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Peddie On Bettman

Excerpted from Dream Job

by Richard Pettie at the Globe and Mail,

What I have noticed is that newspapers love to run photos that cast Gary Bettman in a dark light. If they can make him look bad, they will. By 2013, he had been commissioner for twenty years. He is not a basketball guy – he is now a hockey guy, and he knows and loves the sport. Canadian media and fans are really down on him.

I read and hear the ugly things they say about him in letters to the editor or online comments or on talk radio. Yet Gary soldiers through. He gets it much worse than I ever did.

When he was badly booed while presenting the Stanley Cup in Vancouver, I immediately emailed him and apologized for the boorish behaviour of the Vancouver fans. Perhaps some of them were the same ones who rushed out and trashed the city after the game. I also found the way that Gary has been interviewed by Ron MacLean unacceptable (I’m thinking especially of the now infamous June 2010 exchange on Hockey Night in Canada, which was both vitriolic and confrontational). I guarantee that none of the NFL or NBA rights holders in the United States would ever treat a league commissioner that way. If CBC-TV loses its Canadian TV rights, that interview – it was an attack, really – might well factor in the league’s decision.

If he feels threatened by you, Gary Bettman may do something to hurt you, and he has many ways to do that: national broadcast deals, how many games he gives the CBC, the venue for the All-Star game, the venue for the annual outdoor game, another franchise coming into your territory.


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Searching for New President of MLSE Slows Down

From David Shoalts at the Globe & Mail:

Peddie, the president of MLSE, confirmed this week “we’ve slowed down the search” for a new president, although he declined to offer any more details.

Picking a new president may seem a minor concern to those celebrating the potential departure of an outfit long-vilified for wanting all of the perquisites of owning a public trust like the Toronto Maple Leafs and none of the responsibility. But this should be a big deal, not only to Leafs fans but the fans of all the teams owned by MLSE (the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, AHL’s Toronto Marlies and Toronto FC of the MLS).

Peddie’s official retirement date is the end of December, but he could actually take his leave (with a nice fat consultant’s contract in hand, I’ll bet) by July 1. MLSE’s fiscal year-end is June 30, and Peddie has the company purring smoothly – at least as far as money matters are concerned – so it would make sense to put the new fellow in place when the new financial year starts.


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Evening Line

“What he’s done, first off, is he’s built a really deep (management) team, with succession. Dave Nonis is a GM all by himself, Dave Poulin is a GM in waiting, Claude Loiselle has been an assistant GM, we’ve got the greybeard and wise man in Cliff Fletcher, really, really a deep, deep team.

“Then he set about changing the culture of the team. I’ve never seen a GM that had a really clear vision of what kind of team he wanted. I’ve worked with seven of them, which might say something about the longevity of GMs at our place, but he’s got this clear, clear vision—goalies, defence, four lines, all that. I’ve never heard it, basketball, soccer, hockey, as clear as him. ...

-Richard Peddie, MLSE President and CEO, on Leafs GM Brian Burke.  More from the CP at TSN.

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Richard Peddie Won’t Go Away

From Damien Cox at The Star,

So while the headlines today will note the fact that Cliff Fletcher will be GM of the Leafs through the 2008-09 season – oh gosh, aren’t we all shocked? – the truly important news is that Peddie will remain as team president.

Like a bad odour, you just can’t make this guy go away.

From the day Peddie ascended to the power position of having both the Raptors and Leafs report to him in 2003, the hockey club has gone straight downhill. You’d think his bosses might wonder why there hasn’t been a Stanley Cup playoff game at the ACC since 2004.

Instead, he’s managed to survive. Again.

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Presidents are People, Too

From Morris Della Costa at the London Free Press,

There’s no question the heat is on Peddie. He talked about the two websites dedicated to petitions to get him removed as CEO. One website, firerichardpeddie.ca, has close to 14,000 signatures.

He comes under constant criticism about his performance. Most people would say they don’t read the newspapers. Not Peddie.

“Presidents are people, too. We bleed. I read all of it,” he said. “Some people say they don’t (read) but I have to. There may be something there we have to correct or be mindful of. It’s tough some days. But this job is not for the fainthearted. You have to be comfortable that you are doing the right thing.”


*I’m not sure Peddie should be too concerned about FireRichardPeddie.ca—of the 14,000 “signatures”, it would appear that about 13,860 are advertisements for viagra and vicodin.

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Outlook Not Bright For Leafs

from Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun,

“It’s simply not acceptable,” said Peddie, indicating that the accountability for the Leafs’ shortcomings runs from himself to the board of directors all the way down the ladder.

“It’s very disappointing and very upsetting. We’re smart people, people who are very savvy in business. We thought we had a solid plan to move ahead but that’s not the case. In fact, we’re not set up that great for next year either.

“It’s very humbling to know we failed.”

Peddie said simply reaching the post-season is not the goal.

“It’s more than making the playoffs,” he said. “It’s about moving toward a championship. And, frankly, we made no progress toward that end.”

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The NHL Hour

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment President and CEO Richard Peddie will be the guest on today’s edition of NHL Hour hosted by Gary Bettman.

The show is on from 4-5 p.m. ET today on XM (Channel 204) and NHL.com. NHL Hour is an interactive talk radio show that is hosted by a rotation of League executives, and co-hosted by XM sports host and former NHL player Bill Clement. 

*At showtime, listen live at this link.  While on the air, listeners can call into the show at 1-877-645-6696, or send questions/comments via this email address: nhlhour@nhl.com.

**Archived shows available for download via a podcast on NHL.com.

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Love-Hate Relationship

from Nathan Vardi of Forbes,

To the most rabid hockey fans in toronto, Richard Peddie, chief executive of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, is a bum….

But in the eyes of the owners, Peddie is a hero. In nine years running the parent corporation of the Maple Leafs, Peddie, 60, has created quite a silk purse, tripling the enterprise value of the privately held company to $1.5 billion through clever marketing and shrewd dealmaking.

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