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Kate Gillis On Her Father Mike Gillis

from Joshua Clipperton of the CP at the Surrey Leader,

Kate Gillis says it was difficult to block out the noise.

The energetic 24-year-old is the captain and inspirational leader of Canada's women's field hockey team at the Commonwealth Games. She's also the daughter of former Vancouver Canucks president and general manager Mike Gillis, who was fired in April after the team missed the playoffs for the first time in six years....

Having your feet held to the fire is part of being an executive in professional sports, but that doesn't make it any easier for the families. It's something the younger Gillis learned first-hand this spring.

"I think it's always hard for people to say those things about your father. With the Internet these days, you can just have a free-for-all," she said this week. "It's tough to kind of differentiate between the truth and the fiction, but I just keep my head down. He definitely doesn't let us get affected, but in the long run it's hard.

"It's your dad."

read on

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Afternoon Line

... the only problem is that there won’t be a quick fix for whoever happens to come in next. The reality is, Gillis actually inherited a very good situation, was a decent steward for a while, didn’t do enough to make it better and in the past month or so, watched helplessly as it all went up in smoke. Messy – and when it gets messy like this, all you can do is what the Aquilini family did Tuesday. They gave the people what they wanted.

-Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail on the firing of Mike Gillis.  More from Duhatschek...

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Mike Gillies Relieved Of His Duties In Vancouver

Vancouver, B.C. - Canucks Sports & Entertainment announced today that Mike Gillis has been relieved of his duties as President and General Manager.

"On behalf of my entire family, I would like to sincerely thank Mike Gillis for his hard work and the many contributions he made on and off the ice during his tenure,” said Francesco Aquilini, Chairman, Canucks Sports & Entertainment. "The Vancouver Canucks had success under Mike's leadership, and we nearly reached our ultimate goal; but I believe we have reached a point where a change in leadership and new voice is needed.”

"I also want to thank our fans for their support for the Vancouver Canucks through a difficult and frustrating season," continued Aquilini. "We haven’t met their expectations or ours. We are committed to bringing the Stanley Cup to Vancouver for our fans and we will continue to do everything possible to reach that goal."

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Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis On The Canucks

via Team 1040 tweets,

According to @GMMikeGillis - 'my responsibility to get (team) back on top; 'fans have every right to voice displeasure'

On whether Torts will be back next season; @GMMikeGillis "I'm not sure I'll be back next season"

Here's a link to the entire interview w/ @GMMikeGillis http://ow.ly/voueB 


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Video- Mike Gillis On The Canucks

At the GM Meetings this morning...

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Vancouver GM Gillis On His Team

from Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun,

“I think this team is as good,” Gillis said. “I think our defence is as good, I think Jason Garrison has a chance to be a real good player with Alex Edler — they eat minutes, they’re big guys.

“But you have to avoid injuries, and you have to have great goaltending. That’s what L.A. got last year. They wouldn’t have even been close to being in the playoffs if Jonathan Quick was not the best player in the National Hockey League last year. And they get in the playoffs, avoid injuries, play the same six defenceman all the way through, some guys rise to the occasion, they get good matchups and great goaltending ...”

And win the Stanley Cup.

“The way I see it, if you’re constantly knocking on the door, sooner or later the puck doesn’t hit the post but goes in. Your guy doesn’t get hurt but someone on the opposition does.”


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Afternoon Line

“We’re one of the wealthiest teams in the league, we don’t have fire sales.”

-Mike Gillis, president of the Vancouver Canucks on trading Luongo.  More from David Ebner of the Globe and Mail.

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Gillis On Schneider

from Sportsnet,

“We’ve gotten calls about him for two years,” Gillis said. “There were times where we thought about (trading him), but we knew how good he was and I think he’s now proven to other people around the hockey world how good he is.”

Schneider has split time with Roberto Luongo this season and Gillis admits a difficult decision on which goalie to keep could be in his future.

“There’s going to come a point where we’re going to have to make a decision as we move forward,” Gillis said.

The Canucks GM still has no intention of dealing Schneider before the trade deadline, unless of course something occurs where the team was blown away with an offer.

“You never say never about anything, but this guy’s a huge part of our team and to take a huge part of your team off you team with a month left in the season and then playoffs is a challenging thing to do,” Gillis added.

read on for Nashville GM David Poile addressing some questions regarding the Predators…

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All Mike Gillis

from Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun,

Q. You mentioned your goaltending. Cory Schneider has been playing well again this season and had that nice run in November. Is it a bit of a dilemma as far as what to do with this guy? He looks like he’s ready to be a No. 1 goaltender and if that can’t happen here do you feel that it is incumbent upon you in any way to make that happen for him at some point?

A. He’s ready now to be a No. 1 goalie. There’s no doubt in our mind. He spent the time in the minors, he went to the finals when he was in the minors, he’s now gone to the finals as an NHL player. He’s had a unique opportunity to experience hockey at its highest level. He’s a young guy, he’s a great teammate, he’s a guy we all like having here. He’s not a player that I would ever be eager to trade. But there is going to come a point where he is going to have higher expectations in terms of games played and if we can’t deliver that, then something will have to give at some point in time. But as it sits right now, he is a huge part of our team and I think people tend to forget that fact. He’s a really big part of what we are doing here. I’m never going to be eager to give up somebody who is a big part of what we are doing.

Q. How often do you get calls from fellow GMs about Schneider?

A. I get calls all the time. He deserves it. He is a terrific young player and in the NHL today if you don’t have great goaltending you can’t win. You just look at the quality of chances and the way the game has evolved since the lockout. If you don’t have a No. 1 goalie you are just not going to be successful in this league, you are not going to make the playoffs. And there’s a number of teams that are in that situation that are searching for that kind of player. For now, they’ll continue searching.

more Q & A regarding the Canucks…

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Afternoon Line

“It isn’t that I don’t care about what the media might say or do.  I do care when it becomes mean spirited and malicious.

“If that happens, we’re going to act upon it.

“I think the world of him. He’s a great goalie.”

—Mike Gillis, Canucks GM discussing some recent commentary on Roberto Luongo (via The Province)

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Chicago Blackhawks: The NHL’s Next Dynasty?

From Chris Kuc at the Chicago Tribune:

So the question is, are the Hawks a team that can become the next dynasty in the NHL?

“With a guy like Jonathan Toews as a captain and Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp and the list goes on and on and now Nick Leddy and Brandon Saad and Brandon Pirri and some of these young kids coming on, this is a team that isn’t going anywhere for the next 10 years,” veteran defenseman Sean O’Donnell said.

Andrew Brunette, another veteran newcomer who has seen teams fade in and out of Cup contention, agreed.

“With their ages and the fact a lot of them are locked in, I don’t see any reason why they’re not going to always be a Cup contender,” Brunette said.

read on

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No Suspension for Boychuk

From James Mirtle at the Globe & Mail:

The NHL’s acting disciplinarian, Mike Murphy, confirmed Tuesday that Boston Bruins defenceman Johnny Boychuk will not be suspended for his hit on Canucks winger Mason Raymond in the opening seconds of Monday’s Game 6.

According to Canucks GM Mike Gillis, Raymond “sustained a vertebrae compression fracture” on the play and is expected to miss three to four months.

Murphy said via email that the league’s hockey operations department reviewed the play but deemed it an “awkward collision” and not worthy of a suspension.

“[It was an] awkward collusion between two players battling for space/room,” Murphy wrote. “[You] rarely see a player bumped when in the position Raymond was in (bent over forward).”

read on

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Gillis Fined

via TSN,

Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis has been fined an undisclosed amount for his comments regarding the officiating prior to Game 7 with the Chicago Blackhawks.

After the Canucks lost three straight games to the Blackahwks to even their series, Gillis addressed the media to outline his isuues with the disparity in penalty calls in the series.

“I’m not sure how you explain that discrepancy, but we’re going to be very hard-pressed to win hockey games if throughout the entire series, when the score is tight, they get 75 per cent more power plays than we do,” Gillis said Monday. “That’s the facts we are facing.”

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Evening Line

We’re in first place overall. We’ve lost one game at home in two months. And suddenly we don’t have a guy who fights. I don’t see other teams taking liberties with our players. That was one body check (by Getzlaf) that turned out badly.

“We’re always looking to improve. But Detroit’s competed for the Stanley Cup every year for 15 years and I don’t see anyone who fights there. They’re the gold standard in our league and that’s the model we’re trying to follow.”

-Mike Gillis, GM of the Vancouver Canucks.  More on this topic from Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province.

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Gillis In Control

from Ed Wiles of the Vancouver Province,

On Tuesday, the Vancouver Canucks finally announced a decision that had been made two months ago.

Ryan Walter, who was GM Mike Gillis’s hand-picked appointment for the coaching staff, had been terminated and replaced by Newell Brown. Walter becomes the fall guy for the Canucks’ inglorious exit from the playoffs. Brown steps in. And this old world keeps spinning round.

Right? Well, that’s the way the Canucks and Gillis would want it. But there are a few troubling questions which linger over Walter’s dismissal, just as there are questions lingering over the sudden departure of Tom Larscheid. Unfortunately, you can’t get anyone to go on the record regarding these matters, although Walter did post a statement on his website in which he thanked everyone in the organization except Gillis.

Sources familiar with both situations paint a picture which doesn’t exactly flatter the Canucks or Gillis. We don’t know if the whole story will ever get out—something about buyouts and confidentiality clauses tending to impede the free flow of information.


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Gillis Talks Canucks

Mike Gillis of the Canucks was just on the Bill Watters Show on 640am in Toronto.  He feels he defense can now generate 180-200 points from his defense and that is what he was looking for.

He said you need puck moving dmen and offensive-minded too in order to be successful in the league.

They realized depth at ‘D’ was an issue and felt they needed 8 NHL type dmen to succeed this year.

Bill asked him about Sundin, Gillis said they have had discussions with him over the summer and after his wedding this week, he will let them know if he is coming back.  Says Mats was happy playing in Vancouver and liked the city.  Said Sundin was a force in the room and would be happy to have him back.  Mike did say he would have to be in Vancouver from day 1 and Mats realizes that too.

Gillis feels the Canucks need to work on their discipline and felt they should have won the Chicago series.  PP struggled and more offense should have been generated from their defense.

With Luongo they know they will not be drafting high and feels 20 goals+ from six players this season is expected from the current roster.

added 4:40pm, As Greg Brady (co-host with Bill) just said, it sounds like Sundin is coming back.  Stated Gillis would have shot-down the Sundin talk but it sure did not seem that way.

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Gillis Continues His Rise In Vancouver

from Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun,

It’s only been three months since he was able to shed the “rookie general manager” tag. Now—apparently out of nowhere—Mike Gillis has been asked to be a rookie all over again.

A rookie president of a National Hockey League club.

He ought to take it as a compliment.

Even if adding another title to his nameplate should turn out to be mainly a money-saving device for a Vancouver Canucks ownership that is ever-vigilant for such opportunities, it underlines one thing quite clearly.

The mutual admiration society between Francesco Aquilini and his now sophomore GM is very much alive—maybe even stronger than 15 months ago, when Dave Nonis’s cologne was still hanging in the air as Aquilini was naming the former player agent and his ready-made coterie of ex-client/advisers to form the new regime.


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Canucks CEO Resigns, Gillis Promoted

from the Vancouver Canucks,

Vancouver, B.C. – Canucks Sports & Entertainment announced today that President and CEO, Chris Zimmerman has made the decision to step down from his position for family reasons.

Zimmerman has spent the past three seasons providing the overall strategic direction for the company. General Manager and Alternate Governor, Mike Gillis, has been named President of Canucks Sports & Entertainment.


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Canucks GM Talks Long Road Trip

from Mike G. Morreale of NHLcom via VancouverCanucks.com,

“Obviously when you’re away for that length of time you get concerned,” Vancouver General Manager Mike Gillis told NHL.com. “But the Olympic break does break up the trip, so it’s really two segments of a trip as opposed to one long month away from home. We’re making the best of a situation that’s really beyond our control, and we’re trying to manage it and be as competitive as we can.”...

“The Olympics are an extremely important event, and we could possibly have up to eight players participating from our team,” Gillis said. “It’s a huge event for British Columbia and Canada and we’re going to do our part to make sure it’s as positive and as well-managed as it’s going to be. It’s really up to us to manage it appropriately and get our players ready for it and that’s what we intend to do.”


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Canucks Talk

Mike Gillis talks about his team’s 3-0 series lead in St Louis, their forward depth and Taylor Pyatt’s status.

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Vancouver GM Says Canucks Looking Forward, Media Looking At The Past

Canucks GM Mike Gillis was on Team 1040 in Vancouver yesterday and discussed the media in Vancouver.

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Evening Line

“I don’t think I’d be comfortable calling any team a contender other than maybe San Jose and Detroit, because they won last year. What we want to do is get into the playoffs and win round by round. For me, it’s more the process of how the team plays and the integrity it plays with. I know we’ll get results if we play that way.

“I think Mats is a great player that joins a good group of players committed to winning. I think we’re a better team for sure but I’m not going to place that label (Stanley Cup contender) on any team.”

-Canucks GM Mike Gillis at the press conference announcing the Sundin signing.  More from Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail.

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Kevin Lowe vs Mike Gillis

Kevin Lowe has stated he’s not likely to consider doing business in the future with the new Canucks GM, given their previous run-in as agent-vs-GM last summer over Michael Nylander.  But not everyone has sympathy for Lowe’s position. 

From Jason Botchford at The Province:

“I am horrified that someone’s integrity is called into question for something they didn’t do and by someone who did something much worse than Mike Gillis could ever be accused of,” agent Rich Winter said. “It’s an embarrassment to the game that Kevin Lowe would use the news media to make these accusations given what he’s done.”

In December 2003, Lowe was shopping Mike Comrie, Winter’s client, and found a taker in then-Ducks GM Bryan Murray. The pair agreed to a deal that would send young Anaheim forward, and future Stanley Cup champion, Corey Perry and a first-round pick to Edmonton for Comrie and a second-round pick. 

Murray was worried he would lose Comrie to free agency if he made the deal. To appease Murray, Lowe authorized the Ducks’ general manager to begin negotiations with Comrie. Anaheim then signed the forward to an extension and, in its view, the deal was done.

But “not so fast,” says Botchford.  The rest of the story…

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