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NHL Entry Draft 2008 Liveblog

imageGuest writers Erin Nicks and Patrick Williams are covering the NHL Entry Draft in Ottawa for Kukla’s Korner this weekend. This post will be updated with random news through the evening. Original post-time is 5:26pm. All times EST. Updates will be time-stamped and added below.

5:26pm—Erin:  Zach Bogosian, on his travels to Ottawa and the surrounding areas to train…

“I’ve been coming up here 4-5 days a week – it’s pretty bad on gas, but it’s worked for me for the past couple of years.  Obviously (fitness guru) Lorne Goldenberg has trained some great players like Gary Roberts and Cory Stillman – he helps me out a lot.  That’s one of the main reasons why I’ve succeeded over the past few years – he made my body ready for the rigours of the NHL.”

5:30pm—Alanah: This tidbit from Mike Boone at Habs Inside/Out

Martin Lemay, who’s at the draft for CKAC, says he’s heard the Canadiens have dealt their first-round pick. Was it traded to Toronto merely for the privilege of talking to Sundin? Doubtful. Things are heating up.

5:50pm—Alanah: Draft starts in just over an hour. Info on TV broadcasts and online links can be found on this KK page.  And at the NHL’s 2008 Draft Entry page is the order of selection. Picks will be updated there as they happen. 

Patrick and Erin will be updating from the floor of the draft shortly. Meanwhile, this place is Rumor Watch Central.

5:56pm—Alanah: Do the Minnesota Wild want Jokinen? Too bad, says Michael Russo at the Star Tribune

The Wild was working hard Friday trying to land Florida Panthers captain Olli Jokinen in a trade, but two hours before the first round of the NHL entry draft, it appeared Minnesota was going to fall short despite offering a big—or little—fish.  According to two sources, the Wild offered 5-foot-10 Pierre-Marc Bouchard, 24, the slick, playmaking right winger who has scored 179 points the past three seasons.

George Richards seems to have the same info over at On Frozen Blog.

6:10pm—Alanah: Pronger on the move? So says RDS (French), when translated by the drunken magic of Google

Defenceman Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Ducks is currently on the market transactions according to what our learned colleague Renaud Lavoie.  The Anaheim Ducks would be particularly active in a few hours of the session begins repechage in Ottawa.

6:15pm—Alanah: Mats Sundin. Earlier we heard his agent was chatting with the Habs, but the Leafs haven’t given up. Just out from Sportsnet:

The Toronto Maple Leafs have tabled a substantial offer for Mats Sundin that would lock up their captain for one more season, Sportsnet has learned. Sources are saying the offer—which would include another no-movement clause—would be in the range of $7 million. The Leafs would like a decision well before July 1st, but Sundin and his agent J.P. Barry have not given any indication on his intentions to play next season as of yet.

6:29pm—Alanah: Maybe Sportsnet’s info is bad? Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher was just on the NHL Network stating that Sundin has their permission to speak “exclusively” to the Canadiens until July 1st. (Fine with me; Leafs rumors will make us all nuts.)

6:41pm—Alanah: A helluva lot of talk about the Canadiens and the Flames working out a deal.  Darren Dreger on TSN is speculating about a deal for Alex Tanguay, involving the Habs’ #25 first round pick.  Over at Habs Inside/Out, Mike Boone has also noted that Bob Gainey has been spending time over at the Flames table, talking to

the devil

... err, Mike Keenan.

6:58pm—Alanah: An update from Erin on the Draft floor in Ottawa informs us that the wifi connection has folded for the moment.  We’ll get updates from her and Patrick as soon as we can. (Note to Melnyk: pay your ISP bills!)

7:04pm—Alanah: TSN reporting a 3- way trade.  Reports are…

To Calgary Mike Cammalleri
To Los Angeles 12th overall pick from Anaheim
To Anaheim 17th overall pick from Calgary and 28th overall pick from LA Kings

7:15pm—Alanah: This Tanguay thing seems all-but-done. TSN:

The Flames are also on the verge of sending forward Alex Tanguay to the Montreal Canadiens for 25th overall pick. The deal has yet to be finalized, however, as the trade call must still go through.

7:18pm—Alanah:  Olli Jokinen has been traded from Florida to Phoenix.  According to reports, Florida received Keith Ballard, Nick Boynton and 49th pick as compensation. (Link now at TSN). Confirmed on the floor by Bettman at 7:34pm.

image7:20pm—Alanah: Tampa picks Steven Stamkos. (SHOCKING!)

7:25pm—Alanah: Photo is a screenshot from the TSN broadcast. Stamkos talking to Sarah-Someone on TSN right before the Draft started.

7:28pm—Alanah: Randomly… when I listen to Bob MacKenzie on TSN, sometimes I worry he’s about 30 seconds away from a heart attack. 

7:30pm—Alanah: Los Angeles just picked Drew Doughty.  For the interested, Erin interviewed Doughty earlier today for KK. (And that’s a boy who really wanted to go to Hollywood, so I guess everyone’s happy.)

7:38pm—Alanah: Pierre McGuire predicts the Thrashers pick Zach Bogosian and… he’s right.  Pierre knows all. Pierre is also very excited. 

7:40pm—Alanah: Paul tells me Bogosian is the first Armenian ever drafted.  So now you know!  More on him here.

7:43pm—Alanah: Bettman confirms the Tanguay deal—basically, a bunch of picks head to Calgary and Tanguay heads to Montreal.  If I’m Tanguay, I’m happy.

7:46pm—Alanah: Dude on TSN mentions that the NY Islanders want two picks to give up their #5 pick.  (Does this make sense to anyone? Why would the NYI give up that pick for just two other picks? Seems to me that #5 pick must be worth more…)

7:49pm—Alanah: At #4, St. Louis picks Alex Pietrangelo. Pierre McGuire promptly clarifies that he doesn’t much care and starts to worry again about what the NYIs are going to do with their pick, up next. 

7:52pm: Alanah: Blues GM John Davidson, just before he made that last pick. For your viewing pleasure… because I care:


7:54pm Alanah: Toronto Maple Leafs and NYI have traded their #5 and #7 picks. More on that in a sec….

7:58pm Alanah: What did the Leafs give up for that pick? Waiting.  Meanwhile, Pierre—honest to god—says “I don’t care what they gave up.”

8:01pm Alanah: Bettman announces the deal: Picks (5 and 7) traded.  And Toronto gives up… a bunch of other optional picks in the future. (*either later in this draft, or in next year’s draft).

Geezus. QUIT CONFUSING ME!!  :*#$&*

8:03pm Alanah: Toronto grabs Luke Schenn. Who must feel very important right now… I think calculators and international treaties were involved in trading all the picks involved in acquiring him.

8:09pm Alanah: Bettman has a new announcement.  Picks are exchanged between Columbus and Philadelphia:  RJ Umberger goes to Columbus in exchange for later round picks (#19 and #67). At the moment, the Blue Jackets still hold the next pick.

8:12pm Alanah: The talented Nikita Filatov goes to the CBJs, who decide not to worry about the whole Russian Threat thing that everyone else is panicking about. 

8:17pm Alanah: Nikita (am I the only person who thought Nikita was just a Russian girl’s name before this kid came along?) says his favorite player is Sidney Crosby. So: Eat that, Ovechkin.


8:20pm Alanah: Bettman:  NYI trade 7th pick to Nashville for the 9th and 40th pick. So… the Predators are now up.

8:22pm Alanah: I see someone in the comments wondering if this is an unusual number of trades in the first round. Is it? I’m not sure.

8:24pm Alanah: Nashville picks Colin Wilson. His dad is former NHLer…? One sec. (Meanwhile, McGuire approves highly of this choice. Hopefully that will give you comfort.)

8:25pm Alanah: Paul says that Colin’s dad is


Carey (thanks Rachel!) Wilson, who played 12 seasons in the NHL with Calgary, Hartford and NY Rangers. 

8:27pm Alanah: Phoenix up and lots of cheering. Cool that Gretzky still gets the respect.  Anyway, he picks up The Great Dane: Mikkel Boedker.  “AWESOME!” says Pierre. With a sexy growl…! 

8:32pm Alanah: NYI up and I still can’t get over Garth Snow as a GM.  Anyway, he picks Joshua Bailey.

8:35pm Alanah: Canucks up next. (Most important pick of the day, obviously. So pay attention!)

8:38pm Alanah: Damn. Memories of Luc Bourdon, also a past #10 pick for the Canucks.  Geez…

8:40pm Alanah: Mike Gillis up. The team is all wearing guitar pins in Bourdon’s honor. 

Then Gillis promptly picks a guy no one anticipated (that I know of!): Cody Hodgson

Note: Gillis mentions in an interview right after the pick is made that he did not make the Sedins available prior to this Draft. (Which is what he’s been saying all along.)

8:44pm Alanah: Allow me to indulge my inner-Canucks-fan. A screenshot of Cody’s first fitting in a ‘Nucks Jersey:


8:46pm Alanah: Hmmm. Sarah L at TSN (pictured up above, at around 7:20pm) promptly goes over to Kyle Beach (who was expected to go at #10) and makes him feel very insecure. 

Man. That’s just cold…

8:47pm Alanah: But then he’s selected… by Chicago. Kyle is happy again.

8:55pm Alanah: Buffalo and the Kings exchange picks (and Buffalo coughs up a pick from next year, too).  Sabres then grab Tyler Myers.  TSN points out that Myers likes to scrap.  AND he’s 6’7”.  Scary.

9:00pm Alanah: Darren Dreger says that Kevin Bieksa is up for grabs, and that the Hurricanes and Canucks might be talking deal.  (Bank that rumor for later.)

9:00pm Alanah: Los Angeles picks up Colten Teubert. Another tall one at 6’4”.

9:05pm Alanah: I love the Draft but I’m getting seriously tired of looking at guys in suits. Anyway, Zach Part II (Zach Boychuk) picked by the Carolina Hurricanes.

9:08pm Alanah: Random Factoid—I have dated/known two different men in the past that also happen to be related to two of the kids taken in the top-10 of this Draft so far.  Weird.

9:12pm Alanah: TSN theorizing another trade. (They’re trade happy.)  And here’s Bettman to prove them right: he says… Nashville trades that #15 pick (for their #18 and a 3rd rounder in 2009) to the Ottawa Senators. Millions of Senators fans scream in joy. #15!!!  Yay! Goalie!

9:14pm Alanah: Darren Dreger just announced a Senators signing—Chris Kelly got a four year extension at just under $2.2 million a year.

9:16pm Alanah: Alfie (Alfredsson to those of you who aren’t “in the loop” like me and Pierre) makes the pick for the Senators: Erik Karlsson (Alfie names a Swede. Act surprised.)

9:18pm Alanah: (Detroit Red Wings fans everywhere start to panic… “a Swede? to someone else? have we discussed this? did Ken Holland sign off on this??”)

9:22pm Alanah: Well, we’re at the bottom side of the first round now. GM Bryan Murray of the Senators takes the opportunity to kill the Jason Spezza rumors. (In other wors: Get over it; he’s staying in Ottawa.)

9:23pm Alanah: Boston picks a rich kid: the lovely and charming (no, not really; frankly, I have no idea) Joe Colborne.

9:25pm Alanah: Erin and Patrick continue to sit on the Draft floor, ready to post but totally frustrated, as the arena’s wifi connection still isn’t working.  (geeez, Ottawa… way to plan ahead there.)

9:29pm Alanah: Now, a flashback to the hatred shared between Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe over last year’s offer sheet and Dustin Penner:  this pick is Anaheim’s.  And they choose… Jake Gardiner.

9:30pm Alanah: From Gardiner’s bio: “The most embarrassing song on his iPod is “Glamorous” by Fergie.” 


9:32pm Alanah: From Mike Boone at Habs Inside/Out: “Filatov’s hair: So who do you compare yourself to, Nikita? George Harrison or Brian Jones?”

9:35pm Alanah: Kevin Lowe apparently standing pat with their 22th pick.  No plans to trade up. Lowe feeling smug.

9:37pm Alanah: Nashville greedy, gets their second first round pick taken care of. Meet Chet Pickard

9:41pm Alanah: A photo of Chet. I figure I should help Bill get familiar with a new player he will endlessly make fun of throughout next season…


9:42pm Alanah: Philly picks Luca.

9:46pm Alanah: Gord, Bob and Pierre are very talented at generating excitement over absolutely nothing. I think they are highly under-rated at this skill. 

9:48pm Alanah: NYR make a pick… and NYR fans finally wake up and give a damn about this draft. Meet Michael Del Zotto.

9:53pm Alanah: New Jersey decides to add some excitement (relatively speaking).  Bettman announces:  The NJD trade their #21 pick to Washington in exchange for #23 and #54. Caps up next…

9:55pm Alanah: I think it might be fun if someone does something wild right about now… like pick some guy projected to have been chosen in the 4th round, or something.  But no such luck.

In absence of that, the Caps pick Anton Gustafsson.

In other news, Darren Dreger says this about Jaromir Jagr negotiations—Jagr wants two years, Rangers only want to give him one. 

10:03pm Alanah: Glenn Anderson “Hall of Famer” makes a gracious speech that I sorta missed.  Anyway, Oilers then pick Jordan Eberle, Pierre says “PERFECT!”  (Does he disapprove of anything? Such a positive guy…)

10:05pm Alanah: I sat through the Draft in Vancouver two years ago, nearly all of the first two rounds. Can you imagine how boring that second round gets? (You really can’t.) This year, rounds 2-7 are on Saturday.

10:08pm Alanah: NJ is stocking up draft picks like firewood. They trade their 23rd pick for Minnesota’s 24th, plus a pick in 2009.  (Duthie calls NJ’s draft plan a “backwards game of frogger”. Ha!)

10:12pm Alanah: Wild take Tyler Cuma.  His nickname is (wait for it…) “Cooms.”

His most embarrassing hockey moment was forgetting that there would be two national anthems when Ottawa hosted the Saginaw Spirit this season – “I wasn’t paying attention and I skated away thinking there was only one anthem.”

10:16pm Alanah: NJ has this pick now. Do they use it? Do they give it away? Do they trade it for even more picks and then bury them all in the backyard and guard their horde with a big shovel?

Suspense over—they use it.  Meet Mattias Tedenby.

10:24pm Alanah: Calgary—Greg Nemisz. Apparently he’s a fan of Tiger Woods, so I’m already prepared to hate him. Glad he’s been signed by the Flames.

10:27pm Alanah: Quick snapshot of the young “Neemo”... before Sutter and Keenan destroy his will to live.


10:30pm Alanah: Buffalo picks Tyler Ennis.

10:32pm Alanah: Photo of Brian Burke and Doug Risebrough, caught chatting at the Draft tonight…. We can make up appropriate Ducks/Wild trade rumors for the photo:


10:35pm Alanah: Philadelphia trades their pick to the Capitals in exchange for Steve Eminger.  Washington picks up John Carlson

MacKenzie describes Carlson as a bit “mean”.  Nontheless, from his bio: “The most embarrassing song on his iPod is “Dancing Queen” by Abba.”

I’m afraid, alright.

10:42pm Alanah: Anaheim trades their #28 pick to Phoenix in exchange for two in the 3rd round.  And now the Coyotes are taking their sweet time deciding what to do with it.

But they finally do—Viktor Tikhonov

10:50pm Alanah: I’m officially now a Thrashers’ fan—those guys don’t mess around at the podium, they just pick the bloody player.  Daultan Leveille.

10:52pm Alanah:And the Red Wings are now ready to make their selection, and promptly embarrass everyone by snagging some future Conn Smythe winner that no one seriously considered. Ugh…

10:54pm Alanah: And Steve Yzerman picks Tom McCollum. Coincidentally, Erin interviewed him for KK earlier today.

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