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Sale of Shanny’s Soul Is Final

Brendan Shanahan, you are nothing more than Gary Bettman’s bitch.  You’ve sold out to The Agenda and you’re wrapped in a soiled nighty made of hypocrisy.

How do you spew the wholesome all year? How do you get in front of the cameras where you’ve always pined to be and literally claim that head shots are the number 1 priority of your office…and then fine Shea Weber $2,500 for what he did, with two hands, to Hank Zetterberg’s head?

When Shanahan was directed by the midget commissioner, the absolute worst in all of sports, to swallow hard and continue the Anti-Wing campaign Bettman’s soaped himself in for more than a decade, he should have quit.  He knew it. We know it. Everyone in hockey (fans, writers, execs) all know it: this decision was as laughable as it was predictable.

You’re nothing more than an establishment tool, Shanny.  Once the guy “who saved hockey” with the way you changed the game and helped end Bettman’s lockout, you are now just another ball-in-the-mouth bitch of Lil Gary, with his fake hockey towns and his fake hockey loyalty.

And here we are, every one of us. Bitching about it like we’re shocked.  Spitting and sputtering…just beside ourselves that the Wings have been screwed again.

We’re worse than Shanahan and Bettman.  They’re insidious. We’re just dumb for sticking around.

Once again, for the hundredth time, I’m embarrassed to be a hockey fan.

Shanahan, you frigging toad.  When that little gimp told you a suspension just wouldn’t do? You should have slapped him with an open hand, walked out and gone straight to the first microphone you saw. You should have said you’d been directed to levy a fine when a suspension was the only decision consistent with what you’ve done all year.  You should have quit.  Your credibility is lower than his now. 

Oh, you don’t think Bettman whispered in Shanny’s ear? You don’t think this was discussed down at Gary’s 4-foot level?  Bitch, please.  This was all Bettman.  Shanny’s nothing more than the dirty-mouthed spokesman who made the announcement.  Shanny’s Fredo Corleone. No power. No singular thought.  No respect. 

Strong work, Shanny.  Strong work.  You sold your soul to a dwarf laughing stock.

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mrfluffy's avatar

Babcock, Holland, or Illitch needs to come out and blast at the bridge of the NHL (screw the warning shot in front of the bow).

Torts bitches about the Pengiuns and gets nailed with $20,000. Weber tries to injure and gets slapped on the hand. And before anyone reminds me that $2,500 is the maximum the NHL can fine a player, STFU. Shanahan could’ve thrown the actual book at him and sat his ass.

Fuch this fuching league.

Posted by mrfluffy from the phone, calling Detroit, telling them it's on 04/12/12 at 04:01 PM ET

Ducksworth's avatar

I knew this would happen, Im not the least bit surprised. Complete joke. Also Gaustad is a little #&$^* after that crap he pulled on Datsyuk at the end of game. We’ll get ‘em tomorrow night. LGRW!

Posted by Ducksworth from Brownstown, MI on 04/12/12 at 04:04 PM ET

Pugna Vox's avatar

Thank you, Master Chief, for putting words on my curdling miasma of rage, pain, nausea, and flatulence complete with the good-midget-angel on my shoulder reminding me I was a fool for expecting anything else.


Posted by Pugna Vox from Idiot Out Wandering Around on 04/12/12 at 04:07 PM ET

Rdwings28's avatar

weber just popped a bottle of champagne

Posted by Rdwings28 on 04/12/12 at 04:14 PM ET

Rdwings28's avatar

you think pronger got booed at the Joe???!!!! Sunday 12:05 will dwarf anything we have heard. got to be there.

Posted by Rdwings28 on 04/12/12 at 04:21 PM ET

Animal Drew's avatar

“Boy, I sure learned MY lesson” - says Shea Weber with a wink and a smile.

Not even a phone call, Brendan?

Posted by Animal Drew from A Nightmare on Helm Street on 04/12/12 at 04:28 PM ET


How long are we going to take this? Seriously? Eight more times? Six? Fifteen? When does it end, or at the very east, when do we make ourselves heard?

Those of you in the Detroit area, you need to get your radio stations on board. You need to create an atmosphere in the Joe Sunday that Bettman will never forget. Boo Weber as loud as any player has been booed in that rink. No, louder.

And the “Bettman sucks” chants should deafen every person in Greektown.

You’re on national TV Sunday, Detroit. The stage is yours. Create FUCHIN’ havoc.

Or, are we going to wait a little bit longer, and hope things change?

Yeah, that’s served us well so far.

Posted by Red Winger from work on 04/12/12 at 04:31 PM ET

Jeff  OKWingnut's avatar

Once again, for the hundredth time, I’m embarrassed to be a hockey fan.

This is shameful, for the league, and worse, for the fans.

It is an absolute, obscene joke. 

I’m ashamed of myself for continuing to be a fan of the league’s product.

James Duthie said it best last night (paraphrase) it is okay for a player in this league to throw someone’s head into the turnbuckle, ala WWE.

Posted by Jeff OKWingnut from Quest for 12 on 04/12/12 at 04:37 PM ET

Behind_Enemy_Lines's avatar

Posted by Red Winger from work on 04/12/12 at 02:31 PM ET


Posted by Behind_Enemy_Lines from Evanston,IL on 04/12/12 at 04:38 PM ET

Rdwings28's avatar

“You’re on national TV Sunday, Detroit. The stage is yours. Create FUCHIN’ havoc.

Or, are we going to wait a little bit longer, and hope things change?”

Now is your time.

Since the “fix” is obviously in for lil’ gary’s project in trashville, just do some damage, there ain’t no way butthead is letting the Wings out of the first round. Could it be more blatant than wearing a team down with five penalty kills to start a series in one period? It isn’t even trying to be discreet, fixed, it’s as old as business, money, corruption, . *#$%@& you Shanny I am burning your hat in my woodstove tonight.

Posted by Rdwings28 on 04/12/12 at 04:38 PM ET

Joe Z.'s avatar

Finally I’m down to being pissed. The only thing that keeps me watching this joke of a league is the red wing’s nature, knowing they will run Bubba through their own rink, Datsyuk will be on fire and hit Weber where it hurts, Sadam will revive from hell and take care of Gaustad.

....and Franzen will finally stop channeling his inner Joe “Dumbo” Thornton and finally (for the 1000th time) start playing ice hockey, the fuching sport he is gets payed millions to play.

Lets go Red Wings! Make them pay!

Posted by Joe Z. from Austria on 04/12/12 at 04:43 PM ET

dougie's avatar

Ok, folks, now we know the rules for this series. You double smash Hank Zettermans face off the turnbuckle, and it’s a chickenshit fine.  We gotta fight fire with fire.

Game 2, it’s The Unibomber, off the top of the glass, with an Atomic Elbow Drop to Webers playoff beard. Then he gets up and taunts the retarded fans at ice level. They drop their hot dogs upside down on the concrete, but pick them up and resume eating them.

A couple of metal folding chairs magically appear down on the bench. They come in handy for administering justice, while Uncle Mike distracts the referee by blowing goofer dust in his eyes.

Uncle Mike puts the sleeper hold on Trotz, but it won’t work, because he has no neck to cut off the blood flow to his head, so he puts the Figure Four Leg Lock on him, until he submits. Series over,just like that.

The postgame interview goes something like this:” To BE the Man, you got to BEAT the Man!!! WHOO!!

Posted by dougie on 04/12/12 at 04:44 PM ET

MsRedWinger's avatar

Everything the Chief and all the rest of you said.

How I wish I could be at the Joe on Sunday.

Fuch the NHL and everyone associated with it except the men wearing the Winged Wheel.

Posted by MsRedWinger from the State where Tigers roam in the Spring on 04/12/12 at 04:47 PM ET


The reason I stopped watching the NBA during the Jordon years was because of the blatant different set of rules for superstars. Now the NHL has proven once again to be the same way. The Vancouver player will get suspended (deserved no doubt), as much because he isn’t a star. Weber got off free because he is a star player. Like the NBA- different set of rules for stars. Gee, what do the leagues have in common? Bettman.

It is also hard not to envision Bettman wanting to give an advantage to his “non-traditional” hockey market team, who don’t need it. The Preds are pretty good anyway. But this way Gary can tout his master plan of hockey success in the south.

Drew Sharp is right. We all know that Don Cherry, in his hatred of European players is loving this. I can hear Cherry the buffoon saying, “Hey it’s playoff hockey.” Well, Don, Gary, Shanny and everyone else involved, if I want to watch this kind of hockey I will put Slap Shot in my DVD player.

You can bet this weekend I will explain to my 9-year-old son - a hockey player - why I will no longer shell out $150 a year for the Center Ice Package (after 7 straight years of doing so). I will watch the games I can, but am not feeding Bettman and his stooges anymore of my hard-earned money.

Posted by Steve Nav from Dallastown, PA on 04/12/12 at 04:49 PM ET

cigar_nurse's avatar

Love the Godfather reference Master Chief. Shanny as Fredo. How about Cheli as Luca Brazzi “influencing”  the league office with an offer they can’t refuse?. Cheli had the stones to call out the midget during the strike. Make him swin with da fishes.
What a slap in the face by the league. Once again Z being the victim and no punnishment for the “elite violators” eg Malkin and Webber.

Maybe this will light a fuse under the wings and instill some passion. We will know in the first 10 min of game 2.  If not, they are toast with vacation plans soon to be made.

They lost by 2 flukey goals. They can match up with the Prediturds quite well and still with this series in 6 if they don’t start to feel sorry for themselves. The loss of Helm is bad but can be overcome. Get Cleary and Emmerton out and insert the Rifleman and Niquil.

Posted by cigar_nurse from On LTIR for the Greenville Pylons on 04/12/12 at 04:51 PM ET

Bent's avatar

This is why I never understood the Weber to Detroit talk.  Yeah he’s a good player, but he’s a douchnozzle, a dirty fuching goon.  I saw this before.  It would take me a long time to come to terms with him if he came to Detroit, even longer now.

It is a joke, and a disgrace.

Posted by Bent from The U.P. on 04/12/12 at 04:58 PM ET


Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Welcome. To . The.  Playoffs. Boys. Z is fine. Suck it up and worry about your net now.

Posted by baby on 04/12/12 at 05:24 PM ET

lilja4ever's avatar

Craig Custance claims Z’s helmet was cracked by the hit.

Posted by lilja4ever on 04/12/12 at 05:45 PM ET

Animal Drew's avatar

Craig Custance claims Z’s helmet was cracked by the hit.

...in three places.

Posted by Animal Drew from A Nightmare on Helm Street on 04/12/12 at 05:50 PM ET

mrfluffy's avatar

“D’uh well don’t y’all know der puck can do dat, too?”

This is all one big fuching joke. Just another day in the NHL.

And other fans wonder why us Wings fans bitch about conspiracies…

Posted by mrfluffy from the phone, calling Detroit, telling them it's on 04/12/12 at 05:50 PM ET

Brooklyn Deuce's avatar

Disgraceful and shameful is absolutely right for both Weber and the NHL. I say this fires up the Red Wings and they roll Nashville.

At least I hope they do.

Posted by Brooklyn Deuce from Fauborg Marigny on 04/12/12 at 06:00 PM ET

MsRedWinger's avatar

Like Steve Nav, I’ve been thinking that one way we can make a statement is with our dollars. No more Gamecenter, Center Ice, mobile apps or NHL merchandise for me. Nor will I watch games on any NBCSucks network or the NHL Network. This will be tough for me because I live in Florida and the games are blacked out on FSD here, but dammit, I will boycott all thing NHL from now on. Ken and Paul on radio are just fine.

Once more, fuch the NHL and

LET’S GO RED WINGS!!!!!  Winning this series will be the best statement of all.

Posted by MsRedWinger from the State where Tigers roam in the Spring on 04/12/12 at 06:00 PM ET


Looks like Kronners needs to “leave his feet” a few times.  Hey, it’s playoff hockey, right?

Posted by cementslinger from Midland MI on 04/12/12 at 06:01 PM ET

WestWing's avatar

I’m ashamed of myself for continuing to be a fan of the league’s product.

Yep.  Fuch Shanahan.  The autographed 8x10 comes down tonight, followed by a lit match.

Posted by WestWing from Portland, Oregon on 04/12/12 at 06:02 PM ET


Ok, so Shanny sells out.  I am not surprised with his decision since Z was not seriously injured( a NHL requirement for suspension).  The question now is…How will the Wings respond?  Will they match the pred’s physicality?  Will they allow Weber to intimidate/injure more of our star players?  Game 1 clearly shows that talent alone will not move you to the next round.  Unfortunately, I don’t see enough grit on this team to answer the bell.  I hope they prove me wrong.  Let the bodies hit the floor!

Posted by Crow on 04/12/12 at 06:08 PM ET

Kate from PA now in SC-made in Detroit's avatar

The man who would be Captain sticks it to the Wings again. He will always have that chip on his shoulders. When he left the Wings for the Rangers he did in a way that kept us hanging. All because he was not named Captain.

Classless and shameful, Shanny. He has gone over to The Dark Side. How can anyone take him or the league seriously. This is exactly what the league has said they were trying to rid the game of.

Had Z gone down and stayed down whether injured or not, then, something would have had to come of it. Just like Whitey getting right back up after being boarded would have garnered a 5 minute penalty. But, no. These Wings play with honor and do not go for the drama or the feigned injury only to return on the next shift.

Had it been any other star player on any other team a suspension would have been handed out. What happened is not Playoff hockey. It is gutless and disrespectful douchebaggery of the lowest common denominator.

Shanny is finally where he belongs. In the gutter with the rest of the idiots that run this joke of a league.

Fuch you Shanadouchebag.

Fuch you Gary. Ass.

Lets Go Red Wings!!!!!

Posted by Kate from PA now in SC-made in Detroit on 04/12/12 at 06:09 PM ET

Behind_Enemy_Lines's avatar

Posted by WestWing from Portland, Oregon on 04/12/12 at 04:02 PM ET

Yes. You don’t want pictures of bitches on your wall.(unless they’re naked)

Posted by Behind_Enemy_Lines from Evanston,IL on 04/12/12 at 06:09 PM ET


I’m trying to figure out how you’ve made the leap to seeing this as some sort Bettman lead conspiracy. This is on the level of those mental midgets at Loose Change and their 9/11 conspiracies, it completely lacks substance and is instead replaced with a bunch of bluster from a blow-hard.

I’ve lived in a few different cities in the US, and come to be at least a bit of a fan of the local NHL team in every single one with the exception of Detroit despite being a fan of a number of players on the Wings, and there’s one reason for it. The fanbase is full of loudmouthed twits.

Posted by RC on 04/12/12 at 06:17 PM ET

Lucce's avatar

Im already looking forward to the South Park episode of Satan, Saddam and the midget telling Shanny what to do….

Posted by Lucce from Kingdom of Zweden on 04/12/12 at 06:20 PM ET

MacPhisto's avatar

Saying Crosby whines: 20.000$
Trying to injure a star player: 2.500$
Bettman’s league: priceless.

Posted by MacPhisto from Hungary on 04/12/12 at 06:22 PM ET

Kate from PA now in SC-made in Detroit's avatar

Suck it up and worry about your net now.

Posted by baby on 04/12/12 at 03:24 PM ET

The fanbase is full of loudmouthed twits.

Posted by RC on 04/12/12 at 04:17 PM ET

Trolling-To fish, by trailing a baited line behind a weak mind.

Lets Go Red Wings!!!!!

Posted by Kate from PA now in SC-made in Detroit on 04/12/12 at 06:23 PM ET

Primis's avatar

Let’s not wait 301 days this time.

Posted by Primis on 04/12/12 at 06:24 PM ET

cainer4wingsglory's avatar

When even Blackhawk bloggers are calling the non-suspension a joke, then you know something is terribly, terribly wrong…

Posted by cainer4wingsglory on 04/12/12 at 06:25 PM ET

peiz11's avatar

Hi, this is Brendan Shanahan from the NHL’s department of player safety.  On Wednesday, April 11, an incident occurred at the end of the game between the Nashville Predators and the Detroit Red Wings…due to the fact that Henrik Zetterberg appeared uninjured on the play and Webber is really good and important to the team and a suspension could impact the events of the series, Webber has been order to stay in his room all night tonight with no TV, but will be available to play the remainder of the series.  Oh, and we have increased the penalty, which has no impact on anything except it makes him look like a really tough guy, to 4 minutes from 2 because it was really mean.

Posted by peiz11 from Minneapolis on 04/12/12 at 06:32 PM ET


08/09 season was the last time I had NHL Center Ice. After watching all that transpired during the playoffs I vowed not to spend another cent on this NHL so-called “product”. I have only watched live online streams since then. Even if a game is on MSM channel like NBC I still watch online so as not to bolster NHL’s TV ratings. I’m glad I did that decision. Because nothing I’ve seen since then have convinced me otherwise.
And, dear fellow fans, Shanny is not a homer, make no mistake about it. His departure from the DRW was bitter. I bet he still has an ax to grind against some people in the RW organization.

Also, i said something to the tune that Babbles is to blame for Helm’s injury that made people laughing and shaking their heads. Let me re-phrase for you what I was trying to say:
Had Helm not been playing in game 1 as initially planned, he would have been healthy and better prepared now for game 2. And to rush him in and put him onto the lineup for game 1 was Babbles’ decision.
From years past I learned that when making a decision there is always two possible ways: a Right Way and a Wrong Way. If you choose a Wrong Way, even unknowingly, sooner or later it will come around and bite you in the ass. It’s called karma. When Babbles announced his decision to put Helm in because he looked good to him at the practice, I knew right away that he was pressing things and not going with the Right Way. You may laugh and call it metaphysical but it is what it is and has been proven over and over again. It is an unwritten law of nature, of sorts.

Posted by Alex on 04/12/12 at 07:10 PM ET

duhduhduh's avatar

So, what ya do, see, is you find a way to get Bettman dolls into the hands of all the fans in the front row, behind the glass, and at the agreed time you give them the signal to take their dolls and start ramming the heads into the glass.  A flash mob thing.

Posted by duhduhduh on 04/12/12 at 07:15 PM ET


Posted by RC on 04/12/12 at 04:17 PM ET

Then what are you doing here, NHL shill? Go away from our fanbase to your fanbase wherever it is.

Posted by Alex on 04/12/12 at 07:21 PM ET

MarkK's avatar

It’s called karma.

Yet good people still die, and jerks get all the chicks.

Posted by MarkK from Maryland on 04/12/12 at 07:25 PM ET

dougie's avatar

Alex, with all due respect, that is absolutely the biggest load of horse shit I have seen peddled here, since….wait for it…...earlier today when Shanny held forth.

Let’s leave the karma discusiions for Earl Hickey.

Posted by dougie on 04/12/12 at 07:36 PM ET


Posted by dougie on 04/12/12 at 05:36 PM ET

I agree.

Posted by Alex on 04/12/12 at 07:49 PM ET

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