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Morning Line- Jack Edwards

...You have to get your skating legs back under you. And then you’ve got to play a couple of games that mean something, that count in the standings before you get into the playoffs just because the quality of play coming out of the bye week, one week off skates, is often really crappy hockey. It’s not teams playing within their systems. You don’t want to jeopardize the validity of the Stanley Cup to a series of fluky first-round knockouts. I know there are always upsets in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs but I think this opens the door if they go straight to playoffs of delegitimizing the Stanley Cup champion possibly.

"What are you playing for? You’re playing for the championship of all of hockey and to go straight into the playoffs where goals are precious. By the way, the referees haven’t reffed a game in two months and the calls are always controversial and to introduce that much of a variable into the equation, it doesn’t bode well just looking at it. A reasonable period, at least two or three games, have to happen before they start playing playoff game but I don’t know how you resolve that."

-Jack Edwards, play-by-play TV voice of the Boston Bruins.  Rob Bradford of radio.com has more.

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Video- Jack Edwards’ Call Last Night

from Chad Finn of Boston.com,

With 12 minutes and 56 seconds remaining in the second period of the Bruins’ season-opening 2-1 win in Dallas Thursday night, Stars defenseman Roman Polak crashed into the boards awkwardly while trying to check the Bruins’ Chris Wagner. Polak’s right shoulder hit the boards, then his head. He did not move and was eventually taken off on a stretcher.

But a few seconds after the play, as Polak remained face down on the ice, Edwards commented that there was “a little bit of bad hockey karma’’ in the play, a reaction that has drawn the ire of many, including Polak’s agent, Allan Walsh, on Twitter.

“I have tremendous respect for the Bruin players that sent best wishes. All class,’’ wrote Walsh. “As for Jack Edwards, to say Roman’s injury was “bad hockey karma’’ while he was laying on motionless on the ice, you are truly a piece of [expletive] and an absolute disgrace.’’

Edwards’s comment does require some context.

Polak had attempted to shove Wagner in the back on the play, but the Bruins center turned away from him, leading to Polak’s awkward collision with the boards.

Color analyst Andy Brickley noted that the collision looked like it was “self-induced’’ from trying to make a questionable hit.

more with a comment from Edwards standing by his call.  Watch the call at the link or below.

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Videos- Jack Edwards Was In Prime Form Last Night

Love him, hate him, but one thing is for sure, always entertaining.



Below, another example.

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Video- Classic Jack Edwards

via Sportsnet,

Bruins legendary play-by-play guy Jack Edwards loses his mind after the whistle is blown for an injured Maple Leaf, thwarting a Bruins power play rush.


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All Jack Edwards

from Luke Fox of Sportsnet,

In over a decade of calling Boston Bruins games, Jack Edwards has been called many things: homer, hyper, loud.

Add innovative to that list.

In his spare time, Edwards, 58, has been studying computer code and he has developed his own app to help him with his game calls by organizing lines and other information on players and teams. Now he’s hoping to bring his app to the sports broadcasting world at large.

“I try to put information in a place where I can create easy pathways to it, so I can go from a player on a play-by-play chart, to a bio page, to a directory where I can instantly look up a game Patrice Bergeron played against the Maple Leafs in 2007 because something was ringing in my memory,” he explains....

In a lively hour-long chat, we spoke with Edwards about all things Bruins and broadcasting. The names of Tyler Seguin, Joe Thornton, and even Lance Armstrong are dropped as the play-caller discusses his craft.

Was the Seguin deal worse than the Joe Thornton trade?
Yeah. The problem with Joe is he’s just such a great guy. Even Steve Yzerman, as a player, had an a– h— factor. When Ryan Getzlaf is on his game, he’s nasty. Messier—who wanted to deal with Messier? Teammates didn’t even like him when he had his game face on. We’re talking about a guy who threw Mike Keenan out of the room in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The problem with Joe, he’s just such a nice guy. That feeling pervaded the team to the point where they were universally soft. [Then coach] Mike Sullivan tried every trick he knew—and he knows a lot of them—and Joe was a non-responder. That doesn’t make Joe a bad person. It just means he’s not a leader. They had him in a position of leadership because they thought putting the C on him would turn him into a leader, and they got their thinking totally backwards. Even though they got dimes on the dollar for Joe, they misread the personnel situation.

much more

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Video- Anyone Miss Jack Edwards?

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Video- Jack Edwards On Gregory Campbell’s Broken Leg In Game 3 ECF

What do you think of Edward's narration?


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Video- Oh Jack Edwards


update 2:00pm, replaced the original video with one of better quality.



added 2:14PM, below is the video via gwyshynski of Edward's on-air apology.

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Jack Edwards And His Sheets Full Of Stats

from NESN,

Bruins play-by-play commentator Jack Edwards takes his research seriously. He began his play-by-play carrer in 1978 while a student at UNH. There, he met Bob Wilson, who told a young Edwards, “You only use about 3 percent of the research you do for a game, but the hard part is not knowing what 97 percent you’re going to throw out.”

The system Edwards uses during games focuses on shapes and colors, which invoke a better response then words and numbers. It’s a method he began using while at ESPN in 1995.

read on and/or check out one of the tools Edwards uses below…

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Video- You Are Not Dreaming

Jack Edwards, play by play man for the Boston Bruins, with a post game editorial tonight.


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How Would You Feel If Jack Edwards Was Your Home Play-By-Play Man?

Video via PuckDaddy...

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Get The Facts Jack

from Chales P. Pierce of the Boston Globe,

Someone needs to keep a bucket of cold water handy when Smilin’ Jack Edwards gets to the end of a successful Bruins playoff series because, otherwise, wow…

A couple of years ago, we had that “ragtag band of farmers” business when a Boston victory coincided with Patriots Day. Then, last night, as the Bruins dispatched the Sabres, we had the Buffalo chances sinking “like the Edmund Fitzgerald” into “Gitchee-Gumee.”

Two things:

1) The Fitz sank in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975. Buffalo is located along the eastern shores of Lake Erie. So what you said is approximately as accurate geographically as saying that the “ragtag band of farmers” stood firm along a bridge in Maine.


You can watch and hear Jack in action in the video below.  Scroll to the 9 minute mark for his Edmund Fitzgerald piece…

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Hockey Win Compared To Battles Of Lexington And Concord

from Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy,

Gather round, class: Professor Edwards wants to tell you about how the Bruins are like patriots who have thwarted the tyranny of the Habs. Or something like that. If you can remember the last hockey goal call that began “234 years ago yesterday, a bunch of rag-tag farmers stood up against the greatest fighting force in the world,” we’d like to hear it.


from Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters,

But tonight, Edwards crossed the line in our book.

He basically compared the Bruins 4-2 win in Montreal to war.

We assume Edwards has never had anyone in his life impacted directly by war. Because if he had, he would not have made such a stupid, ignorant statement.

more and either watch the video below or watch it at the links you are about to click…

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Getting To Know Jack Edwards

from Puck The Media,

PTM: ...are you kind of glad that ESPN doesn’t cover hockey anymore?

JE: Well, I think that all you need to know is - for those who wish that hockey was back on ESPN - last Saturday, which was probably the single most amazing night of the NHL season.  Just in terms of teams switching places, dramatic things happening, crazy games, that kind of thing. 

We went from Toronto to Philadelphia, we were in (Bruins radio play-by-play man) Dave Goucher’s room, having a couple cold ones.  Now, the Sweet 16 is going on in college basketball at the same time, the only hockey we saw in the entire sportscast of “SportsCenter” was about 45 seconds of the UNH-North Dakota game, which was the one UNH tied with one-tenth of a second to go, that went into Overtime.  That was 56 minutes into the telecast.  There was nothing on the NHL in the entire show. 

So, for those of you that hope that hockey gets back on ESPN, that’s what you’re gonna’ get.  That’s where it belongs in ESPN’s hierarchy, because there are some bozos sitting in the accounting department in a bunker in Burbank, California running Disney, who look at the numbers and completely ignore the passion of hockey fans.


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A Shot At The Flyers Fans

from Steve at Puck The Media,

This is Jack Edwards’ call during the Bruins-Flyers game on NESN Sunday.  It is simply the craziest thing we have ever heard in our lives.  It’s pretty unprofessional, whether or not it’s him being a homer.  But it’s still one of the most awesome soundbites of the 2008-09 NHL season.

continue to watch the video…

added 9:00am on 3/30/09, I have added an HD version of the video below…

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