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God, Martial Arts and the Habs

A brief selection of odd news that has almost nothing to do with nation of Sweden.

  • Puck Daddy takes on the matter of “Malsby!”—the mutated jersey name that occurs when you get cheap about purchasing both a Malkin and a Crosby sweater. (PD is baffled, but I think it’s awesome.)*




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    Five Stages of Grief for Canucks Fans

    There are 5 stages of grieving, typically understood to be:  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

    When it comes to Mats Sundin, Vancouver fans have gone through all of them lately.  Here’s the breakdown:

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    Top 5 Reasons Sundin Prefers the Canucks to the Habs

    Mike Boone at Habs Inside/Out posted this over the weekend:

    If Mats Sundin plays hockey this season it will be as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.


    Because it makes sense.  And Sundin is a sensible guy from Sweden, a sensible social democracy where people drive Volvos and go to Ingmar Bergman movies and learn to play smart hockey.

    Spare me.  Ingmar Bergman movies are the answer to the Jeopardy question, “What is the most drab and depressing thing you can think of?” 

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    The Private Pain of Brian Burke & Kevin Lowe

    imageCatching up on hockey blogs over the weekend, I came across the video (below) referenced by David Staples.  In his words, “It’s so bad, it’s kinda good.”

    Geez, I don’t know.  This thing is so bad, it’s probably worse than you expect. 

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    Madonna’s & Messier’s Love Child

    Digging into the archives today, I found myself back in November 1991.  It was then that Mark Messier appeared in Sports Illustrated with the warning he was “Targeted”.

    By pop superstar Madonna, obviously on the rebound from her brief encounter with Oakland A’s slugger Jose Canseco last spring, new New York Rangers captain Mark Messier . Madonna and Messier were put in touch by a mutual friend, actress Janet Jones , wife of Messier ‘s former Edmonton teammate Wayne Gretzky . At week’s end they had spoken on the phone but had yet to meet. “We’ll wait and sec,” Messier said. “Who knows where it’ll go?”

    Messier—and hockey fans everywhere—had a narrow escape back then, judging from what just appeared in the press today:

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    Third Jersey? Pfffft.  Just Get Naked and Play with Crayons.

    HOME: Latest news from Canucks & Beyond.


    Busted Coverage comes across a new art form:

    We’re not sure how Philadelphia Flyers center Jeff Carter’s jersey was selected to grace the naked body of this model. It doesn’t really matter.

    The most important nugget here, brahs, is that naked body painting has now invaded the sports world…

    Naked Body Art + Flyers Fan = ??

    Photos of one serious Jeff Carter fan…


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    Bored and Waiting on Mats Sundin News

    imageJim Gintonio who blogs on the Phoenix Coyotes at AZCentral, noted this email from a happy Coyotes fan today:

    “Don Maloney does not get near the credit for the effort he has put in, and the major positive changes he has gotten without giving away the house in less than a year.  I was somewhat skeptical … at first, but right now, if he signed Donald Duck, I would respect his opinion and not question it at all … “

    Prompting this comment reponse on Gintonio’s blog: “Donald Duck in a Coyotes’ uniform? Might get a little confusing when we play Anaheim…”

    Which, naturally, prompted me to stick Wile E. Coyote’s head on Donald Duck.

    The End.

    Note: Earl Sleek at Battle of California envisions something slightly more violent in Ducks photoshoppiness today.

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    All-You-Can-Eat Bruins

    What is it with NHL franchises and the success of all-you-can-eat hockey?  Today, this showed up on Bruins.com:image

    The Boston Bruins unveiled their “Hungry for Hockey” season ticket package today.  This plan gives fans full season tickets as well as the opportunity to enjoy all-you-can-eat hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, popcorn and soft drinks during every home game. 

    The “Hungry for Hockey” seats are located in sections 327 and 328, rows 2-15.  Prices are $39.00 per seat, per game, which totals $1,677.00 for the season.

    This isn’t the first time this kind of promotion has shown up in the NHL. The St. Louis Blues, for instance, have made a screaming success of the public’s desire to eat crap on “Super Tuesdays”, as has at least one other team that I can’t recall right now.

    But maybe I’m just jealous… either for the fantasy of $39 hockey tickets, or the idea of a bottomless hot dog stand. I can’t decide.

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    Logo Art Laughs

    The NHL Tournament of Logos is always producing fun ideas and here are a couple I saw today that made me laugh. New concepts for the Predators and the Red Wings:


    I didn’t bother looking for their latest Vancouver ones—after all, the historical reality is bad enough.  And besides, no Canucks concept logo could ever be more awesome than this one:


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    Doing My Part to Bring a New NHL Franchise to Canada

    This post has nothing to do with hockey, except for the fact that Kukla is about to put a few bucks in Jim Balsillie’s pocket.

    The thing is, I’m this close to getting a ‘Blackberry’—a nice little bonus from Paul. (Cool, right? Though I suspect it’s a sign he thinks I don’t work hard enough!)

    Anyway, I could use some advice from Crackberry addicts…

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