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The Crazy Canucks on Vancouver Television

As I mentioned the other day, CTV News filmed a segment with our podcast, The Crazy Canucks. Lots of drunken footage John, Rebecca, J.J. and Dave from last Friday night. And I show up briefly later in the segment (nicely behaved and sober as a nun, for once! ) Via YouTube:

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In 24 Hours…

...those terrorists in Dallas will be nuked. Or so we hope -- I understand Keifer drinks and smokes rather a lot to be a great help on the ice. By the way, before anyone freaks about the #11, there's no "C" on the front, so I'm eager to believe that Keifer isn't summoning The Evil One upon us.

*found on HF Boards. Thanks to David for the pointer. (some days tips from friends are the only reason I find anything, I swear...)

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June 14, 1994

One of the worst days in Vancouver history.

Why watch this video? - Forces Canucks fans to keep perspective while we bounce with joy at the possibility of winning round #1 tomorrow. - Canucks jersey flashbacks are fun. - Reminds us why we should still hate the Rangers. and most importantly... - The way Trevor Linden played yesterday, I'd say game #7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is something he'd like a do-over on. And that is fun to think about. (Yeah, don't bother watching it. Just saying, I bet Linden has thought about it a lot.)

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Behind the 8-Ball

While basking in the glow of playoff dominance (for the moment, anyway!) I've been working on a Canucks feature to post here, hopefully tonight. Meanwhile, I've been busy updating Kukla's Korner as Paul has been away on a family emergency. I'll try and entertain you all with my Deep Insightful Observations (ha!) later today or by morning. Meanwhile, feel free to share your own. For instance: Does anyone wish to argue that Willie Mitchell is overpaid?!

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Canucks Lead Series 3-1

What a game finish. No summary for now (although you can just relive the whole thing here if you want). Bottom line: just give Roberto Luongo and Willie Mitchell anything they ever want, and be done with it. As far Dallas? Who cares; they lost. But what about their poor fans? Surely I can summon some kindness in my heart for a suffering fellow hockey fan? Ha! Not a chance. And especially not once this comment arrived on Kukla's Korner immediately after the game ended. I felt a need to share it:

Posted by: Tanner B***** Location: Burleson, TX The Dallas vs. Vancouver series is getting out of hand, don't you think? My problem is that the refs appear to be leaning towards Vancouver's side. Take for instance, April 17, 2007, Mike Ribeiro appears to score a goal, and there was some video evidence on this, but the refs call it no goal. I sent a e-mail to the NHLOA about it, and I requested a rule change that says that if most of the puck is over the line, it's a goal. I was wondering your opinion. Thanks.
The refs are "leaning towards Vancouver's side"?? It should be a goal when "most of the puck crosses the line"?? Oh, that's rich. No doubt Tanner will pop by this blog and tell me to eat it if we lose the next game. Oh well, I'm feeling snarky. Gotta enjoy the moment.

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Game #4: Dallas vs Vancouver

The series is 2-1 for the Canucks going into their second game on that Texas slush-pile they call "ice". What is there to say about tonight? Ummm... please win? Perhaps bra-power is the key... I'm not much consoled by optimistic predictions and analysis at this point (although J.J. lists the nearly ENDLESS piles of it around the hockey media today). And it's all fun to read -- especially at this time in the series. Vancouver won a critical match on Sunday and yanked home ice advantage back out from under the Stars. There's no question that was a huge game. But tonight, as big as it is, isn't as big as I wish it could be. It's important, of course: either one more game will be won by the Canucks... or one more game will be left to win. But while smarter pundits than I will insist the Stars are done if they go down 3-1, I KNOW that's not true.

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Dallas Feels the Fear

Grant Kerr at the Globe & Mail would like to argue: "Stars starting to fear overtime" He has a point.

The Dallas Stars are winning the majority of face-offs against Vancouver, plus running into Canucks netmninder Roberto Luongo with alarming frequency. Still, the Stars haven’t managed to snap the bend-but-don’t-break aura of the Vancouver team in these playoffs. The Canucks lead the tight best-of-7 Western Conference quarter-final 2-1 after winning twice in overtime. Sudden-death is the bane of the Stars as Dallas is 1-9 in overtime since 2001. For some reason, the Canucks don’t crack in overtime. They even killed off a two-man disadvantage for 39 seconds in the second overtime in the opener which went four extra periods before Vancouver scored. The Canucks seem to be getting under the skin of the Stars. Vancouver changes forward line combinations in mid-game, sending the Dallas coaching staff a message that this won’t be a predictable series.
I love, LOVE it when media coverage starts breaking into that tone where one team starts to sound almost mythological. And I especially love it when they're talking about the Canucks. But of course, if Dallas wins the game tomorrow night, the talk of "auras" and "getting under the skin" all turns back to the Stars and against the Canucks. But that's okay; it's fun for the moment. Which is why I like to point out comments like these on the Dallas News boards after the game last night. Texas Self-Hatred -- The Gift That Keeps on Giving:

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We’re on CTV— Tales in Podcasting

Last week The Crazy Canucks podcast was filmed by the CTV news cameras for a feature to air this week. If you want to see it, it should be aired on CTV tonight at 6pm, or maybe tomorrow. We're really not sure, but if you have a digital recorder I'd love it if someone would record the footage for us. Thanks! So, about last Friday... First they (camera guy Murray and features reporter Heron Hanuman) showed up at John and Rebecca's apartment (where the podcast is produced). There, they spoke with John and myself; though I wasn't in the room with them, my portion was done over webcam and Skype. Then later, the cameras followed the rest of the crew (not me; I'm stranded on this godforsaken island!) to Library Square pub in Vancouver to film how the show is put together when we are able to meet in person. Very cool! You can hear the podcast of their drunken times from Friday here. The first half (about 18 minutes) cover the game and post-game of that horrible loss. The latter portion is the audio of John and I talking with CTV for part of the television segment.

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Ryan Hollweg: Dance Fever Remix

I swear… some days, YouTube makes my whole LIFE better. Two videos, for your entertainment.

And next? More Ryan…


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Linden’s Former Life

Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal has written a remarkably in-depth article on the story of Bob Goodenow and the NHLPA. There's no point in highlighting any of it here -- the whole thing is worth reading if you're at all interested in the business side of hockey. Go to Kukla's Korner and follow the links.

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