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It’s A Great Frigging Day For A Sweep

465 comments on the extended Game 3 Live Blog.  Went through some old administrative records and noticed something that might interest you: that’s a world record.  No blog post in the history of world-wide sports blogging has ever accrued that kind of commentary. 

I see that while I was away the tension has increased significantly between the Dive bloggers and the 19.  I just blocked and deleted a long post I’d written addressing some of the points brought up in the debate that has continued even through this morning.  What I’d written was redundant after reading all the comments.

O-joe, or however you’re spelling it today with hyphens, accents, those little twirly things, or whatever, has been brilliant.  Hap was logical and equally effective.  Nathan, your description of a Red Wing fan was better than I could have written. Team Dub your juvenility is the hallmark of A2Y.  Outstanding work young man.

As for S’hane, Gobbles, Boob and the rest of the Dive fans/bloggers who have participated:  credit for continuing to stick to your guns and defend your lifeless team. You’re obviously more than welcome to stay, even after the Wings finish this thing off tonite. But a word of advice.  This is not the place to point to our immaturity and expect us to take a step back, ponder it and change our ways.  We are not adults.  We are not responsible or conscientious.  Statistics mean nothing unless we can use them to prove the Wings’ dominance.  Logic is useless, unless it suits us.  And I have to say this.  We simply don’t care if other fans don’t like us.  In fact, we thrive on it. 

And the feelings we have for your organ-I-zation?  Passion for the Wings may be the soul of this site, but hatred for the Dive is the blood that keeps A2Y pumping. 

Now, as stated earlier, I’ve been out for a day.  I haven’t had a chance to see or read anything.  Let’s take a gander.

From the Anti-Digger yesterday.

A couple of odd name mistakes on the Denver airwaves from today ...
—A sports talk radio station had Scotty Bowman on this afternoon. But they called him Scotty Campbell. When he apologized, the host said that Scotty Campbell is one of the crew on the show. Well that explains that.
—A local TV sportscaster was showing the video of Peter Forsberg high sticking Mikael Samuelsson in Game 3 (complaining that it wasn’t penalty worth). But he called the Red Wing Ulf Samuelsson. He never corrected that mistake.
Sorry, just had to vent.

Vent away Highlander. There can be only one of you bastards anyway.  What an odd relationship between Wing fans and an entire city.  I don’t know that any other rivalry is like this one.  Not only do we have the team to point to: getting destroyed.  But we have the fans: a target rich environment if there ever was one, as seen in the aforementioned live blog.  But the community of idiots that deserve even more of our attention is the Denver media.  Looks, dumbasses: you’ve had a team for twelve years now.  Hockey is not new anymore.  Your mistakes can’t be shuffled aside due to inexperience.  Scotty Campbell?

Adrienne Dater made a name for himself as a prolific, outspoken blogger.  I didn’t agree with much of what he wrote and said so.  I think he’s a big time homer and that more than a little bit of what he writes slants toward the sensational to gain readership.  Neither one of those descriptions offend me though.  I find it hard to understand how he and the rest of the Dive beat writers and columnists fell off the face of the earth after Game 2 though.  I mean there was nothing but crickets for four days.  Oh, and here’s an unsettling thought.  The Deep Diggers, our DDs, have been kicking your asses.  Did any of the Denver writers have any idea Smyth was out for 3?  What were you waiting on?  Xrays?  Every one of the DDs had it, posted it, published it, well before any of the Denver rags mentioned it at all.

And when Dater returned, aside from a sobbing paragraph about the ultimate sobber Ryan (Jason) Smyth (Smith) sitting out Game 3, he was an idiot.  I mean, a raving idiot.

I also thought Samuelsson dove on that “high-stick” of Forsberg’s in the second, giving the Wings a four-minute PP. Yeah, Forsberg got him with the stick, but it wasn’t all that high and Samuelsson looked like he’d just been hit with a cannonball. It’s called “selling the call”, folks.

It’s called “watching the game” idiot.  Oh, he came back and corrected himself.  And, honestly, good on him for not just deleting it when he was proven wrong. Our Deep Diggers could take a lesson in that. 

But even his correction didn’t make him look any smarter.

But I still don’t think Forsberg’s stick was very high. It was more of an accident to me than a high stick.

It’s called, “knowing the rules” Adrienne.  Because it was an “accident”, Samuelsson shouldn’t have reacted.  Because it was an “accident” no penalty should have been called?  That would be a new interpretation of the high sticking rule, one I’m not aware of.

And here’s who I really want to hear from.  I laid off this frigging tool bag when he published his “Hooyitown” column.  And, no I don’t care if I misspelled that idiotic word.  Bernie Linicome? You wanna sling arrows, put yourself out there with your anti-Detroit slams?  Well, it’s time to take your medicine.  I expect answers for this:

And, so, back to Hockeytown.

Well, there are worse places, though the list is short. An active landfill. Reality television. Inside Dick Cheney’s head.

How, exactly, this became Hockeytown is unclear except the notion goes unchallenged, possibly because everyone else thinks the name is a practical joke that only Detroit does not get…After the Avs win the thing in six, a new name might be Loserville.

Oh, I know. It’s the cool thing to do for rival sports writers.  Slam Detroit when the opportunity presents itself.  But let me remind you Bernie.  Your boys are getting pasted, and soon will be swept.  This sweep will have to be referenced in every future story you write, “the Dive host Detroit tonight, still smarting from a Sweep in last year’s playoffs.”  “Three or Four, still haunted by the sweep at the hands of Detroit last season…”  “Forsberg, the frail little girl who tantalized the Dive fan base last year only to opt out when the going got tough in the midst of getting swept by the hated Red Wings…”

Bernie came back today, essentially conceding the series.  A smart move.  But, I’m curious about a few statements from today’s piece of trash.

“Before Tuesday night’s game, the chore was daunting, to win four of five from the best team in hockey.”

“...what is also true is that even at full strength, the Avs would need extraordinary good fortune to beat a team that is, man for man, vastly superior.”

“...compared to the Red Wings, the Avs’ top talent is a bit beyond the sell date, and Detroit’s is just coming ripe. Henrik Zetterberg, 27, is a star ready to shine for a long time, as is center Datsyuk, 29. Franzen, 30, has become the star of the series.”

Best team in hockey.  Man for man, vastly superior.  Avs top talent, compared to the Wings, is a bit beyond the sell date.  Care to re-address your original assessment of Hockeytown asswipe?  Loserville?  You threw yourself under the bus Bernie.  A few admissions of greater talent—something everyone already knew—isn’t enough.  Time to admit you were wrong.  I won’t hold my breath.

While I’m waiting, I guess I’ll just read the Denver Post’s Jim Armstrong.

Those bumper stickers are all wrong. As difficult as it is for hard-core Avs fans to admit it, these guys are really good.

You’re F’ing A right they are Jimbo.

So really good that they’re going to sweep the Dive.  This thing ends tonite.  And let me tell you what that means.  Just one more bullet, one more nugget of ammo to add to the growing stack.  The statue of liberty, the 7-0 whitewash, the McCarty beatdown, the McCarty hat trick, the regular season dominance and now a sweep.  The idiot, really only one, who used to frequent this site and claim Wings like Franzen were nothing but “pluggers” and that Holland—I still have to laugh at this—is an inferior GM, the “worst in the league”?  Care to answer to that?

Oh, that’s right. You can’t. Woops.

Let’s go a step further with this sweep thing and pretend for a minute that I just didn’t jinx it, which we all know I probably did.  Gobbles and S’hane and Boob and Joe…the Dive bloggers.  Your arguments have been largely stale, but that’s understandable.  You thought you might be debating a group who responds to logic and, as pointed out earlier, we’re not really—as the kids say—down with that.

Do we stress when the Wings lose?  Yes.  Do we gloat when they win?  Yes.  You’ve had a hard time understanding that and gotten a little uptight about it.  Noted. We don’t like your team, or the vast, vast majority of the fruitcakes who claim to be fans of it. But it takes a certain amount of fortitude to come on here even after your team loses.  You’ve done that.  We’re going to move on after this series, probably against Dallas.  And our attention will be turned to those idiot rednecks.  It may seem like we’re ignoring you, and that may make you sad.  Don’t let it. 

We’ll see you again next year, 4 more times…if Gary lets us.  Ass.


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