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Draper extends. Grigorenko’s on the verge of deportation.  Markov may beat him home by a few days. Hasek’s hip is “irritating” him.  Verizon Fios continues to suck and suck hard. Halloween’s around the corner, but apparently we can’t call it Halloween anymore. 

All those things are making my brain fuzzy today.  Thankfully, with the exception of HALLOWEEN, A2Y readers have been eloquently chiming in.  If you’ve missed their comments (and those from other blogs), I’ll be your huckleberry and give them the prominence they deserve. 

Ready?  Nifty

Draper.  The ultimate Wing. The team guy. The character guy.  A Wing to the core.  Re-signed for three more, essentially guaranteeing he ends his career in red and white.  Comments to this post brought up an interesting topic.


I would have thought Drapes would be worth more than what he signed for considering what everybody else is getting.  Good for the Wings, good for Draper - if he got what he wanted.  It’s too bad that his dedication to the Wings won’t earn him a retired 33.


Maybe not a retired number but certainly positions within the organ-i-zation. I didn’t know Fisher was scouting for us but that was great to hear that they were taking care of him. I would expect the same or better for Draper, especially given his leadership/mentoring skills.

Reaction:  Retire #33. Retire #33. Hmmm.  Three (hopefully at least) Cups.  A Selke.  And the defensive conscience of this team for more ten years.  Even more than Lidstrom, it is Draper who has truly embraced the concept of stifling the opposition’s top line.  And he’s done it so consistently.  If the Red Wings have a reputation as being a work-man like team, and I’m not sure they do or even deserve that title, it would be due to Draper.  But is that enough?  No.  The next one will be #5.  Will there be discussion? Probably not. 

This is not Denver, not a team that has severed ties with its heritage (hey Paul Stastny, how do you like playing for a team that has ignored your dad and uncles?) and disgraced itself by retiring a number of a player who rented a Cup then hit the road.  Kris Draper will go down as a great Wing, one of the best of his generation.  But #33 will be worn again after he leaves.

SRT’s point about the Wings taking care of their own.  It’s justified and it underscores why players will always want to play for Mike Ilitch.

More proof? 


Okay, so do the Wings now officially have the best “bargain” roster in the league?

- Draper
- Zetterberg
- Homer
- Cleary
- Franzen
- Filppula
- and yes… Datsyuk (just look what guys got last offseason and tell me he isn’t a bargain)

If there were any Transvestite Dive Fans still hanging around, I’d point to that as evidence of Ken Holland’s brilliance.  What team can claim paying 16 million for 7 players of that ability?  And Draper’s salary is going down.  It’s unbelievable. 

If Igor Grigorenko’s name were Matt Ellis he would have been released before the end of camp in Traverse City.  If his name was Aaron Downey and he showed up to TC out of shape, he would have lasted about fifteen minutes for Mike Babcock.  Speaking of Uncle Mike, how irritated do you think he is that he has to waste time and a roster spot on a kid who doesn’t have the initiative to avoid wasting the opportunity of a lifetime?


If Grigs really wanted to do anything he could to stay up here, he would have demonstrated his commitment by offering to stay in GR for even a couple more weeks beyond his contract mandated stint. Now, aided and abetted by his agent, he comes off as a spoiled, petulant child. Not gonna fly with the Organ-i-zation, methinks.

So, he wants to play and prove how damn indispensable he is? Fine,I say throw him on a checking line tonight. Throw him out for the odd 1st line shift. Play his chunky ass 20 minutes, see how *that* works out for him.

Exactly.  First, his agent is a frigging tool.  Like Fedorov’s dad, he’s tainted this kid. The sad thing is that Grigorenko doesn’t have a clue that it’s even happening. He has no idea what he’s being asked or what that idiot is saying on “his behalf.”  He’s a scheister and he clutching to one client with his life. Every time I see “Mark Lapush, his agent, translating…” I want to puke.  I guarantee what he tells the media is about half of what the kid actually says.  Datsyuk needs to get in Grigorenko’s ear and fast.  No, forget that.  Igor Larionov does.

1 November’s a myth.  The decision has been made and it seems irreversible.  Someone in the “I” wants him here, but I have no idea who that is. As far as Uncle Mike’s concerned he’s Roy Hobbs before he tore the cover off the ball, and the only reason he got that chance was because Bump Bailey was a lazy ass.  If we see him on any line but the fourth I’ll bet there’s some friction behind the scenes.  But…if directed, and if Babcock plays him with Datsyuk…isn’t there a chance of chemistry?  And if he all of a sudden flourishes (I know, I know)...what’s that do?  Well, it spreads the wealth. It breaks up the Babcock Flying Circus which isn’t necessarly a bad thing as we would all agree.

I’m hoping that we see at least one game, maybe even a couple periods, of Grigorenko playing on a line with one of the Uberstuds.  It would be a shame to see him head home and still have doubts about whether he can contribute.  If he’s headed back to Russia, it’s got to be with no doubt in anyone’s mind.  There has to be a consensus that he just doesn’t have it. 

Danny Markov appears to have given up on American cigarettes and is heading back home to hold them like the spies do in the movies. 

The emperor broke this one today.

Danny Markov has signed a two year agreement with Dynamo Moscow of the Russian Superleague.

The email from the source is much appreciated.

added 9:34am, Reported salary is $1.8 million after Russian tax.  More on this as it develops.

1.8, eh?  The Wings didn’t offer him that much?  What about the other 29 teams Klessel claimed were “this close, THIS CLOSE” to signing him?  None of them offered 1.9?  Hard to believe a player like Markov can’t find a job in the NHL.  And, yeah, the Wings could use him.  While Andres Lilja isn’t playing as poorly as he did the first five games, he’s still a liability.  But, he’s one we can’t seem to move…or he’s got a godfather in the “I”, just like Igor does. 

A few reactions today to my post regarding Our Czech Miracle Of Insanity and his inability to stay healthy.  I’ll stand by my concern, although I’ll admit I do have a tendency to lean toward reactionary thinking. 


Not surprising at all, but honestly not that worrisome in my mind.

I’m not so naive to think that any injury to Hasek is “no big deal”, but I think that’s exactly why he’s not playing for a few games—because the team isn’t that naive and they want to hedge their bets.

Could this be a minor hip thing, as Holland claims? Of course. And, yeah, it probably is.  Could it be something else, like a groin?  Maybe.  Could Hasek play more than fifty regular season games. Not a frigging chance.  None.  The tandem you see tonite is the same one you’ll see more than a few times the rest of this season and all of next.  I called for a controversy this morning and I believe one’s coming.  But whatever we see this year will pale in comparison to next season’s, unless Howard proves he’s elite.  Not capable. Elite.  Capable starting goaltenders don’t enjoy the comforts of Detroit. 

I see that DirectTV has the NHL Network now.  Excellent.  What about Verizon?  Not only do they not offer the Center Ice package, but it I don’t see anything indicating they’ll carry the NHL Network either.  Of course, they can give us the rodeo network, the soccer channel, three different spanish speaking sports channels, the NFL network…but no NHL.  Speaking of DirectTV, I was going to subscribe again.  I chose not to, and went with Center Ice Online just in case I travel, etc, etc.  How’s it working? Not bad.  Not bad at all. 

Anyone having an office Halloween party?  That’s nice.  Hey, what are they calling it?  Ours?  “Fall Festival.”  I guess Halloween’s not PC.  How about your kids?  Anyone’s kids actually having “Halloween” parties at the elementary schools?  No? Why not? Oh, it’s not appropriate.  Oh, hey…jack-o-lanterns.  I guess the kids can’t draw those in class anymore, at least not here.  Offensive you know.  And the goblins, ghosts, witches, ghouls etc?  The Wiccans in the DC area lodged a complaint that seeing those in windows, trees and on doors damages their pagan sensitivities.

I think I might have to start the trick or treating a little early this year.  Just for fun.

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