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Video- How’s It Going In Seattle?

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Seattle Kraken Preparing For The 2021-22 NHL Season

from Nicholas J. Cotsonika of NHL.com,

Ron Francis held his first pro scouting meetings during the last week of January. The general manager of the NHL's newest team, soon to be called the Seattle Kraken, gathered the scouts in Seattle so they could get to know each other and start preparing for the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft.

They had no idea what was to come.

Francis hasn't been to Seattle since. Instead of moving there in the first half of the year as planned, the former GM of the Carolina Hurricanes has worked from home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Instead of watching the rest of the 2019-20 season live, the scouts sat through a pause of more than four months and watched the postseason remotely as it was played without fans in the stands in the hub cities of Edmonton and Toronto. They never got to see the end of the American Hockey League season. It was canceled.

"This year's just been …" Francis said, his voice trailing off. "You kind of roll with the punches."


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Seattle Kraken GM Ron Francis On The Flat Salary Cap

from TSN,

Seattle Kraken general manager Ron Francis believes the new flat salary cap in the NHL will help his team in the expansion draft next year.

While Francis admitted that much remains up in the air about next season and when the Kraken will eventually debut, a number of teams facing cap crunches could benefit Seattle when the draft finally comes.

“Well, I think certainly, that’s what we’re hoping,’” Francis told TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun for The Athletic.

“But I think there are pros and cons, right? Obviously, the cap being flat should be a benefit to us. But I think you saw a lot of teams doing some maneuvering this summer, whether it was buyouts, moving players for picks and stuff, to help alleviate some of their situations.”

The Seattle expansion draft will follow the same rules the league had for Vegas' draft in 2017. Teams may protect either seven forwards, three defencemen and one goaltender or eight skaters (regardless of position) and one goaltender. Players with no-move contracts must be protected unless the player waives his clause.


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Hockey Experience Not Required

from Nicholas J. Cotsonika of NHL.com

John Mavroudis was vacationing in Seattle when a friend shared a link to a job posting. The NHL's newest expansion team, not yet named the Seattle Kraken, was looking for a data engineer.

Mavroudis had never played hockey or worked in the NHL. But he had grown up a hockey fan in the San Francisco Bay Area, played fantasy hockey and played NHL video games. He was a technical program manager at HelloSign, a Dropbox company, in the Bay Area. His resume was on his laptop.

What the heck? Why not?

"I just kind of blindly applied," he said.

Eric Mathiasen had been watching to see if the team posted anything. Maybe something in marketing?

Mathiasen had never worked in the NHL. But he had grown up a hockey fan in Vancouver and played fantasy hockey. He was a senior technical designer at Microsoft, working at the campus in Redmond, Washington, about 15 miles from the arena where the team will play starting in the 2021-22 season.

When he saw a posting for a developer, he applied.

"I just kind of jumped at it, and then I was, like, rereading it," he said. "I was like, this is actually in hockey operations. This is totally interesting. I never in my wildest dreams thought that the career I've had would lead to helping a hockey team make decisions or draft players."


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Starting From The Ground Up In Seattle

from Nicholas J. Cotsonika of NHL.com,

Before Jeff Camelio became the head equipment manager of the Seattle Kraken, he starting thinking: What would he need if he got the job?

As the assistant equipment manager of the Nashville Predators, Camelio started taking inventory of what the Predators had, writing down items big and small to make sure he wouldn't forget anything.

Skate sharpeners. Helmet screws. Thread to sew jerseys. A convection oven to heat plastic guards molded over skates to protect players blocking shots …

"The amount of stuff that needs to be ordered is incredible," Camelio said.

But that's what this is: an incredible opportunity and challenge.

Among the seven hires the Kraken announced Tuesday were Camelio, head athletic trainer Mike Booi and head strength and conditioning coach Nate Brookreson.

Each not only has risen to the highest level of his profession in the NHL for the first time, he gets to start a department and do it in Seattle. The expansion team is building a training center and an arena, each as cutting-edge as new skate blades, and will join the NHL in 2021-22.


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The Seattle Kraken Prepared To Spend Money

from Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times,

“We have to spend money and we’re looking to spend money,” Francis said.

That means contracts ordinarily considered “risky’’ or “bad’’ because of high salary won’t necessarily generate such fears for the Kraken.

“It’s certainly one possibility that you could take on what some teams determine to be bad contracts,” Francis said. “But that’s not necessarily the case.”

Francis said the Kraken still must spend “wisely” to avoid backloading too much salary for years they’ll need cap space to pay young entry draft picks and other prospects. They have ample space now, but that can quickly evaporate if Francis behaves like the kid in the proverbial candy store armed with Bonderman’s credit card.

“Certainly, in today’s world, cap space is extremely valuable, so we’ve got to be careful as we build things.”

Nevertheless, the NHL freezing its cap this coming season means teams previously expecting more room are scrambling to fit players within tighter confines. Which leaves the Kraken sitting pretty; the only team with 100% cap space available.

“We were looking at that $85 million, $86 million cap when we started,” Francis said. “So, there are some teams in that situation where the cap staying flat kind of affects their planning and they may have to do different things.”


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the Story Of Dr. Joel Boyd And His Family

via Sportsnet's YouTube page,

Dr. Joel Boyd is the lead physician for the Minnesota Wild and his family has followed in his footsteps with various roles across the league. Here is their story as they show in many ways that hockey is for everyone.


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Everett Fitzhugh Named Broadcaster For The Seattle Kraken

from William Douglas of NHL.com,

The Seattle Kraken named Everett Fitzhugh as their team broadcaster Friday, positioning him to become the NHL's first Black full-time team play-by-play announcer when the League's 32nd team begins play in the 2021-22 season.

"As someone who's worked in hockey for over a decade and who has a long-held passion for broadcast hockey, to be named team broadcaster for a brand-new NHL franchise -- particularly one with an organization as strong as the Kraken -- is a dream come true," said Fitzhugh, a 31-year-old Detroit native. "Getting to the NHL has always been my goal. I look forward to serving as the voice for this incredible team and its fans as well as representing the Kraken organization throughout the greater Seattle community."

The Kraken is striving to become a leader in sports when it comes to diversity and inclusion in hiring at all levels. CEO Tod Leiweke said Fitzhugh "has established himself as a unique and leading voice for hockey and was high on the list of many folks we consulted with.


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Seattle Will Be Scouting The Playoffs By Watching TV

from Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times,

Seattle Kraken general manager Ron Francis won’t be in attendance this weekend when the NHL becomes the latest sports league to roll the dice by playing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strict protocols in Canadian “bubble” cities Edmonton and Toronto have limited quarantined arena access to the 24 teams participating in what will pass for this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. That means Francis and his staff, like millions of hockey fans, will be watching on television these next two months as they scout games ahead of the Kraken’s 2021-22 season debut.

How valuable their information-gathering will be is questionable. It’s been 4½ months between meaningful NHL games, and no fans will attend these makeshift playoff contests to help energize things.

“It’s going to be interesting,’’ Francis said. “Normally, guys start training camp and they kind of build up to the playoffs. They roll right into the playoffs, they’re in peak performance and peak conditioning and ready to go.

“So, I’m curious to see how the hockey is going to be out of the gate because they haven’t played in four months. It’s going to take them a while to get used to the flow of the game again.’’

Francis has assigned his scouts — including onetime NHL instigator Ulf Samuelsson, rehired after a brief coaching stint in Sweden — one team apiece to follow from each of the Eastern and Western conferences as round-robin seeding games and a best-of-five “qualifier round” begin Saturday.

Back alongside Samuelsson in the pro scouting ranks are mainstays Cammi Granato, Stu Barnes, Dave Hunter and John Goodwin and some new additions.


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Video- Welcome The Seattle Kraken




Sweater rendition below. more added at 12:17pm...

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