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It Is About Race

from Adam Proteau of The Hockey News,

As the Winnipeg Jets’ season wound down, a controversy involving one of their players flared up. Interim coach Paul Maurice made star winger Evander Kane a healthy scratch for a game in Toronto – and just like that, harsh words were hauled out to criticize the 22-year-old: he had an attitude; he was arrogant; he wasn’t a good fit with the Jets; he needed to be traded post-haste. If it sounded familiar, that’s because it was. Ever since the franchise relocated to Manitoba from Atlanta, Kane has been a target for critics.

Some of that, he’s earned. When he posed during the 2012-13 lockout in front of the lights of Las Vegas pretending a giant stack of money was his cell phone, fans and media rightfully ripped him for not understanding how it would be perceived.

But put aside the specifics of that situation for a second and answer these questions: Were you ever 21? Did you ever make a mistake at that age? Do you think that, if you were making millions of dollars and existed in a massive public fishbowl at that age, you might make the odd error in judgment?

The answer should be “yes.” That’s why there’s something about the relentless negativity surrounding Kane that doesn’t sit right. I’m not pointing to anyone specific when I say this, but I have to say it: some of the criticism hurled at Kane – as well as teammate Dustin Byfuglien and Canadiens star P.K. Subban – is about his race more than his character. It’s what Kane referred to last year when he told THN’s Ken Campbell “a good portion” of the criticism is racially motivated.


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What To Pay P.K Subban?

from Jack Todd at the Montreal Gazette,

The Habs have already made it clear they won’t be talking contract with Subban until after the playoffs, so a powerful playoff run by team and player could alter the picture considerably.

Whatever happens for the balance of the season, this will be the most momentous contractual decision the club has ever made and is likely to remain so at least until Carey Price’s six-year, $39-million deal expires after the 2017-18 season.

So how much do they offer Subban and for how many years? First, as my mentor Pat Hickey said a week ago, the Canadiens have to try to sign Markov to a three-year deal. He is, after all, their No. 1 defenceman. Then they have to take a serious run at Thomas Vanek.

Up to the Olympic break, you would have said open the vault, give P.K. what it takes and move on. But unless you’re too busy cursing Therrien to actually watch the games, it’s hard to quibble with the way he’s using Subban.


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Afternoon Line

“You know what, it just goes to show you what media can do. It’s just the complete opposite, it’s awesome. The setup is great, the rooms are awesome. Guys were even saying the setup here is better than it was in Torino.”

-P.K. Subban of Team Canada on the security and housing conditions at Sochi.  More from William Douglas of The Color Of Hockey...

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How About This Ottawa, Don’t Give Up The Game-Winning Goal Next Time




added 3:57pm, Watch below as a few of the Senators talked about it after practice today.

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Video- Subban Talks About Penalty Call Against Him

from Brenda Branswell of Hockey Inside/Out,

Canadiens defencman P.K. Subban was called for hooking Erik Condra with 18 seconds left in regulation — a call that left him scratching his head after the game.

“I’d like to get an explanation of what I did wrong there,” Subban said.

He said he thought Canadiens’ goaltender Carey Price had the puck.

“I thought the play was over. It just didn’t really make sense to me.”

more and below, watch Subban talk about the penalty and see the call too...

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Paying P.K. Subban

TSN Hockey Insiders Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger gathered for the latest installment of Insider Trading and the topics discussed were what a rising salary cap means for PK Subban's contract negotiations, the coaching situation with the New York Islanders, the Buffalo Sabres' search for a new general manager, what stories emerged from Tuesday's Board of Governors meetings and Jakob Chychrun, the son of former Flyers defenceman Jeff Chychrun.

Q: With the cap going over $71 million and climbing even higher, what does this mean to P.K. Subban and his contract talks?

LeBrun: It could mean a lot. In many ways, he could be the poster child for young, star free agents and future negotiations. For guys like Alex Pietrangelo and Erik Karlsson, they signed long term deals because they were looking for security and didn't know where the salary cap was headed. Well, P.K. Subban and his advisors from Newport Sports know where it's going and it's going way up, so the debate for Subban is, do I sign an eight-year deal like a lot of people are expecting me to, but then, the salary cap might be at $100 million by the end of the eight-year deal, maybe I'm better off taking a shorter term deal, three or four years. Of course, the Montreal Canadiens will be looking for some long-term security themselves, so a big decision for Subban because the cap is going way up.

McKenzie: The players and agents are wondering who's going to be the guy who breaks the bank; who's going to be the guy who gets closer to the 20 per cent maximum salary that's allowed. If the salary cap is $75 million or $80 million in a couple of years, that's potentially $15-16 million a year. What player might command that kind of money?


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How Does $8M Per Year Sound For P.K. Subban?

from Sean Gordon of the Globe and Mail,

... The Habs will soon find out, it’s probably in the neighbourhood of $8-million per year. Which, needless to say, is a very nice neighbourhood.

The Tampa game was a handy illustration of why Subban is a unique commodity on the hockey marketplace: no other defenceman in the league brings quite the same combination of edge-of-the-seat offensive dynamism, punishing physicality and defensive smarts – the closest analogue is like L.A. Kings’ defenceman Drew Doughty (who signed an eight-year, $56-million contract before the last lockout, which averages to $7- million per season).

Since being taken to task by coach Michel Therrien after a grisly turnover led to a back-breaking goal against the Colorado Avalanche – and being fingered for another one that wasn’t clearly his fault – he has only been on the ice for two even-strength goals against in 12 periods (he’s also managed three points, and a team-best 23 shots on net).

He has also played more minutes.

You want him to show he can be airtight in his own end? Okay. Want him to still continue driving possession and leading the team in scoring? He can do that.


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The Subban/Therrien Relationship

from Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette,

I once asked (Scotty) Bowman about the impression he left on his players, and he said his one regret was: “I could never tell those players how good they were.”

Bowman knew his job was to push his players to be even better, which is why he was behind the bench for a record nine Stanley Cup winners....

It’s a good time to look at some of misconceptions about Subban:

Subban and Therrien are incompatible: This one gathered steam this week when Subban was used sparingly in the final minutes of what turned out to be a 3-2 shootout loss to the St. Louis Blues at the Bell Centre. Three other defencemen finished with more ice time than Subban and Therrien glued Subban to the bench in the final minutes of regulation time. When you coupled this with what turned out to be Therrien’s very public criticism of Subban on an episode of 24CH, it was obvious the coach doesn’t like Subban.

The reality is that coaches yell at players, In the wake of this week’s hysteria over ice time, we have players recalling that Glen Sather yelled at Wayne Gretzky and Bowman yelled at everyone. The bottom line is that coaches do what it takes to win and Subban leads the team in even-strength and power-play minutes.


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Who Says P.K. Subban Isn’t Dependable?

from Jack Todd at the Montreal Gazette,

.. if Yzerman really is thinking of leaving Subban home, then he’s out of his ever-lovin’ mind. The thought of Subban wheeling and dealing with other players of his calibre on the big ice in Sochi is mouth-watering.

Sadly, part of the blame for the perception that Subban isn’t dependable in his own end lies with his coach. Therrien has made a couple of comments about Subban that put the “luke” in lukewarm, declining to say when asked if Subban should be on Team Canada and also refusing to call him a world-class player.

When he opts for Douglas Murray during the last minute of a one-goal game with Subban nailed to the bench, when he keeps his star off the penalty kill, when he lets 24CH tape an episode with him ripping his star, Therrien feeds the controversy — unwisely, in my view.

One fine day, Subban is going to have to decide whether to sign a long-term deal in Montreal or take a bundle of money to play elsewhere. If this keeps up, you could hardly blame him if he elects to leave a situation where he is constantly at odds with his coach for a place where his considerable gifts are appreciated.


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Subban Looks Like A Long Shot For Team Canada

from Sean Gordon of the Globe and Mail,

It might seem curious that Team Canada would pass over as gifted a skater, stickhandler and shooter as Subban for a tournament on Olympic-sized ice, but doing so would surely owe to a tag that has stuck to him since he was a junior player: risky in his own end.

The stats don’t bear that out – by any measure, Subban is an above-average defender, and has shown elite defending ability in his career – but how can Steve Yzerman and the other Team Canada selectors trust Subban to be steady and reliable when there are recent indications the Habs have their doubts?

Earlier this week coach Michel Therrien sent Andrei Markov, Subban’s regular partner, out with Francis Bouillon in the final two minutes of a 2-0 game at Madison Square Garden.

On Tuesday, with Montreal clinging to a 2-1 lead against Dallas, Therrien nailed Subban to the bench for the final 2:56, and threw the statuesque Douglas Murray on the ice alongside Markov.

Though Dallas generated a couple of quick scoring chances, the Habs held on.

But Therrien’s decision to keep his stud defenceman off the ice raised eyebrows, and voices, on Montreal talk radio and in fan forums – all amid the usual circumspection, which is to say borderline hysteria.


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Fitting In The P.K. Subban Way

from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun,

He still makes his teammates roll their eyes every once in a while, just by being P.K. They still quietly wonder if he’ll ever really be one of them.

A Canadiens observer described Subban Monday as a hockey player with the instincts of a football player. Hockey players are often quiet, quoteless, lacking in personality, so much about the team.

Subban, who posted his summer training regimen online, was kidded by some of his teammates at the beginning of camp for being so overt.

Part of him can’t help but be overt: He’s trying hard to be more hockey guy, which is why he can be reluctant to talk about himself.

Subban wants so much to fit in, but not necessarily change, and that’s the challenge.

In a sport that often frowns on personality — who are the personalities in today’s NHL without Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick? — Subban oozes both game and personality.


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P.K. Subban Adds A 100 LBS. To His Workout

Check out Subban's Instagram account for more videos and pictures.


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Therrien Not Happy With Subban’s High-Sticking Penalty

from Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette,

P.K. Subban says there’s no worse feeling than sitting in the penalty box when the opposition scores the winning goal.

That was the situation Tuesday night in overtime when Subban had a front-row seat as Steve Ott banged home a rebound to give the Buffalo Sabres a 3-2 win over the Canadiens at the Bell Centre.

Subban’s reaction to the high-sticking call on Mark Pysyk seemed to suggest that the Canadiens’ defenceman was the victim of a bad call, but Canadiens coach Michel Therrien wasn’t about to let Subban off the hook.

“It was a bad penalty, especially with the effort the guys had in the second and third periods,” said Therrien. “We’re going to take care of that so that it doesn’t happen again.”

continued and watch the high-sticking call below...

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All Eyes On Subban

from Hockey Inside/Out,

As far as P.K. Subban knows, there is no contract yet awaiting his signature.

The Canadiens restricted free-agent defenceman spoke from his Toronto condo Friday afternoon, having just received an acupuncture treatment as he continues to get ready for the Habs training camp he hopes he’ll be a part of.

Rumours were blazing in Montreal on Friday, Rod Francis of TSN Radio 690 reporting that he had information from an inside source saying that the Canadiens on Saturday would announce a four-year, $22-million contract with the popular defenceman.

Dave Stubbs of The Gazette spoke with Subban twice as the player was getting an acupuncture treatment in his Toronto condo. While much of their conversation was off the record, for background, Subban did say that he’s been told by his agent, Don Meehan, that talks with the Canadiens continue.


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P.K. Subban - Comedian

Subban hosts 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' tonight.


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Afternoon Line

“Maybe a lot of people were expecting me to have (the contract) done by now, but I know that it’s a process.  When it’s going to happen I’m not sure. I mean, it could happen next week; it could happen a couple of weeks from now. I just hope it gets done sooner than later. That’s why I have my agent, Don Meehan. I have a lot of confidence in him. I don’t think there is any doubt in anybody’s mind that I want to be a Montreal Canadien, so hopefully it gets done soon.”

- RFA defenseman P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens.  More from Dan Rosen of NHL.com.

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Should Subban Take The Offer?

via TSN,

The Montreal Canadiens and defenceman PK Subban are still in negotiations over a new contract, as RDS reports that the team has offered him a two-year deal worth $5.5 million.

RDS adds that Subban’s camp is looking for a longer term.

Subban made $875,000 last season, his third in the pros as part of his entry-level deal. He had seven goals and 29 assists in 81 games.

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Subban Responds To The Fans

from Doug McIntyre of ESPN The Magazine,

It’s taken P.K. Subban less than two seasons to establish himself as one of the NHL’s most exciting—and controversial—young stars. The 22-year-old Canadiens defenseman has antagonized opponents with flashy puck skills, devastating checks and endless trash-talk, all with a grin. But while Montreal has fallen for the Toronto native, many opposing fans love to hate him, at least according to what we found on hockey message boards. Subban was happy to hit right back.

”[The Jan. 12 game vs. the Bruins] is a prime example of the punk that Subban is. He throws the cheap shot at David Krejci, turtles when Andrew Ference confronts him, then laughs as he’s escorted to the penalty box.” -posted on dropyourgloves.com

Subban: “This is obviously coming from a Bruins fan. It’s pretty simple: My job isn’t to fight. I’m playing the most minutes out of any player on my team right now. My job is to get a guy like Krejci off his game. Anybody I wouldn’t want to be fighting I wouldn’t even look at twice if he challenged me. When I do need to stick up for myself or my teammates, I will. I make that decision, not the other team.

read on

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Video- Big Hit Of The Night Candidate

P.K. Subban on Adam Larsson.  No penalty and no update on Larsson.

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Is Subban Available?

from David Staples of The Cult Of Hockey,

Is Pernell Karl Subban, the mobile, attacking defenceman of the struggling Montreal Canadiens, on the trading block?

Fans and commentators of the Montreal Canadiens are abuzz with such talk, but it’s not clear that Montreal GM Pierre Gauthier has a trade of Subban in mind, as much as team management has sent out signals it’s unhappy with this young defenceman.

In mid-December, Jack Todd of The Gazette reported that Gauthier and Jacques Martin were “bitterly disappointed” with the development of Subban. Just before Christmas, Gauthier suggested to his coach that Subban should be benched.

The belief that Subban is a young superstar who will help lead the Habs back to the top does not bear scrutiny,

continued and Edmonton could use him…

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Subban Fined

NEW YORK (January 21, 2012)—Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban has been fined $2,500, the maximum allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for a dangerous trip on Pittsburgh Penguins forward Chris Kunitz in NHL Game No. 695 in Pittsburgh on Friday, Jan. 20, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.

If you missed the play, you can view it here.

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Is This A Slewfoot?  Subban On Kunitz

No call on the play.

added 10:23pm, another video with a different angle added below…

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Video- Subban With Two For Elbowing

Will the NHL review this hit from P.K. Subban on David Krejci?  The only other penalty was Andrew Ferance received two minors for roughing.

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P.K. Subban’s Visit to Haiti

From the Canadian Press via TSN:

Visiting earthquake-ravaged Haiti has been an eye-opening experience for the Montreal Canadiens P.K. Subban.

The rookie defenceman and former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque spent three days this week meeting patients and their families at Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince and getting a first-hand look at the effects of the Jan. 12, 2010 quake that killed an estimated 300,000 and left more than one million homeless.

“I’ve never been to a poor country, I’ve never even been anywhere in the Caribbean, so this is a pretty different experience,” Subban said in a telephone interview this week. “I don’t know if it changes you, but it definitely affects you as a person.”


More on the NHLPA’s Hockey for Haiti initiative posted here yesterday.

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Hockey for Haiti

From the NHLPA:

Recognizing a great need for help, Georges Laraque and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) teamed up with World Vision Canada to raise funds for the re-construction of the Grace Children’s Hospital in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, a project that has been on-going for over a year now.

In a follow-up to an initial trip to the island by Laraque, NHLPA Member Dan Hamhuis and NHLPA staff members in June of 2010 to announce that $1-million had been raised (the total is now over $1.3M), Laraque has once again embarked on a trip to the Caribbean island nation.  Joining Georges on this trip representing the NHLPA is Montreal Canadiens defenceman, P.K. Subban. The energetic and effervescent young player is someone who values the work being done by World Vision and the NHLPA on the Hockey for Haiti project and was eager to participate and help-out, any way he could.

Laraque and Subban will spend a few days in Port-au-Prince and on Wednesday they will visit the Grace Children’s hospital to meet with patients, staff and to tour the hospital to see first-hand the progress being made through the donations to Hockey for Haiti.

Read on.  For more on the NHLPA’s Hockey for Haiti campaign, read here. Below is a video of Laraque’s tour of the region last summer, with Dan Hamhuis:

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Evening Line

“I have respect for the Montreal Canadiens team and the way they played that series and the way that they battled, but to be completely honest, I don’t have respect for actions like that.

“That’s a travesty to the game. That’s not the way the way the game is supposed to be played. When I saw that happen in the first period, when he threw himself back on Campbell, it can be infuriating.

“If anything, it seems the refs let him get away with more, which I’m very surprised at. He’s making the refs look not good on a regular basis. He has got enough talent, and he’s a good enough player that there’s no need for stuff like that.”

-Tim Thomas, goaltender for the Boston Bruins on Montreal defenseman P.K. Subban.  More at the Toronto Sun.

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Afternoon Line

We watched closely replays from last week’s hard-fought game against Tampa—a potential first-round playoff matchup. Subban and Tampa captain Vincent Lecavalier battled for position in front of the Montreal net in a great old-time hockey war of wills. As the two circled behind the net, Subban delivered a wicked two-hander to Lecavalier, earning him a two-minute minor for slashing, and as they returned to the front of the net Lecavalier responded with his own nasty two-hander.

Subban went down like a ton of bricks, and Lecavalier was ejected from the game.

Was Subban hurt? Maybe. Maybe not. He did not leave the game and the Habs ended up winning in a shootout.

Maybe the ends justify the means. But we have to admit, we’d rather Subban just suck it up and take what he dishes out. To us that is the greater measure of the man.

-Scott Burnside of ESPN on P.K. Subban.  More from Burnside plust other NHL topics…

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Morning Line

“I’m talking about Tampa Bay’s Lecavalier, who became involved in a slashing affair with P.K. Subban late in the first period – after what appeared to be an attempted slew-foot by the first-year defenceman on Lecavalier. There was some pushing and shoving between the two, which is where this should have been brought to an abrupt stop by the officials with a couple of minor penalties – and wasn’t.

Only nine seconds remained when Lecavalier retaliated to a Subban slash with a two-hander which, in the view of the officials merited only a minor for the Canadiens defenceman and a slashing major and game misconduct for Lecavalier.

The easy thing would be to blame the officials, but the guy who should bear the brunt of the blame is Lecavalier. Subban is trying to develop a reputation, and the best way to do it is to get involved in clashes with superstars.

What I’m saying is that Lecavalier should know better than to react the way he did….”

-Red Fisher of the Montreal Gazette where you can read more about the Tampa/Montreal game.

Watch the slash if you missed this KK post last night.

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Video- Lecavalier/Subban Slash Match

P.K. Subban:gets 2 minutes, slashing while Vincent Lecavalier receives 5 minutes for slashing, a 10 and a game misconduct.

19:51 Montreal P.K. Subban: 2 minutes, slashing
19:51 Tampa Bay Vincent Lecavalier: 10 minutes, game misconduct

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Goalies Thomas, Ward Square Off in Fastest Skater + Quotes from the Red Carpet

I thought I was totally joking when I asked a couple of All-Star goalies how they would feel about a goaltender’s fastest skater competition. But last night’s first overall pick in the NHL’s inaugural All-Star Fantasy Draft, Carolina’s Cam Ward, let the cat out of the bag that tonight, my little joke would indeed become a reality as part of this year’s SuperSkills.

“Rumor is that I’m going to be doing that tonight,” Ward said. “I hope my legs don’t turn to jelly and I don’t bite it into the corner or anything like that.”

His opponent?

“I think I’m going up against Tim Thomas.”

Boston and Carolina fans have since endured some heart palpitations, I’m sure.

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This Is A Slew-Foot

Text book slew-foot by P.K. Subban on Brandon Dubinsky (scroll to the 3:10 mark).  No penalty on the play.


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A Look At P.K. Subban

from Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated,

For a player as gifted as Subban—Montreal’s best rushing defenseman since Larry Robinson 30 years ago, according to Hall of Fame winger Steve Shutt—the three-game timeout was a speed bump over which he eventually will pop a wheelie. But for opponents, his exile to the press boxes high in NHL arenas was a metaphor, because they suspect he looks down his nose at them.

Even out of uniform, performing in Canadien Idle, Subban was omnipresent last week. During an intermission panel on the Canadian sports network TSN, analyst Darren Pang compared Subban with Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo and, in a classic Elmer Fudd moment, said that Pietrangelo goes about things “the white way.” (Pang quickly apologized.) When Montreal frittered away a five-minute power play against the Senators at home on Dec. 7, Habs fans chanted “P.K!”—and not in praise of Ottawa’s penalty kill.

In hockey-obsessed Montreal the irrepressible Subban, 21, has been embraced like no rookie since goalie Patrick Roy a quarter century ago. Fans do not want to shake his hand as much as exchange triple low fives, the exuberant slaps with which Subban and goalie Carey Price celebrate wins. Subban has just two goals in 29 regular-season and 14 playoff games, but he is already the Canadiens’ Most Voluble Player.


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Is This What We Really Want?

from Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun,

When he (P.K. Subban) returns, hopefully it will be with no personality at all. Never will he speak another interesting thought, if he knows what’s good for him. He will spout cliches in the style of Jason Spezza or Richards or Dion Phaneuf or, yes, Ryan Kesler — and when asked what he has learned from his benching, he will say: “It’s not about me, it’s about the team.”

He will remain black on the outside, but as colourless, for all that, as everyone else in a game that has pretty much hammered all individuality out of its players, and values vanilla above all other flavours.

Talkativeness is held to be a character flaw in hockey, and our juniors learn this before they’ve ever set foot in the pros. Our heroes have been Bobby Orr, who preferred not to speak at all, Wayne Gretzky, who was pleasant but instinctively uncontroversial, Mario Lemieux — who hid from the public until he needed help building his arena, then quickly ducked back under cover — and now Sid The Kid, whose next verbal revelation will be his first.


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Morning Line

By the time this season is over, Subban will be a candidate for the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year.

-Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette where you can read more on this topic plus other NHL points…

Regarding Subban, Darren Pang on TSN last night made an honest mistake when talking about Subban, then said so and that should be the end of the story.  I watched the segment live and I did not go all twitter crazy like others did, just thought it was an honest mistake which we all make.

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P.K. Subban Becomes A Bench Warmer

from Sean Gordon of the Globe and Mail,

One game on the pines? Sending a message. Two? Making sure it was understood. But three? That’s creating a story where there was none.

Sure, Subban committed a howler that allowed the Edmonton Oilers to tie a game they had no right being involved in. But on the overtime goal – for which the commentariat has also fingered our guy – Mike Cammalleri was free not to bobble the puck that Subban put on his stick.

Subban, being a rookie, will be prone to mistakes. That he’s flamboyant and drives opponents mental draws greater attention to him, and thus magnifies the boo-boos.

But. But, but, but.

Seems to us there’s no rational explanation for keeping the team’s most talented defenceman out of the lineup, other than bloody-mindedness on the part of a certain coach.


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P.K. Subban Playing Like A Veteran

from Roy MacGregor of the Globe and Mail,

He rocks from side to side so wildly during the anthem that it seems one more and he has to topple. Once the singing is over, he leaps onto the ice even though he is not pencilled in to start, grabs a water bottle to spray his head and stands shaking so hard in front of the bench it seems his veins contain Red Bull rather than blood.

The Montreal Canadiens rookie defenceman keeps telling people “I haven’t even played 20 games yet in the NHL” but as of tonight, against the Toronto Maple Leafs, he can say that no more.

It seems, however, that he has been around for years, and in a way he has. They began chanting his initials “Pee!Kay! ... Pee!Kay!” at the 2009 World Junior Championships in Ottawa, where he starred in Canada’s fifth-straight gold-medal run. And they have roared it in Montreal since he became the surprise of last spring’s playoffs, coming in late in the first round and helping the Canadiens to upsets of the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins. His visor-to-visor staredowns with Sidney Crosby, his risky spins on the ice and his mouth both on the ice and in the dressing room led one paper to tag him “P.K. Cocky.”

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Has Mike Richards Put A Bounty On P.K. Subban?

from Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette,

“He’s (Subban) a guy that’s come in the league and hasn’t earned respect,” Richards told Team 990 after the game.

“It’s just frustrating to see a young guy like that come in here and so much as think that he’s better than a lot of people. You have to earn respect in this league. It takes a lot. You can’t just come in here as a rookie and play like that. It’s not the way to get respect from other players around the league.

“Hopefully, someone on their team addresses it, because, uh, I’m not saying I’m going to do it, but something might happen to him if he continues to be that cocky.”

Those are the kind of inflammatory words that should warrant action from the NHL head office, but as Subban prepared for tonight’s game at the Bell Centre against the Nashville Predators, he seemed confused by Richards’s comments.


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Aiming For The Ankle

Did Chris Campoli aim a shot at the ankle of P.K. Subban?  Don Cherry says yes in the HNIC post-game show last night.

Watch the video below, which by the way covers numerous topics of the day.

If you are only concerned about the shot, scroll to the 2:30 mark.

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