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Afternoon Line- Marc Bergevin

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Video- Habs Mic’d Up At The Draft

For those of you who don't know Bergevin is a pretty funny guy.

via the Montreal Canadiens,

GoPro footage of Marc Bergevin and his scouts mic'd up during both days of the 2019 NHL Draft in Vancouver.


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Why Endorse Marc Bergevin Now & Questioning Jonathan Drouin

from Jack Todd at the Montreal Gazette,

So it came to pass that as the Ides of March approached, the leader of the Montreal Canadiens found himself in the theatre of public opinion, surrounded by rabble-rousers brandishing their #FireBergevin daggers and screeching for blood.

It was then that one of the gods stepped down from the mountain, raised his palm, and thundered: “Nay! Stay your daggers! Marc Bergevin’s job is safe and secure. I like his plan for the future.”

With that, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the very air was filled with open mouths and closed minds, the Twits and the Faces became filled with rage and the rivers of frustration overflowed.

Or something to that effect.

Here we are in the grip of an especially dreary March, with the parade along the usual route looking farther away than ever, and the question for Canadiens owner Geoff Molson (who issued that ringing endorsement of his GM) is a simple one: “Why now?”


from Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette,

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Afternoon Line- Marc Bergevin

via Montreal's Twitter account,

“Today, we’re in a tough situation, but we haven’t lost hope. We haven’t thrown in the towel, but we for sure have a lot of work to do.” -Marc Bergevin

“There are certainly some players who did not live up to the organization’s expectations, nor their own.”

“Have I made mistakes? Yes. Have I done some good things? Yes. But that’s the reality for a general manager. But I’m proud of what we’ve done.”

“I believe [making the playoffs] is possible, but a lot of things have to change. There are times where I’ve seen them capable of doing it.”

“Jonathan Drouin has had some good stretches at center, and he’s had some stretches that have been more difficult. When I say that some players have needed more consistency, he’s a part of that.

“I’m a fighter, and I’ve heard my coaches and players say the same thing. We’re going to keep fighting until the end.”

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Marc Bergevin Must Go Now

from Brendan Kelly of the Montreal Gazette,

Yes, Bergevin has made one bad trade after another. Yes, he somehow dumped all of his defencemen over the summer. Yes, he tarnishes the once classy organization by constantly trash-talking his players. But the real reason he has to be considered a failure as a GM is the fact that he has done nothing to address the team’s most important problem, the lack of strength down the middle. They might well have the worst centres in the league, led by a number-one “centre”, Drouin, who is not a centre.

Other teams somehow deal for centres. The Predators recently nabbed Kyle Turris. St. Louis picked up Brayden Schenn. It can be done. But instead Bergevin whines about how hard it is to get a good centre.

But the real reason Geoff Molson has to bite the bullet and give Bergevin his walking papers is because the time has come to radically reinvent this team and given his track record, the last guy you want helming that re-invention is Bergevin. Mark my words: If he does trade Pacioretty, he’ll make a bad trade. You can’t let this man do any more damage to our hockey team.


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Marc Bergevin In The Spotlight In Montreal

from Stu Cowan of the Montreal Gazette,

General manager Marc Bergevin said this week the answer to the Canadiens’ problems is in the locker room.

Maybe if the GM looks around the room long enough he can find the roughly $8.5 million in salary-cap money he didn’t spend this summer to help improve his team.

It’s hard to believe the NHL’s second-most valuable franchise with a record 24 Stanley Cups — the Canadiens were evaluated at $1.12 billion last year by Forbes, trailing only the New York Rangers at $1.25 billion — wouldn’t spend close to the $75-million cap limit. But that didn’t happen after Bergevin failed to re-sign free-agents Andrei Markov and Alexander Radulov this summer and didn’t seem to have a Plan B in place. Or at least not one that would work.

Bergevin said he “kicked tires” on a lot of free agents this summer and made some “really, really good offers,” but the players decided they didn’t want to come to Montreal “for whatever reason.” That left the dapper GM with a lot of money sitting in his pockets.


Brendan Kelly also of the Montreal Gazette chimes in too...

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Afternoon Line- Marc Bergevin

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Loving and loathing the ‘garage league’

From the Buffalo News's Mike Harrington:

Is there any league that drives its fans crazier than the NHL? Sometimes you have to wonder why we love this league so much because it doesn't reciprocate the feeling.

This corner routinely invokes Mario Lemieux's infamous 1992 quote calling the NHL a "garage league." It's sure felt that way in the last week. Over and over again, the NHL can't get out of its own way. It's hard to believe some of the things we've seen and heard the last few days.

I'm tired of hearing about the general managers' meetings in Boca Raton, Fla. What a waste of time for a bunch of guys who have too much power determining the rules of the league who are simply protecting their own jobs and not thinking about the fans at all. They should all get sent to Winnipeg for three days in March to work on what's really broken in this league.

At one point in the meetings, Montreal's Marc Bergevin strode through the lobby holding a large potted plant in front of him to evade the media. There has to be some symbolism there. Some of these guys have about as much vision for the game as a potted plant, yet it was the GMs who were broken into groups to discuss their vision of the game 5-10 years from now. Can't wait to hear these ideas.

Here are some of the points about the current state of the NHL, especially in the last week, that have me riled:

Harrington continues...

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Friedman chronicles ‘the 23 minutes that shook the hockey world’

Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman penned an absolutely fantastic feature article discussing the trio of moves that shook the hockey world on June 29th, 2016, and his article's more than worth your time:

Did they know? Did Marc Bergevin, Peter Chiarelli, David Poile, Ray Shero and Steven Stamkos know they were going to set the NHL on its ear one early summer afternoon?

“We knew what we were doing but had no idea what everyone else was up to,” New Jersey GM Shero said last weekend. “You know this is going to get out, so we’re trying to get hold of Adam Larsson. All of a sudden, you hear the other moves, and you’re like, ‘Holy (Bleep).’”

“July 1 is a landslide, but you expect it,” said Chiarelli, Edmonton’s President of Hockey Operations and GM. “The last thing you’re thinking about is someone else’s deal. We had the TV on, and the moves came across the ticker. I did a double-take. Wow.”

“In my world, none of that other stuff mattered,” laughed Poile, Nashville’s President of Hockey Operations and GM. “I still don’t know the order of the three moves.”

At 2:34 p.m. ET on Wednesday July 29 — seven minutes after intense speculation about Taylor Hall hit Twitter — his trade to the Devils for Larsson was a reality. It’s almost impossible to believe there could be a bigger one-for-one deal in the same afternoon, but 17 minutes later came an absolute blockbuster: Shea Weber for P.K. Subban.

Then, at 2:57 p.m., word came that #Stammergeddon was over. Steven Stamkos stayed in Tampa.

Friedman continues...

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All Marc Bergevin

from Dave Stubbs of NHL.com,

NHL.com: Here we are on a hot summer afternoon, eight days after the start of nuclear winter in this city. You knew when you traded P.K. Subban for Shea Weber that you weren't dealing a garden-variety third-line wing. Has the dust settled for you, even a little?

Bergevin: There was a lot of thought going into this [trade] prior to that day, a lot of discussion internally. I had talked to my hockey people. At the end of the day, I make the decision. It's on my shoulders, and I get that. But once I make that decision, I don't look back anymore. It's like the old expression, "If you're looking in the rearview mirror, you don't see what's ahead of you." There was a well-thought process of how and why. As a group we talked, and then I made the final decision, and after that, I move on. If you're asking me "since that day…" well, I have moved on, yes.

NHL.com: Did you bring Geoff Molson, the team owner and your boss, in on this trade as it began to take shape in your mind? Or was it finally in the end, you telling him, "Geoff, for your information, this is what I'm doing." Or something in between?

Bergevin: Obviously, circumstances are a little different with P.K. There's one thing with Geoff: He's been good all along -- he leaves it to me to make the hockey decisions. I keep him informed. I tell him, "This is why, and this is the risk." Any transaction you make, there's always a risk. Always. Small transaction or big. And I lay it out to Geoff, and he tells me, "You're here to make hockey decisions, so make this team better. That's your job."


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Rifts between Subban, Canadiens had been building

From an article titled, "Canada might be the loser on seismic NHL day," by the Toronto Star's Bruce Arthur:

It was the Canadiens who registered the most seismic day, though. In Montreal, it’s been an open secret that coach Michel Therrien never meshed with Subban. He would tell people that he believed he could never win a Cup with P.K., and the snubs — some ice-time battles, the triple high-five controversy, giving the captaincy to Max Pacioretty, the way teammates voted for Pacioretty over Subban for the community-minded King Clancy award this year — piled up. GM Marc Bergevin is said to be very close to Therrien; they are not just colleagues, but great friends, down to their families. Bergevin wanted to go to arbitration rather than pay Subban, but was overruled by the owner. Not this time, though.

“Too much personality,” a former Canadiens teammate said. “Saw it firsthand. They hated how much fun he had. The fact that he never sulked and pouted, win or lose, just bugged them, I guess. It made no sense to me, either.”

“I think it was blown out of proportion because of Montreal, the market we’re in,” Bergevin said. “We always look to make a story where there isn’t any. Yes, P.K.’s different, we’re not going to hide that, but there was never an issue, never a problem. I fought with my teammates in practice. It happens all the time.”

Not many believed him.


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A Multi-Year Contract Extension For Marc Bergevin In Montreal

MONTRÉAL – Montreal Canadiens owner, president and CEO, Geoff Molson, announced today that the Club and executive vice president and general manager Marc Bergevin have agreed to a multi-year contract extension that will keep him with the organization until the end of the 2021-22 season.

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Video- Zack Kassian Has A Broken Foot And Nose, Marc Bergevin Responds

via Sportsnet,

Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin reacts to the news of Zack Kassian’s car accident, says he doesn’t know all the details yet, but it’s a lack of character and judgement on his part.


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Habs GM Bergevin holds high hopes for Alex Semin

Via Pro Hockey Talk's Mike Halford, Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin issued a list of high hopes for Alexander Semin to the Montreal Gazette's Stu Cowan:

When asked what led him to sign the enigmatic Semin, who was bought out by the Carolina Hurricanes this summer after scoring only six goals in 57 games last season, Bergevin said: “He’s high skilled … he brings something that not a lot of players do have. Obviously, things didn’t go his way in Carolina. He’s going to have a chance to prove that he is a player that he once was and he’s still young at 31 years of age. So we hope he’ll bring his skill and his compete level to Montreal.”

The Hurricanes gave Semin a five-year, $35-million contract extension in March 2013 after he had averaged a point a game in his first 30 games with Carolina (eight goals and 22 assists) after signing a one-year, $7-million free-agent contract. The buyout will cost the Hurricanes $14 million spread over the next six years.

Bergevin told reporters in Foxboro that the 31-year-old Semin, who was selected by the Washington Capitals in the first round (13th overall) at the 2002 NHL Draft, needs to show more consistency in his game.

“That was the downside that he had in Carolina and that’s what we’re looking for,” the GM said. “If you don’t score — (and) it’s hard to score in today’s game — you have to bring something else to the table. So it’s either backchecking or stripping pucks or playing solid hockey … that’s what I expect from you if you don’t score.”


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Hockey Canada to announce World Cup of Hockey management team on Monday

Per Sportsnet's John Shannon, Hockey Canada is going for an ecclectic mix of "old and new" to helm Canada's 2016 World Cup team:

St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong will lead Canada’s management team for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, reports John Shannon.

Hockey Canada will announce on Monday that Armstrong will serve as GM and have fellow NHL front office personnel Ken Holland, Marc Bergevin and Rob Blake on his staff, according to Shannon.

Holland and Bergevin currently work as GMs for the Red Wings and Canadiens, respectively. Blake is an assistant GM with the Kings.

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Deadline day Garrioch

The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch can only pen "'almost deal'" columns after today, so he's delivering a hum-dinger of a rumor wallop this morning. Among his trade deadline day ruminations:

A guy who isn’t being talked about much who may be attracting a lot of interest is New Jersey defenceman Marek Zidlicky. Nobody is sure if Devils GM Lou Lamoriello would actually deal Zidlicky, but teams have been calling to see what the asking price is, just in case he does decide to make a move.


The Maple Leafs want to be the busiest team in the league Monday. They have been trying to deal almost their entire roster, but all eyes will be on captain Dion Phaneuf and wingers Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul. They’ve also, for the past two weeks, been shopping centre Tyler Bozak and his $4.2-million salary. Toronto has a chance to make this a significant day if they make moves.


The Montreal Canadiens set up shop in San Jose on Sunday night after a long flight that left at 11 a.m. The Habs have been steadfast in their search for a defenceman since the quest for help began. They were able to help their forward ranks by picking up Devante Smith-Pelley from the Ducks earlier this week in exchange for Jiri Sekac, but the thinking is GM Marc Bergevin isn’t done. The Habs would like to get a defenceman and the belief is they’ve been eyeing Toronto’s Roman Polak and Edmonton’s Jeff Petry. Though teams have wanted draft picks in return, the talk is the Habs may be dangling goaltender prospect Zach Fucale, who was a second-round selection (No. 36 overall) in 2013.

Garrioch continues, reporting that the Sabres and Bruins may swing a Chris Stewart deal, that the Blues want to make some sort of impact and that Matt Beleskey is in high demand.

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Garrioch discusses the Coyotes’ fire sale and Anaheim’s attempts to snag Myers

A certain fan base that visits Kukla's Korner regularly reacted to Arizona Coyotes GM Don Maloney's suggestion that it would be "difficult" to part with Shane Doan and Oliver Ekman-Larsson, but that just about everyone else on his team's roster is available, means that OEL is  on the move, but even the Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch doesn't belive that to be true--though he does have some news about the Coyotes' would-be fire sale:

In summary, captain Shane Doan won’t be going anywhere, defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larsson is doubtful to be moved (but could be) and if teams are willing to pay the price then pretty much everybody else is on the market. However, buyers should beware.

For example, centre Antoine Vermette will be going somewhere by the March 2 deadline and he’s highly-sought after. The talk amongst NHL executives is when the Senators made a call, the asking price may have been top-prospect Curtis Lazar or another high-end prospect.

For a rental? Thanks, but no thanks for the Senators, but that doesn’t mean some contender won’t pay it.

Defenceman Keith Yandle, a year away from unrestricted free agency, is also drawing a lot of interest. The Coyotes will want two pieces and a pick in return for him but Maloney hasn’t given teams interested an idea of just how big he wants those two pieces to be.

“If you can get Yandle at this deadline you can get him for two playoff runs,” noted a league executive. “This isn’t an easy move but you’re getting a guy who can play 20-plus minutes and is pretty good offensively.”

Garrioch continues, discussing the Leafs' possible attempts to move Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel, Martin Brodeur's retirement as a Blue, and this:

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Garrioch talks Habs, Briere on the move, Petry and Flyers’ possible blueline sale

The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch has made a helluva case for Antoine Vermette as the league's most useful player available at the trade deadline (in no small part because the Arizona Coyotes forward used to be a Senator), and Vermette's far from chopped liver, but these parts of his Sunday rumor column are more interesting than Vermette talk or discussion of Team Canada WJC coach Benoit Groulx's future:

Montreal GM Marc Bergevin has been working the phones to try to get help up front. Yes, the Habs have had a great first half, but they'd still like to get a little more size among their forwards for a long playoff run. They waived blue-liner Bryan Allen and his $3.5-million contract. He was sent to the club's AHL affiliate in Hamilton and the Habs are hopeful someone will deal for him ... If a team is looking for experience, a possible option is Colorado C Daniel Briere. A UFA with a $4-million cap hit, he's being used in a fourth-line role by the Avs. Briere, 36, could be a nice fit for a team in the East and the Avs wouldn't want much more than a draft pick in return. The Islanders could use a guy like Briere. They have little experience ... A possible fit for the Wings: Oilers' D Jeff Petry. Detroit GM Ken Holland was on Edmonton radio last week and indicated he needs a right shot. Petry is a UFA and a Michigan native.

Ryan Kesler's also from Michigan, and the Wings were supposedly in trade talks for him, too, but that didn't happen. A player's Michigan ties haven't fared into the Wings,' "We want to trade for guy over the other one" decision-making process since the Jimmy Carson trade.

Flyers GM Ron Hextall is getting antsy to make deals. Philly has virtually no shot at making the playoffs, coach Craig Berube is on the hot-seat and Hextall wouldn't mind clearing out cash. While the Flyers would like to move blue-liners Nick Schultz, Carlo Colaiacovo and Michael Del Zotto, the guy teams really covet is Braydon Coburn. With a $4.5-million cap hit through 2016-17, Coburn is highly regarded and could bring a good return. There's also interest in centre Brayden Schenn, who has a cap hit of $2.75 million through next season.

Garrioch continues...

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Martin Brodeur won’t take part in training camps, but Pat Brisson believes his client will find work

Via The Score's Katie Flynn, the Bergen Record's Tom Gulitti spoke with Martin Brodeur's agent, Pat Brisson, regarding his client's status. Pat Brisson stated that his client won't attend a team's training camp on a pro try-out, but he believes that his client will find NHL employment:

"Both physically and mentally Marty is ready to have another season,” Brisson told me today. “Training camps are starting next week. There’s no rush. However, once training camp opens and once the season opens in early October, there’s going to be opportunities, I believe, for Marty. It may come early. It may come a little later. … If you look at every season, there’s always a situation that is not perfect. Perhaps, a goaltender will get an injury or a goalie that doesn’t start off the season on the right foot. Now, that doesn’t mean that any team that shows up Marty is going to go. It has to make sense to Marty.”

Brodeur has already said he is willing to be a backup in the right situation – on a team with a good chance to win – though he’d clearly love a chance to be a No. 1, as well. It’s just a matter of waiting for that right situation to arise.

Once the dust settled following the initial free agent frenzy on July 1, Brisson and Brodeur both knew things would be quiet until after training camps opened. (Players report for physicals next Thursday and begin practices the next day.)

“Nothing happens in July and August once free agency is over,” Brisson said.

Brisson also addressed the reports that Brodeur's been contacted by the Montreal Canadiens...

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Canadiens will need to find another director of player development

You tend to read a story like this, reported by the Canadian Press's Stephen Whyno, and you just hope for the best:

Patrice Brisebois is leaving the Montreal Canadiens for personal reasons, a source tells The Canadian Press.

Brisebois, who has served as director of player development for the past two years, told general manager Marc Bergevin of his intentions earlier this week, the source said.

The 43-year-old Montreal native played 16 of his 18 NHL seasons for the Habs. Between Montreal and the Colorado Avalanche he played 1,009 career games.

A team losing its director of player development is a big deal, and this will present a challenge and a half for Bergevin and his management group, but you've got to let folks deal with their personal lives first and foremost...

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Habs GM Bergevin discusses PK Subban’s status

I believe this falls into the propagana line category, but Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin did address the status of restricted free agent-to-be PK Subban while attending the NHL Awards. NHL.com's Dan Rosen spoke with Bergevin on the red carpet:

"He's a big part of our team, and we'll make sure he's with us for a long time," Bergevin said Tuesday from the red carpet at the NHL Awards, where he was a finalist for the GM of the Year Award.

Bergevin also believes defenseman Andrei Markov is a big part of the Canadiens. He proved it by re-signing the 35-year-old defenseman to a three-year contract Monday. Bergevin said Markov told him before negotiations began that he wanted to remain with the Canadiens.

"Our fanbase, the Montreal Canadiens fans, should be proud that Andrei not only said [he wanted to be back], but he followed through," Bergevin said. "What he did [Monday] to stay with us, to me, should make our fans feel great about Andrei Markov that he wants to remain a Montreal Canadien."

Bergevin said he has gotten the same sense from Subban. Now it's about ironing out a new contract.

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TSN’s Insider Trading, Sportsnet’s HC panel: on DiPietro, the Canadiens’ defensemen and Phaneuf

After hearing about little other than the Buffalo Sabres' former co-captain and his former goaltender over the past week, it was refreshing to hear TSN's "Insider Trading" panel, a.k.a. Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun (who touched upon several of the below-mentioned topics in his "Rumblings") and Darren Dreger discuss non-Sabres topics--after touching upon the obvious Vanek and Miller angles.

TSN both posted a video of the gentlemen conversing and a transcription thereof:

[A]nother goalie is trying to get back to the NHL. Rick DiPietro got the second largest buyout in NHL history, $24 million. He'll never see that kind of money again, but will he get another shot in the NHL?

Bob McKenzie: It's a possibility. The Carolina Hurricanes are having problems in net. Obviously, Cam Ward is out for the next few weeks with an injury and Anton Khudobin is out for at least another week. So, they signed DiPietro to an AHL tryout contract on the weekend and what's going to happen now is that they want to see him in action. On Wednesday and Thursday night, DiPietro is scheduled to play for the Charlotte Checkers in the American Hockey league, on the road in Grand Rapids and Rockford. How he performs in those games, coupled with how Justin Peters plays for the Hurricanes in their next game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday night will determine how quickly or if Rick DiPietro can get back up.

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Montreal GM Making All The Right Moves

from Jack Todd at the Montreal Gazette,

Marc Bergevin is a genius. In case you had any doubts on that point, sportswriters working in both French and English hit upon the same lead after Michael Ryder’s star turn against Winnipeg last week.

All Bergevin needs to put himself in the same category as Albert Einstein is a head of bushy hair and a drooping moustache.

Who are we to argue? Bergevin seems to do no wrong. He has done three years work in the span of a few months, handled the tricky P.K. Subban situation with aplomb, drafted the most talented player in the 2012 draft in young Alex Galchenyuk and pulled off the trade of the year by prying Michael Ryder out of Dallas in exchange for the moribund Erik Cole.

But Bergevin’s most brilliant stroke may have been the one that drew the most fire at the time: the decision to recycle Michel Therrien as his coach. Today, with 10 games to play, the Canadiens still atop the division and threatening to win the Eastern Conference as legitimate contenders for Lord Stanley’s Cup, Therrien is one of the leading candidates for the Jack Adams trophy as the NHL’s best coach.


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Now The Hard Work Starts For Bergevin

from Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette,

Geoff Molson said he’s not an impatient owner.

That could be a good thing because Marc Bergevin, who has been tasked with re-establishing a winning culture with the Montreal Canadiens, said Wednesday that he can’t put a timetable on how long it will take to rebound from what may have been the most embarrassing season in the team’s storied history.

The good news is that Bergevin, who was introduced Wednesday as the team’s new general manager, believes that there is the nucleus of a good team and that his job is more a question of retooling than rebuilding.

Bergevin is facing some serious challenges as he settles into a new role, but he appears prepared to take them on in a thoughtful, methodical manner.

The Canadiens need a new head coach, there are serious concerns about the team’s pro scouts, the Canadiens have the new-found luxury of a high draft pick and there are decisions to be made regarding a dozen restricted and unrestricted free agents.


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A Different Feel In Montreal

from Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated,

In the coaching realm, when an organization hits the reset button, invariably it hires what it hasn’t had: a players’ coach is succeeded by a disciplinarian; a prison warden replaces a country club social director; Mr. Yin yields to Mr. Yang. But the storied Montreal Canadiens, who sashay down Ste. Catherine St. to a beat sometimes only they can hear, have extended one of sport’s governing principles to the front office.

Marc Bergevin is taking over from Pierre Gauthier as general manager of a franchise that has won a record 24 Stanley Cups. The most amazing thing is not that Bergevin will occupy the same seventh floor office that Gauthier—nicknamed The Ghost—once haunted, but that the two of them even occupy the same planet.

Gauthier is dour. Bergevin loves to laugh. Gauthier is secretive. Bergevin is gregarious. They are both committed hockey men, true, but then you could also say that Meryl Streep and Kim Kardashian are both actresses.

A Bergevin story: When he an NHL defenseman—he played 1,191 games for eight teams during 20 NHL seasons—he would register in hotels under the name “Denis Lemieux.” Lemieux was the Charlestown Chiefs goaltender in the classic comedy Slap Shot.


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Montreal Will Introduce Marc Bergevin As Their GM This Afternoon

from NHL.com,

The Montreal Canadiens have tabbed former NHL player Marc Bergevin as its new GM and will introduce him in a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the team’s practice facility.

Bergevin, 46, will replace the fired Pierre Gauthier, who was let go near the end of the 2011-12 season, and become the 17th GM in Canadiens history. The Canadiens not only missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season, but finished last in the Eastern Conference and No. 28 in the League with a 31-35-16 record.

A Montreal native, Bergevin has spent the past seven seasons in Chicago’s front office. This past season, Bergevin was the assistant GM under Stan Bowman.


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Crawford With Flat Hair

The Montreal Gazette has a Q & A with Tom Kostopoulos…

What is the craziest prank you have seen?

“In Los Angeles, I used to switch the gel and the shampoo, and one day Marc Crawford went to gel his hair and used the shampoo. And the way he likes his hair perfect, it was pretty funny when he came out and it was all flat and he was pretty fired up about it. Marc Bergevin, when I was in Pittsburgh, he was crazy. He used to dress up like the other team’s mascot before the games, wear wigs or dress up like a 1970s dancer and dance for everyone. He was probably the funniest prankster and craziest guy I have met.”

more with Tom…

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