to Howard.

In the West right now, there are a lot of teams off to spotty starts. Heck, pretty much every team. The Hawks lead the division and are 7-4 with a game in hand on the Wings. San Jose has been alternating good and awful play.

It is a long season and this team still has a good core. It always comes back to what HTT says—injuries and officiating. This team has way too much talent (as evidenced in the first five games) to play this bad much longer. They will finish in the top four and probably win the division if they don’t get a shit storm of injuries like two seasons ago.

Posted by Nathan from the scoresheet! on 11/02/11 at 10:37 AM ET

stonehands-78's avatar

To a man, the Wings aren’t broke ...

... but need to unite, find their ‘11-‘12 identity.

All the right parts & pieces are there, top to bottom.

Now “put ‘em all together” for a masterpiece No. 12.


(( ... I still can’t get the bile tatse out of my mouth from last night ...  sick ))

(( .. we need a “Red Wing” win—- dominate for 60 minutes.))

Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 11/02/11 at 11:04 AM ET

MsRedWinger's avatar

Good morning everyone and thank you so much for your mature and not-panic-stricken comments!  It is definitely way too early to conclude that the Wings can’t contend.

Mickey Redmond used the word “parity” a lot last night, and Ken Holland has talked about it a lot the past couple of seasons.  It’s a reality.  We may not ever see again complete dominance by any one team.  So it is what it is.  I totally believe in the Red Wings’ ability to turn this around.  The first five games showed me what they are capable of, and I think some of the things we are seeing now are just the result of a bit of hesitancy born of having their confidence shaken a bit.  They simply have to internalize that, in today’s NHL, every game is going to be a battle and they have to commit to working their butts off in every game.

I’m so proud of Jimmy Howard who is really improving.  Last night, I could see him tracking the puck really well and he was much better at covering pucks and not coughing up juicy rebounds. 

I look forward to a game where we don’t give the other team 7 or 8 power play opportunities so the offense can get into a rhythm and Nyquist can get some ice time.

George, great to see you back and I agree totally with what you said. 


Posted by MsRedWinger from the State where Tigers roam in the Spring on 11/02/11 at 11:09 AM ET

Jeff  OKWingnut's avatar

Flashes of brilliance confuse me.  DET looked so dominant in the 1st period last night, and have at other times during the losing streak.  And I’m not blaming the Ref’s - totally - for last nights meltdown, you got to have the puck to get the calls (just don’t tell that to Koivu, that rule doesn’t apply to him).

I’ll subscribe to the “no confidence”/swagger theory. 

I’m not an X’s and O’s guy, so I’m not smart enough to know if DET have tweaked their gameplan from last year. But for long stretches of games, DET seems lost.  Offensive zone possessions are, more often than not, one and done.  That pretty much explains their scoring drought.  Yet they lead the league in S/G (35.8)?

History says a team must be within 4 points of the 8th spot by Thanksgiving - or the playoffs are a long shot.

Posted by Jeff OKWingnut from Quest for 12 on 11/02/11 at 11:36 AM ET

RedMenace's avatar

Seems like the boys need to start using this:

Posted by RedMenace from A Miserable Existence on 11/02/11 at 11:49 AM ET


Meh, as frustrating as that game was to watch, I actually feel the outcome benefits the Wings in the long haul.

They’re mad; they’re embarrassed. They now have a fire lit under them.

Look for them to win the next five games of the homestand.

Posted by Red Winger from work on 11/02/11 at 12:31 PM ET

RedMenace's avatar

Posted by Red Winger from work on 11/02/11 at 10:31 AM ET

Yeah, like Mick said last night, a good showing would be 5-1 on this home stand… they NEED to do that in order to keep up.

Posted by RedMenace from A Miserable Existence on 11/02/11 at 12:46 PM ET

HockeyTownTodd's avatar

They gotta find the player or coach that is telling the players just before the game:

“It is a long game, fellas, don’t wear yourselves out winning battles on the boards.”

Then take him out back and shoot him.

Posted by HockeyTownTodd on 11/02/11 at 12:52 PM ET

miscotty's avatar

I put that last goal on Kronwall. Yeah, it probably was interference, but he wasn’t ready for that check at all. He covers up his man, and it becomes very hard to make that sweet little play at the end. Instead he ends up on his ass, unable to anything at all. Suddenly its 4 on 2.

Posted by miscotty on 11/02/11 at 12:58 PM ET

HockeyTownTodd's avatar

Koivu’s hit on Kronner was absolutely beautiful.
A move that Datsyuk holds the patent on.
Wings fans celebrate every time Dats gets away with one.

Posted by HockeyTownTodd on 11/02/11 at 01:02 PM ET

stonehands-78's avatar

Koivu’s hit on Kronner was absolutely beautiful.
A move that Datsyuk holds the patent on.
Wings fans celebrate every time Dats gets away with one.

Posted by HockeyTownTodd on 11/02/11 at 11:02 AM ET


Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 11/02/11 at 01:19 PM ET

Nathan's avatar

Pav usually gets the puck on his stick first, that’s the difference. For what it’s worth, I think you should be able to throw a hit like that in a race for the puck, especially in the offensive zone (would lead to more pressure/shots/goals).

Posted by Nathan from the scoresheet! on 11/02/11 at 01:37 PM ET


I know this wont be a popular view but I put all the blame on Babcock. He keeps using the exact same system that worked so well a few years ago without adapting to the changing game. In the mean time all the other teams have figured it out and taken measures to beat us.

We basically have the set play of establish the zone and pass the puck back to the point for a shot. Try for a tip and crash for a rebound. Worked great with shooters like Schneider, Rafalski and Lidstrom with Homer in front for a screen. Unfortunately we no longer have Schneider and Rafalski for the hard accurate shot. Now most of the teams knowing the system just load up in front of the goal to block the shot high or out-man the rebound.

Worst yet we have all the skill of Datsyuk and Zetterberg being used solely to feed the point.  Then we take skill guys and natural shooters and have them stand in front of the goal. I mean come on Franzen and Bert in front of the net is a joke. Both are great shooters and play makers, but neither possess the lateral movement and puck tipping ability necessary to do the job. The only real quality they possess is being big and tough to move.

Then when the wings can get absolutely nothing going we take all of the lines and mix them up. Hoping to find a combination that will make our failed system work. This of course means that none of our lines have any chemistry or creativity because no one is familiar with their linemates.

Instead of trying to fit the players to a particular style Babcock needs to tailor the system to take advantage of the skills his players possess. If he had done this before maybe we would have figured out that Leino had some definite scoring ability before we threw him away for nothing.

I understand a team needs to operate under an all encompassing system. The problem I see is that we have a team of smaller, skilled , non-physical players and we are trying to use a system than demands hard hitting grinders. There is a reason why the Abdelkader - Helm - Bertuzzi line were so effective for a while. They are the only line built to play our current system.

Thats how I see it. I am done with my rant.

Posted by Bravvo from Grand Rapids on 11/02/11 at 01:39 PM ET


Koivu’s hit on Kronner was absolutely beautiful.
A move that Datsyuk holds the patent on.
Wings fans celebrate every time Dats gets away with one.

My thoughts exactly.  Can’t take that puck battle out of the game.  Kronwall was beat even if Koivu doesn’t hit him.

As for thinking that Draper and Osgood are the reason the Wings aren’t scoring goals, I’d like to be on some of those meds.  That’s almost like saying pilot error—not plane malfunctions—only occur in Russia.  Whoops.

Posted by jkm2011 on 11/02/11 at 01:40 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Well since it’s going to keep getting parroted..

Datsyuk has never shoulder-blasted into a guy’s face while not in control of the puck before.

The day he does that is the day I’ll stop cheering him doing it.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 11/02/11 at 01:43 PM ET

HockeyTownTodd's avatar

Datsyuk has never shoulder-blasted into a guy’s face while not in control of the puck before.
Posted by J.J. from Kansas

You are suffering from tunnel vision, my friend.
Seem to keep overlooking the fact that it was Kronner blasting his own face into Koivu’s shoulder.

Posted by HockeyTownTodd on 11/02/11 at 01:50 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Seem to keep overlooking the fact that it was Kronner blasting his own face into Koivu’s shoulder.

Yeah, because Koivu pushing backward and upward into a check had nothing to do with it. If Kronwall isn’t there and Koivu makes that same move, he moves himself backwards by two feet.

Hey, remember in that playoff series where Homer smashed his own face into the glass and Pronger got suspended for it?  What was up with that, man?

The NHL won’t be safe until players stop throwing their heads at people’s shoulders and elbows!  Getting set up to make a play on a guy who’s supposed to be playing the puck is a scourge on this league and I can’t wait until everybody who tries it gets concussed into oblivion by real hockey players.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 11/02/11 at 01:56 PM ET

stonehands-78's avatar

Datsyuk has never shoulder-blasted into a guy’s face while not in control of the puck before.
Posted by J.J. from Kansas

You are suffering from tunnel vision, my friend.
Seem to keep overlooking the fact that it was Kronner blasting his own face into Koivu’s shoulder.
Posted by HockeyTownTodd

it wasn’t the ‘who blasted who, where’ that bothers me;
but the ‘who (Koivu) blasted who (Kronner), when’.

Koivu went for position on Kronner before he (Koivu) went for the puck.
That’s OK. BUT the “contact” initiated by Koivu before either got to the puck ... interference?

(Don’t ask the ref; he was watching the ‘non-interference’ on Jimmy ... )

Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 11/02/11 at 02:09 PM ET

Nathan's avatar

Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 11/02/11 at 12:09 PM ET

Exactly. The hit was clean, but not sure how it wasn’t interference… and as I have said before, I personally think those sorts of plays should be allowed and not called as interference. But under the rules as they read today… how could it be anything other than interference?

Posted by Nathan from the scoresheet! on 11/02/11 at 03:57 PM ET


You won’t see me lamenting Koivu’s hit. That’s a great hockey play, pure and simple.

Posted by Red Winger from work on 11/02/11 at 05:10 PM ET

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