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Video- Reaction To Patrik Laine’s Comments

via Sportsnet's YouTube page,

Patrik Laine Isn't Happy With His Place on the Jets | Instant Analysis

0:35 - Patrik Laine's comments via Iltalehti
0:56 - Reaction to Laine's comments
2:03 - Should Laine be upset with how the team uses him?
4:02 - How does this affect Laine's contract negotiations?

With Winnipeg Jets RFA Patrik Laine yet to sign, the forward spoke out about his place on the team to Finnish media. Jets Insider Sean Reynolds spoke from Winnipeg to Danielle Michaud about the forward's comments.

Watch the video below...

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Patrick Laine Seems A Bit Unsure About His Future With Winnipeg

from Chris Johnston of Sportsnet,

Patrik Laine says contract talks with the Winnipeg Jets have been non-existent all summer and he isn’t sure what it means for his future with the team.

As one of several prominent NHL restricted free agents still without a new deal, the sniper is currently entering the late stages of summer training under a cloud of uncertainty. Speaking before the Finnish Alumni All-Star Game about an hour north of Helsinki, Laine told Sportsnet that he’s confident he’ll playing "somewhere" next season.

He just doesn’t know if that somewhere will be Winnipeg.

"Well you never know. It’s still business, you’ve got to be prepared for anything," Laine said Friday. "But yeah, you never know where you’re going to play next year so I’m just prepared for anything."


added 4:37pm, Video of Laine talking with Johnston is below.

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Morning Line- On The Cap Situation For The Winnipeg Jets

On Nov 29 #NHLJets Patrik Laine scored his 20th & 21st goal of the season, which had him in first place in the league for goals scored.

Since then Laine has scored 4 goals, and currently sits 34th in the league in goals scored.

Why is that important?

Anything outside the top 10 means Laine misses out on a $1.8M 'B' bonus.

It also mean that the $1.8M the #NHLJets had earmarked as a possible bonus in Nov, can maybe be used at the trade deadline instead.

$1.8M at the deadline is equal to an $8.37M cap hit at full value.

- via CapFriendly tweets...

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Wake Up Patrik Laine

from Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun,

The numbers from Tuesday’s game tell the whole story for slumping sniper Patrik Laine.

Zero goals, zero assists, zero shots, zero shot attempts, zero hits, minus-1 and 31.25% possession in a career-low 10:55 of ice time.

Those are the kinds of stats that usually lead to a healthy scratch.

While it once seemed laughable that the Winnipeg Jets might consider giving their 20-year-old star a seat in the press box — when he was scoring 18 goals in the month of November — it now looks like the kind of wakeup call the young Finn needs.

Jets coach Paul Maurice already sent a message Tuesday with Laine’s ice time. He had only three shifts, totalling 2:17 in the second period.


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Video- A 5 Goal Night For Patrik Laine

He now has 19 goals for the season and leads the NHL.


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Video- Quite The Return To Finland For Patrik Laine

The Winnipeg Jets beat the Florida Panthers 4-2, Laine had a hat trick.


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Afternoon Line- Patrick Laine

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Video- A Sit Down With Patrik Laine

via the YouTube page of TSN,

Patrik Laine sits down with TSN's Darren Dreger to talk about why he focused on losing weight this offseason, if he can break the 50-goal mark and make another run at the Rocket Richard Trophy, if his contract will be a distraction this year and the expectations for the Jets after a deep playoff run last season.


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Patrik Laine Dreams Of The Rocket Richard Trophy

from Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun,

During this six-game road trip, Laine has been in high demand – he’s also given members of the media plenty to write (and talk) about.

So as the Jets (41-18-9) get set to face the Washington Capitals (38-23-7) on Monday at Capital One Arena, it makes for an interesting storyline that his 11-game point streak has coincided with him moving into a tie for the NHL goal scoring lead with his one-time idol, Alex Ovechkin.

Laine and Ovechkin sit at 40 goals and each player has 14 games left in the regular season, including Monday’s second and final meeting between the two clubs.

On the weekend, when one of his numerous scrums had thinned out, Laine was asked about the importance of chasing the Rocket Richard Trophy.

“It’s always been one of my dreams to win it,” said Laine. “It’s something that every goal-scorer dreams about. There are still 15 games to go. There are a lot of things that can happen, but (along) with our team goals, it’s a good motivation for me.”


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Morning Line- Patrik Laine

I mean, I heard some guys talking bad about the city and that Winnipeg was not a good place. What do they know? I love Winnipeg. This is my home. These are my people now. I play for them. It’s a great, great city. Everyone who lives here really cares about one another, that’s what stands out to me. We are one group, all of us. Everybody is your neighbor.

Winnipeg is bad? No. Winnipeg is good.

-Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets at The Players' Tribune where you can read more on Winnipeg.

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More Matthews-vs-Laine talk

From TSN's Travis Yost:

The suddenly furious discussion around the Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews Calder Trophy race is a debate worth having, if only because what Laine has provided to his team offensively is remarkable.

As it stands today, only two players – Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin and Minnesota’s Jason Zucker – have been on the ice for more goals per-60 minutes than Laine. It’s a testament to his wondrous shooting capabilities and the chemistry he’s developed with his linemates.

So, yes, I think it’s a very real argument. As is the case with anything of the sort, you can slice and dice it a thousand different ways. Winnipeg fans will note that Laine plays for a weaker team. Toronto fans will note that Matthews is probably the better defensive player. And round and round we go.

The one piece I keep coming back to is the offence that comes with Laine. I’ve written in the past about my optimism over his individual shooting percentages – he strikes me as a Steven Stamkos or Ilya Kovalchuk type, which is tremendously high praise. It’s exceedingly rare for anyone to sustain high shooting percentages over long periods of time, and even if Laine isn’t a 19.5 per cent shooter, he’s got a real shot at 15 per cent or so, which would be phenomenal.


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The Auston Matthews And Patrik Laine Battles Are Just Starting

from Chris Johnston of Sportsnet,

Let this be a reminder about why there’s so much hype when Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine are due to face one another.

It’s not so much a showdown between top picks from the 2016 draft, with personal stakes or a determination about who is ahead in some mythical race without a finish line.

No, it’s an event. Pure and simple.

These are two of the three best players in the NHL’s next generation and when you get them in the same arena the odds of seeing something magical dramatically improve.

“(They mean) a lot to the league, but maybe more to Canada,” Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice said before Tuesday’s 5-4 overtime loss against Toronto. “This is such a passion across the country and (there’s) appreciation for young players. For stars, for gifts, right?

“We’ve all been on the ice as players and we all know how much better Patty and Auston are than we are.”


Watch the game highlights below...

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Paul Maurice On Demoting Patrik Laine To The Fourth Line

from Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun,

The coach moved Laine down to the fourth line after a rough first period saw the 18-year-old on the ice for two Minnesota goals, the second coming directly off a Laine giveway.

The move had Jets nation positively frothing at the mouth, and Maurice didn't mind having some fun with it.

“Pat's been sent down to the minors today,” Maurice began, his tongue firmly in his cheek. “He's been returned to the Moose.”

Putting on his serious face, Maurice pointed out Laine's average ice time remains near the top among NHL rookies.

“He played 13 minutes,” the coach said. “It's the same amount of time as the two guys who scored all four of their goals. He had a rougher night. That's going to happen. I also know what he's going to mean to this franchise.

“If I shaved three minutes off his game, I apologize to Manitoba.”


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GIF- Big Hit On Patrik Laine

Needed help going to the room.



added 3:19pm, another angle below...

added 3:30pm, video added below too..3

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Video- Patrik Laine On Patrik Laine

Quite the confident fellow...


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Video- Patrik Laine’s Own Goal

from Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun,

“Everybody saw what happened,” said Laine, who remains among the league leaders with 17 goals and 25 points in 32 games this season. “I don't know. I just tried to get rid of the puck right away. It was just a bad position for me and an unfortunate goal.”

ets captain Blake Wheeler immediately put his arm around Laine when he returned to the bench and gave him a supportive pat on the back.

“He's 18-years-old and he feels terrible. These things happen. I've done it many times, it's just a bad bounce,” said Wheeler. “He's done a hell of a job for us this year. He's obviously a huge part of our team and you hate to see a guy have to feel that way after the game.”

more on the 3-2 loss to the Edmonton Oilers...


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Auston Matthews Or Patrik Laine?

from Gary Lawless of TSN,

So what does Matthews have over Laine? Is he a better skater? On the whole, yes. Matthews is also more physically mature and closer to his athletic peak. 

Laine’s upper body features pipe cleaners rather than pipes. His frame is unfinished. He’s skinny. His upside in terms of speed and power are difficult to ascertain, but he will improve and close the gap with Matthews.

Matthews has loads of game. He’s going to be a star. Laine, however, has more wattage despite playing in a small market in comparison to Toronto.

In the end, this will be about the highest of ranges. They’re two great players trying to climb into the rarest of air.

Matthews was No. 1 in the draft, but Laine will prove to be No. 1 in rarity.


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Patrik Laine Keeps Impressing

from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN,

Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler had heard all the stories and scouting reports last offseason about his team's new phenom from Finland, who could shoot a puck from everywhere and score at will.

Watching it firsthand, well, that's a whole other thing.

"It's pretty incredible," Wheeler told ESPN.com this week. That phenom -- 18-year-old forward Patrik Laine -- has 15 goals in his first 26 games.

"When we got the pick, everyone was excited at the prospect of having Patty," Wheeler said. "You heard all the stories about his shot and the dynamic things he could do. That's all well and good, but he's 18. You expect there to be a learning curve, you expect to be some speed bumps along the way.

"All of a sudden, he's leading the NHL in goals, and it's not by mistake. It's crazy. He gets the puck in areas [where] you don't really feel like [he has] a scoring chance. All of sudden, it's in the back of the net. You just kind of shake your head.''...

Laine is on pace for 47 goals. He has already had two hat tricks and, yes, he's earned a few nicknames already.

"That was the big thing: 'What do people call him?'" said Wheeler, 30, chuckling. "He started with 'Patty,' and then he got more comfortable and revealed that all his buddies back home call him 'Patsyuk,' obviously after Pavel Datsyuk.

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Laine, Jets rally for OT win over Toronto

Patrik Laine scored a hat trick as the Winnipeg Jets rallied from a 4-0 deficit to defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-4 in OT:

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Patrik Laine scores his first NHL goal

Patrik Laine scored his first NHL goal on Thursday night vs. Carolina:

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Welcome To The NHL Patrik Laine

from Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun,

But Laine has never, ever, experienced anything like a cutthroat NHL training camp before.

And the first few days of his first one with the Winnipeg Jets have opened his eyes and screamed into his ears: he's not in Finland, or even the pro league in Switzerland, anymore.

“We don't normally have nothing like the training camp,” Laine said, Wednesday. “Everybody comes to the practice and we don't have to kind of race (for) the spots on the team. We just come there and practise and then play. And we don't have that many guys there. We just have the team and we're just practising with them.

“Here you have those guys that want to take your spot and want to be ahead of you in the roster. Back home there's no such thing.”


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Patrik Laine Signs His Entry Level Contract With The Winnipeg Jets

via the Winnipeg Jets,

The Winnipeg Jets announced they have agreed to terms with 2016 first-round pick and second overall selection Patrik Laine on a three-year NHL Entry-Level Contract worth an average annual value of $3.575 million which includes $2.65 million in bonuses.

Laine, 18, lead his team Tappara, to a Finnish SM-liiga Championship, scoring 33 points (17G, 16A) in 46 regular season games to go along with 15 points (10G, 5A) in 18 playoff games. Laine won the Jari Kurri Award for being the best player in the playoffs. He was also named SM-liiga rookie of the year and had the most points of any rookie in the Finish elite league.

Internationally, he led Finland to an IIHF World Junior Championship win on home soil in Helsinki. He was named to the World Junior Championship all-star team after leading the tournament in goals with seven. Laine was named to Finland’s World Championship Team, winning a silver medal along with being named the World Championship’s Most Valuable Player. Along with his MVP award, he was named to the tournament all-star team and the event’s best forward after recording 12 points (7G, 5A) in 10 games.

Patrik Laine
Born: Apr. 19, 1998 -- Tampere, Finland
Height 6.04 -- Weight 206 -- Shoots R

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Twitter Vid- Corey Perry Doing What He Does To Patrik Laine

Nothing new here.


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