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It’s Monday and Ken Holland Still Has a Job

It doesn't appear that George pointed you to this over the weekend, so I will (sorry, George, if you posted and I missed it).

Wojo wrote a column Friday that points out the various reasons (Ken Holland) that the Red Wings seem to be stuck between gears.  The article discusses the Wings and Pistons and shows the disgusting similarity between the two poorly-managed franchises.

How's it feel missing the playoffs?

It’s an empty feeling, a strange feeling, and you never want to experience it again.

Piston fans will definitely experience it again. 

Unfortunately, we probably will too. Why?

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Strange Days

Back when the world was normal and the Red Wings were in the playoffs, you know, for like 25 straight years? Back then the most honest thing I'd say in the months of April (the last four years), May (most years before Ken Holland destroyed this team) and June (those years when baby Jesus made sound decisions about hockey), was, "I hate the gosh darn playoffs (edited)."

I did. There was no stress like playoff stress.  Nothing hurt more than a playoff loss, especially an OT loss.

Rocking. Thumb sucking. Muttering. Avoidance. Anticipation. Hope. Pessimism. Despair. Joy followed by blackness. All in one playoff shift, it seemed.

Now, though? Now, as the Team That Holland Built golfs?

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I NOW Consider Chris Ilitch 100% Misguided

Well, here we go.  Since I addressed this very topic earlier today, I guess I owe you a reaction.  Vomit.

Ilitch said he has "100 percent confidence" in Holland and that he will be the team's GM next season, the final year of his contract, and hopefully into the future.

That's Khan(!) and he, hold your breath, says he'll have "more details shortly."

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Farewells and Fairy Tales: Bring The Captain Home

Maybe it's because I've been out of state for so long, close to 30 years.  In that span of time I attended two games at JLA: Game 1 of the Cup Final in '08 (nice trip, Fleury) and Game 2 of the Conference Final in '09 (nice OT winner, Sammy).  Maybe it's because of the way the Holland-constructed team fell flat this year.  Heck, maybe it's because of the number of times I had to read or hear about the "final (insert occasion here) at the Joe".

All I know is that up to Sunday, the idea of The Joe no mo didn't make me misty and sad.

But, as they always do, the Wings did a big event very, very well.

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Final Day and Final Game

Well, the season of our absolute discontent ends today.  What a shit show.

But, the Holland Failure pales in comparison (temporarily) to what this game means.

One more game at Joe Louis Arena.

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Remembering the Joe With Osrt and Jules

We're going to get into this more tomorrow.  But, I've got to tell you, the best night I ever spent at Joe Louis Arena was with one of you, one of the 19.

Two straight goals from Sammy and Osrt is pretending he’s Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear.  He’s talking but I can’t understand a word he says, and it has nothing to do with the volume at the Joe.  Two goals in a Stanley Cup Final game from the Enigma Jr., William Tell, our whipping boy…and it’s just too much.  Osrt’s lost it completely.  He’s turned a napkin into a paper football and he’s asking Pen fans to hold their index fingers up so he can kick an extra point.

That's just a taste. More tomorrow. That was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in 2008. I went to Detroit with two tickets. One of my friends had to back out. I posted on A2Y that I had an extra and Osrt responded in less than a minute. The rest was history that we'll recap tomorrow. I'm not even going to link to that recap. Tomorrow. On the Joe's Final Day. 

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All Good Things….....

With just three games left I know there are 19 hard core Wingaholics that can look back on the past quarter century with a great deal of pride, and,  look forward toward the future with a great deal of hope.

Some say all good things must come to an end. Be that as it may, it's been fun. It's been a great run. We will be back.

So, no whining, and, let's go oot on high like we should. Loud and proud!

It's a Live Blog! Bitches!

Let Go Red Wings!!!!!

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Olympics Rained Out, Wings Play On

Rainy afternoon/evening in Chicago so the beginning of the season for an aging, star-studded, Ilitch-owned team is delayed.

The shrew has decided to decree the NHL will no longer participate in the Olympics.

I almost typed "impotent shrew" but changed it because that little guy is far from impotent.  He may not run the most popular league amongst North American professional sports, or even the fifth most popular, but he's the most powerful commissioner in sports, comparatively speaking. 

Gary Bettman gets what he wants. 

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It’s A Saturday Night Live Blog

The Leafs are in a pretty comfortable playoff position.  They lead the Lightning by four points for the second wild-card spot and trail the Bruins by one point for third in the Atlantic but Toronto has two games in-hand.

The Wings, uh, 15th in the East.

Play the games out then the team is in the hands of Ken Holland.

The LB is now yours.

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Spoiling For a Live Blog

Helene St. James used to be the lead Holland apologist in this town.  She's still a lap dog, gobbling and gulping every word Tick Tock says then regurgitating it to us for our naive and myopic consumption.  She's a pro.

But, she's not alone anymore, not even at her own paper.

Jamie Samuelsen wants you to know he's opposed to your stance on life.

I understand that the streak has come to represent a burden for some fans. They think that general manager Ken Holland has made moves simply to keep the streak going. That’s misguided.

Remember. You can't be a Detroit columnist unless you consistently reference the unwashed fan base's opinion and then blast away at it from your elitist, 12th estate perch.

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