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From Princeton To Sweden

Andrew Calof is currently playing his rookie season with Skellefteå in the Swedish Hockey League and will be providing updates on his experience. Calof, 23, spent four years at Princeton University where he finished as the third highest point getter in school history.

from Andrew Calof at Shnarped,

Starting my first year of professional hockey in Europe has truly been an incredible experience. Living in Skellefteå, Sweden and playing for a team with predominantly Swedish players has had its challenges but has also accelerated my learning of the Swedish language and culture. When I was offered a chance to play for Skellefteå, arguably one of the best hockey organizations in Europe, I jumped at the opportunity.

However, with this opportunity would come a number of potential challenges. I was moving to a new country where I did not speak the language and didn’t know if I’d be able to communicate well with my teammates and coaches. Luckily for me, the majority of the team, coaching staff, and members of the organization are fluent in English. With this language barrier comes some challenges, but there is also an aspect of excitement being immersed in a new culture.

Almost all team activities are in Swedish, whether it’s the practices, video sessions, meetings, etc. Since Skellefteå has had other players from North America that don’t understand Swedish, they were easily prepared to deal with this. 


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Keep An Eye On These AHL Rookies

from Josh Weissbock of Shnarped,

Fans have been watching their top prospects develop over the last year or two and are now anxiously waiting to see how they perform at the next level.  Most players end up with a stopover in the AHL for some development before getting a shot with the big club.  Typically the players who perform well at the NHL level have performed well at lower levels; we’ve identified a number of potential AHL rookies who have had success in the past and will get their first chance at a full season in American Hockey League.

As October begins most hockey leagues in the world have started their regular season with one of the last holdouts being the American Hockey League (AHL).  The AHL has a very dependent relationship with the NHL teams as the majority of rosters in the AHL are those that have been assigned by NHL clubs to their AHL affiliates.  Changes in the NHL, through injury or trade, can quickly have a ripple effect that exponentially grows in magnitude to the effects in the AHL.  Rosters are very dynamic and players may not spend an entire season in the AHL especially if they are performing well.


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Playing Hockey In England

from Dustin Sprout of Shnarped (Dustin Sproat is a cofounder of Shnarped and played hockey at the junior, collegiate, and minor pro level),

Given I played in the EIHL for a stint, I thought I’d kick off the feature with a little blog about my own experiences in England.

Living in Nottingham while playing hockey for the Panthers was a blast.  The arena we played in was top notch and the city itself should be a definite stopover for any tourist visiting England.  Much of downtown is pedestrian-only and filled with great pubs, restaurants, shopping, and old school architecture.

But it was the fans that made playing in Nottingham such a great experience.  The 9,000-seat arena was nearly full most nights and packed to capacity when the rival Sheffield Steelers came to town.  Around town we were recognized regularly and treated like local celebrities.  In towns like Sheffield, Cardiff, Belfast, Nottingham, and Coventry, hockey has been around for a long time and has an incredibly passionate fan following, which is one of the main reasons we’re so excited to be adding the league to Shnarped.

In the minors, when you’re typically playing more for the love of the game than for the compensation, the perks you get around town make a big difference.  In the East Coast League we’d often get cheap golf or movie passes or 20% off at a local diner.  Nottingham’s perks took the cake.  Great deals at the Nandos restaurant, basically free movies at the theatre, late night shawarma, and Hooters (Nottingham just so happens to have the only Hooters outside of North America). 

read on

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All Henrik Samuelsson

from John Cullen of Shnarped,

This week, John chats with Henrik Samuelsson, one of the stars for the Edmonton Oil Kings during their run to the Memorial Cup last season, and one of the prospects considered to have a very good chance to make the Arizona Coyotes this fall. Henrik is both a native of Arizona(he was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in Scottsdale) and the son of former NHLer Ulf Samuelsson. He also grows a playoff beard that makes him look like a Viking.

How would your most hated opponent on the ice describe you as a player?

HS: I think most of my opponents would probably describe me as a nice, caring guy. I’m never really trying to hurt anyone out there.

JC: (laughs) You’re not serious.

HS: (laughs) No, I’m being incredibly sarcastic. I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone that’s played me, they’ll call me any name they can think of, say that they hate me, stuff like that. I’m pretty chippy out there, I have some moves.

JC: Is that something that’s genetic? I feel like your dad pissed some players off out there.

HS: I don’t know, but my dad was a chippy player, my older brother is a chippy player, so maybe that’s it. I just love pissing people off out there, it’s fun to get other players off of their game.

much more and not your same old interview...

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Five NCAA Hockey Storylines

from Jashvina Shah at Shnarped,

- Returning powerhouse

Last season, Minnesota powered its way to the Frozen Four, ending rival North Dakota’s season with 0.6 seconds left in the semifinals. Union ended Minnesota’s season in the national championship game, but the Gophers return one of the strongest rosters in the country. The team’s top-five scorers will return, including Kyle Rau. And the Golden Gophers have one of the best goalkeepers in the country in Adam Wilcox, who was key to Minnesota’s run last season.

- Miami, Michigan Poised for Bounce Back Seasons

On the opposite side, Miami and Michigan turned in letdown seasons. But the Wolverines a have solid leadership in captain Andrew Copp. The Wolverines lost Alex Guptill and Phil Di Giuseppe a year early, but they’re a couple losses in exchange for a freshman class that should help Michigan make it back to the NCAA tournament.


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Relocate Instead Of Expansion?

from James A. Conley of Shnarped,

Relocation isn’t the big money-maker expansion is, but it’s not without benefit. The Winnipeg Jets paid an expansion fee of $60 million to make their exodus from Atlanta. Another relocation won’t fetch the nine-figure number that an expansion team would, but it’s nothing to sneeze at, in any case.

There are other concerns with expansion, of course. Diluted talent. An expansion draft. There are legitimate risks to the on-ice product in an expansion scenario.

Relocation would bring no such risk to the game itself.

Adding two fantastically successful franchises to the NHL mix is a dream scenario, and could serve to further bolster the league’s bottom line at a time when their finances have never been so good.

But there is so little guarantee of success, especially in the short term, that relocation could prove to be the better bet.


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All Matt Fraser

from Mac Faulkner of Shnarped,

Recently Shnarped had the chance to speak at length with Matt as he reflected back on his journey from a 9th round pick in the bantam draft to an overtime hero in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In part one of a three-part series, we explore his thoughts on playing in Boston and what it was like scoring the overtime winning goal in his NHL playoff debut.

Is there anyone on the Bruins that you want to model your game after or just respect the way they prepare and carry themselves?

It’s hard not to go into that dressing room and respect the guys that put on that jersey because they’re there for a reason and they all believe in a common goal of winning the Stanley Cup. You have to respect the guys like (Shawn) Thornton, (Milan) Lucic and (Zdeno) Chara. You look at a guy like (Jarome) Iginla and he’s done so much for his career, in the NHL and on an international level, that it’s a no brainer.

You need to watch those guys because you want to see how they prepare and how they carry themselves in the dressing room, during the game and after the game with the media. You see why they’re so successful because they know how to be a professional. All those guys are so professional and they’re there because they want to win. Ultimately if you didn’t want to win and didn’t want to prepare yourself then you wouldn’t be there.


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Shnarped With A Major Announcement

Many of you know KK and Shnarped are partners and today they made a major announcement.

I encourage you to try out the app and right now is a great time to contact many of the hockey players in different leagues.  The guys at Shnarped do things the right way.

Kyle, Kamil, and myself (Dustin) would like to thank you for your continued support of Shnarped and update you on some exciting changes we released today. We are missing hockey this summer, but have been very busy improving our product and growing our community of players, fans, and teams! 

At Shnarped we strive to build a positive, youth-friendly social platform that brings together everyone in the hockey community.  Guided by your feedback, today we released a new iOS version, a new interactive web platform and blog, and added new privacy options.  Below we’ll elaborate on these changes and what’s coming next.  If you have ideas for what else should come next, please let us know here!

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The Improved Pittsburgh Penguins?

from James A. Conley of Shnarped,

While there is still the matter of the rest of the roster to be figured out — the team has six pending RFAs and most aren’t ineligible to be demoted without hitting the waiver wire — the picture is coming into focus in Pittsburgh. That picture could conceivably include one more big trade and another free agent or two before training camp hits in September.

Again, on paper, the Penguins have had a brilliant last few days.

It remains to be seen how that plays out on the ice.


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The Situation In San Jose

from James A. Conley of Shnarped,

The Sharks have posted franchise valuation increases in every season since 2006 and hold the league’s second-longest playoff appearance streak at 10 seasons and counting.

The hockey is good in San Jose, and the fans are good as well — better than 97 percent attendance in 2013-14 for a franchise that is among hockey’s newest in a market that is one of its most unproven.

Like Pittsburgh, San Jose has a good product on the ice (if one that doesn’t always live up to expectations). But now, like Pittsburgh, the Sharks could be entering a period of turmoil off the ice.

It took a few years of viable hockey to turn Pittsburgh’s business model into a good one. Over the last decade, few teams can match the Sharks’ level of sustained success.

So if the on-ice product in San Jose is good (and it is), why are the Sharks suddenly in danger of being swept up by the NHL’s business undertow?

Certainly, a poorly negotiated television deal can’t be the straw that’s breaking the Sharks’ back?


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Marian Gaborik Trade Paying Off For The Kings

from James A. Conley of Shnarped,

Marian Gaborik made Dean Lombardi and the LA Kings winners of this year’s NHL Trade Deadline.

Now, the Kings are one game away from making Gaborik a champion.

Playing on his third team in two seasons, Gaborik started the year alternating turns between underwhelming play and injuries on an also-ran club in Columbus.

By March, his team was no sure thing to make the playoffs, and Gaborik seemed to be playing out the string on the final year of a six-year contract given up on by his twice-former team.

At 32, he was a declining asset, but one with name cachet.


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Coaches Sending Messages

from Chris Wassel at Shnarped,

Messages are often sent by coaches to the media about players, referees, and opposition on a very frequent basis. However, there are ones that just are a true cut above all reproach. They leave the world talking whether at the water coolers or on social media.

Coaches use a variety of symbols, subtle, and unsubtle code as well. This can be an interesting descent into a world that closely resembles trench warfare. Usually the most memorable moments occur then.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Coaches On Players

Some of the most shocking moments are when you see a coach simply go off on a player whether it be from the same or opposing team. In this instance, coaches calling out their own players can be downright amusing or just one of those out of nowhere moments. Again, remember all those good rants and off we go.


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The Salary Cap And The Canadian Dollar

from James A. Conley of Shnarped,

With the currencies trading places, the latest release from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman projects the cap will land at around $70 million, or less.

“Well we’ve said, and these are rough, rough projections because we don’t have enough data yet, the guesstimate was around $71 million. With the Canadian dollar down, maybe it could be 69 or 70, in that range.

“But those are just rough estimates, nothing more than that at this point.”

The cap still has yet to be officially set for the upcoming season, but any ceiling below $70 million is going to be a bit of a shock to some clubs. Consider the following.

  • As of today, four clubs — the Blackhawks, Flyers, Bruins and Canucks — would start next season within $10 million of a $69 million salary cap, and six others would be within $15 million of that ceiling, all without having yet fielded a complete 23-man NHL roster.
  • This year’s salary cap is set at $64.3 million, an agreed upon number that was set as a condition of resolving the 2012 NHL Lockout. That number is identical to the 2011 salary cap ceiling. The 2013 salary cap, which was based on projections not yet interrupted by the last lockout, stood at $70.2 million. Anything less than that would represent a relative slowdown in the growth of league revenues and, subsequently, the cap ceiling.
  • Given the new 8-year limit on free agent contract extensions (and 7-year limits on players signing with new clubs), there is less term over which teams can spread the AAV (annual average value) of a player’s contract. The difference is made up in higher AAV’s than were seen prior to the 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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KK- Shnarped And Kukla’s Korner Announce A Hockey Partnership

It is with great pleasure to announce Kukla's Korner has formed a partnership with Shnarped, which connects hockey fans to their favorite professional hockey players across mobile applications.  Fans can track player news, stats, tweets, highlights and actually interact with many of the players themselves right on the app.



Shnarped connects fans to their favorite teams and players by way of a social platform.  Over 1,000 NHL players and prospects are using the platform to connect with fans and one another. An unrivalled stream of news, stats, and highlights from all the pro, college, and junior leagues in North America can be customized, allowing users to always see the content most important to them.  The core interactive feature - the pound - allows fans of all ages to congratulate the athletes and celebrate alongside their successes and players can respond in kind.  This season more hockey fans have received messages from NHL players on Shnarped than on Twitter.  The app can be downloaded for free at www.shnarped.com

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Shnarped Sees Big Growth Since Dragons’ Den Victory

Since speaking with the Shnarped Hockey guys last October – right before they very successfully pitched to the Dragons’ Den - their fan engagement platform has really taken off.   Shnarped connects fans to their favorite hockey teams and players, and has 100 NHL players plus 1000 NHL prospects using the platform.  And now this hockey season, more fans have received messages from NHL players on Shnarped than on Twitter – pretty impressive.

As founders of a charity called Hockey Players for Kids, Dustin Sproat and Kyle Hagel (who currently plays for the AHL’s Portland Pirates) recognized a problem with how fans were trying to communicate with players.   They saw lots of positive messages being directed towards players on Facebook, and lots of negative messages directed at players on Twitter.  Obviously players appreciate the positive notes, but Facebook isn’t designed for interaction with strangers and so most of these messages would go unanswered.

Shnarped solves this problem by providing a positive, youth-friendly community for fan interaction. A top-notch news and stats database provides up to the minute information about any and all players (making it great for the fantasy hockey guru), and the players that are ‘verified’ on the platform can very easily respond to their loyal fans via their core interactive feature, the pound

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The Shnarped Hockey App

There’s a great hockey app on the market called “Shnarped” that was developed by two teammates from Princeton; Kyle Hagel (currently with the Portland Pirates) and Dustin Sproat (formerly of the Cincinnati Cyclones).  We recently caught up with Dustin to discuss the Shnarped Hockey App

Q: First off, what is Shnarped?

A: Shnarped is a hockey app designed to be a social network for the hockey community.  It connects players, fans, agents, coaches, and managers of the sport we all love while providing them with the most relevant player stats, news and highlights.  The most unique feature of Shnarped is “the pound” which is like sending  a virtual fist-bump or tap on the shin pads to a player for a great game.  If you send a pound to one of our over 300 verified pro players, they can send one back.

Q: Where did the idea for Shnarped come from?

A: It grew out of a charity I was doing with my co-founder Kyle Hagel called Hockey Players 4 Kids.  We saw first hand how valuable player-fan engagement could be but we also faced a lot of challenges keeping up with all the players.  We knew there had to be a better way to stay connected and track how our buddies were doing.  That’s where the original idea for Shnarped came from and it’s grown into this fully featured hockey app.

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