Kukla's Korner

Help Files for Members Posting on Kukla’s Korner

imageIf you’re looking for help on how to put your own blog post on Kukla’s Korner, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some basic questions answered. If you’re still having difficulty after reading through this Q & A, please feel free to contact us anytime.


  • How do I make a post?
  • Are there any rules for posting?
  • What do the tags mean?
  • Can I change my “author” name?
  • Where has my post disappeared to?
  • Why won’t my image upload?


How do I make a post?

First, you have to be a Kukla’s Korner Member. Registration is free and easy—just go here. If you already are a KK member, be sure you’re logged in then you’re ready to go.  Start writing!

Once submitted and published, all KK member posts can be read on this page.

Are there any rules?

There are and there aren’t.  You can write whatever you like on any hockey-related topic that interests you.  But there are a couple no-no’s: no profanity, and no flaming people and websites.  Criticizing ideas is one thing, but acting like an insufferable jerk is something else.  We’re not interested in censoring anyone—we simply trust that you know the difference.

We also ask that you always (always, always!) be sure to give credit where it’s due. If you want to highlight ideas and links from another site you enjoy, that’s great. But just be sure you link back to them.  Ripping other people off is not only annoying to everyone involved, it might also get you banned from posting on KK. 

How to link to other sites is answered in the next question.

What do the tags mean?

The tags at the top of the area where you write your posts allow you to manipulate areas of the text that appear in your online post.

For example, to link someone you’d just highlight the text you want hyperlinked, click “link” at the top, then enter in the website address you wish to link.  Or if you wish a word to appear in bold form, just highlight the word you want bolded, then click the

< b> tag at the top.  Alternatively, you can also just place < b> and < /b>

tags around the text (without the spaces).




I don’t like how my name appears as author of a post. Can I change it?

Absolutely.  To change how your ‘author’ name appears, log in then go to your control panel.  Then click on the menu item for “username & password.”  Where it says “change screen name” change it to something you prefer. 


I submitted my post. Now where is it?

Once your post has been submitted, rest assured it will be published as soon as possible.  One of us at KK will quickly review it (although we sleep sometimes, too, so it might take us a few hours on occasion!) and then pop it online.

We review posts to check for acceptable language (i.e. most profanity is unacceptable) and to ensure no one is threatening to kill puppies or something.

We like puppies.

Why won’t my image upload?

You can only upload images that have the extensions .jpg .gif or .png.  Anything else will be disallowed. Images can be a maximum of 500px wide. 

After you upload the image, you also have to click on “place image and close window.”  The code that appears at the bottom of your post can then be placed anywhere you like within the post—but don’t make any changes to the code itself or it won’t work.

If you make a mistake and need to upload the image again, that’s fine. But you’ll have to change the name of your image first because our server won’t allow you to over-write the earlier image file.

I’m still having problems. Can you help me?

Of course.  Contact us anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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