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Saturday headlines: Challenging offsides; on Mike Richards, the Board of Governors and more

Among Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman and Damien Cox's "Saturday Headlines":

  • Cox says that the NHL wants to revamp the coach's challenge for offsides by placing television cameras overhead and along the boards on the blueline (for testing in New York area arenas), or possibly changing the offsides rule to breaking the plane of the blueline (the puck would have to cross first);
  • Friedman says that once Mike Richards' court date on Wednesday is heard, if there is a resolution, teams will speak to his agent, Pat Morris, about potential employment;
  • Friedman also says that the Winnipeg Jets and Jacob Trouba will probably wait until after the season before they exchange more contract numbers (Trouba is restricted-to-be);
  • Cox states that at the NHL's Board of Governors meeting next week, the NHL will end its compensation system for coaches and executives, going forward, anyway. The teams that owe others draft picks will still have to honor them;
  • Exiting COO John Collins won't be replaced "for the next little while";
  • And the Board of Governors will discuss what kind of expansion do the Governors want and what teams they want to see;
  • Friedman states that Viktor Tikhonov is on waivers most likely because Bryan Bickell will return to the Blackhawks;
  • And the Canadiens-Bruins Winter Classic will be preceded by the NWHL's Les Canadiennes playing the Boston Pride outside.

You can watch the video below:

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John Collins Is Leaving The NHL To Pursue A New Business Opportunity

New York (Nov. 24, 2015) – The National Hockey League today announced that Chief Operating Officer John Collins is departing the League to pursue a new business opportunity.  Collins, who joined the NHL in November 2006, had been COO since August 2008.

“John leaves a lasting mark,” said Commissioner Bettman. “His energy, creativity and skill at building strategic partnerships helped drive significant revenue growth for our League. We are grateful for his many contributions and wish him the best in his new endeavors.”

Said Collins, “I’m grateful to Commissioner Bettman for his leadership and friendship over the past nine years.  He had a vision for extending the reach of the NHL and supported us completely as we set out to make the game as big as it deserves to be. The NHL’s future is filled with promise and potential and I will admire and cheer the League’s successes to come on the global stage.”

added 6:16pm,



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Puck Daddy chats with NHL COO John Collins regarding ramifications of broadcast deal with MLB

Yahoo Sports' Greg Wyshynski held a lengthy conversation with NHL Chief Operating Officer John Collins recently, and Collins discussed the ramifications of the NHL's broadcasting/webcasting deal with MLB:

A lot of fans are curious about the plans for the NHL Network. What are the near-term changes for the network, for 2015-16?

We’re going to have new sets, and they’re going to be here in New York [i.e. Secaucus, NJ] rather than in Toronto. It’s a building that was built out for MSNBC but MLB took it over and they’re great facilities. We’re going to have three sets: The set in the NHL Store in Manhattan, where we do NHL Live and make the Player Safety videos; and then two sets out in Secaucus. So we’ll have better sets.

The second thing will be the impact on talent. There’s different talent available in New York than there is in Toronto. There’s going to be more of an opportunity for some of the regional guys that are coming through in the New York area to be part of it. An opportunity to see some old friend like Kathryn Tappen, who’s with NBC now. We used her last year on NHL Network a little, but she couldn’t really commute between New York and Toronto. There’s also interest from some of the other NBC guys and we’d love to have them.

So maybe a bit more of a rotating cast of analysts than in the previous incarnation of NHL Network?

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NHL COO John Collins Talks Business

from Ian Thomas of SportsBusiness Daily,

The NHL has ridden a wave of momentum in recent years, taking revenue from $2.2B in '06 to approximately $4B now. In a one-on-one interview during Day 1 of the ’14 NeuLion Sports Media & Technology Conference, NHL COO John Collins outlined some of the successes that brought the league to this point, and talked about what will continue to drive the league forward....

WORLD CUP: The league is still moving forward with its plan to host a World Cup of Hockey. Collins said the current plan is to feature eight national teams at a single destination in a 16- or 17-game tournament that will span a couple of weeks with no qualifying games. Previous versions of the tournament, held in '96 and '04, were played in a variety of venues around the world. The tournament would likely be held in September and feature a best two-out-of-three final, Collins said. The league, along with the NHLPA, would own the tournament and could sell the rights to a broadcasting partner.

CONFLICT WITH OLYMPICS: Commenting on the revenue that might be realized from a World Cup of Hockey, Collins said the key difference between that event and the Olympics is that the World Cup would be “our IP, and the Olympics isn’t.” Collins said the league has not always received “full value” from having its players participate in the Olympics, as having the NHL “go dark” during the Games is a problem. Collins noted that the timing of the Olympics also presents a problem for its rights holders. Games played in some time zones, such as during the '10 Vancouver Games, can be shown in primetime, However, at other Olympics, like the '18 Pyeongchang Games, “a game being shown at 4 a.m. isn’t good.”


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Globe and Mail’s Ebner: NHL preparing to adopt advanced player-tracking/advanced-stat technology

The Globe and Mail's David Ebner reports that NHL chief operating offer John Collins hopes to give the league a gentle but steady nudge into what I'd prefer to call "advances in player-tracking technologies" than adavanced stats (George here, by the way), for a simple reason:

The war between the "advanced stats" crowd and those who view Corsi and Fenwick numbers (among others) as nothing less than gobbledygook is incredibly counterproductive, and it screws up the fact that those who utilize advanced metrics have to get their heads around the concept that they need to give people a "cheat sheet" as to what the numbers mean--for the next three or four years--until people can wrap their heads around the concept that shot attempts and puck possession are part of the process of breaking down a game that is already micromanaged on a by-sight basis by the NHL's video coaches and "situation room."

This has turned into There's A Holy Grail vs. Camelot: It's A Silly Place, when hockey pundits, fans, coaches, etc., should remind each other and their readers, ticket-buyers and audience that there are simply different ways to interpret the game by eye, by collecting stats and by interpreting said stats, and that there is no "one way" that's "more enlightened" than the other.

Please get over yourselves and stop saying, "Well his PDO was blah blah and that indicates blah blah," or, "Who the hell cares what that means, I watched him play and he was good," and learn to live with each other.

Now, with that off my chest, here's Ebner:

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John Collins, NHL COO Working On Canada

from Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe and Mail,

Now Collins has turned his marketing eye to the brooding, chauvinistic beast of Canadian hockey, where Hockey Night in Canada is the No. 1 brand and the NHL logo is fifth or sixth on the list. “We feel like the NHL was undervalued in Canada, there’s more here,” he says. “We have to respect what HNIC means, the way Monday Night Football means in America. But now there’s Football Night in America on Sundays, and it’s the best-rated program on national TV. Beats American Idol, The Voice, everything.”

If Canadian networks hoping to keep the NHL TV contract are listening, Collins is saying that things change.

“I see a lot of parallels between Americans and football and Canadians with hockey,” he says. “CBC wants as many Leafs games on Saturday night, because people watch them. Just the way ABC would have taken Dallas-Washington every week on Monday Night Football.” But this concentration has a downside come playoff time. “If the Leafs aren’t there for CBC, the Canadiens aren’t there for RDS, we can’t have Canadian fans turning off the lights, going to the cottage.

“How we change that is tell more stories, give more balanced coverage of the other teams around the league so people who are interested in that can have it. It’s not a criticism of our current partners. TSN does hockey as well or better than anybody. But you’re watching trade deadline day and they say, ‘Let’s talk about how the seven Canadian clubs are in the Rick Nash sweepstakes.’ I understand it, but as somebody responsible for the shield, it should be a unifying force in Canada, not a bureaucracy in a New York office.”


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A Look At John Collins, COO Of The NHL

from Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated,

Make no mistake. The NHL is Commissioner Gary Bettman’s fiefdom. It has been ever since 19 years ago he walked in and, according to a former member of the Board of Governors, essentially grabbed the querulous owners by the scruff of the neck and made them sit up and pay attention. Bettman took a self-satisfied Mom-and-Pop shop and made it a bigger business, for better and sometimes worse. He dragged the league into the late 20th century.

But Collins has been the jet fuel, taking it into the 21st century. Maybe beyond.

As one NHL executive put it, “He’s really changed the culture of the league.”

You probably don’t know his name, but you do know his signature as the NHL’s P.T. Barnum. While the lawyerly Bettman generally is about taking things step by step, Collins, the business guy, breathlessly rushes to the next thing, pushing, mining for opportunity and never having a bad hair day. The NHL’s 1,230 regular season games—OK, 1,229, after the Winter Classic—seem to have become an interregnum connecting the new narrative as the league lurches from one special event to the next. John Shannon, the former NHL broadcast executive and now a superb hockey analyst for Sportsnet, a Canadian cable network, would chide Collins about getting back to the NHL’s regularly scheduled programming, as it were. But Collins always seemed to be looking at a point on the horizon.

The Winter Classic ... Collins helped turn the frigid and nearly-forgotten 2003 Heritage Classic, which had no visibility in the United States, into a phenomenon, at least in relative terms. HBO’s 24/7 ... that’s him. The NHL’s media and digital revolution also has his fingerprints all over it.


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Building the NHL as a Media Company

From Tom Van Riper at Forbes:

Forbes estimates that league wide revenue grew 29% from 2006 to 2010, to a total of $2.93 billion. That trend would put the league on course to meet Commissioner Gary Bettman’s post-lockout goal to surpass $3 billion. Lacking NBA or MLB-type cable money, NHL clubs fuel a big chunk of their growth both at the gate and through a digital strategy that has yielded increasingly popular content on NHL Network, NHL.com and NHL Mobile.

“We felt we needed a halo on top of the local markets,” says John Collins, the NHL’s Chief Operating Officer. Charging $169 for the season to give fans access to any game on any night, the league’s subscription fees and ad sales from its digital business now account for 60% of national revenue (that money secured by the league over and above individual franchise revenue derived locally). “Over the past five years we’ve transformed ourselves from a licensing company into a media company,” says Collins of the NHL’s decision to build out its own media platforms itself instead of simply licensing the rights.

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Afternoon Line

“Yes, ‘On the Fly’ will be available in HD this season.”

-John Collins, COO of the NHL.  Much more from John by Christopher Botta of FanHouse.

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The Online Strategy Of The NHL

Michael Ozanian of Forbes sits down with John Collins, COO of the NHL to discuss the online strategy of the NHL.

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NHL Promotes Collins To COO

from NHL.com,

New York—The National Hockey League (NHL) today announced that John Collins has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.  In addition to continued oversight of the NHL’s business and media operations, as COO Collins will now also be responsible for the League’s communications and Club Consulting functions.

Collins will report directly to Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Collins joined the NHL in November 2006, and in May 2007, he assumed the title of NHL Senior Executive Vice President, Business and Media, overseeing the League’s marketing and licensing programs, all business sales, the production and creation of League content across all platforms, and the League’s existing and future traditional and new media relationships.


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